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Temasek Polytechnic, School of Design(2004-2007) Diploma in Product and Industrial design

DISTEXPRESS (2010-2011) Job title: Product designer -Product design (Apple accessories and peripherals) -Packaging design (In-house label: Macmosphere) -Designing advertisements and marketing materials

Domus Academy (2012-current) Masters in Design

EXPERIENCE Internship ALU South East Asia Pte Ltd (2006) -Attached to local design firm for 3 months to work with in-house designer, assisting them in basic product development and 3D rendering. Freelance Designed in Singapore Pte ltd (2007) -Furniture design Freelance CLIPixel (2009) -Photo editing, Photo shoot assistant, Product designing. Military SAF, Singapore Armed Forces (Sept 2007- Sept 2009) -Paramedic Instructor, Rank: 3rd Sergeant -Paramedic level 2 trained

EWINS (2011 - Dec 2011) Job title: Designer -Furniture/interior design -Exhibition design -Ad/catalogue design

EXHIBITS/MEDIA -ELLE DECOR, India (august-september 2011) -SFIC Platform (2008) -HOME & DÉCOR (august 2007) -Diploma Graduation Show (2007) -Temasek Polytechnic: >60 design for the elderly book (2007)


Joel Lim Yi Ming Age: 24 Singaporean currently living in milan Graduating from Domus academy, Masters In Design at the end of 2012.

Energy, Fun, Playtime, Community

Electricity is a basic necessity that is in high demand globally, however there are areas where proper electric grids are non-existent or power supply is not constant. Consequently autonomous power generation is becoming more important.

Today, there are many changes in the way we interact with our environment and each other. Consequently, the products have to evolve with these new behaviours.

intimate / micro-space / animate / versatility / evolution

Modular / Dynamic / Decorative / Versatile / Space-saving

developing a new approach to the decorative role of the bathroom and simultaneously exploring new possibilities in modularity and space interaction.

Storytelling / Shadow/ Childhood / Playful / Imagination

The idea is to explore the interactivity of light and the relationship between parent and child, trough storytelling and shadow play. The concept revisits the tradition of shadow theatre and reinvents it in a more interactive and personal way.

portfolio by Joellimym  

portfolio by Joellimym

portfolio by Joellimym  

portfolio by Joellimym