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Grand Trunk Parasheet Beach Blanket Grand Trunk Parasheet Beach Blanket - It?s hard to find a multi use beach blanket that works well and is as spacious as the Parasheet. Unfolded, it measures 7'x7' and has built in sand pockets that help to weight it down so it won't blow away. Stays cool to the touch and sand doesn't stick to it. If you aren't at the beach you can easily stake down each corner to keep your Parasheet in place. It's also great for picnics, days at the park, or outdoor events and concerts. When packed away inside the attached stuff sack it weighs a mere 16 oz. Cool Features of the Parasheet are Compact, Lightweight (weighs 1lb), Big! 49 Square Feet, Sand Pockets (they go on bottom), Drys Quickly, Attached Stuff Sack (so you don't lose it), Sand Does NOT stick to Parasheet, Machine Washable. Department: Backpacking & Hiking Brand: Grand Trunk Price: $39.99