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Packing: Work of Arts – Movers Walnut Creek March 18th, 2012 | by admin | 1 Comment »

Packing Tips

Packing what Properly packing your precious framed artworks

Packing when Packing during Relocation when you decide on to do the packing instead of your mover, Movers Walnut Creek

Packing where In your old house prior to moving

Packing why For a stress-free relocation

Packing how • First, you need to segregate stuff that you would be bringing with you and the stuff that you would put into a yard sale or on-line auction to get rid of stuff that you do not need any more at the same time gain extra cash. • Prior to packing, make sure that you create an inventory on all of your artworks so you can keep track on all of your stuff and to prevent any relocation problems. • Be ready with the right packing supplies such as your picture boxes, Corner protectors, unprinted newsprint, bubble wrap, cardboard, marker, and packing tape.

• Make sure that each and every one of your stuffs is clean prior to packing it. • Prior to wrapping the artwork, make sure that you placed corner protectors made of cardboard, paper, bubble wrap, foam, or plastic on the corner of your artwork to prevent any damages and also to prevent your artwork causing any damage to other stuff. • Wrap each individual artwork using newsprint first prior to covering it with bubble wrap to prevent any chemical reaction between the plastic and the artwork. But if the artwork is covered with glass, then you can use bubble wrap alone. • Used specialize picture boxes for your artwork but prior inserting it inside the box, make sure to provide cushion by putting crumpled papers at the bottom of your box. And same goes after inserting your artwork, filled the box with crumpled paper to avoid shifting and for added protection. • For warning and additional protection, seal and label the boxes appropriately so when your movers, Movers Walnut Creek arrives to do the loading of your boxes, everything are prepared, protected, and secured. Read more Packing Tips. Read more Moving Tips below: • • • • •

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James Kaddatz says: September 10, 2012 at 12:33 am It’s such a reliever for me to read this kind of moving article, it’s relevant in making as a guide in moving, very detailed and precise.


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Packing: Work of Arts – Movers Walnut Creek