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Immunizations Michigan Health Connect’s (MHC) Immunizations application allows physician offices with an electronic medical record (EMR) system to send immunizations to the Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry (MCIR) system via HL7. Any site documenting immunizations into an EMR will be able to use MHC to transport the immunization messages securely to the MCIR system. MHC was the first HIE in the state to connect to MCIR using the new Michigan model of connectivity. This secure service is free of charge to physician offices and member hospitals, and will allow a site to complete some of their Meaningful Use requirements. Many physician offices throughout Michigan are implementing MHC’s Immunizations application into their everyday workflow without interruption. The application runs in the background and is a secure gateway between your office’s EMR system and MCIR.

The Immunizations application runs in the background and is a secure immunization gateway between your office’s EMR system and MCIR.

Currently, physician offices are required to input their immunizations into their EMR and MCIR separately. Beginning in January 2014, offices will need to be connected with MHC, or another substate HIE, to submit immunizations rather than through any other connections they may have with the state.

Key Features and Benefits You will receive incentives for Meaningful Use (MU). Submitting immunizations through a substate HIE is one way to attest for MU. Immunization history will always be accurate. Immunization history is entered in one repository and is viewable from anywhere in Michigan. Immunizations are uploaded real time into MCIR. You no longer have to wait until the end of the day to see if your immunizations were uploaded successfully. Scheduled immunizations are easier to monitor. Using your office’s EMR system, you can view immunization schedules for patients and keep them on track for future visits. Upcoming bidirectional communication between your office and MCIR. Coming in 2014, offices will be able to pull information from MCIR to get a more complete picture of immunization history.

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