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Do  you  like  your  job?   A:  Yes,  I  love  my  job.   2.What  out  of  5  stars  would  you  give   prototype  2  and  why?   A:  4  and  a  half   3.What  is  your  favourite  game  and   why?   A:  Prototype  2  because  it’s  a  free  rom  game  and   you  feel  so  overpowered   4.What  is  the  first  game  you  ever   played?   A:  Call  of  Duty  2   5.What  is  your  favourite  console?   A:  The  Xbox  360   6.  How  old  were  you  when  you  got  into  You   Tubing?   A:  I  was  11  years  old   7.How  many  videos’  have  you   made?   A:  Over  200,000   8.Why  did  you  call  your  theradbrad   A:  well  I  don’t  really    know    

Crash bandicoot  is  coming   back  once  again  here  are   some  pictures  .    

How to change the batteries in box 360 controller An Xbox 360 is a really advanced video game console. To play with it you need to use X box controllers. They are powered with AA batteries, sometimes the batteries run out. This is a problem because without batteries you can’t even turn the controller. Here are some pictures.

Here are some ways that you can change the batteries in an X box controller. • 1 turn the X box controller over • 2 then push the button on top to release the dead batters • 3 take the batteries out • 4 put new batteries in the proper places positive side and negative side • 5 slider batteries canister into the x box controller • 6 throw away the old batters and now you can play


let the x box be with you

GTA 5  best  game  of  all  time     COMING  SOON      

HALO 4  REVIWE     HALO4  IS  A    GOOD    GAME  and  some   people  think  halo  4  is  a   Bad  game  .it  has  invisible  wales  and   it  has  no  flood    and  no  brutes  .Good   things  about  halo  4  new  weapon’s   new  suit  for  master  chief    and  new   opponents  called  nights  

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