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The shortlist on Home inspections August 1st, 2012 | by admin | 1 Comment »

Home inspections when purchasing a home

Home inspections go hand in hand with purchasing a home. Movers will often add this task to their list when considering buying a home, whether its old or newly constructed. It seems that buyers just don’t feel comfortable closing the deal without the results of a thorough Home inspections. And for good reason. Home inspections can provide a clear look into the real value of a home and allow the consumer to truly weigh all factors. Home inspections. Home investigators can be pricey though, but do provide a better picture of what is being purchased, and most importantly; buyer confidence. Some figures to gauge for a professional inspection are $300-$600 dollars depending on the size of your prospective home-though prices vary. Home inspectors cover a general area of items to look over while specialist are needed for some specific elements in the Home inspections. For example, asbestos, mold/mildew, rodent, pest (ex. termites) inspectors are licensed in their designated fields and must be hired separately. But you may save time and money by simply being attuned to major signs when shopping for a home. If you feel that you have a good eye for problematic areas and need some red flags when browsing, consider the following during your house hunt.

Things to look for on your own Home inspections 1. Mold and water damage – A moldy spot isn’t hard to find, neither is water damage. Check for significant signs and question the seller about anything that seems to be a serious problem. But keep in mind that the process of checking for toxic mold should be done by a professional. 2. Plumbing – Peruse the surroundings for obvious leaks and pools of water. Also consider the water pressure in the faucets, any running toilets, or foul smells coming from either the sink or the toilet. Some of these flags may be minor concerns but others may warrant series repairs such as septic tank replacement. Home inspections. 3. HVAC and home appliances – The HVAC systems will most likely need to be checked out by an inspector or other specialized individual but general appliances can be checked for functionality. You may also want to ask questions about the water heater, furnace and cooling system just to get an idea of how old they are or if there are any warranties left on the products etc. 4. The roof and foundation of the home – The condition of the roof is very important as it can be expensive to repair. Leaks, poor craftsmanship, and lack of proper maintenance may be present with

the roof’s current condition and need to be properly inspected. Additionally, the basic foundation of the home is crucial. Some things you can look at your Home inspections for are cracks, inside and outside of the home, including ceilings, walls and flooring, as well as slanted or uneven floors. This last item may be hard to detect but should be categorized under foundation problems as well.

Your own Walkthrough Home inspections Your own calculated walkthrough Home inspections can be the starting point to further inquires and a great way to pinpoint any red flags. Though moving companies don’t handle inspections a cost effective inspector to assist you in finalizing your home purchase shouldn’t be too hard to find either. So now you understand how important are Home inspections before purchasing a home.

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The shortlist on Home inspections  

Home inspections go hand in hand with purchasing a home.