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Movers Boca Raton – Packing a Fish Tank for a Move November 6th, 2012 | by admin | No Comments If you’re moving to another state or many miles away, then you might want to consider leaving your fish

friends behind because there is a great risk that the long transit could be fatal to them. However, should you decide to bring them with you, then you will need the advice of the experts regarding this matter. But, if you’re just moving nearby, the first thing you still need to do is call your local aquarium dealer. Seek their advice on how to move your fish and your fish tank. Your aquarium dealer should know how to move the fish and its fish tank better than anyone else. They will also supply you with the appropriate bags and boxes for your fishes’ temporary home during transit. Also, they will surely give you a step-by-step procedure in moving your fish and your fish tank. Another thing you can do to ensure that your fish are handled safely for your move is to hire the services of the professional fish tank movers. You might pay a hefty sum for their services but your peace of mind and your fish’s well being are things your money just can’t buy. If you’re moving on a shoestring budget and you just want to stretch your budget, then check out many videos in you tube that will help you disassemble and assemble a fish tank. These videos are helpful especially to the visual learners. Once you get an idea on how to disassemble your fish tank, the next thing you need to work on is to decide where to put your fish tank in your new home. Find a place where you can position your fish tank, somewhere that is aesthetically lovely to the eyes. Make sure that it is a corner that will fit the fish tank in, and is away from the sun. Does it have a place for electrical sockets for the tank’s filter and lights? Also, you should make sure that the fish tank’s temperature would be consistent and suitable in that area that you chose. You may successfully move your fish tank and your fish unscathed but your fish can possibly perish once you put them in a fish tank with poor water quality. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right space in your new home. The next thing you need to remember before packing your fish tank is it must be the last piece of furniture to be moved and put in the moving truck. In that case, it will be the first to be taken out and set up in your new home. You might find the packing process to be tedious but you need to remember to move your fish as fast as possible without delay and disruptions. Prepare plenty of big pails to keep the plants and gravel and some of the water of the aquarium. Wrap all the ornaments carefully and keep them in a box. Take out the filter, pump and heater and keep them in a separate box after wiping them dry. Make sure you bring a lot of water from the fish tank. Use this water once you move to your new home. This will ensure that your fish will swim in about the same water he once swam in. Keep them in containers with lids during transit. Count your fish before moving them to their temporary home – preferably bought from your local aquarium dealer. These containers must not be closed so as to allow air to come in so your fish will survive the transit. Finally, remove all the water from your fish tank before finally wrapping it up securely with bubble wraps and cardboards. The Movers in Boca Raton will check if the fish tank is properly wrapped for traveling. If not, they will ask you to have it repacked. For best packing, you can hire their services too. Inquire with them by calling (786) 899-2347 for more details. Posted in Blog and tagged Cheap Movers in Boca Raton, Local Movers in Boca Raton, Movers Boca Raton, Movers in Boca Raton California, Moving Companies in Boca Raton. Bookmark the permalink.

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Movers Boca Raton – Packing a Fish Tank for a Move  

If you’re moving to another state or many miles away, then you might want to consider leaving your fish friends behind because there is a gr...

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