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Antique furniture moving: Moving specialty services September 16th, 2012 | by admin | No Comments

Antique furniture moving

Antique furniture moving: Some valuable items as antique furniture call for careful, planned moving techniques. Moving companies are well versed in moving specialty services and should be able to properly aide you in the process of transporting antique furniture to your new location. Though some special items that are not dealt with on the daily basis, or require specific care and instructions may be better moved by you or monitored to ensure that the best plan has been put into place. One such item is antique furniture. Antiques are serious business. There old and delicate and need to be treated as such. To prevent a bad review of your moving company later on down the road make sure that they are prepared to handle your special items as antique furniture and double-check to see if proper common precautions are carried out on moving day. You may need to read How To Start A Move?

How to handle Antique furniture When moving antique furniture movers should take their time and move slowly and carefully. Prior to this they should also check to make sure that each piece is in its proper place. Depending on the age of your item many things may be only holding on by a hair strand so any sudden movements can cause pieces to crack or shatter. Also try your best to plan the exact route that the furniture will take exiting your home and entering your new home. Small things not taken into consideration previously may cause obstructions in transport or preventable damages.

Climate effects on Antique furniture Additionally a controlled climate is key to preservation. For example, you should really think twice about moving Antique furniture during the winter as the cold weather can cause serious damage to your antiques. Likewise when storing in a storage facility or moving truck you want to make sure that your Antique furniture are protected from changing weather conditions.

Antique furniture Wrap up When wrapping Antique furniture or other delicate items first provide the item with a protective wrap by using items such as stretch plastic wrap made specifically for furniture. Next, provide moving supplies as cushioning and a protective shell. The protective outer shell is a casing usually made of plywood that will probably be specifically tailored for your item. Crates are also a good idea and depending on your furniture dimensions may easily fit into an available crate. There is no need to purchase expensive wood or packaging for transport if it is not necessary and or the item will not likely be moved again. Some of these great tips on Antique furniture moving were obtained from the Smithsonian’s website Of course if these precautions seem to be a bit too much for yourself or your moving company you may like to consider hiring an antique transportation company. Like other moving companies they’ll provide you with a quote and price range depending on size and distance. Other factors may also be considered such as the delicacy of items and whether or not they need special crating. You may be interested to read History of Furniture Timeline at website.

Antique furniture – Common delicates Other items that require special attention include mirrors and artwork. These items are more common placed and moving companies should be well experienced in packaging them. To prepare ahead you can purchase specialty picture and moving boxes from around $10-$60 depending on the size of the item. This and other small tips should save you time and frustration when moving your specialty Antique furniture.

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Antique furniture moving: Moving specialty services