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Dagger Beads 3/11mm : Picasso Mix (41-310-MIX096) Dagger Beads 3/11mm : Matte Picasso Mix (41-310-MIX097) Round 6/0 : HYBRID Natural Picasso (TR-06-Y301) Floral Vine Toggle Set: Antique Brass (J86-00-ABR)


Beaded by Eileen Barker



Use this booklet as a resource to give your customers ideas to create with the newest beads on the market. The four patterns mentioned are exclusive to bead stores, ensuring promotion new products in stores through classes. SELL MORE BEADS: These four easy to teach patterns that combine color depth and variety and will encourage customers to use their new skills to create quick and easy bracelets for friends, family and resale. PRINT FRIENDLY INSTRUCTIONS: Make a classroom set of instructions right from our digital PDF! Our black and white instructions, are easy to print and copy. Contact us at for your classroom PDF version. WOW YOUR CUSTOMERS: Each design is specifically created to inspire and educate beaders of any skill level.



The patterns mentioned in this booklet are for bead stores use and are the property of Starman. Please do not claim them as your own or republish them in industry publications, kits, or on the internet. These patterns cannot be sold without written consent by Starman. As a teacher, you may charge for your services. 2

ABOUT STARMAN Starman, a family run leader in the jewelry component industry, proudly serves over 5,000 resellers around the globe providing uniqueness to each individual customer. We pride ourselves in achieving the highest quality beads, top notch service, and unbeatable prices. Focusing our efforts on Czech glass and Japanese seed beads allows us to carry a vast color and style variety. Pressed glass and fire polish beads are the main focus of our factory production. We’ve been manufacturing beads since 1948 and have become world renowned for our high quality shapes and finishes. As one of the largest and oldest bead producers in the Czech Republic, we are able to supply large, consistent batch runs. In 2005, we partnered with TOHO, the manufacturer of the highest quality seed beads in the world. Our strategic partnership has allowed us to bring a vast array of new and exciting seed bead colors to the world market. Seed beads have been used to complement Czech fire polished and pressed glass focal beads for generations. We aspire to create quality products for artisans using the latest advancements in technology and we look forward to meeting your beading needs.

Starman CzechMates™ Tile Bead Idea Book  
Starman CzechMates™ Tile Bead Idea Book  

Tips, Hints and Tutorial Patterns on how to sell, display and teach today's latest bead trends. BEAD STORE ACCESS TO ROYALTY FREE PATTERNS!