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You’re reading quirk, a brand new stereotype of magazine. Compiled together all by myself, this magazine is an open top view of what i personally think are the best things in life; music, food and lifestyle. (Modestly spruced up into music. gourmet. culture).


as well as the help received from hundreds of people over years. through unexpected conversations to spontaneous trips for a feeling of liberation. I’ve travelled far and wide to try and put everything i love into a magazine. no profit for doing this, no advertisements to clutter. no spam. quirk is loosely split into the three categories of music, food and lifestyle. independence is a vital role in life and without independence this magazine wouldn’t have been created. people wouldn’t chase the dream they’ve always had and music genres like punk and hip hop would never have happened. do you prefer independence in your music, or in your food. quirk has focussed on the independent stores and trades around our country, it’s so hard to keep up a business sometimes and the people behind them never get appreciation. from buz, in brighton running the punker bunker for 13 years and keeping brighton’s punk scene alive, or paul at the lp cafe, fresh on the business ladder, running a vibrant cafe with so much to offer. diy has been the better decision for most things in my life, it’s also been the best decision to take a band. The interviews in this magazine are from some of the most well known bands in the respected DIY scene. Performing music costs more than you can imagine. I’m not going to give too much away about what’s inside until you turn the page and witness for yourself, weather you’re going to leave this where you are or throw it in the bin. quirk isn’t your conventional, flowing magazine that you can pick up just anywhere, if you’ve found this on a bench in fallow field or reading it whilst drinking coffee in bristol you’re going to have to read to understand a little more. However life isn’t all about mystery. if you read quirk and something grabs you, a direct message to our twitter account (@quirkquirkquirk) with your name and address will see every future copy come through your front door, absolutely free of charge. I’m not trying to show off a lifestyle people don’t lead, i’m not trying to act the cool. I decided to write a magazine about the life i live and the beauty of the life that we all live in. I hope you enjoy, thank you, come again.

joe kennedy, editor, designer, publisher, researcher, journalist, guv’na. 2


29/04/2014 05:28

wagwan in this ting 1. the beginning 2. editors note.

3. wagwan in this ting

4. 9am at bristol harbour

5. straight off the bat

6. the unfurnished office

7/8. ok gourmet - bagel boy

9/10. ok gourmet - the lp cafe

11. all over the shop - spillers records, all ages

12. all over the shop - rise records

13. unexpected poets

14. i can see the seaside

15/16.the most underated tv shows of all time

17. unexpected poets - untitled, anon.

18. noise complaints - nai harvest

19. noise complaints - mac demarco

20. noise complaints - against me

21. out with the old

22. wavvy garms - seven

23/24. Word to your mother - nai harvest

25. unexpected poets - motivation

26. all over the shop - punker bunker

27/28/29/30.word to your mother - gnarwolves

31. Rep your ends

32. unexpected poets - schizopolis

33.northern rotation.

34. the end


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straight off the bat I have to thank some people for their help with this magazine. getting the thanks out of the way early because it’s far more important to appreciate those people who took the time out of their day to help me make something. To all the shop owners who took the time out of their day to speak to me; buz, seb, nick, paul, matt, james and leo. You guys are the reason i took this route with quirk. to the poets who have sent their work in to be featured. all of your words are beautiful, don’t underestimate a talent you are yet to see in yourself. to the guys who wrote some sweet words for the magazine, if you did whole reviews or just answered some of my questions, you’re a part of this now and deserve all the recognition. a big thanks to leo for the illustration, a big thanks to spratt, gareth and rob for some help on the design front and last but not least... the unfurnished office in bristol that i managed to write most of this magazine in, without the isolation quirk would not be meet it’s expectations.


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ok gourmet

Bagel boy .39 St Nicholas Street, bristol Recently voted the most cultural city in England, Bristol has more to it than farmers and a suspension bridge.

My stay in Bristol was only a few days, but the beef coma I was in for a few hours forced me to go back the day after with my father to experience another one. I think to this day, it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. The Naughty Boy is a mix of chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, homemade slaw and to top it all off some homemade barbecue sauce. Being a picky bastard, I switched my cheddar to Swiss, again a decision I learnt not to regret.

Bagel Boy is the newest independent food stop in the city centre. Just off of the river, down the windy road of St. Nicholas Street the handmade, hometown proud bagel bistro has become quite the hit. I went for the New York Boy; an obvious choice for first impressions of hot salt beef, gherkins and mustard. Coming out in a red bowl accompanied by the refreshing taste of Samuel Adams Boston lager the taste was still in my mouth for hours. The meat is slow cooked until it literally peels off the bone. Salt, cook, and repeat. The pickled cucumber that compliments a hot salt beef dish is thick and crunchy; everything someone would expect in a bagel. The bagels are hand woven and baked up town in Kingswood by ‘a little old lady’ according to manager James.

All in all, the friendly, knowledgeable staff and chefs taught me some things I would never have guessed if I didn’t ask, the food answered for itself and the coffee shows that every little detail was taken care of to make this place one of the most desirable eateries in the entire city. Shame there was no wifi but to be brutally honest, the food is more important than the instagram picture that follows. The neat street art inside the restaurant helps keep this place cool, one piece of art stood out the most and I’ll end on that quote. Opposites attract but they never really survive.

Alongside the Kingswood lady and her fingers of bakery magic is Little and Long coffee roasters. Owners Leo and James went on a coffee hunt, specifically staying true to their hometown similar to that of LP Cafe owner Paul Terris. After sampling some blends, the roasters and owners teamed up to make the ‘Bagel Boy Blend’ which has got to be some of the finest coffee I’ve ever tasted. Only negative point of this experience; whole fat milk should accompany the coffee, but that’s just a personal thing. Repping the scene, these guys keep their ear to the ground presenting upcoming events in and around the Avon area as well as stocking popular zines like Don’t Panic and Love.


8 29/04/2014 05:28

The LP Cafe Just north of the capital, fifteen minutes from London Euston is Watford; Host to Championship side Watford Football Club and the head office of JD Weatherspoon. However, the newest addition to ‘The Parade’ is The LP Cafe.

This tiny, kitsch little cafe has rubber flooring and plain white walls but is heavily decorated with vinyl (priced for purchase) and the works of such authors Simon Reynolds and John Higgs. The record collection sold in store is constantly being upgraded however always kept contained, not genre specific customers can dig through and request a play in store. Most days though, the staff will go in extra early to pick some records to listen to for the day. Another beautiful part of this place is the coffee… the LP manifesto for their coffee is beautiful curated and written by owner Paul Terris.

The punk scene in Watford is booming at the moment, in the past such bands like Gallows and Captain Everything have all made it big and credited Watford for it’s dedicated followers. New to the scene are Cement Matters, Shockmaster and Janowski.

“Our search for the best coffee took us to Hackney where the small independent roasting crew Climpson and Sons reside…” “…What they do that’s different to the rest is manage as many natural variables as possible. Their attention to detail means that from initial planting of the coffee tree to the roasting of the beans nothing is left to chance.”

read on to understand The connection between the lp cafe and the punk scene in watford. spoiler alert, the lp cafe is the reason there is a punk scene in watford.

The staff in ‘The LP’ are extensively trained into the art of barista skill and the coffee that they produce to their customers is better than anything the flipside franchises Starbucks and Costa can churn out.


As well as the records, the coffee, the friendly staff and the appropriate scenery The LP produces some of the most beautifully created, fresh food Watford has ever seen. None of the heart hurting, mass produced tomato and mozzarella panini’s or disgusting muffins here. Everything is made in store and varies every day with a special soup and always a vegan option to the ciabattas made. Last but not least, the cake. The cakes in this place are out of this world, a secret baker is masterminding tomorrow’s cake as this is being written. With all these subtle additions to the magic that this cafe possess’, they also put on shows under the promotional name ‘WeJamEcono’ and are set to become a record label. This tiny little cafe in the centre of Watford is like a paradise to any fine record collectin’, coffee slurpin’, cake munchin’ lady or gentleman near the area.

You can follow their social networks by following @thelpcafe on facebook, twitter and instagram. 10 29/04/2014 05:28

All over the shop .spillers records.cardiff Written by Dale Williams.

.all ages records. camden

“Cardiff, in general, is an excellent place to buy records. With a population of just over 350,000 people and the cities of Newport and Swansea bordering, Cardiff is a massively central hub for the whole of South Wales.


Nestled into the Victorian Arcades of this thriving city is the tiny Spillers Records. In the 1920’s, the shop moved locations and started selling musical instruments alongside pre recorded instruments. Since then, the shop has moved locations, been forced out of its new store by a large consumer brand (who else) and now resides in Morgan Arcade, surrounded independent vegan cafes and antique shops.

all ages is a well hidden paradise is on the inbetween of Mornington Crescent and Camden station, camouflaged in restaurants and scaffolding. With an extremely knowledgeable owner, the record selection is highly advanced in the coinciding sub genres within the alternative cultures. However it lures your mind and makes you think ‘I’m on my break, I’ll go buy a record’, similar to that of a gambling addict spinning roulette.

More important, however, is the effect that Spillers has had and continues to have on the music scene in Cardiff. My Dad regularly tells me the story of him buying his first Clash record from Spillers, and how visiting the shop was a regular Saturday pastime with his fellow punk friends. I myself bought my first record from Spillers, a Nirvana live LP from New York. It is completely and utterly refreshing to see independent record stores thriving when so many DIY establishments are failing around them. With the uncertainty of the current economic climate here in the UK, high street chains like HMV and Blockbuster going broke and deficit rising, I believe it is a really powerful image seeing the underdog as it were, fighting through the crashing foundations around it and coming out victorious. To me, it is a strong reminder that music has the power to change people’s lives and that there is more to music than Pitbull and Drake, contrary to what most people would have you believe. Even Billy Bragg has worked a shift at Spillers, alongside Phill Jupitus, which I believe embodies the spirit of this hardy store, battling the giants with only some polywax and a cardboard sleeve. The way it should be.

As well as vinyl, the CD, cassette and zine sections are extremely wide. For such a small shop, it has everything. EVEN TSHIRTS. Quirk gave me twenty pounds to go into All Ages with, after an hour of deciding between a power violence album (Worthless by Weekend Nachos) and the classic ‘Mush’ by Leatherface, I decided if I can’t have one, I wont have the other. So I came out with gruff punks Iron Chic’s first album ‘Not Like This’ and emo kings of the moment Title Fight’s new 7” ‘Spring Songs’. For 16 pounds I bought a 180g 12” and a rare pressed 7” from the most conversational clerk I’ve ever met.

Going back to the award winning, multi cultured city of Bristol I visit Rise Records. Residing at the top of the famous Park Street, Rise is one of the only surviving record stores in Bristol the other stores are hidden and almost unwanted. It’s such a shame because no record store is unwanted however Rise takes order of wax sales in the West Country.

With the obvious favourite genre being Rock and Pop it had to be very versatile, moving from Against Me to Arcade Fire is a stretch but nothing too out of the ordinary for a successful store. I’m more keen the hip hop that’s hidden in the corner, I decide on either the new record from Stones Throws Jon Wayne or the timeless Run Come Save Me from Roots Manuva.

The blazing heat beams down on me as I stroll up the Park

Street hill, rucksack slowly melting and joining the fabric of my (now soaked) shirt. Every air conditioned restaurant looks so much more attractive than the top of this hill, I wish I had got on the bus. Reaching the last levels of my energy, I’m panicking I can’t walk into this place looking like I’ve swam there. The obvious option is to quickly chomp down a Boost bar and have a smoke in the shade. Coming back out into the sun looking like a new man, my Ralphie is dry and my energy levels are at a new high. I’m now sprinting up the incline.

The prices are a bit too steep in here to come out with anything more than one record so I decide to play my ‘can’t have one so won’t have the other’ card. Rise is a independent record store with a few different outlets, which reads a controversial review considering the house style is one off stores. However after more pinpoint research it seems these guys stick to the core DIY business ethic. Some more down points to the store is the piss poor vintage section that makes this edgy store look like an Urban Outfitters, adding to that claim the notoriously shit Crossly record players on sale for unbelievable amounts of money show this place struggles on vinyl sales alone. After enquiring on previous records from Mac DeMarco I decide to part my cash for Salad Days. The sleeve is cool enough for the 15 pounds it cost me.

Rise Records is here, there’s a gorgeous cafe and about three records in front of me, I’m confused; “Upstairs mate” typical. Climbing up the Everest that beholds me, I hear Mac DeMarco and can smell the clean, conditioned air. As my eyes finally meet the wax I’m ecstatic with what I see, rows and rows of records categorised correctly with boxes of second hand gems underneath the shelves. This place is a diggers mine.


.Rise records .park street , bristol.

All in all the fact this place is so versatile makes the prices and some of the ethics acceptable, the saying ‘wade through all the shit to find the block of gold’ fits in any record collection and applies to this store in whole. 12 29/04/2014 05:28

unexpected poets Some people are so terrified of putting their thoughts into the form of a poem; it’s almost looked down upon (or feminine) to write poetry. I went on a quest to find people to write some poets who wouldn’t know they had the skills to make something beautiful. Some authors have asked to keep their work anonymous for their reputation.

Don’t know what you want to drink, Story of my life. Corona is to weak, Desperados too sweet, Stella it is. I’ll sink it in five minutes and back to the bar for five more. That Drake tune comes on that reminds me of you. I Live for the nights that I can’t remember, With the people I won’t forget. Spending all the money I just worked my ass off, Doing things I wont regret.

If my last breath is recorded, I want you to understand, “I wish I could be understood” Instead, I’m underestimated, I’m expected to be under the influence, If not I’m under the thumb. If my last breath becomes a legend, I hope you understand. If another life brings me back to the same place, I hope I understand. An anonymous Publican

It seems I’m acting up, Brain talks for me ‘I don’t give a fuck’. Usually time to call it a night, Before my temper rises and it’s a fight that cocks up the night. Kebab down my front, Piss down my leg. Face down on the sofa, Stand up any longer I’d probably keel over.

I mean great kindness, and never harsh violence. I might be plagued, with the never ending confusion inside my head. But I think about it all of the time. It’s not paranoia, It’s not a medical illness. I am one in seven billion, I am who I am. Jon Redbridge, Age 16.

Thirty three missed calls from your mate, Last night you were so bait. Out on the lash again tonight, Hopefully tonight, I’ll be alright, and not have a fight. Yeah Right. Sam Pace, Scaffolder

Try the 140 challenge for yourself, send your poem to @quirkquirkquirk 13 QUIRKMASTERSTEM.indd 14-15

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the most underrated tv shows of all time.

Based on life in the eighties, Freaks and Geeks has a future all star cast and hails some of the most understanding television to a ‘misguided teenager’. Judd Apatow, the director we (might) know and love who has worked on Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express and so many more has started writing the script to a new TV show. You were reading that list and doing a little wee, weren’t you. Young blood actors who are desperate for their shot all line up to show Judd what they’ve got, amongst these people is Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jason Segal, Martin Starr and a few more who rose to huge success over the forthcoming years. The episodes keep rolling in, they’re getting better and better there is no central focus on one character, if you’re watching this in the future (like I did on Netflix) you can follow your favourite actor. If you’re a Jason Segal fan you’ll adore his constantly stoned, Rush obsessed persona, if you’re a James Franco fan, you’re going to fall straight back into love with him. Unfortunately the show only lasted one season, which bewilders me; this brilliant production released eighteen episodes all of an hour long and not one episode left me anything less than fulfilled.

A one off feature for QUIRK that will speak about a TV show that has been under looked and unappreciated. First off we have hit comedy series Freaks and Geeks.

The show has now become cult status, which is fine and dandy however if this show had consistently been given the September 1999, do you remember that month. You were just recognition it deserved then it would have produced more getting over the summer of ’99, you were (if you’re a similar series, it would have given actors like Franco, like Rogan age as me) you were still in your single digits and you didn’t the chance earlier in life. The possibility of a Freaks and Geeks remake is forever on the tongue of any fan but I think know what good television was. You were growing up on we all know Apatow is keen on keeping it legendary. Only Fools and Horses and those episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S your mum would let you watch. The Simpsons was the only thing you could connect to. Imagine we’re on a speedboat, hurtling towards America’s shores. Everyone’s freaking out about Y2K and panic buying milk. However, if you were normal (and of course, American) you were watching a Pilot for a TV show about school kids growing up rapidly and starting to find themselves; the hour long episode was not enough. 15 QUIRKMASTERSTEM.indd 16-17

16 29/04/2014 05:29

noise complaints Nai Harvest – Hold Open My Head

if i could convey with ease, you wouldn’t be half as hard to please. i can’t control how i feel, I’m begging, on my knees. be there, i’m tired and sad. I wanted to be proud, i want to be found. I’m a lost soul, waiting to be had.

This two piece from Sheffield are working their way around the media at a rapid pace. From playing tiny shows only up north to getting signed to Topshelf Records to playing The Fest this summer in Florida. Strength to strength is an understatement of the prosperity these boys are showing. With fuzz pedals and a sound that only emo can be likened to, their debut album ‘WHATEVER’ sent Nai Harvest into a huge ascent of recognition. After teaming up with ‘fingers in loads of pies’ producer Bob Cooper, the boys released their debut label release ‘Hold Open My Head’.

All in all, the record is a gateway to a hugely anticipated second album from Nai Harvest, a completely different sound construction that has obviously done wonders to their road to success. Catch these guys at many UK festivals this year including Slam Dunk, Hit The Deck and Camden Crawl as well as international festivals The Fest (USA) and Grozerock (Belgium)

A grunge aesthetic lies beneath the nineties revival/emo crossover these guys are pioneering for the UK that Basement left behind and Daylight are continuing over the water. Rush opens up the record with a sudden whine behind some really cute dissonance; the fact Ben (Thompson, Guitar) focuses on his tone is the key to this bands success. Such a feel good song that introduces a record to remember. Hold Open My Head follows with an anthemic chorus and some really nice drumming for Lou. The fact that these two tunes were streamed prior to the release doesn’t detriment their power on the record. Pastel has a very similar sound to earlier Nai Harvest, eager to scream the chorus to past classic ‘Whatever’ shows that this song is a set filler to some extent. I Don’t Even Know on the other hand shows the new sound these boys are going for and it’s the sound publications like NME and Rolling Stone have raved about.

You can pick up a physical copy of this over at topshelf records webstore. check out the labels;

go listen and follow the band;

untitled, anon

17 QUIRKMASTERSTEM.indd 18-19 @naiharvest

18 29/04/2014 05:29

noise complaints mac demarco – salad days The dreamy, surf sounds coming from Canada native Mac

DeMarco have consistently intrigued the ears of music lovers worldwide. Since his breakout onto the scene back in 2012 with debut ‘Rock and Roll Nightclub’, Mac has risen quick and fast altering his sound subtly. Soon after the release of Rock and Roll Nightclub, his secondary record ‘2’ came out via Captured Records, with the song that arguably blew him up ‘Ode To Viceroy’. Music blogs like Pitchfork and The Quietus saw Mac’s work as unique and forward thinking, soon after the release of ‘2’ Mac was asked to play Pitchfork Festival in Paris on Halloween. From here on it was where Mac DeMarco rose to his prime.

noise complaints against me - transgender dysphoria blues

The solos are beautiful and twinkly, the relaxed drums are a surprise from the other surf rock bands coming out at the moment and of course Macs voice and charisma are what lead the record to be one of 2014’s best.

This year, Mac has followed his smashing second album with ‘Salad Days’ with the same surf style he’s been pioneering onto the scene. Bands like Best Coast, Wavves, and Weezer have all driven us towards the beach that is surf rock that The Beach Boys left behind. With the addition of drugs, Wavves can be seen as the more aggressive of the bunch, but Mac’s self admittance to enjoying a smoke just makes his sounds sweeter.

You can pick up a physical copy of this over at captured tracks webstore.

‘Salad Days’ starts off on cruise control with a self titled name, great for late nights in summer coming home in the car. Following it up with ‘Blue Boy’, which is the polar opposite of my explanation; this would be a great song to have as your morning alarm tone.

go listen and follow the band; @Msldemarco

The album is for sure something you need to coax yourself into, it stands out straight away but can only be listened to a few times before it becomes a bit monotonous. That being said, if you go and do some research on DeMarco and his previous albums, you can have a really fun day on all three.

It’s been four years since Against Me released their last album ‘white crosses’, a lot has happened. It’s worth mentioning Tom Gabel’s transformation into Laura Jane Grace, if you haven’t heard about this ordeal then where have you been. The Punk scene is a beautiful thing, a free society where anyone can be anyone. Gabel’s decision to become transgender was welcomed and never doubted. As a woman, this is Grace’s debut for Against Me. For fans of the band, this is just another timeless classic, no one has had to prove their self or regain an image, this band have churned out some of the best music of the year. (Considering this came out January 21st, nothing has still topped it for QUIRK ALBUM OF THE YEAR) Starting with the title track, Transgender Dysphoria Blues shows the country punk style these guys infuse together so well. The sweet riffs twiddle along to the consistent drum roll and Grace’s voice is powerful, it’s as if Tina Turner has drank a shit ton of whiskey and wants to have a fight. The album flows so well, moving to track four ‘Drinking With The Jocks’ this is one of the heavier punk tunes on the album, raw elements of Hardcore shown here. With a bridge that begs for something more than Grace’s gristle vocals but surprises listeners by quickly changing back. This really sounds like it should be a tune by The Bronx.

Mac is one of those people that would be amazing to listen to live and his new record can become something of a timeless classic once accepted for what it is.

FuckMyLife666 is a personal favourite on the entire album, the opening riff followed by Grace’s screech that rapidly 19 QUIRKMASTERSTEM.indd 20-21

changes up into something of a classic Against Me song. The chorus in this song is brilliant; they lyrics Grace has written are hard hitting and stand out. With such a negative sounding name the whole vibe of the song sends out some proper feel good emotions, the harmonies are on point and the production kills. The whole record was produced by Grace and recorded by long time Against Me engineer Billy Bush, known for his work with Garbage and maybe not as well known for being the man behind the music in ‘Get Him To The Greek’ The final song on the record, which is also the single ‘Black Me Out’ has such an impressive build up, from the song (Two Coffins) before you’d expect it to be calm and a nice end to an amazing record. Instead, what comes next is arguably the song that makes the album, it answers every question; Why Grace has a huge amount of self hate, why the whole record was primarily about her transformation and how she makes some of the best music at the moment. The true swing rhythm all Against Me bangers follow doesn’t change here, the chorus makes any fan want to scream in their bedroom ‘I wanna piss on the walls of your house’. All in all, the record is entirely about Laura Jane Grace and why shouldn’t it be. Before this happened, Against Me were one of the best punk rock bands of all time and now, with the media following Grace around like an A list celebrity it has given punk rock a boost in sales, it’s made Against Me reach billboard chart highs and has obviously made her feel like a better person. Why should anyone not be happy with their self, This album is Quirk’s album of the year. 20 29/04/2014 05:29

wavvey garms .Seven .Park Street Avenue, Bristol. This little boutique has been going since the mid noughties, the trendsetters of Bristol have been at the forefront for quite a few US brands coming over the water. 10. Deep and Only both came straight to Bristol before hitting anywhere else in the country. Seven splits its shop into sections and brands, as you walk down the stairs the first sales hanger is full of own brand designs. The designs keep the eyes locked and some of the colour ways make these t shirts sometimes more desirable than the branded products. Stocking brands like Supreme, The Hundreds, 10.Deep and


Mishka alongside a strong trainer game with walls coated in Air Jordans and gorgeous Janoskis. Seven also stock some vintage products that owner Seb carefully handpicks and sometimes touches up. From the outside, this place wouldn’t look like a successful urban fashion store, it seems every quarter of the year these guys switch up the design of the front door. Getting artists from the local scene to paint a mural outside the front with an ever changing theme. It’s obvious that its places like this that are the bread and butter for Bristol’s scene, with rival come allies Donuts closing up shop due to poor trade Seb says Seven isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

22 29/04/2014 05:29

So what’s the story with the Art Is Hard pizza boxes?

Only being two of you, when Nai Harvest started out, fronting money to pay for recording, manufacturing and petrol must have been really hard… Would you say now you’ve got an album and international release under your belt, it’s a lot easier to get around the country?

love the label, they asked us to do one. We said “yes”

The Teenage Fanclub cover that came out last week is a completely different sound to your Topshelf release ‘Hold Open My Head’ was this just a one off, or are new songs following in the vein of the cover?

I can’t really ever remember loosing too much money, but yeah we’ve spend our fair share on this band and it’s cool that we get paid a fair amount for our ‘services’ as a band. I’m all about paying people what they are worth, so fuck all the trust fund punks out there who think it’s not DIY to get paid for what you are doing.

Really? I thought it follows a similar vibe, but yeah expect some stuff a little more like that, no more fucks given.

How does it feel to sign to an international label like Top shelf? How’s the communication?

Very cool, We have at least 6 different group emails about stuff and it all fries our brains at times but we get stuff done. Can’t wait to hang out with the label heads again in the US.

What tours do you have planned for 2014?

UK with Seahaven in April, Europe with Turnover in May, then a few festivals, one off shows, and like 2 more tours to announce for 2014.

You’re off to FEST this year, is this the first time the band have been to America and are you going to kill two birds whilst over there and play some shows before and after the actual festival?

Being from Sheffield (now residing in Manchester for university), you guys have and will play Tramlines most years I imagine. How do you think that festival benefits Sheffield?

As a band we’re popping our ‘land of the free’ cherry. I mean, it’d be stupid to just go over and just play FEST then leave right?

It’s always a laugh, not the best festival in the country but we all get pretty fucked up and watch a few bands/play a few shows. It’s nice to see people travelling to Sheffield for it though, we have a sick music scene here and people don’t always give us credit for that.

How’s your relationship to Bob Cooper?

word to your mother with...

Nai Harvest

One of our long standing best friends and someone who’s been there since pretty much day one.

Have you seen this years line up? Are you part of it?

With Bob’s new compilation release coming out pretty soon, do you think he has potential to become the UK’s equivalent to Sam Pura (Basement, the Story So Far, Balance and Composure, Seahaven)?

We are part of it. We’re playing The Great Gatsby with some of the UK’s finest on the Sunday. Still to be


Yeah, for sure. He’s great at what he does and is only gunna get bigger and better. Bob’s also better looking than most people, and looks are everything

what’s your favourite food stop in Manchester, your favourite record shop and your favourite venue? And in Sheffield?

In Manchester it’d be either Panchos burritos or This and That curry canteen for food. There’s a vinyl shop that I bought a Ride record from in Northen Quarter but I can’t remember the name of it, it looks rank and run down but it’s home to some pure gold wax. I think Gorilla is my favourite decent sized venue in Manchester.

Mentioning Hold Open My Head, How has the record been received?

Already a big hitter for Quirk and the entire DIY scene in England, Nai Harvest are bringing so much to the table with their cute riffs and an incredible syncopated wave of understanding. I interviewed frontman and sole guitarist Ben Thompson to get his say on the band, their trips abroad, the recording processes and how basically average Sheffield is. Quirks first ever word to your mother drops right here.

Amazingly, and much better than we expected. People have been saying it’s our best work yet (clever people), but there are still a few people who like STILL Feeling Better more (idiots)

Sheffield, it’s Greedy Greek for food. Hands down the best street food you’ll ever have. Record Collector in Broomhill is sick, I used to skive off 6th form and go look at records instead of learn. venue wise in Sheff, I guess Bungalows and Bears is alright (also has good food/beer) and Gatsby is always a mad one. But I’m gunna be loyal and say I miss Stockroom (RIP) 2012 was a sad year for Sheffield music.

You can follow nai harvest on their journey by typing these links into your computer at a rapid rate. @naiharvest

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All over the shop .Punker Bunker .Sydeny Street, Brighton

I imagine it nightly, Monday through to Friday. Money clambers out of my lungs, I said I’d only do it once.

Deep in the north laine of brighton, past the ganja scented streets and graffiti laden walls is sydney street. Spliced and stitched together by vintage clothing shops and women’s shoe boutiques. Mid way down this street is free standing sign that states ‘punker bunker records, vinyl, cd, tickets and more. basement.” Looking at the shop that this sign situates outside, a stranger would never guess that downstairs is a man made safe haven for the punks of the south coast.

After picking up three great records, I had Buz decide for me; being the godfather of brighton’s punk scene I knew he would have had the best decision. Buz went with the debut record from American gruff punks Off With Their Heads ; All Things Move Towards Their End, what a great decision at ten pound fifty. (I had to borrow 50p because of the ever stingy quirk)

Punker Bunker; 13 years in this hole. This is the statement on the sticker that sole owner Buz has single handedly stuck onto every bag that Punker Bunker sells. (Editors note; try reading that sentence with a lisp) This tiny little addition explains the true aesthetic of Punker Bunker’s belief. Do It Yourself.

Envisaged the end of it, Life aint hard if you’re a piece of shit. Deal with it. I’m ignorant until the end of this. Ignorance is bliss.

As well as selling records, Buz prints zines for local artists and sells them in the shop all for quite a good, reasonable price alongside CD’s and tapes and some self produced t shirts. With Record Store Day been and gone, most of the stores Quirk have spoken to have been keen contributors to the day, however when asking Buz what he thought of record store day his reply was short and sweet...

... “It retards simple independent record shops like mine, the The small but suitable selection this basement has is so direct amount of money shop owners pay to get these records shipped to its targets, solely over is mental. Just because of their rarity they think it’s a stocking records from small time labels all over the globe and good investment. Records don’t always sell, especially for the representing a great, price independent shops have to put on them to break even”. sustainable national scene. The place is punk to its core, rickety wooden stairs that are This place has been making Brighton’s punk scene what it is for going to fall through any second and a stench of piss so so long now, Buz is an unsung hero in the city and so humble strong that it’s almost comforting. to accept his crown. The shop is and always will be the first place I visit on trips to Brighton. Never a bad word against Quirk gave me 10 pound this time because I’m running out of this quintessentially independent record shop, all hail the money, I still managed to come away with a great deal. punker bunker.

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Sup Thom, who comes up with the names for the records (Fun Club, Cru, Funemployed and Chronicles of Gnarnia.) They just seem to get better, any ideas for the new record? We’ve all been involved in the naming of the records. The idea for Chronicles of Gnarnia came ages ago but we couldn’t find an appropriate use for it. Works with the whole collection idea though and it made us laugh. Yeah, we’ve got ideas for the album. Excited for everyone to see what we’ve come up with.

word to your mother with...

gnarwolves The hype is strong with these guys, since forming in 2011 Gnarwolves have gone so far off the rails doing what they want, when they decide the time is right. the cornish boys based in brighton have toured consistently and gradually made a name that’s so well known that you can use them in a chat up line. proven tactics of running around nightclub smoking areas singing this one line will bag you any babe/hunk. getting wasted makes me fucking crazy.

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You guys blew up so quickly, it’s kind of a ‘what happens in the movies’ situation how you gigged like crazy for a year then played the lock up tent at Reading fest. How does it feel? It’s a weird one. We’ve been really busy playing shows pretty much since we started the band so it’s difficult to step back and “smell the roses’ sometimes. There have been these moments where we’ve all been pretty taken aback, and Reading last year was definitely one of them. We really had no ambitions to play on that stage (not because we didn’t want to but because it’s not something a band like us gets the opportunity to do) or any idea what the show would be like, but it was definitely one of the most incredible things I’ve done in my entire life. So stoked to have the opportunity to do it again.

You guys have toured the country countless times and been to Europe but you’ve never ventured further, this year you’re off to Fest, playing alongside Nai Harvest. Ben says Nai are going to play some more shows over there whilst they’ve got the chance, is this the start of a Gnarwolves/Nai Harvest US tour? Nope. I think they probably have Topshelf related plans. What’s been the best tour you guys have played? Who has been the most fun to be stuck in a van with for 2 weeks? I definitely wouldn’t tell you that. It’s like me asking who you prefer out of your mates and then publishing it on the internet. For bands trying to imitate and go with the sound you guys are putting out, where would you recommend they go for recording, mastering? I have absolutely no idea why you’d want to copy us, but we go to a place called The Ranch Production House in Southampton. We record with a guy called Lewis Johns. I’m actually sat directly behind him now answering these questions in between guitar takes.

What’s the story with Bru Cru? It’s a Facebook romance. A dude named Kev Fenton from Huddersfield runs a tape label with our friends from Southampton called Cats Aye records. Kev sent us a message over Facebook asking if we wanted to make our own beer and do a pressing of CRU on tape. We said yes, spoke over Facebook for a couple of months sorting out the details, then went up to Huddersfield to help (watch) them make it. We did a show in Huddersfield for it’s launch in a pub. The crowd was pretty crazy, and I will give 100 percent to Bru Cru for that.

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Your artwork is always really cool, the skating gnarwolf has almost become a logo for you guys now, who designed it and how is your relationship with him (her) benefitting every record? We actually use a lot of different people to make our record artwork, but I think the person you’re referring to is Danny Crombie. He did the artwork for CRU and the reissued Fun Club 7”. He’s a fantastic artist. Image is something that I’ve never particularly savvy with, but Max and Charlie really know their stuff and are the brains behind the visual aspects of our band.

an incredible and (generally) nurturing punk scene and we feel really privileged that we can go out and see an incredible UK punk band at least weekly when we’re at home. Talking of international releases, you recently put a photo up online that record stores in Japan are stocking Gnarnia. That must be so surreal. Have you made it? Have you bought a Lambo yet? Not a Lambo, but I have bought a second hand Xbox 360. Having a CD in a Japanese record store is the weirdest thing, fingers crossed we get the opportunity to go and have a look around Japan one day.

You and Max (drums) are brothers, you’ve grown up in the same house and been tight for years. Now you two are touring the country and making brilliant records together, is he your best pal or is tour a nightmare? Best pal for sure. Like you said, we’ve been tight for years and now we spend all our time together doing what we want. I’d also like to shout out my touring brothers from other mothers Charlie Piper, Ben Marco and Laurie Cottingham. You get to know pretty much everything about the people you tour with, and I couldn’t be happier to spend time with those beys.

Being from the South coast you guys have decided to call Brighton your hometown, where is your favourite place to eat in Brighton? Top three food stops? top three record stores? Brighton isn’t our hometown, We’re Cornish. Did you know that Cornish people now have minority status? Pretty strange. We do live in Brighton though. it’s definitely in my top 3 cities in the country. I like to eat at Pom Poko (Japanese and super cheap), Pho (Vietnamese and less cheap) and Iydea (Vegetarian and greatttt). Brighton used to have End World records and Rounder records, which had an intense selection but unfortunately they closed down a couple of years ago. Punker Bunker is still going, and they have a really good selection of Punk and Hardcore vinyl. Resident is alright too, good for gig tickets.

Any tour issues with the boys, who’s got the dirtiest feet? We’ve all got pretty dirty feet. Like I was saying before, you get to know the people you tour with so well that the little idiosyncrasies become part of the “tour furniture”. Being a power trio when Gnarwolves started out, fronting money to pay for recording, manufacturing and petrol must have been really hard… Would you say now you’ve got an album and international release under your belt, it’s a lot easier to get around the country? Being a band has never been “hard” because it’s what we want to do. We’re really lucky in that we have an amazing group of people helping us to do things that are far beyond our what we ever expected from playing in a band, but we were playing shows in punk bands long before we had an international release and we’ll definitely be playing shows long after this band has died. The UK has

photo: chiara ceccaiono You can follow gnarwolves on their conquest by smacking a keyboard and hoping for the best, or just slowly copy this. @gnarwolves


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rep your ends The musicians you’re about to read about are all based in the same area as Quirk. This feature is to show a rising scene in aspiring talent through many different genres. go and support your scene. rep your ends, whattt...



greasy gruff punks running around watford making sloppy punk with elements of emo, grunge and hardcore. the boys have just released their debut single ‘loose change’. Set for quite a strong year with heavy gigging and some early festival slots. get the wet floor signs out.

young as fuck, this forward thinking lad is throwing the jersy and future scenes into full flex. creating positive feeling sounds all out of his bedroom he’s yet to play a live set. however his new drop ‘honey’ was released through trapdoor records. get ready for the homie to blow. check out - tazo tea.

Check out - Loose change zzz-39 sleepymrzzz janowskiband

maribou state

Cement Matters

by far one of the more well known bands in quirk, the duo put out bass music and have been for a few years. coming out of berkhamsted originally, these guys are purely getting a shout out for being incredibly tallented. catch them at wearefstvl in essex on may 24th.

at the top of the watford punk food chain, these soul punks are bringing back that ‘clash’ sound whilst tearing up on the road. the four piece are set to storm as soon as the new album comes out. already a local favourite, soon to be worldwide with fest in america giving them some stage time in late october.

check out - mask

check out - wont when if you mariboustate


cementmatters. mariboustate



I know what I have to do, to become the man you want me to be. But I don’t understand who I want to be. I’m trying to impress you with my derail, when I know you’ll be impressed by my ascension into manhood. I have to give up so much, when so much is what I give. I have the motivation, it’s just swimming around my consciousness, But I can’t swim.

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QUIRK: Music, Gourmet & Culture  
QUIRK: Music, Gourmet & Culture  

First issue of new magazine QUIRK. A magazine focusing on independence within Music, Culture and the food industry. Visiting independent...