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September 2009

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Earth Kind vs. Earth Kind National Rose Brigade


by Don Suderman

he question has been asked about the differences of "Earth Kind" roses and the "Earth Kind National Rose Brigade" roses that we sell at Herb Day - the first weekend in May. The list that members can preorder from includes both. Some are "Certified Earth Kind" roses and the rest of them are part of Texas A&M "Earth Kind National Rose Brigade". The "Certified Earth Kind" Roses are cultivars that have been tested for more than 5 years and selected as truly worthy of the low maintenance Earth Kind designation originally in the South. The "Earth Kind National Rose Brigade" Roses are a group of roses, including some of the "Certified" roses, that Dr. Steve George of Texas A&M has selected as worthy low maintenance roses to be tested and grown in Earth Kind Test Gardens nationally. Even though he feels many of these may be selected as "Certified Earth Kind", there are still several more years of testing and evaluation to be done before he modifies his lists.

Some of the "Certified" Earth Kind Roses by Texas A&M are NOT rated for our growing zones here in Wichita - they were originally for the South. I try to offer the ones that are rated for zones 5B or high. I also purposely leave out a couple of the cultivars from the "Earth Kind National Rose Brigade" because of my conversations with Dr. George and viewing his trial, which may not eventually make the "Certified List". These are the roses that Dr. George has selected for disease resistance, own root, no fertilizing, continual flowering, easy care, etc for National Earth Kind Testing across all zones of the Midwest including his test gardens in Ohio, Texas, Kansas and Nebraska. Not all of these will eventually be selected as "Certified" Earth Kind after years of testing, but Dr. George sees enough promise in them to be planting, testing and evaluating in all of his national trial gardens. I have Barn Dance, shrub rose given two joint talks w/ Dr. George about Earth Kind Roses including the Earth Kind National Test Brigade roses and he feels great with what we are offering here in Wichita to the public. Mark Chamblee has a page in his catalog for Earth Kind Roses and on that page he only shows the "Certified" ones for the South. He also carries all of the "Earth Kind National Test Brigade Roses" in his catalog. When I talk or when we print our list, I always try to explain the difference - Dr. George and Mark Chamblee are fine with that because it

September 2009

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Pre-order Earth Kind Roses


ARS 2010 Winners

Calendar of WRS Events Tuesday, September 8 7:00 PM Regular Meeting Botanica Friday, September18-20 Central District Rose Show & Convention Lincoln, Nebraska Thursday, September 24 6:30 p.m. Executive Board Meeting Sunday, October 4 Fall Rose Exhibition Botanica


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y Rose Exhibition Planning, Questions and Answers about how to prepare your roses for the exhibition. REMINDER!

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September District Rose Show in

Lincoln, NE. If you are interested—please contact Bob Burrill or Don Suderman.

Pre-Order Your Earth Kind Roses! To insure you get the number and varieties of Earth Kind Roses from our sale at Herb Day you MUST PRE-ORDER AND PAY FOR ROSES by our September meeting date – Tuesday, September 8th.


10! 0 2 MAY L I NT ED U

Earth Kind vs. Earth Kind National Rose Brigade Cont. from page 1

pushes and supports the Earth Kind program AND these are all quality low maintenance roses. I will also preorder and bring in some of the more unusual Knock Out Roses that are a bit harder to find in town to sell. But we only do that for our members unless we have a few extra. We don't want to compete with the local folks - we want to support them. We just want to provide some of the easy to grow roses that usually can not be purchased here locally to encourage people to start growing roses. Hopefully that will spark more interest and give them confidence to advance on to trying to grow Hybrid Teas and maybe even showing roses with us. We appreciate everyone's interest in Earth Kind roses and hopefully this has answered some questions you may have had. ™

September 2009

Included in The Petal is the form to fill out and return with your payment (make checks payable to Wichita Rose Society) This will be subject to availability from Chamblee’s – and is why we need to order by the middle of September. We will also be placing an order at that same time for our Earth Kind Roses for the Herb Day Public Sale. When the roses arrive next spring, only the members that pre-ordered roses will be allowed to pick up their roses before the Herb Day Sale. Others will have to purchase roses at Herb Day – first come, first selection. The roses from the National Earth Kind Trial Brigade and Knock Out varieties may not be readily available in town and we do not want to compete with our local nursery friends, but provide to our Members (only) some difficult to obtain varieties. We think the price will be the same as last year – and if there are any changes, we will let the club know. The reason for the change this year is to allow WRS Members to purchase the roses they want AND offer the public an adequate amount of varieties that we advertise for the Herb Day Sale. There were some complaints last year that we did not have the varieties or the numbers of roses that we advertised. This should rectify that issue. In the spring, we will have a MEMBERS ONLY ORDER for Earth Kind National Trial Roses. These roses will be kept separate from the roses we will order for the general public on Herb Day. ™

The Petal


September 2009

The Petal


September 2009

The Petal


2010 Miniature Hall of Fame Honorees

2010 Award of Excellence Winners

'Gourmet Popcorn'

'Magic Show'

This miniature rose is a sport of 'Popcorn' and was discovered by Luis Desamero. This rose is a pure white semi-double miniature with dark green foliage.

This miniature rose was hybridized by Frank Benardella. The bright color and excellent form will catch the eye of a home gardener who wants a rose that is quick to repeat and provide lots of flowers a display.

'Luis Desamero' This miniature rose was hybridized by Dee Bennett. This rose is pastel yellow with a slight fruity fragrance. Dee named the rose in honor of her friend Luis Desamero, a fellow honoree recognized this year. 'Tiffany Lynn' This Mini-Flora was also hybridized by Nelson Jolly. This rose has large blooms with pink edges that blend with white in the center

'First and Foremost' This Mini-Flora was also hybridized by Frank Benardella. This rose has a deep pink with a lighter reverse and white center and makes an excellent choice for display and arrangements.

'Daddy Frank' This Mini-Flora was also hybridized by Robbie Tucker. This deep red rose is disease resistant and can survive the winter well. It was named in honor of his grandfather.

'Spirit Dance'

Articles for the October issue of The Petal must be submitted by September 19th to be published.

This Mini-Flora was also hybridized by Christian Bedard. This rose has yellow bud that opens to a warm butterscotch opening.

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September 2009

The Petal


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September 2009


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