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Movers Aventura – Learn How to Keep Pets Safe During Relocation December 11th, 2012 | by admin | No Comments

Slash the stress out of your moving woes by keeping your pet’s safety and wellbeing in mind during the moving preparations. Make sure your pet is hale and hearty especially during transit – whether your pet will take the plane out during relocation or simply ride with you. IN THE PINK Bring your pet to his vet for a full check-up. Make sure that your pet is in the pink before allowing him to travel. Talk to your vet about your relocation plans. Your vet will assess if your pet is fit to travel and he will discuss what are the preventive measures you need to take for his safety. Make sure that your pet gets his latest vaccination shots. Secure a copy of your pet’s vaccination records. Ask your vet regarding state regulations and other health issues that go along with the season. If you’re traveling during winter, ask about precautionary measures on frostbites. If you’re traveling during summer, ask about possible heat strokes or dehydration. Make sure you cover all areas concerning your pet’s health and safety. READY THE KENNEL Whether your pet will travel by air or by car, prepare a convenient kennel intended for air transport. Make sure that the kennel is wide and spacious enough or your pet to move around a little or at the very least stand up. It will be constricting on your pet if the kennel is too small for him. There’s a strong possibility that your pet might get too stressed out from the plane ride and from the uncomfortable kennel. Another thing you need to prepare is your pet’s information. Make sure it is found on the kennel’s tag. Write your pet’s name, your name, contact numbers, and your new address. If your pet needs special handling, make sure you have included all the instructions pertaining to his behavior. READY YOUR PET Keep in mind that the plane ride will definitely be a nerve-racking experience for your pet, so allow him to get familiarized with the kennel before the big day. Introduce the kennel to your pet days before the moving day. You can’t treble the stress levels on your pet. Moving to a new place and the transit itself are double stress already, so rule out the stress he will experience with the new kennel.

GO FOR A RIDE Let your pets go for a short ride in your car and let it progress to longer time increments. This will prepare your pet for a longer road trip. Whether you will move by car or by plane. These frequent trips will help your pet get used to the movement thereby eliminating motion sickness out of his system. FOOD INTAKE It is advisable not to give your pet a huge meal before the trip. Prepare a bottle of cool water for him. Make sure this bottle is placed in its kennel along with his favorite toy.

CALL THE AIRLINES/MOVERS Call the airlines or Movers in Aventura ahead of time. Look for companies that are pet-friendly and offer animal services. As much as possible, let your pet take a direct flight. Moving planes will definitely be taxing on your pet. Ask the flight personnel if your pet has been loaded on the plane MAINTAIN YOUR PETS’ SAFETY Once you arrive in your new destination, help your pet get used to its new environment. Take note of the hazards involved in having a balcony. There’s a possibility that your pet will fall from the balcony. Make sure your pet is secured by leashing him when you’re away. Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to your pet’s safety. Posted in Blog and tagged Cheap Movers in Aventura, Local Movers in Aventura, Movers Aventura, Movers in Aventura California, Moving Companies in Aventura. Bookmark the permalink.

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Movers Aventura – Learn How to Keep Pets Safe During Relocation