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SUBWAY LINES We have already bought our MetroCard and now we can get the subway and visit the city. Go to … ACTIVITY 5 How many subway lines are there? _______________ Now click line B and write the name of the three suburbs you can visit if you want to use this line. ____________________



What do these symbols mean? ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________


WHERE DO I HAVE TO GET DOWN IF…?  I am at Bedford Boulevard and I want to go to La Guardia Airport. o _____________________  I am at 155 St. and I want to change to line D, but I’m a disabled person. o _____________________  I am at Dekalb Avenue and I have to get the B 4 bus. o _____________________ You already know how to move from a line to another and what the symbols mean, so you are ready to use the subway to move form a place to another in Manhattan.

Let’s have a look at the Manhattan Subway line.