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Movers Pembroke Pines – Moving Parents in Your Home December 11th, 2012 | by admin | No Comments

Whoever said that no house is big enough for two families must have had his parents live with him and his family. Although there are so many grains of truth in that statement, it is still an undeniable fact that when it comes to your aging parents — a moral decision must be made regardless of its inconvenience on your part. This is going to be a thorny subject between you and your spouse. You and your family, your children included, need to talk about this situation. It is imperative that the family arrives with a consensus. The whole family must agree to that idea and it should not be your decision alone. If your spouse is iffy about your parents living in your home, then don’t push the issue. You will end up hurting both parties – your spouse and your parents. There are other issues that may arise that need to be addressed before you come up with the decision. Let’s presume you have already tackled the first situation – that is speaking to your spouse and your children about it. The other pertinent questions you need to address are how will this move change your lives as a family? Definitely, there will be easy and hard things to settle with once you’re all living together under one roof. For example, do you smoke or does anyone in your family smoke? How will your parents react to that fact? Or let’s turn tables and ask yourself, what if your parents smoke, will you or your spouse agree to that? More questions…did you consider your privacy and alone time? To what extent should you care for your parents in terms of personal care and finances? Will your parent need care giving services? If so, who will foot the bill? Or how will you provide for it? Will your work situation change? Are you physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to juggle work, caring for your family and caring for your parents?

Other significant concerns you need to deal with are where will your parents sleep? Do you have an extra room? Is your house elderly proof? Have you thought of preparing devices for the elderly like ramps, grab bars or raised toilet seats? Once you’ve answered all of these questions and issues, then you can determine if it’s the best option to let your parents move into your home. However, you and your family believe that sharing your home with your parents is not the idyllic condition for everyone, then mull over other senior care options that will meet your parents’ and your family’s interests. On the other hand, if everyone agrees that this is the ideal situation for the whole family – you, your spouse and children and your parents then by all means, bring your parents to your home. Just make sure you have prepared the house for your aging parents – the bars and ramps and all that. You can now focus on caring for your aging parents. Of course, this is going to be a tough one. The key here is to help them settle in their new living environment. Spend time with them going around the neighborhood. Look for the bank, recreation centers, libraries, bridge clubs, church, the pharmacy and the grocer. Check out centers for the elderly for classes and programs, which your parents might fancy. If your parents need rehabilitation or some therapy, check out the nearest rehab and therapy centers. If your parents need full-time care in your home, plan this well and how you will fix your work schedule. Do anything you can to help your

aging parents settle in your home and in your community. Concentrate on the needs of their being while the Movers in Pembroke Pines handle relocation of their stuff into your home. Get free estimates by calling (954) 281-4011. Posted in Blog and tagged Cheap Movers in Pembroke Pines, Local Movers in Pembroke Pines, Movers in Pembroke Pines California, Movers Pembroke Pines, Moving Companies in Pembroke Pines. Bookmark the permalink.

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Movers Pembroke Pines – Moving Parents in Your Home  

Whoever said that no house is big enough for two families must have had his parents live with him and his family. Although there are so many...