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“Let all your things be done with charity.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

To those who support us and guide us,

Thank you again for all of your support. As our family grows, we ask you to consider praying about ways you can offer even even more to the generous contribution you have already provided. Your increase in charity allows us to continue our mission and live well through Christ.

11/6/12 - Election Day 1/2-6/13 - Seek 2013 FOCUS National Conference 3/4/13 - We expect our sixth, beautiful child

For our Mission Partners

Joshua & Elisabeth Gideon

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Issue 18 | October 2012

FOCUS reaches across the nation

16 new campuses - including two in Oklahoma - join the FOCUS team

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Gideon Family Mission

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One of the best things about being on staff with FOCUS is that we are always growing. We grow both in our love of Christ and in size as we unite students with the Church throughout the nation. This year has been a great example of both spiritual and team growth. FOCUS now serves 74 campuses, with 16 new additions spread out in almost a dozen different states including an exciting new digital campus. A spirited presence I am elated welcoming the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tulsa to FOCUS! My brother Joseph, a recent graduate from OU, says he saw a “sudden drive to know more for Christ.

throughout the nation. St. Thomas More always I was raised in Oklahoma. had young Catholics Many reading this live energized and active in or have lived there. the Faith. But with FOKnowing that the CUS present, it is ampliSooner State fied into something even will be in the greater.” On his last visit to his alma mater, Joseph company of a mission that noted a crowd of eager has and curi“We are truly ous college fulfilling John Paul brought students II’s command to 384 men and asking about FOCUS by being women to the FOCUS and ‘soliders’...” religious life its role. means the We are all world to me. We know all excited about the early of our new campus teams enthusiasm in Norman and beyond, thanks to the will bring many people dedication of the mission- closer to Christ. aries and the team here in Colorado supporting Achieved through Faith As FOCUS continues to them every step of the grow and set the world on way. We are truly fulfillfire with His love, I take a ing John Paul II’s command to FOCUS by being step back and think about “soldiers” on campuses how it all became pos-

sible: God and His guidance of FOCUS for over a decade; the leadership of Curtis Martin, who is in Rome speaking at the Synod about FOCUS’s mission; the talent of our support staff in Colorado, who every day ensure the success of our worldwide mission; the missionaries who communicate the Faith through Scripture and companionship; and you. You, who through your belief in our goal, trust in our work, and generosity to our mission enable us to do all of this.

◆ Thank you again for all you do for our family and the mission of FOCUS. I hope you will take a brief second to view the back of the newsletter and pray about how you can help even more as we continue on this path.


decade of dedication and love

10 great years of Ministry and Family

“As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord...”

Blessed and growing... Life: pure and simple

2002 Joshua & Elisabeth join the FOCUS staff at the University of Illinois. 2004 Joshua and Elisabeth become Team Directors of the University of North Florida and

the Univ. of Illinois, respectively, and begin dating long-distance. 2005 Joshua proposes to Elisabeth. They are married and stationed at Univ. of Illinois. 2006 Joshua & Elisabeth have their first child, Ruth Marie Gideon. Joshua transitions to Team Director at Benedictine College and Elisabeth becomes full-time mama! 2007 John Benedict is born. 2008 Isabel Lynn is born. 2009 Stephen Wallace is born. Joshua transitions to Assoc. Director of Athletic Outreach for Varisty Catholic. 2010 Family moves to Colorado to work in National Office. 2011 George Joseph is born.

2012 Joshua and Elisabeth celebrate their 10th

year on FOCUS Staff!

The eyes of a child During dinner one night, Stephen says, “Mama, you’re the best cooker in the whole world.” He has learned a great trait from his Papa: compliment the meal, no matter what. Good job Stephen! There is nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a child. As we watch our kids, soon to be adding #6 to the bunch in March, we are continually reminded that in the midst of other necessities, love and joy come naturally to them. They are so ready to play, make believe, and use

their imaginations in new and ing and meeting other wonderful families. Twice a semester they will creative ways. It has been give a presentation of their choice, more and more exciting for us to watch them play last week they recited and sang: Mary had a Little Lamb, Where is as a 1 yr. old, 3 yr. old, 4 Thumpkin?, and Little yr. old, 5 yr. We are excited to Miss Muffet. These led old and 6 yr. announce we are to home videos that old! They each hold their place expecting Baby we will use in strategic ways later! :) in the productions of #6 in March!! puppets, trains, recitGrateful for God’s ing poems, and many grace and for you more fun adventures. John says it We are so grateful for your support best: “The good guys always win!” Especially when fighting “dragons” and prayers as we continue our to protect their “princess” sisters. mission with FOCUS. Thank you for your love throughout our work. Learning about Christ We need your prayers, especially We have enjoyed starting our home as our family grows and pray that school this year. We joined a newly we continue to follow the path God wants for us! Our whole family formed Catholic co-op that has loves and appreciates you. been such a blessing for our learn-

~ Prayer Requests ~

For all Political Leaders. That they are grounded in God’s truth’s and come to a deeper conversion to Jesus Christ. F or the Synod in Rome on the New Evangelization and for FOCUS’ role within its efforts. Those who are unemployed or underemployed and all those in need. For all expecting mothers and for the safety of all children in the womb during this Respect Life Month. In thanksgiving for all of you... the ones who make this mission possible. Know that each of you are in our prayers every day. Your charity and God’s Grace lift us and move us and drive us. Thank you and God bless you.

Gideon Family Mission - October Newsletter '12  

A quick insight into the exciting things going on with FOCUS, updates on our growing family and important information. Our family appreciate...

Gideon Family Mission - October Newsletter '12  

A quick insight into the exciting things going on with FOCUS, updates on our growing family and important information. Our family appreciate...