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Volume 59, Issue 6

The Petal

A Monthly Publication by the Wichita Rose Society Affiliated with the American Rose Society

Meet Our New Officers

Kay Case


ay was born in Wichita. After graduating from South High School in 1962, Kay went to work for Mutual of Omaha Insurance. She was married in 1963 and stopped working to stay at home with her two children. When daughter Taunia and son Donovan were both in school, Kay went to work with State Farm Insurance. She worked from 1970 until retirement in 2008. Kay married Charles Case, a State Farm agent, in 1987. Charles has two sons and together they have eight grandchildren and one great grandson. Taunia and Donovan also work for State Farm Insurance. Kay and Charles traveled to many countries until Charles' retirement

by Norma Kemp

in 1998. They visited Hawaii several times, England, Austria, Venice, Rome, Spain, Switzerland, Bermuda, Canada, France, an Alaska cruise, and two Caribbean cruises. They have also traveled extensively in the United States. Kay enjoys sports such as football, basketball and golf. She has enjoyed flower gardening for a long time. The Case's southwestern style home and garden show a lot of TLC. Kay joined the Wichita Rose Society in 1995 and says she has learned a lot about growing roses and especially enjoys the friendship and fellowship with WRS members. She became a Consulting Rosarian in 2007. Kay retained her position as Treasurer of WRS this year, and her experience will be invaluable during the District Rose Show. 

June 2010

Inside this Issue  From the President’s Desk  WRS Summer Garden Tours  Volunteers Needed!

Calendar of WRS Events Saturday, June 5 8 AM —Rose Garage Sale 6:30 PM —WRS Summer Garden Tours Tuesday, June 8 7 PM Regular Meeting Botanica Sunday, June 20 Father’s Day Thursday, June 24 7:00 PM Executive Board Meeting Sunday, July 4 Independence Day Saturday, July 17 WRS Summer Garden Tour Finale Cook Out


June 2010

The Petal

Contact Joel Weihe for location.


Meeting Brief

From the President’s Desk


Joel Weihe

Weed, disease and critter round table discussion. Please bring samples of garden/ rose problems you are having to show the group.


Greetings all, We finally got the rain we needed in May. The roses are all blooming like mad. The house has

Please bring in roses from your garden to use as

been full of flowers and the gardens are beautiful

examples on how to prepare for the show!

this year. So far we've added seven new roses and the usual vegetables and herbs. Somewhere in The Petal this month I'm sure it talks about the Earth Kind Rose Garage Sale at

Refreshment Table

Sally's place this weekend, June 5th. Be sure to tell all your friends so we can sell the rest of our



DRINKS—Cindy Howey, Mary Lou Klenda FOOD—Charmaine Nichols,

Norma Kemp, Mary


The two New Dawns that Lisel and I bought at Herb Day are thriving and already starting the journey up the arbor we put in for them.

DÉCOR—Kendi Alumbaugh

Some of our members are opening their gardens


for us all to see this summer. It would be great if

Mary Lou Klenda —721.8587

we could all find time and come visit them. I know for a fact they've been working hard, preparing. Hope all is well with you and yours and your roses


are all blooming and healthy. Articles for the July issue of The Petal must be submitted by July 6th to be published.

 May Nelson

Send to: Sally Duncan P.O. Box 3553, Wichita, Kansas 67201 Or email

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The WRS is now offering advertizing space in The Petal

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for a minimal donation to our garden club. Your ad will not only reach potential customers, but will help us provide a colorful, educational and informational newsletter

Tel: 555 555 5555 Great size for coupons! Expiration Date:

June 2010

to our local nursery friends. We have 2 sizes available

Contact the WRS advertizing chairperson at

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to our members and colleagues. For more information or to list an ad, contact .


The Petal


The Garden of Kevin and Sally Duncan 1510 North Armour, Wichita, KS

WRS Summer Garden Tours

Summer Garden Tours Saturday, June 5 6:30-8 PM 

Kevin & Sally Duncan 1510 North Armour


Mary Scheulen 6527 East Murdock

Saturday, July 17 6:30—8:30 PM Finale Cook Out 

Kevin and Sally’s garden reflects her relaxed eclectic style, though she finds inspiration from English cottage gardens. Sally, who has been an avid garden since her teenage years, has drawn Kevin into gardening along the way. She is now fostering the next generation of gardener by letting her eldest son have his own flower garden in one of their raised beds. When they purchased this home less than a year ago, it was evident that the yard had once been a well tended garden, though sadly forgotten by the time they moved in. They dug up and moved a few of their favorite roses and perennials to relocate at their new home. Within the first week of closing on the house, Sally broke ground on her first new rose bed (with the help of some willing volunteers). They love growing roses, herbs and perennials in combination. Preferring low maintenance plants to accommodate their busy lives. Sally tries to balance her love of gardening with the need of play space for their two young sons and room to run for their two dogs. This will be the first full growing season they are enjoying in their garden. At the moment, they are growing a little over 40 roses of different varieties, scattered in beds in both front and back.

The Garden of Mary Scheulen 6527 East Murdock, Wichita, KS Mary recently transitioned from west Wichita sandy soil to a east side heavy clay, and is gradually learning what it takes to make her roses happy there. She has a unique collection of Old Garden Roses, propagated from cuttings of departed WRS member Maxine McFall’s roses. Her ORG assortment features a rare unidentified moss rose, Gloire de Dijon, Dortman, Cardinal de Richelieu and Madame Hardy; happily mixed with Hybrid teas, Miniatures and Earth Kind varieties. Her garden features a large Green Ice miniature rose that she relocated from her last home. She grows a small herb patch and a few container grown vegetables. She has a total of 30 roses thus far, but hopes to add a few more where her space allows.

Pat & Betsy Latta 1124 North Bitting WRS Cook-Out Finale

Our Consulting Rosarians will be onsite at the gardens to answer your questions!

The Garden of Pat and Betsy Latta

R.S.V.P. Online If you plan to attend the cookout!

1124 North Bitting, Wichita KS Pat and Betsy’s garden encompasses the entire backyard of their narrow lot close to North Riverside Park. They have been gardening at this home for 25 years. Betsy has been growing roses for 38 years and there are approximately 100 rose plants in the garden. The roses are mostly David Austin English Roses and other old-fashioned looking shrubs and a few climbers. Their garden is mostly organic, although Betsy does spray for black spot. The garden features many other plants which are grown to attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Pat especially enjoys photographing butterflies.

June 2010

The Petal


June 2010

The Petal


You can Sponsor our Rose Show Corporate Levels

$300.00 $200.00 $100.00

Individual Levels $100.00 $50.00 $25.00

Platinum With the Platinum Donation, your company’s logo design will be featured on our show


With a Donation, your family’s name will be featured on our show schedule.

With the Gold Donation Level, your company’s name will be featured on our show schedule.

Silver Level With the Platinum Donation Level, your company’s will be featured on our show schedule.

Deadline for donations July 7, 2010 For more info: Joel Weihe at 821.9437 or you may donate online at

Volunteers STILL Needed!


Some of the openings are: Property Management; dditional volunteers are needed for the Rose

This team would be responsible for getting the

Show this September.

vases, trophies, etc. transported to the Hotel for the show and packing the items to remove from the Hotel after the show.

We probably need 2 or 3 volun-

teers for this team. Consulting Rosarians; Are needed to man a table The rainy and cloudy weather we’ve been having (again) is conducive to black spot on your roses. Watch for it and be prepared to begin your spraying program. You may begin to see aphids on your roses also. Aphids are small (usually green) crawling insects that love to eat on the new growth on your roses. For articles on black spot or pest control, go to :

and answer rose questions while the show is open to the public. Registration; Volunteers needed to help coordinate and tally registration. If you can assist in any of these areas or other, please contact Suja Mathew 316.729.0740, Pat Horbelt






June 2010

The Petal


Wichita Rose Society 2010 Officers

Consulting Rosarians

Joel Weihe



Cindi McMurray

1st Vice President


Mary Lou Klenda

2nd Vice President


Cindy Howey



Kay Case



Bob Burrill


Carol Manke


Kay Case


Suja Mathew

316.729.0740 Pat Horbelt 316.636.4504 Norma Kemp

316.524.3165 316.722.0906 Betsy Latta

Mary Scheulen

Len Suchy

316.722.4403 316.267.8602

Cindy Vadakin


â—? Be sure to only donate HEALTHY disease free plants, please! â—? Bring your potted roses or perennials you need to relocate to a new home for the Plant Exchange in the spring and summer months.

Wichita, Kansas 67201

The Petal

P.O. Box 3553

Sally Duncan, Editor

June 2010


June 2010 Petal  

June 2010 Petal

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