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As a kid growing up playing any sport you could think of, my competitive drive was always rising with no regression. My father was always there to give me confidence and help me reach my true potential. Once I turned 15 that drive finally came to a stop, and I couldn’t figure out where my ambition had gone. I realized that I had to grow up and learn to push myself. It wasn’t until I met a very special girl by the name of Tiffany Cash that I regained the strength to do so. Out of the nature of becoming a man and caring for someone I love, my inner drive came back. She was my inspiration to push myself physically and mentally, in every aspect imaginable. Not only did I start making great accomplishments in sports again, but the way I carried myself changed as well. What started out to be an act of impressing a girl turned out to be a change in lifestyle, a new way to care for another as well as myself without being egotistic. I gained a strength that cannot be obtained by the lifting of any weight; I gained the ability to put others first. To the eye of ignorance, doing things for others instead of one’s self would take away from ones potential. What most do not realize is that this will naturally grant you endless potential whether it be in sports, or the opportunity to love as I have done so. When you’re always ahead of the competition or crowd, you’re oblivious to the world behind you and soon enough it will catch up. A wise individual will allow that competition or crowd in front of him so he can better prepare himself for the challenges to come, or fall in love with that special girl in the crowd who always seemed to stand out. Tiffany Cash has inspired me in every way and created a new definition for that word; love. As I have learned, love another, the world, or both; it will always give back.

Reflection: When I was writing this piece, I was writing it as if I was truly sending this to a college to read in an application. I wanted to show that I could take true life experiences and emotions and put them into my writing in order to develop a readers attention, create connections, and make them feel as if they knew exactly how I felt. As I was writing, I blurred out the fact that this was a letter, and pretty much wrote my thoughts as they popped up in my head; this essay = end product. My strengths in this piece were that I used emotion really well to hook the reader and get a true feel for what I really meant. My overall opinion of this essay is that I’m really proud of myself, and that I would get a rather good grade on this. I was honest with myself and poured my emotion and thoughts onto paper; one of the many pure uses of writing.

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