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Fresh Magazine is brought to you by Southampton students in conjunction with SUSU’s Communications, Marketing and Technology department. This publication is available in other formats from: VP Media & Communications Charlotte Woods vpcomms@susu.org Editor & Lead Designer Joel Overton Thank you to contributors Aaron Bali Jessica Fuhl Daniel Webb Charlotte Woods plus dozens of clubs & societies Cover art and illustrations by Jordan Sutcliffe This publication is proudly sponsored by KPMG.

4 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010


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How to: Have a perfect Freshers’ Week Welcome to your second issue of Fresh Magazine – a gift from your Students’ Union and the perfect guide to everything that happens in Freshers’ Week. We’ve compiled this list of top tips to help you make the most of your first few days here. DO talk to everyone you meet. There’s life beyond your flat, just waiting to be explored. DON’T sleep in every morning. No matter how late you were up last night, there are events going on every day from 9am and opportunities to be seized. Get yourself out there! DO attend the Bunfight. It’s on the first Wednesday and is the key to your future in Southampton. You’ll meet hundreds of fantastic people and have a great time planning the rest of your year. DON’T earn yourself a nickname. When it comes to alcohol, know your limits and pace yourself. DO visit the Box Office to get your tickets in advance for The Cube. It’s a big place, but it can’t hold everyone in Southampton and it does sell out. DON’T miss the freebies at the Freshers’ Fayre. Take it easy on Thursday night so you’re on top 6 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

goodie-grabbing form come Friday morning. DO visit the Students’ Union as often as possible There’s something going on almost every day for most of the year. You can always find out what’s happening by checking out www.susu.org. DON’T scream drunken obscenities at the residents. As a wise man once said, ‘Neighbours; everybody needs good neighbours’. Keep quiet on your way home from The Cube and help us maintain a good relationship with the community. DO keep your door open. You can’t talk to passersby with the door closed, so we suggest you bring a doorstop – or make one out of dirty socks. DON’T leave the house without a condom. Even if you think you won’t need it, you’ll be a hero when you give it to a friend in need. You can get free condoms from your VP Welfare and Societies. LAST OF ALL, have a great time, let loose and grab hold of every opportunity you can. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!


Saturday & Sunday

Sunday 26th Sept

Freshers’ Welcome Party

Freshers’ Fete

The Cube welcomes all Freshers with this huge opening club night. It’s held on both days of moving-in weekend. Prepare to mingle!

Feeling civilised? For a truly splendid way to spend your first Sunday afternoon in Southampton, come along for tea, cakes and a BBQ with SUSU.

Monday 27th Sept

Tuesday 28th Sept

Ticket collection

Student Survival Day

9pm at The Cube

10am–4pm in the Box Office


10am–3pm in the Marquee Charity begins at home — and since this is your new home, we figured we’d kick off the week with some charity action. Come and join our Raise & Give team for a fundraising frenzy on Monday.

Mature Students Daytime Welcome Event 10am–3pm in the Bridge bar

11am–3pm, Students’ Union

10am–3pm in the SUSU Buildings Be honest. How much do you rely on other people to ensure you make it to the end of the day alive? If this is your first time away from home, then Student Survival Day is for you. Come along and learn how to stay in one piece from the experts.

Ticket collection & Sales 11am–3pm in the Box Office

Postgrad Daytime Event 12pm in the Marquee

Coffee and pastries in the Bridge Bar, from 10am. There will be an introduction from SUSU and testimonies from former mature students with advice on how to balance home, life and study. The morning will also include workshops and lots of useful advice. All students over 25 are invited to this event. If you’re studying Nursing, you will be invited to a separate event.

Come along to our postgraduate student’s welcome event for wine, soft drinks and a buffet in the marquee on the SUSU concourse. The event will also host a careers destinations stand to offer advice on your future, and union tours to introduce you to SUSU.

Fuzzy Logic @ Oceana

6pm–8pm in the Union Cinema

10pm at Oceana, Leisureworld Every Monday, Oceana (in town) open their doors for 4,200 lucky students. Fancy joining us? Thought so. Grab a ticket from the SUSU Box Office or online at www.susu.org/boxoffice.

FREE FILM How to Train your Dragon Rated PG.


9pm–11pm in the Union Cinema

Where is the Box Office? You’ll find it on Level 3 of the main students’ union building on Highfield Campus, just by the entrance to the Union Cinema. Obviously WSA students can collect their tickets from WSA SU instead. There’s loads going on down at WSA check out susu.org/fresh for more details. That’s not all – your JCR teams also have a timetable of evening events planned for you. Ask them for more details.

Rated PG. OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 7

Wednesday 29th Sept rsity Students’ Union presents Unive ... ton mp a h ut o S

Pick ‘n’ mix your ne w lifestyle

Clubs & Societies Bunfight

9am–3pm in the SUSU Buildings With over 170 societies and 80 sports clubs to choose from, this is your opportunity to cherrypick your new lifestyle. Don’t miss this event! From Nordic Society and Street Dance to the Christian Union and Debating Society, there’s something for everyone. In fact, there are loads of things for everyone. You may have a tough time deciding.

Poster Sale

9am–5pm on Level 3 of the SUSU main building We all know there’s nothing worse than a drab and empty bedroom. Fancy spicing things up a bit? We’re not surprised. Come and grab Megan Fox or the New York Skyline to add some flavour and a taste of... err, class... to your room. 8 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

FREE FILM Seraphine

7:30pm in the Union Cinema Presented by the Phoenix film club. Biopic fictionalising the life of Seraphine de Senlis, the French painter, born in 1864. Starring Yolande Moreau.

Postgraduate Quiz 7:30pm in The Bridge

A great opportunity for Postgrads and Mature Students to meet each other and flex their brains.

I ♥ College

10pm at The Cube Tonight kick-starts a beautiful tradition for Southampton students. Having signed up to a bunch of clubs & societies at the Bunfight earlier in the day, join your new friends at the very first weekly I ♥ College party at The Cube. You won’t find a party like this anywhere else... except perhaps a frat house at an American college – if that frat house was big enough to hold over 1000 of you. We think you get the idea.

Ticket Collection & Sales 11am–3pm at the Box Office


OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 9

Thursday 30th Sept

Friday 1st October

Ticket Collection & Sales

Ticket Collection & Sales

11am–3pm at the Box Office

11am–3pm at the Box Office

Community Volunteering

10am–3pm in the SUSU Buildings This fayre demonstrates the huge range of things you can do as a volunteer with SUSU and the University. Whether you want to organise your own street party or fancy promoting recycling in the local area, this CV booster is also a great way to meet friends and do something truly rewarding.

Environment & Ethics Day 10am–3pm on Union Square

If you’re an eco-warrior or just a little concerned about the planet, then Environment and Ethics Day is for you. Last year saw the arrival of a man-powered smoothie maker; this year we’ve invented even more ways to be carbon friendly.

Poster Sale

9am–5pm in the Marquee

FREE Outside Screening of Toy Story 7pm on Union Square

Come down to Union Square (the red brick area outside the SUSU buildings) to see a free outdoor screening of this classic family film. Union FIlms will also be showing the second and third Toy Story films later in the term.


9pm in the Stag’s Head Shine on stage singing your favourite Rock anthem, Power Ballad or Broadway Hit in The Stags’ Head, with 2-for-1 on delicious pizzas.

10 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010



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Freshers’ Fayre

10am–3pm in the SUSU Buildings Another ‘don’t miss’ event. Check out the map (right) for more details.

SUSUtv Live Broadcast

5pm on-line at www.susu.tv


10pm at The Cube The Cube opens its doors for brand new Friday night ‘Twisted’. It’s exclusively for Southampton students and their guests, and it’s guaranteed to be the best Friday night out in Southampton. Buy tickets on the door (£3) or in advance at the Box Office (£2).

Fat Panda: Beach Party 9pm at WSA SU

Don’t put away your flip flops and shorts just yet as it’s time to hit the beach! Fancy dress is a must as FAT PANDA throws you a beach party to kick off a year of great Friday nights. As well as our resident DJ’s, we will be joined by Thrill Collins fresh from their first European tour. Playing all your favourite songs but as you’ve never heard them before!

There are loads more awesome evening events taking place throughout Freshers’ Week at Winchester School of Art – check out the timetable on susu.org/fresh for more details!


OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 11


Saturday 2nd October

Sunday 3rd October

Orange Rooms present: Sugar

Sports Tasters

This week, popular Bedford place hangout ‘Orange Rooms’ brings its own flavour – presumably orange – to The Cube. As ever, tickets are available from susu.org/boxoffice.

With so many different sports on offer it’s hardly surprising we give you the chance to test them out. Get in touch with individual clubs to find out what sort of tasters & trials they’re putting on, when, and where. The easiest way to do this is to find them at the Bunfight, where they’ll be very eager to tell you all about it.

10pm at The Cube

Sports Tasters

All day at the Wide Lane facilities and the Jubilee Sports Hall. With so many different sports on offer it’s hardly surprising we give you the chance to test them out. Get in touch with individual clubs to find out what sort of tasters & trials they’re putting on, when, and where. The easiest way to do this is to find them at the Bunfight, where they’ll be very eager to tell you all about it.

All day at the Wide Lane facilities and the Jubilee Sports Hall.

Bad Lieutenant

5pm in the Union Cinema Abel Ferrara’s cult crime drama ‘Bad Lieutenant’ is given a sister film with this Werner Herzoghelmed production taking its inspiration from the original, but focusing on new characters. Rated 18.

Iron Man 2

8pm in the Union Cinema

Monday 4th October The Freshers’ Ball

10pm at The Students’ Union Celebrate a fantastic Freshers’ Week! This year, the Freshers’ Ball is going to be bigger and better than ever. We’re taking over all of SUSU’s venues for one massive night. Nothing is going to waste — 3000 of you will enjoy a swanky night across The Cube, The Bridge, The Stag’s Head and more. This event is always one to be remembered so dress to impress.

For the latest updates about Freshers’ Week, head to www.susu.org/fresh

Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark, the wealthy playboy whose exploits as Iron Man are now public knowledge after his admission at the close of the first film. In the follow-up, Stark is pitted against his Russian arch nemesis, Whiplash (Mickey Rourke), and corporate rival Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell). Also making their Marvel debuts are Scarlett Johansson as the sexy Russian spy Black Widow, and Don Cheadle, who takes over the role of Colonel James Rhodes from Terrence Howard. Rated 12A.

Quiz & Curry

7:30pm at The Bridge Test your knowledge and enjoy a curry at the same time. The SUSU Quiz and Curry gets more popular by the year, so be sure not to miss out on showing up your friends with your pub quiz skills.

OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 13

170+ Societies 14 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

Abrahamic Monotheistic

African & Caribbean Society

We aim to promote mutual understanding among students of Judaistic, Christian and Islamic backgrounds. Whilst providing a friendly environment for students to explore the monotheistic faith of Abraham in the Old Testament, New Testament and Quran. We also support students of monotheistic faiths, such as Jews, Biblical Unitarians, Socinians, Christadelphians, and Muslims.

African Caribbean Christian Fellowship

amsoc@susu.org amsoc.susu.org


Actuarial Society Representing one of the fastest-growing and increasingly popular careers around the Actuarial Society is a springboard to an exciting career. We aim to give students the chance to learn more about opportunities in this field. As culturally diverse a society as you’ll find, our members are from all over the world and we encourage interaction and friendship with our socials. suas@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~suas/

We are a multi-cultural bunch of people dedicated to worshipping God and fellowshipping together in a friendly environment. We aim to foster growth in our faith in a variety of ways including studying the Bible together and putting on major and minor events. All are welcome no matter your skin colour.

AIESEC Agricultural Society SAGSOC The Agricultural Society aims to raise agricultural awareness in business and social areas. We promote country pursuits amongst the student population. The society also provides an environment for people from rural backgrounds and interests to socialise. We are passionate about supporting local businesses, especially those within the agricultural domain and those

SOCIETIES A– who aim to source good quality British produce.

enjoying and appreciating great music. Look out for our night Frequency in The Bridge, presenting local bands and DJ’s.


Airsoft Airsoft is a combat simulation sport similar to paintball, but with a few differences. Airsoft guns are realisticlooking weapons that shoot quicker, further and more accurately than paintball guns. They also fire plastic pellets, which are around 0.2g so getting hit doesn’t hurt so much. We meet for day-games and tournaments throughout the year. All abilities are welcome. airsoft@soton.ac.uk airsoft.susu.org

Allotment Society AllotSoc Allotment Society exists to promote student interest in growing their own produce, as well as existing to promote and foster a healthy interest in the environment and environmental causes. Currently we are working in partnership with a local school to teach the children there how to grow their own produce. es6g08@soton.ac.uk Facebook: ‘Southampton University Allotment Society’

Alpha Society Alternative Indie Music AIM Interested in Music, especially Indie, Alternative and Electro? Then A.I.M, Southampton University’s Alternative and Indie Music Society is for you. It’s completely free to join and is about like-minded people getting together,

aim@susu.org aim.susu.org

Amnesty International SUSU’s amnesty group set out to do their bit for human rights, through weekly meetings, regular demonstrations and petitioning. This coupled with social events, and fundraising gigs make the society a great place to meet likeminded people, and have fun whilst helping others. Membership is free!

THE KEY Here’s the lowdown on the different types of societies you can join as a member of SUSU. Departmental Social Performing Postgraduate

amnestyi@soton.ac.uk Facebook: SUSU Amnesty Group


Anime and Manga


The Southampton Anime and Manga Society meet weekly on Wednesday evenings to watch a variety of anime series. We also sometimes get together on Saturdays to watch longer anime features. Throughout the year we also run cosplay socials and other events, including our annual trip to London.

Religious Enviro/ethical

samsoc@gmail.com groupspaces.com/SAMS/

Applied Social Science Archaeology The Archaeology society are a diverse bunch of people from different walks of life, all brought together by our love for archaeology. This year we aim to make the ArchSoc even bigger and better than before. This means regular field trips, socials, seminars, a new website and monthly newsletters. dt4g09@soton.ac.uk Facebook: Archaeology Society

OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 15

Art Society Asian Cultural We are about the appreciation of Asian culture and providing a fun place where you can meet and make friends. We host events throughout the year that bring together the best of music, dance and acting. We also host film nights showing the best commercial and Asian films. We also hold weekly sports events open to both boys and girls. asiansoc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~asiansoc/

Ballet SUBS We cater for dancers and nondancers. We provide beginners, intermediate and advanced classes taught by an amazing and inspiring teacher, and have an auditioned squad, which compete in competitions throughout the year. We are linked to other dance societies and integrate with each other for various functions. We aim to provide a relaxed and fun environment to enjoy ballet! ballet@soton.ac.uk


Ballroom and Latin Dances

We are group of enthusiastic astronomers from all parts of the university. We often meet for casual observations of the night sky and undertake trips to Intech, the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and the New Forest as well as holding frequent social events. We are currently building a telescope from scratch.


astrosoc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~astrosoc/

Atheist Atheist Society represents the non believing community of Southampton Uni. We have lots of exciting activities planned for the year ahead, like Reason Week. It features comedy nights, films and speakers, plus fundraising for secular charities, and interfaith discussions. atheist@soton.ac.uk www.atheistsoc.susu.org 16 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

Whether you have two left feet or have been dancing forever, we have something for you. We provide a range of classes each week, from beginner to advanced, covering dances such as Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha and the Jive. If you want a society which is friendly, enjoyable, and teaches you an impressive skill, then give SUBLDS a try. sublds@soton.ac.uk www.sublds.co.uk

Bangladesh Society Bel Canto Biological Sciences BioSoc We are a society for those interested in Biological Sciences, particularly those doing degrees in the School of Biological

Sciences. We run regular socials so that like-minded individuals can get to know each other. Examples include bi-annual balls and bingo amongst other activities. We also run educational talks focused on the biological sciences and careers within this field. biosoc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~biosoc

Brass Band Breakdance The Breakdance Society was set up to help teach and encourage the underground art of breakdance. We use a great deal of explosive and acrobatic moves which we will teach you throughout the year. You’ll gain confidence, balance, originality, strength and use muscles you never knew you had! sotonbreakers@gmail.com www.sotonbreakers.ning.com

SOCIETIES A–C Bridge Join us for friendly bridge played every week. Membership, club sessions and tuition are all free. Improve your game with help and advice from a professional bridge teacher. All abilities welcome from beginner upwards. Regular players can also take part in national competitions and a local league.

Paintballing, pub-crawls, iceskating outings, curry nights, the Christmas party and the formal summer ball are all popular and very successful annual events. chemsoc@soton.ac.uk


Buddhist Meditation Society

We’re a friendly club of chess players who welcome everyone with any chess background – from absolute beginners to GMs-in-the-making. Apart from our weekly club meetings, you also have the opportunity to join one of the four teams representing the University in the Southampton Chess League.

Catholic Society


bridge@soton.ac.uk http://bridge.susu.org/

Bruneian Society

The Catholic Society welcomes all students at Southampton, to build a community, which focuses on deepening our faith through prayer and worship, and on Christian Outreach within the University and the wider community of Southampton. In summer 2010, several of our members completed a mission in the Philippines with our local chaplain, this year even more things are in store! cathsoc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~cathsoc

Chemistry ChemSoc Primarily a society for chemistry students, but all are welcome. We aim to provide opportunities for chemists, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to get to know each other in a social context.

Chinese Students CSS

Chinese Students and Scholars Association Christian Union The CU The CU is all about loving God and loving our campus. We run regular events like the Alpha course, international cafe, one80, open mic night with Live Soc and loads more. We meet every Friday at 7.30 in building 32, halls have smaller meetings on Tuesdays as well. There’s so much going on that there’s always a way to get involved! action@sucu.org.uk www.sucu.org.uk

OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 17

you’re just tired of being taken seriously, everyone is welcome at our workshops, gigs and events. band@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~band

Computer Game Development Society Computer Gaming Concert Band

Circus CircusSoc Roll up, Roll up, come join the Circus...Whether you’re a Juggler, Poi Swinger, Diabolo Spinner, or an absolute beginner, come and join in the fun every Monday 8pm till 10pm in the Cube. We have a wide selection of equipment for you to use and members willing to teach you. So come on down, the Circus is in town! juggling@soton.ac.uk

Comedy Club SUSU’s multi-award winning, internationally touring Comedy Society is back for another year and here to induce pleasure like never before. Whether you’re interested in writing, performing or watching, have a love for stand-up, sketches or puns, or if 18 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

Concert Band is a nonauditioned band for any level wind, brass or percussion player. We rehearse from 7-9.30 every Tuesday night. Each Easter we go on tour for a week, last year we went to Edinburgh, the year before to Strasbourg. We have a concert each term, and two summer outdoors concerts. band@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~band

Conservation Volunteers SUCV We organise conservation tasks in the local countryside every Sunday, doing anything from scrub clearance to deer fencing, hedge laying and tree planting. Membership is free along with free tea, coffee and biscuits, as well as a jacket potato if we have a bonfire! We also have weekly socials; longer residential trips further afield every term and occasional residentials abroad. sucv@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~sucv

Conservatives SUCA Southampton University Conservative Association is one of the largest political societies on campus and we offer many social and political events throughout the year. Conservative politicians often give us a visit and we host several drinks events. As well as this, we have a web presence that boasts national acclaim. consoc06@soton.ac.uk www.suca.org.uk

SOCIETIES C–E Country Side Society SUCSOC We love to celebrate all things rural. So whether you’re a committed townie or an all-out country bumpkin, get those boots on and come along. Join us for cider drinking sessions, local taster evenings, countryside picnics, farm visits and debates.

you the chance to rinse some of the best sound systems in Southampton. We also run socials to see some of the best up and coming DJs in the world.

year, ECSS will provide a range of events including sporting competitions, pub-crawls, academic talks and gaming sessions.

djsoc@soton.ac.uk http://djsoc.blogspot.com/

society@ecs.soton.ac.uk society.ecs.soton.ac.uk/

Documentary Society


Duke of Edinburgh Society

Creative Writing

Economics Research

Creativity & Innovation

Economics Society

Ever felt like being creative? Want to be more innovative? Want to think out of the box? This is the place …We are here to share our ideas and apply our creativity and innovation in daily life as well as in our academic disciplines. Two years ago we did it to the max and won EVA’s Best New Society!

Electronics and Computer Science ECSS The society is not limited only to members of ECS, it’s open to everyone! Throughout the

Engineering Society SUES

Engineers Without Borders English EngSoc Our aim is to look after the social side of your English degree by providing you with an excellent opportunity to meet new people and have fun through socials, balls, theatre trips, meals and much, much more! engsoc@soton.ac.uk Facebook: ‘Eng Soc’

creativity@soton.ac.uk creativity.susu.org

Environmental Science Students Society

Culture Appreciation Society


Cymru Society Darts Society Debating Society DJ Society DJSoc Whether you’ve been spinning vinyl for years or don’t know your bass from your treble this is the society for you. We play at nights across the city, giving

The Erasmus society is open to students currently on Erasmus, students who have previously been abroad and those who may be interested in participating. It offers students the opportunity to practice a language, the chance to meet people from all over Europe and make new friends. We have lots of fantastic socials and weekend trips away. erasmussoc@soton.ac.uk erasmus.susu.org OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 19

THE KEY Here’s the lowdown on the different types of societies you can join as a member of SUSU. Departmental Social Performing

Feminist Society SUFS We are a politically active but lighthearted group of men and women, concerned with gender equality, the history and future of feminism and the issues that arise from ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. In our meetings we have discussions, debates, speakers and a monthly book group, with socials and trips.

Foundation Society Freedom Society We are one of the university’s newest political societies dedicated to upholding freedom of the individual and we have members from across the political spectrum. We have many talks and debates with high-ranking politicians planned this year. As well as that, we often leave politics at the wayside in favour of good food & drink.


feminism@soton.ac.uk Facebook: Southampton Uni Feminist Society

freesoc@soton.ac.uk www.tfa.net


Film Studies

French Society


If you love film, this is the society for you – even if you’re not a film student! We’ve got something for everyone, including cinema trips film-themed socials, trips to film festivals like Edinburgh or London, special themed screenings, film quizzes, and for all you budding filmmakers out there, even our very own annual student short film festival!

Games Society

Religious Enviro/ethical

filmsoc@soton.ac.uk filmsoc.susu.org/

Fish on Toast Fish on Toast is an awesome group of like-minded individuals up for changing the world – literally. We’re about getting inspired by our great visiting speakers and each other, running our own businesses, and entering sweet competitions each Thursday whilst chowing down on free pizza! We were also named Best Society last year at the Excellent in Volunteering Awards. pres@fishontoast.com www.fishontoast.com 20 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

GameSoc If it’s games you’re into — whether board games, miniature war games, card games, role playing or some other kind of game entirely — then Game Soc is the place to come! Everyone is welcome

SOCIETIES F–G and our main meetings are on every Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm in the union café, but why wait until then? Visit our forum on-line to join. gamesoc@soton.ac.uk www.sotongamesoc.com

Geography GeogSoc As one of the largest societies on campus we are known for being the most sociable. We aim to offer something for everyone hoping that the course will come together in a nonacademic way as to offer support to each other for the following three years. geogsoc@soton.ac.uk groupspaces.com/SouthamptonUniversity-Geogsoc/

Geological GeolSoc If you have a love of the outdoors and enjoy having a good time with a great bunch, geolsoc is for you. Fresh from winning the best new society award (2008), we run a host of trips and events that promote the subject and illustrate why we love our hammers so much.

Grape and Grain SUGGS If it’s developing a sommelier’s pallet, brewing your own ale or just enjoying a nice pint or glass of plonk with your mates that you’re interested in then look no further. With trips to breweries and vineyards, socials and wine tasting evenings this could be the perfect society for you. suggs@susu.org


German Society Good Food Quality food, fine wines, fresh tastes and smells, that’s the Good Food Society! With plenty of food and wine tastings, and many more restaurant trips, there’ll always be something going on to tantalise your taste buds! goodfood@soton.ac.uk www.goodfoodsoc.co.uk

Greek & Cypriot Society Green Action SUGA Green Action organises and encourages environmental activism at the University of Southampton with activities such as campaigning, debates, discussions, film showings, socials, protests, environmental festivals, guerrilla and community gardening. We have informal weekly meetings at 19:30 on Mondays in The OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 21

Stag’s Head - look for the green footprint on the table if you haven’t met us before.

Inns of Court Society

greenaction@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~gaction

Irish Society

Green Party Society Guild of Change Ringers Hindu Society History

Investment Society

Islamic Society Israel - Jewish Society Italian Society Japanese Society


Jazz Dance Society

History Society is here to fulfill your social and educational needs during the best three years of your life. The History Society runs a wide range of activities from pub-crawls, quizzes and balls to sports teams and trips!

Jazz Orchestra

histsoc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~histsoc/

Indonesian Society

22 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

SUJO The University’s Jazz Orchestra play 3 big concerts a year and hold jam sessions fortnightly at the Bridge Bar. The band plays a mixture of funk, latin and jazz classics, with a summer tour to a European Jazz Festival to finish off the year.

Kazakhstan Society Korean Student Society Krishna Consciousness

sujo@soton.ac.uk www.sujo.susu.org

Kurdish Society


Labour Club

Jazzmanix is Southampton University’s largest choir, performing a mixture of Jazz, Pop and Gospel music. Formed entirely of members of the university. We are a non-audition choir with the opportunity to audition to sing as part of one of our small groups. We perform regularly at a wide range of venues from concert halls, churches and international festivals.

The Labour Club is among the most active political societies at the University. We campaign often, organising regular socials and working closely with our two local Labour MPs. Whether you’re looking to get involved in student politics or campaign on specific issues, the Labour Club is for you. Whatever your interest or motivation, get in touch.

president@jazzmanix.org www.jazzmanix.org

Law Society


SOCIETIES G–M Lesbian Gay Bi & Trans Society We can’t even think straight! If you can’t either, you’ll find a warm welcome from SUSU LGBT. With regular socials, film nights, debates and quizzes, there’s something for everyone. Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transexual, questioning or straight and up for a good night out, meet us for an intro to Southampton’s lively gay scene. lgbtsoc@susu.org lgbt.susu.org

Liberal Democrats Are you unhappy by rising debt and tuition fees? The Liberal Democrats are the only major party to oppose tuition and top up fees. We are determined to defend your rights and liberties as well as fighting for a fairer and more transparent government.

of live music, whatever the genre. We run regular gigs, jam sessions, open mic nights, socials and clinics as well as providing free practice space for bands. Winners of the EVA for ‘Best Society 08-09’

Maths Society

president@livesoc.co.uk www.livesoc.co.uk

Medics Revue

Magicians Order


Mauritian Society Medical Society MedSoc

Medsin Southampton


Mexican Society

SUSU’s premier society for all things magical. Whether you are new to magic, or a seasoned veteran, the MagicSoc community provides a great environment to watch, learn and develop your magical skills. Look out for us in our black shirts at Twisted, in The Cube, every Friday night!

Middle Eastern Society mes@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~mes


Malaysian Students Association MSA

sulibdem@soton.ac.uk Facebook: Southampton Uni Lib Dems

Life Sciences Postgraduate Society Light Operatic Society LOPSOC

Lithuanian Society Live Music LiveSoc LiveSoc is a thriving society comprised of over 250 musicians and non-musicians alike, for anyone who enjoys any form

Management ManSoc Management Society invites all students involved with the school to actively partake in the many diverse social aspects of your degree. From highly original social events to charity fundraisers and sport tours, the ManSoc committee welcomes you to join this increasingly popular subject society and to meet Southampton’s most exciting students. www.mansoc.org OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 23

Nordic Society NordSoc This is a society for anyone who is from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway or Iceland! It is also open to students who may just be interested in one of those countries and their languages. We are a small society and we organise regular socials, many of them relating to Nordic traditions such as ice-skating, “julbord” and St Lucy’s Day. nordsoc@soton.ac.uk

Nursing and Midwifery Society Music Society National Oceanography Centre Society NOCSOC

Negotiation Society We’re a new innovative society, aimed at those interested in a career in the law and business sector. With help from law schools, law firms and local businesses we will hold meetings, functions and training workshops, to perfect negotiation and presentation skills to enhance your employability in such a competitive market and also presenting networking opportunities. negsoc@soton.ac.uk

24 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

Optical Society of America (OSA) Pakistan Society Persian Society

Philosophy Society Photography Society Picnic Society Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Society Poker Society Polish Society PolSoc Polish Society is very friendly and open for Poles and everyone interested in Polish culture. We are trying to organise student community events to educate and inform people from around the world about Polish history and national heritage. polsoc@soton.ac.uk www.polsoc.co.uk

SOCIETIES M–S Psychology We will be here to get all psychology students thoroughly stuck into university life, with a number of events we have planned for you this term. Keep up with what is going on and meet your new course mates on our Facebook page. psychosoc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~pot2soc5

Quack Soc Rock Society RockSoc A society for those who want to meet people who enjoy the heavier spectrum of music. We cater for everything from Classic Rock and Heavy Metal through to Grindcore and Industrial. We are a friendly society and are very welcoming toward new members. We run many events all year round, such as Rock Nights, Pub Crawls and Gigs.

Politics Association (SUPA)

rocksoc@susu.org rocksoc.susu.org


Romanian Society

PotSoc Whether you’ve never worked with clay before, or you’re the next Wedgewood, this society is for you! PotSoc hold weekly pottery classes where you have access to a tutor and all the raw materials you could possibly need. pot.soc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~pot2soc5

Private Rented Society

Rotaract Russian Speaking Salsa Cuban salsa lessons taught by a professional Cuban dance instructor. There are different levels of class suitable for all. No need to bring a partner! salsasoc@soton.ac.uk

Saudi Society Showstoppers Showstoppers is Southampton’s musical theatre society. We put on 5 shows each year, our shows are auditioned and nonauditioned, big and small, and you can be part of as many as you like. Our weekly socials include nights out, trips and workshops, but most importantly we are a big group of friends getting together to sing, dance and act! sstopper@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~sstopper/

Sikh Society SIFE Want to be part of something innovative and inspiring during your time at University? Then SIFE Southampton, the most enterprising society on campus, is for you. The aim of the society is to provide a channel whereby students can develop their business and personal skills, through their involvement in projects that are engaging and developmental to communities and individuals, both locally and abroad. sife@soton.ac.uk www.sifesouthampton.co.uk OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 25



Here’s the lowdown on the different types of societies you can join as a member of SUSU.

The University’s Chamber Orchestra conducted by a professional conductor. We perform 3 concerts each year with music ranging from Beethoven and Mozart to Debussy and are hopefully going on tour in the summer.

Departmental Social Performing Postgraduate Political International Religious Enviro/ethical


sinfonietta@soton.ac.uk sinfonietta.susu.org

Singapore Singapore Society is a diverse multicultural group comprising of members from Singapore and neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Brunei. We organise weekly sports activities, which help members keep fit and bond by striving for a common goal in competitions. Celebrations of festivals and various trips are also organised throughout the year to bring members together for a series of fun-filled activities. singsoc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~singsoc


26 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

Sociology We are a society aimed at all students at Southampton Uni studying sociology and social policy. We are really enthusiastic about the upcoming academic year and aim to make it easier for all sociology freshers to get to know each other but to also encourage all year groups to mix at various planned events and socials throughout the academic year. socsoc@soton.ac.uk Facebook: Soc Soc

Spanish SpanSoc A Society to bring together everyone who studies or is interested in Spanish and Portguese, or comes from a Spanish/Portuguese speaking country. For the year ahead we are planning a trip to Spain as well as many social and cultural activities including Spanish cineclub and events with French, German and Erasmus societies. Visit us at the bunfight to find out more!

Social Work

spansoc@soton.ac.uk Facebook: SpanSoc

Socialist Students


Socialist Students is an anti-capitalist group, which advocates a real democratic society. Last year we mostly campaigned for free education; there is an alternative to fees, debt and low-paid work. We oppose war, privatisation and all cuts announced by the government. Workers and students unite: We won’t pay for the bosses’ crisis!

Sri Lankan Society

marxists@soton.ac.uk www.southampton-socialists.org.uk

srilanka@soton.ac.uk srilankan.susu.org

Ayubowan, Vanakkam, Assalam Alaikum and Welcome. The Sri Lankan Society while representing the Sri Lankan community at the university also provides the opportunity for individuals from all cultures to meet, interact and learn about Sri Lankan culture.

SOCIETIES S–S St. John Ambulance LINKS Stage Soc Stage Soc (shortlisted ‘best society’ 2009) is the back stage society for the Performing Arts Union; providing all aspects of technical theatre for around 20 shows a year. Opportunities include lighting, sound, costume and many more. We have frequent socials including bowling, going to the theatre and enjoying the atmosphere of the local pubs. stagesoc@soton.ac.uk stagesoc.susu.org

Stop AIDS Stop AIDS Society is a group of students who want to do something about the HIV/AIDS pandemic and believe in the potential of youth to fight it. We lobby parliament, undertake education activities and fundraise for AIDS related

charities. From balloon races to Jazz evenings everyone is welcome to get involved and have fun doing it! stopaids@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~stopaids

Street Dance Student Action For Refugees STAR We’re a welcoming and vibrant community who primarily meet on Wednesdays for food and then discussion on a wide range of topics. We constantly encourage thought, debate and questions, exploring Christianity and other faiths with openness and respect. Beyond these sessions, we enjoy meeting for frequent socials and actively engage with social issues, particularly through local action. suscm@soton.ac.uk www.suscm.co.uk

OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 27

Student Christian Movement

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Student Scout and Guide Organisation

We’re an international grassroots network of students concerned about drug abuse, but also know that the War on Drugs is failing. We’ll be running many talks next year on topics like heroin prescription, legal highs and evidence based drug policy. If you’re interested in drug policy, any related topics or just about anything we’d love to hear from you!

SSAGO We’re the Student Scout And Guide Organisation; a society for scouts, guides, leaders, ex leaders and people who like doing the kind of things scouts and guides get up to: Camping; Climbing; Campfires; Archery; Walking... ssago@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~ssago/


SU Singers SU Singers is a non-audition choir that prides itself on doing a bit of everything and welcoming anyone regardless of musical taste or ability. We hold two concerts a year as well as taking part in fundraising both for charity and for our own funds. From the Beatles to barber shop and Enya to show tunes, make us your choir! choral@soton.ac.uk www.susingers.susu.org

SU Strings We aim to provide an informal and relaxed atmosphere for students of Grade 5 and above to perform an extensive and varied repertoire for string orchestra. No auditions required! We rehearse every Monday evening from 7:30 to 9:30pm in the EEE Building on Highfield Campus. We give three concerts a year and have regular socials! sustrings@susu.org www.sustrings.susu.org

Symphonic Orchestra SUSO Calling all classical musicians! The Southampton University Symphony Orchestra are currently searching for the university’s finest musicians! SUSO are a student run orchestra who perform six concerts a year. president@suso.org www.suso.org.uk

28 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

SOCIETIES S–Y Symphonic Wind Orchestra

directing and improvisation. theatre.susu.org

The Southampton University Wind Orchestra was started eight years ago by a group of woodwind and brass players at the University. Their aim was to create a band that performed challenging wind repertoire to a high standard, providing playing opportunities within the University. Today it has approximately fifty members and performs three concerts a year.

Turkish Society U8 Development Vegetarian Society Vietnamese Society Wessex Films Wild Society WildSoc

suswo@soton.ac.uk www.suwo.co.uk

Taiwanese Students Society Tap Dancing We run fun and friendly classes for all abilities, so whether you’re a complete beginner or have been tapping all your life, we’ve got a class for you! Come along and learn dance routines to modern music, meet new people and keep fit at the same time! tapdance@soton.ac.uk

Thai Society Theatre Group If you love theatre, be it acting, directing or simply seeing shows, we are the society for you! Theatre Group produces an extensive programme of shows throughout the year as well as going on tour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our weekly workshops are open to everyone, covering acting technique,

WildSoc promotes the practice and use of bushcraft skills by students in Southampton. We also promote Wilderness conservation and appreciation, as well as campaigning for Indigenous peoples’ rights abroad and encouraging rewilding at home. We hold regular skill shares where members share outdoors and bushcraft skills, as well as socials (including campfires!) and occasional weekends and expeditions further afield. wildsoc@soton.ac.uk www.suwildsoc.wordpress.com

Wireless Society Yoga We provide yoga classes, run by qualified yoga teachers. All levels of ability including beginners are welcome - you don’t need to be flexible. Classes are really good way to relax and stay healthy. yogasoc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~yogasoc OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 29

80 sports clubs Aikido American Football Archery Club Archery is a sport open to everyone. We run beginners courses for the first six weeks of term and most of our members learned to shoot while at University. We offer the opportunity to regularly compete and this year our senior team placed 3rd and 4th respectively at the indoor and outdoor national university championships. archclub@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~archclub/

Athletics and Cross-Country Whether you are a seasoned athlete, looking for something new or just want some fitness training for yourself or your other sporting endeavours, this 30 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

club is for you. Our members range from those competing at high levels to those simply attending our weekly social runs. Our training and support covers everyone’s needs and this diversity creates a really social atmosphere. accc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~accc/

Recreational Badminton Club RecBad We are all about playing badminton and having a good time! We are a very popular club and have a good mix of players at all levels of ability, ranging from the complete beginner to county standard. We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere and our excellent year round socials. See the website for more details. recbad@soton.ac.uk www.recbad.co.uk


Baseball Basketball Club We consist of three teams, the men’s 1sts, the men’s 2nds and the women’s team. We play at a high university level and enter into BUCS and local leagues each year. We are a very close club and have regular themed socials with all teams together. We require high commitment levels from our players both on and off the court. sharks@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~sharks/

Boat Club Each year, as one of the largest clubs within the AU, SUBC welcomes both experienced and beginner athletes to join our fun and friendly club. Throughout the year everyone gets the opportunity to race at a range of events.

The club has an active social scene with our Isle of Wight fancy dress trips being the stuff of legends! boatclub@soton.ac.uk www.subc.co.uk

Boxing Canoe Club SUCC is one of the most active clubs in the University with trips, activities and socials every week. Whatever your ability you’ll be sure to love kayaking; travelling around the country in pursuit of the wildest white water and the biggest surf. For those new to the sport, our first trip is to Perranporth (8th-10th October) and ideal for beginners!

THE KEY Athletic Union sports clubs fall into seven different categories: Water Outdoor Racquet Martial Arts Individual Team Extreme

canoe@soton.ac.uk canoe.susu.org

OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 31

Canoe Polo Club Canoe polo is a competitive sport played in kayaks. The object of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. A fast and aggressive team game involving boat and ball skill. If you have kayaked before and are looking to build on your skills or just fancy giving it a go, this could be your sport. sucp@soton.ac.uk

Caving Club The caving club is a small highly active club dedicated to exploring the underground world. Going all over the country and abroad we have all the equipment you need and weekends away organised as well as a fantastic group of people.


32 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

Whether you just want to try it out or are already experienced we have the trip for you! succ@soton.ac.uk caving.susu.org

Contemporary Dance Calling all dance lovers! Contemporary is a unique genre of dance that unites traditional and modern styles such as ballet and street with a technical influence from yoga. Contemporary is a highly expressive form of dance and can help improve musicality, flexibility, posture and overall technique. So come along, join in the fun and experience the best teaching all the way from Pineapple Studios in London! sucds@soton.ac.uk

Cricket Club (Men’s) Southampton University Men’s Cricket Club is one of the finest and most celebrated clubs in the AU. In the off-season the club trains at The Rose Bowl, Hampshire’s ground, and has four teams competing in BUCS. Welcoming all abilities and boasting a very active social side, the Cricket Club might just be the one for you. cricketclub@soton.ac.uk southamptonuniversity. hitscricket.co.uk

Cricket (Ladies) Southampton University Ladies Cricket Club is a fast growing club with a current membership of around 20 girls. We welcome all female cricketers, from


DODGEBALL complete beginners who know nothing about the sport, to seasoned county players. Our experienced coaches can cater to all levels, and we can guarantee that everyone who comes along to training will get to play competitive matches. sulcc@soton.ac.uk sulcc.hitscricket.com

Dodgeball Club Dodgeball is a new, thrilling and fun sport suitable for anyone of any standard. Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge your way to fun with an awesome club this year. We have an excellent men’s and women’s squad (our women are currently ranked number 1 in the country!). With a great social side so it really is a club for everyone. dodge@soton.ac.uk

Fencing Club Fencing is an exhilarating Olympic sport. Described by some as physical chess, it takes intelligence as well as fitness and training to succeed. We have regular matches and socials, as well as trips to competitions both in the UK and abroad. We encourage people of any age, gender, fitness level or previous experience, to come and try this great sport! fencing@soton.ac.uk www.sufencing.com

Football Club (Men’s)

work, members ‘bleed the claret and blue’ typified by the unforgettable easter tour. An experienced committee coordinates goings on, and with UEFA recognised coach Austin Harris, the three teams have built a reputation for unrivaled tactical organisation which is set to bring inevitable silverware. sufconline.com

Football Club (Ladies) Gliding Goju Ryu Karate

SUFC S.U.F.C has long been one of the most prestigious and admired setups on the south coast. Playing as hard as they OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 33

JUDO Golf Club The 1st Team represents Southampton against other universities in the British Universities League. For social golfers, events and competitions are organised regularly at local courses in the area and we cater for everyone from beginners to elite golfers. We also have a scheme in place for people to gain or maintain a valid handicap and discounts at local courses. sugolf@soton.ac.uk golf.susu.org

Handball Club Handball is a fast and exciting team sport. Body control and strength, ball handling skills and a good team spirit are vital. The University’s Handball Club is a long established outpost in 34 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

Southern England. Let’s develop this fantastic sport in the UK. handball@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~handball/

Hillwalking Hockey Club (Ladies) SULHC field 4 teams every Wednesday with a variety to choose from the rest of the week including local leagues, mixed and indoor. We train twice a week, competing in a range of standards means we accommodate beginners and experienced hockey players alike. We have a reputation for being one of the biggest, successful and most sociable clubs in the AU so find us at the Bunfight and get involved! sulhc@soton.ac.uk www.sulhc.com

Hockey Club (Men’s) Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu Developed by founder and practioner, 10th Duan black sash, Grandmaster Sijo JR Dutton, this is a martial art suitable for all ages, genders and abilities. From beginners to veterans of martial arts, Hung Leng Kuen develops health, focus, strength, flexibility, ability, self-awareness and confidence through knowledge of a traditional martial art and its practical, on-the-street self defence applications hungleng@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~hungleng

Ice & Inline Hockey Jiu Jitsu


Karate Do Shotokai

Lacrosse Club (Ladies)

Judo, often translated as ‘the gentle way’, teaches how to efficiently defeat an opponent by using their own strength against them; favouring flexibility, timing and technique over brute force. You will learn how techniques for throwing an opponent (the most spectacular method), pinning them on the floor, or gaining a submission through strangles and armlocks. Punching and kicking are strictly not allowed! At Southampton we aim to accommodate all levels whether you want to begin or continue competing, or just want to experience a fun way to learn self defence and keep fit.

KDS emphasises mobility, coordination, timing and balance with a relaxed body condition. This means that KDS karate can be practised by anyone regardless of age, build or sex. KDS karate teaches far more than how to fight - in our training we mainly practise with a partner, as we have found over many years that this develops self-confidence and makes learning karate a very rewarding experience.

We welcome players of all abilities and have First, Second and Beginners’ teams, training twice a week. Our first team won the BUCS Western 1a Championship last year and next year will be playing in the Premier Division, and our Seconds and Beginners play a number of matches throughout the season.

judo@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~judo/


owner-susu-ladieslax@lists. soton.ac.uk susu.org/sport

sukds@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~sukds/

Lacrosse Club (Men’s)

Kick Boxing

Lacrosse Club (Mixed)

Kung Fu Wu Shu


OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 35


Mountaineering Club

Southampton University Lifesaving Club continues to grow in strength and numbers year on year and is open to all levels of skill, ability and experience. Training is split into dry and wet side where members can learn first aid and rescue skills, practise speed lifesaving for competitions and complete lifesaving awards.

Ever wanted to try rock climbing? Whether you’re a novice or an expert you’re guaranteed to have fun with SUMC! We run fortnightly trip to places like the Peak District, Cornwall and Snowdonia. There are weekly trips to Calshot climbing centre and there’s an awesome Christmas trip to somewhere more exotic. Why not come along to our taster at St Mary’s?

vicecaptain@sulsc.org sulsc.org

Modern Wu Shu Motor (Wessex) Mountain Bike 36 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

info@sumountaineers.org sumountaineers.org

Muay Thai Boxing Netball Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate


Paintball Para and Hang Gliding Polo Club Fancy a go at an exciting equestrian sport? Or maybe you’re already a fully fledged player? Come and join Southampton University Polo Club! We are a very active, friendly club who welcomes both experienced players and complete beginners - you don’t even have to be able to ride. polo@susu.org www.supolo.co.uk

Riding Club The Riding Club provides all types

of riding at every level. We arrange a number of activities, ranging from socials and holidays to BUCS competitions. We aim to offer riding to everyone regardless of whether you have ridden on national teams or have never sat on a horse before. riding@soton.ac.uk www.surc.co.uk

Rifle Road Cycling Club Rugby Football Club (Men’s) At SURFC, we pride ourselves on our strong team ethos, competitiveness, and sociable nature. We are a very welcoming club who work hard and

THE KEY Athletic Union sports clubs fall into seven different categories: Water Outdoor Racquet Martial Arts Individual Team Extreme

OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 37

play harder. We have two teams in BUCS leagues, so whether you’re looking to continue your rugby education or just starting out there is a place in the club for you. surfc@soton.ac.uk www.surfc.org

relies less on strength than it does on speed, technique and accuracy, utilising knowledge of ‘nerve points’, and an understanding of how the body can be manipulated to achieve maximum effect with minimal effort.

Rugby (Women’s)

shkempo@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~shkempo/


Ski & Snowboard

Shaolin Kung Fu


Shorinji Kempo

Skydiving can only be described as adrenaline junkie addicts jumping out of perfectly good planes. We are a very friendly club and anyone is welcome. You will have the opportunities to jump all around the UK as well as abroad. Make friends for life and have the best parties you will

Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese self-defence martial art, aiming to improve health, fitness, confidence and concentration. Shorinji Kempo incorporates punching, kicking, blocking, grappling and throwing. It


38 / ���sh / OCTOBER 2010

ever experience at Uni. skydive@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~skydive

Snooker Club The snooker club has fantastic facilities with direct access to four snooker tables, two dedicated solely to members. The team consistently competes at a high level in national tournaments, with its own internal league and intends to compete at pool this year. The club is very active with members of all abilities and is happy to embrace new members. susc@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~susc/

Squash (Men’s)


SKYDIVING Squash (Women’s)

Table Tennis

Street Sports

We are a small but close club, regularly having socials and training once a week for beginners and more advanced players alike. With the purchase of two brand new tables we hope to have a competitive team for next year to defend both male and female conference titles that we won this year.

Sub Aqua Surf Swimming Club The swimming club is a large and friendly club which caters for a wide range of abilities; from those wishing to keep fit and improve technique to those who wish to swim competitively at the highest level. The club prides itself on executing a fine balance between providing a fantastic social life for its members while excelling in the pool. mrq1g08@soton.ac.uk swimteam.susu.org


Taekwondo Club

ourselves in being a very open and multi-cultural club; a good fit for everyone. SUTKD is a well established club, recently celebrating our 30th anniversary in early 2009 and are proud Student National Champions 2010. sutkd@soton.ac.uk www.soton.ac.uk/~sutkd

Tchoukball Ten Pin Bowling


Tennis Club

The Southampton University Taekwondo Club: where memories and injuries seem to go hand in hand (concussion not withstanding). We train hard, play hard and pride

The Tennis Club has been a mainstay of the Athletic Union for many years. We have enjoyed success on the courts, winning the Southern Cup two years in a row, and are pushing hard for OCTOBER 2010 / ���sh / 39

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Fresh 2010: October  

Second issue of Southampton University Students' Union Fresh Magazine 2010. 10,000 copies delivered to new students upon arrival at Universi...

Fresh 2010: October  

Second issue of Southampton University Students' Union Fresh Magazine 2010. 10,000 copies delivered to new students upon arrival at Universi...