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The Stock Market is Not an Easy Game Trading equities in the stock market can be a risky and /or profitable endeavor. In this recent contraction in the economy it is also a very tempting idea. The lures of riches and the “prestige” of being a stock market operator are sometimes irresistible. If only it were just a matter of signing on with a broker and getting started buying and selling. Fact is, if it were that easy everyone would be doing it. When a person first gets started it's very possible he will have a few lucky trades and make some money. This only goes to fuel the fire, so to speak, and has the potential for disaster. False confidence early on can lead to bad habits, uneducated “guesses” and ultimately the poor house. As losses increase due to trying to make money back a snowball effect begins to happen. Desperation sets in, the mind becomes clouded and confused as blind buying and selling activity increases. Stocks are being chased and always seem to be just behind the curve. You lose more and more until there is no more to lose. When you finally stop to take assessment, it's to late. Everything is lost. That, of course is a pretty bad picture, but happens a lot. The stock market is not a place to get rich quick or to run to when in between jobs. It takes years of education, trial and error and advise from those that have been there. Countless books have written by professional market operators and not so professional too. Choose wisely whom will teach and direct you. Be wary of those making more money selling books and advise than those actually making it the markets. Many people know what to do and will sell that knowledge without ever having successfully implementing it themselves. It's easy study and find out what to do, the challenge is doing it and doing at the right time with the right amounts. Eventually one will have to find or decide on a mentor. A mentor is the one that will show the way. Your mentor will teach you and guide you through the ins and outs of the markets. This is probably the most important decision that will be made in your career. The person or organization that trains you will show the way as they know it but following but your ultimate success is determined by you. What rules you choose to make and follow, the style of trading you want follow and how closely you follow those rules. It will cost some money and there will be more than one that are tried before the right fit is found. Beware any that promise easy riches or consistent outrageous returns. There is nothing easy about making money in the stock market. Ensure that you have research any potential ideas thoroughly through forums, websites, search engines and blogs. There are a lot of really good people out there, and a lot that want to take your money with no perceived value. It's not to say that trading stocks, forex or futures is not a lucrative business, it certainly can be, but in the end it's all up to you. It takes hard work, lots of hours and the proper training. Profiting consistently takes time and practice. You can do it if you do it right.

The Stock Market is Not an Easy Game  

It will cost some money and there will be more than one that are tried before the right fit is found. Beware any that promise easy riches or...