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Movers Miami Beach – Packing Tips for indoor Plants November 28th, 2012 | by admin | No Comments

Any plant aficionado will tell you that plants bring sunshine and happiness – they are food and medicine for the soul. So, it’s perfectly understandable if you just couldn’t summon the thought of leaving your leafy friends behind when you move. However, bear in mind that the transit can actually cause serious damage on your plants. The sudden change of temperature, the movements and all of these factors can attribute to your plants’ demise. That’s why it’s always best to leave them behind. The first thing you need to consider is to find a plant-loving person to adopt your plants. Your plants will surely stay green and healthy in that friend’s house rather than transporting them to a far off place. You can still bring your plants with you by getting some cuttings from them. Put the cuttings in a plastic bag and wrap them loosely with wet paper towels or wet moss. Then just replant them in your new destination. But if you really decide to bring your leafy friends with you, you need to give it a lot of careful planning and time. Start off by researching on specific care for your plants. Get a trusty plant book or talk to a plant expert. Also, if you’re crossing to another state, find out about some state regulations as other states have restrictions on certain plants. Look for that state’s department of natural resources for current information. After considering all these, you can now prepare your plants two weeks before moving. Start by pruning them. Make sure you know the right instructions on how to prune your plants. Seven days before your moving date, prepare your plants for debugging. Set up a black plastic bag and some bug powder. Put your plants inside the bag, close it and let it stay in a cool area for one night. This process will kill whatever pests there are in the plants or in the soil. If you don’t want to use chemical pesticides, spray your plants with natural pest-killing solutions. Check out the web for these natural and homemade chemical-free solutions. Water your plants, two days before your moving day. Make sure you put just the right amount because too much water can kill your plants. About a day before your departure, put your plants in boxes for transport. Line the box with packing paper or old newspaper before putting your plants. Then dampen some newspaper and put it on top of your plants. This will help keep the moisture and protect their leaves. Don’t cover the box yet. Do this on the departure date. On the moving day itself, cover the box of plants and thump some holes on the box to allow air to go in so your plants can breathe. Make sure your plants are situated in a place near the van’s door. They should be the last to get in and the first to go out. Plants can stay untended for at least three days. If you’re traveling longer than three days, make sure you bring your plants out of the van during overnight stopovers. Upon arrival, make sure to advise the Movers in Miami Beach to put your plants in the shady area first. Your plants must not be exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold. Upon unpacking, make sure you remove your plants from the box. Do this carefully by removing them from the bottom. Put your plants in one corner. Do not expose them to the sun right away. Allow your plants to adapt themselves to the climate and temperature before you decide to repot them or situate them in the places of your choice. In no time, your plants will surely give your new home a warm and healthy vibe. Be Sociable, Share!

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Movers Miami Beach – Packing Tips for indoor Plants  

Any plant aficionado will tell you that plants bring sunshine and happiness – they are food and medicine for the soul. So, it’s perfectly un...

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