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FREE VOL. 8 ISSUE 117 May 22, 2008

CONSUME! Hybrids - Bikes - Trains - Buses - Skateboards

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Consuming ourselves into a hole. Page 5 Q&A with a Pizza Delivery Guy Page 6

305 Pearl St. Downtown La Crosse

Summer Festival Guide!!! Pages 10-11 How will you spend your stimulus check? Page 12

Publisher: Mike Keith

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Take your bribe and spend!

COVER by Joel Kuennen, based on J.M. Flagg's "Uncle Sam," which was based on an earlier, British version for WWI recruitment.

Lil' Wayne T.I. The Game Andre 3000 Kanye West Young Jeezy Jay-Z

Things to do on your day off 1. Sleep in 2. Hike the bluffs 3. Go fishing 4. Take a day road trip 5. Grill out 6. Read in the park 7. Catch up on things Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

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MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game"

Editor-in-Chief: Adam Bissen

1. Alabama — Helen Keller 2. New Jersey — Crossroads of the Revolution 3. Rhode Island — The Ocean State 4. North Carolina — First Flight 5. West Virginia — New River Gorge 6. California — John Muir 7. Connecticut — The Charter Oak

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Ways Second Supper staff are spending their stimulus checks 1. Parking tickets 2. Toilet paper 3. Bling 4. Jumbo crayons 5. Good beer 6. Fake tattoos 7. Sticky Hands

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Exorcise your wit 2

Do this...

When Pigs Fly

WHAT: 32nd annual Onalaska Sunfish Days


WHERE: Onalaska Omni Center WHEN: May 22-25 One fish, two fish, red fish...sunfish! Sunfish Days are back! Along with grilling out this Memorial Day weekend, gather up the fam or some friends and head over to the Omni Center. Events include midway games and carnival rides, petting zoo, pony rides, fishing derby, softball tournament and more. Food, soda and beer gardens will be open in the evening, featuring live music. And of course, there's gotta be a parade. Set out your chairs and blankets early on Saturday to get a good spot by noon. For more information and an exact schedule of events, visit www. Have fun!

Saturday, May 1, 1909 La Crosse Tribune While driving along the 1500 block of Avon Street yesterday about 3 p.m., a team of horses pulling a beer delivery wagon belonging to the Bartl Brewery became frightened at an explosion under the wagon and ran away. The explosion was a severe one, causing the heavy wagon to tip over and breaking the horses loose. The driver gamely hung on to the reins, and after being dragged about a block he succeeded in bringing the frightened horses to a stop. An investigation of the affair revealed that a bomb in the street had exploded after being run over by the wheels of the heavy wagon. Whether the bomb was put there purposely is not known, but in the opinion of a prominent northside saloon owner, it was spite work on the park of a few rank prohibitionists. He stated in an interview that Avon Street is in a ward containing many anti-saloon men and he thought that they had taken it upon themselves to destroy a large quantity of liquor which they thought would be on the wagon. As it was, the wagon contained only a few kegs of bock beer, which were not damaged. The more conservative saloon element, however, do not think that the prohibitionists would adopt such radically extreme measures. True Tales of La Crosse: Unusual Stories from Old Newspapers of La Crosse, Wisconsin Compiled and edited by Douglas Connell (La Crosse, Wis. : D. Connell), 1994.


May 15, 2008

Social Networking Second Supper’s finally on the social networking bandwagon, with a whole chain of townies to answer our deliciously revealing questions. Each week, the interviewee will name someone they're connected to, who will become the next person interviewed, and so it shall continue.You see? We really are all connected. NAME & AGE: Gareth Flanary, 28 BIRTHPLACE: Montrose, Scotland CURRENT JOB: Bartender, sub maker, geek for life DREAM JOB: Astronaut COVETED SUPERPOWER: Time travel, mostly to the future

TELL US A JOKE: Why didn't Hitler drink tequila? It made him mean. CITY OR COUNTRY? City



3 CDs YOU’D TAKE ON A ROAD TRIP: Spiritualized - Live from the Royal Albert Hall Pink Floyd - The Wall Faith No More - The Real Thing

3 MOVIES YOU’D TAKE ON A DESERTED ISLAND: Being There, The Big Lebowski, The Jerk


3 BOOKS YOU’D TAKE TO PRISON: The Book of Nothing by John Barrow, Transforming the Mind by The Dalai Lama, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKETS? Phone, wallet, keys, dart tips, Orbit raspberry mint gum


#1 PET PEEVE: Repetition

HOW DO YOU KNOW LIBBY? I know her through Yesterdays. And I won her soul in a rock paper scissors game.

Your community owned natural foods store 315 Fifth Ave. So. La Crosse,WI tel. 784.5798

organics • deli with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free selections, fabulous soups & interesting sandwiches • fair trade coffee & tea • bakery • specialty cheeses • local products • fresh, local, & conventional produce • wine & beer • vitamins • cosmetics • health & beauty • floral • housewares

open daily 7 am–10 pm

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

and so much more ...

On County Highway OA just 15 minutes from La Crosse and 5 minutes from Valley View Mall and Hwy. 33.

Daily Specials Monday

Pizza & Pitcher $9.00


Golf Special Monday - Thursday


Tee Off between 10-2 & your round is cheap!

Happy Hour Mon-Fri, 3-6

9 Holes- $11 18 Holes- $20

$1.25 1/3 lb Burgers


Bucket of Beers $9.00 $.25 Wings

$1.25 Taps, $1.75 Cans $.25 off mixers


Consuming ourselves into the hole. By Joel Kuennen CONSUME! This is what our government tells us every time an economic slow down comes-a-knockin'. Most would agree that the economy is slower than before and the economic environment around us will not be as forgiving as in previous years. Arguably, we're in quite the pickle. Some say it's because competition in developing nations has grown, others because of rising energy prices and an inexplicable world-wide food crisis — though what's inexplicable about this is not that it's occurring but that it's actually now been named a "crisis." While all these explanations for the worsening of the American economy are important factors, they ignore one fundamental flaw in our economic rationale. CONSUME! The form of capitalism followed by the United States thrives on one simple principle, that an individual act of consumption will result in the development of secondary and tertiary services, allowing for increased amounts of abstract capital. The genius of this system is that it can triple the value of an economy without increasing the raw resources available to that economy. This means primary, secondary and tertiary businesses which provide everything from raw material (cow for beef), to packaging (the Styrofoam container and the napkin companies) to appropriate services (garbage truck to haul away excess) find it conducive to over-produce their goods, allowing for "product loss" to become one of the conditions of


business. In crass brevity, the more waste, the better for all. Therefore, policy makers believe that to stimulate a sluggish economy, all they need do is throw some cash into the consumer cycle. That way, all levels of the economy will feel a small but needed increase in sales, in turn boosting consumer confidence for the next eight months. After which time, some analysts believe our economy will correct itself. US capitalism, however, has been in an interesting era of consumption, one where levels of production far exceed that of consumption, and because of this/in support of this we have become a throw-away economy. This allows for the increased development of secondary and tertiary service industries in a classic "bubble effect." There is no real need for the service, however, because of the wastefulness of our economic habits they can be supported nontheless.This also results in the over-production of throw-away items — goods that are cheaply made, and quickly replaceable. Enter, "negative savings." Houshold's spent .5 percent more than they earned in 2005, resulting in the newly coined phenomenon of "negative savings." A negative savings rate hasn't been seen by this country since the Great Depression. Some economists (excluding Allen Greenspan, the last Fed Chairman) point to the varied ways Americans "save," i.e.: stocks, bonds, securities speculation which aren't traditionally tallied in the Saving's Index, as the reason behind the negative saving statistics. However, as we can see this is directly due to the over-com-

modification of capital. By that, I mean all that "abstract capital" produced by secondary and tertiary businesses is being consumed by the public as throw-away goods. The simple fact is that we spend more of our income on consumables and "junkables" than we ever have before. Again, as Capitalism advances into old-age, its base of capital is coming from the overproduction of goods and the services that surround it. This "government bribe," as some have called it, of $300 or $600 is nothing significant in the game of capital and will be saved by no one. Bush wasn't intending for people to save it

though, if that were the case he could have put the money towards our future directly by setting aside a Social Security trust fund. Sadly, this type of social liberalism mixed with fiscal conservatism which succeeded in supporting so many millions of Americans throughout the last century has all but disappeared from the political consciousness. In the end, this "economic crisis" will fizzle out, our economy will adapt and let's hope that we do it, not only with the basic self-interest charaterized by American capitalism, but with an awareness and flexibility due to our great economy. Oh, and SAVE!

May 15, 2008

Q&A with the Pizza Delivery Guy

Our Income

SS: Have you always had that, or is this in response to the raised gas prices? CW: When I first started two and a half years ago it was 75 cents that Jeff and Jim’s paid us. We had free delivery. They raised that about a year ago to a dollar, and that was the delivery charge so the customer was paying it. And then just a couple months ago they raised it again to $1.50 because of the increase in prices. SS: Gas now is more expensive than it’s ever been. Is that hitting you in your pocketbook? CW: Oh, definitely. I’ve noticed a big change. There’s a lot more money going into my gas tank and a lot less into my pocket, for sure.

Martini of the Week

SS: Do you think the customers realize this when you bring a pizza to their door?

Beeline Martini

CW: Umm, some of them might realize it. I know I’ve had customers give me a lot of extra money and be like “Hey, go get some gas. I know it’s high.” The majority, I’d say, don’t really realize it because they’re not driving around every day like we are.

monday-friday - $3 By Adam Bissen

Now open Tuesdays! Closed Sundays. HAPPY HOUR Monday - Friday, 4-7 Sure, increased gas prices are making your commute to work more expensive, but what if your entire job involved commuting around town? Chris Wilke, a 22-year-old manager and delivery driver for Jeff and Jim’s Pizza, spends his nights crisscrossing the city and has noticed his paycheck burning down with every mile. He told Second Supper all about it in under 20 minutes.

SS: How do you feel when you walk away from a house when you’ve been slighted like that?

Chris Wilke: On an average night probably about 50 to 60 miles, and most drivers work three to four nights per week.

CW: Not very happy, obviously. I don’t know, tipping is not mandatory by any means, but people do need to realize that it’s our job and we’re putting the gas in our car. It’s hard for us to make up for that.

CW: We do have a $1.50 delivery charge for each delivery we take, so that goes right into our pocket for gas compensation.

Great Study Environment right across from Onalaska High!

CW: Um, yeah, lately. I don’t know if it’s because of the high gases prices or just the economy in general but tips have gone down a lot, probably cut in half, my tips anyway. I used to average three, four dollars a delivery. The last couple weeks I’ve worked it’s been a dollar, two dollars per delivery.

Second Supper: How much does a typical delivery driver drive per week?

SS: Does Jeff or Jim reimburse for any of that?

ireless Free W et! Intern ig Ten B NFL, rk! Netwo

SS: So some people realize gas is more expensive. Have there been any changes in the opposite direction, where people tip you less?

SS: What’s the best tip you’ve ever got?

see DELIVERY GUY, page 8

717 Rose Street - La Crosse 11 | Friday | 10:00 PM May 24April - Saturday

426 2nd Ave South Onalaska, WI 608.781.9999 -

Sunspot tack

t A s d i o r D Prehistoric Forest & Porcupine Plus Special Guest

The Songs For

April 12 | Saturday | 10:00 PM

For Blood

May 31 - Saturday

Thundersnake, This Machine, Has Been Plus Special Guest


Silentium Inferus June 5 - Thursday

(soups & sandwiches)

Ritual Fixx


Steepwater Band, Cheech & Luke April 18 | Friday | 10:00 PM

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

The Crest Indie - Hip Hop | Madison WI


A mediated fellow.

By Brett Emerson In March, I scored a pretty good chunk of tax return money from the government honey pots. This time, I resolved not to blow it on expensive distractions, as I historically have done with my springtime loot. In making this decision I was religiously grateful that I have more or less ended my lifelong crackbaby relationship with video games. The government may bring its public service announcement wrath upon heroin and ecstasy and methamphetamines, but it’s becoming increasingly rare to hear people warn against the sublime perils and similar addictions of Final Fantasy. As a high school student, my limited cash flow required my gaming tendencies to remain old school. My raids on the local pawn shops did little harm to my well-being. Soon after I got a job and began to make my own money, this changed. Suddenly, I was drowning in a PlayStation flood, spending whatever money that didn’t go toward rent or bills on games. Most of my acquisitions sucked. Worse, I knew it, even while buying them. I’d walk out of Best Buy with some B-list Game Boy title, get into my car, stare at the package, and wonder what the hell I had just done. But I’d still take it home, and play it through the end, losing not only 30 bucks but also a week of my life. All the drugs in the world couldn’t screw me up this badly. Since I’ve made a conscious effort to purge many such compulsions from my day to day nonsense (I’m still working on the Internet), my life is a little less paycheck to paycheck and much more prepared for random financial calamity. I’m sure my parents approve. This growing foresight has already paid off in one significant dividend. After the Hanson rock fiesta, I came home and discovered that my computer wouldn’t start. Start. Reset. Start. Reset. Shit. I had already guessed that a replacement for this dinosaur would likely factor into my near future. If I hadn’t become a writer with weekly deadlines, I might not have cared. Being without a computer wouldn’t have killed me. But now there was work to be done, albums to be reviewed, Benjamin Clark Adventures to chronicle in high, drunken prose! A glorified


word processor was no longer a vestigial accessory of my modern jet-setting lifestyle; it had become much closer to vital. Somehow, I managed what could be the most financially responsible act of my life. My former computer righted itself the next day and squeezed out a few final weeks of life, giving me a small window of time to avoid making a half-cocked purchase. (You never want to wind up with a Wal-Mart computer.) After I spent an unusually level-headed period in deliberation, my computer took its permanent silicon dirt nap.The next day, I walked into Best Buy and dropped nine Franklins like I was Rich Uncle Pennybags. Because I hadn’t blown my tax money and was prepared, it didn’t hurt a bit. Such events are rare. We’re conditioned to need, obscenely beyond our actual requirements, often beyond a rational expectation of luxury. People don’t often speak of “wanting” the dangly stick carrots – you don’t get what you want, if you only want it. No, we “need” 80 gig iPods, PlayStation 3s, Don Knotts film collections on Blu-Ray. Ours is a culture that walks a tightrope slicked in bullshit, strapped between blatant gimme gimme and the illusion of modesty. The word “need” is a vital tool in this deception. Kids throwing tantrums get it. We used to hustle our parents into giving us more worthless crap than we had use for, providing a Samaritan ego boost in return. In the end, Mom and Dad felt as though they were paying for a heart transplant, not some molded plastic turd that won’t hold our attention for a week.As adults, we’ve so internalized this childish desperation to the point where we need no one but ourselves in order to be con men. The next hundred dollar outfit I buy will save my life, and I’ll never buy another thing as long as I live. Right. Though induced need has always been a problem, it has been significantly mutated and fatally accelerated by modern commerce’s fixation on constant, unending upgrade (which is why I stuck to console gaming). Every new technology is now rendered obsolete before it comes out of the box. How can any sense of satisfaction be possible? Even the oft-praised advent of music piracy is one more step into the muck of the nihilism of need – proving that you don’t have to pay for something to be trapped by it. In fact, the lack of cost in piracy makes the process more compulsive, more hopeless. The current state is goddamn depressing, but there is a remedy. Slow down! If you can’t enjoy what you have, why get it at all? Rock that LCD iPod. Break out your old clothes. Punch Soda Popinski in his shriveled pink nuts, NES style. Go outside. Play with your friends. Stop worrying. You know what I’m going to do with my economic surplus check? I’m going to put it into my bank account, where it’s going to stay until I use it for rent. I might buy a few books, fill up my gas tank, pick up some groceries, maybe work on my car. With the time I save in not obtaining the same old crap all over again, I’m going to read. And (kind of) sing. And write. Because that’s what I need.

Intimate Treasures Downtown Book & Video Downtown Book & Video 310 4th St. Downtown 220 SW First Ave 72 E Third St. 608-782-3287 507-252-1997 507-453-9031

bar & grill

Y Marks the Spot

May 15, 2008

DELIVERY GUY, from page 6 CW: Best tip I’ve ever got? Um, I’ve gotten a couple $10 tips, I think a $15 tip one time. But those are mostly when we’re delivering to the hotels and it’s some out-of-towner that comes in. SS: They’re used to paying that. CW:Yeah, they’re used to paying for that, and they think we have cheap prices so they appreciate it. SS: Do you ever show up to a couple voluptuous blondes in nightgowns, like all those movies I used to watch in high school? CW: [nervous laughter] Uh, no, not really. SS: Any cool non-monetary tips? CW:Yeah, a few. There’s always people offering me beer and things. I actually got a couple lottery tickets, scratch-offs, too. They were already scratched off so I knew they were winners, so it wasn’t a guessing situation. That’s just kind of weird. SS: How do you make a pizza delivery guy’s day? CW: Well, just be nice and understand that they’re driving around and appreciate what they’re doing for you. They’re doing you a favor. You don’t have to leave your house, so just appreciate what they’re doing.

GOT SOMETHING TO HAWK? We’re starting a new classifieds section just for you. For $10/wk, you get three lines (25 words) to get rid of that old grill, those sweet rollerblades, promo your Garage Sale, or sell that extra kidney quick! (Just kidding, that’s not legal.)

Interested? send your 25 words to: Submissions will be edited for length and inappropriate content. Please include current billing address and contact info.

Interested in being a home owner? There couldn’t be a better time to buy!

Why make your landlord $$$? HAVE YOUR ROOMATES PAY YOUR MORTGAGE! CALL 608-397-8188 NOW and talk to Gregg about how easy it is TO OWN your own home.

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116


May 22 Bluffland Bloom & Brew ALL AGES! $3

Chris Koza

Michelle Lynn, Joshua Franke, and Nick Shattuck. Open MIC at 7pm

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%$!=30E4BBD8C4 $ > ?4= )"0<"0<4E4AH30H

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0RcfWX[Th^d½aTbcX[[Wd]VahQTRPdbTcWXb^UUTaTg_XaTb $!$'P]Sh^d½[[b^^]QTUd[[>]TSXbR^d]c_Ta^aSTa ;^^ZU^a^cWTaVaTPcSTP[bPcC^__TabR^\



F8C7C74?DA270B4>50=HCA8?;4C>??4ABC8GC<>A ;0A64?8II06>>3(?<<83=867C>=;H 0RcfWX[Th^d½aTbcX[[Wd]VahQTRPdbTcWXb^UUTaTg_XaTb $!$'P]Sh^d½[[b^^]QTUd[[>]TSXbR^d]c_Ta^aSTa ;^^ZU^a^cWTaVaTPcSTP[bPcC^__TabR^\

May 15, 2008

E TO FESTIVALS - GUIDE TO FESTIVALS - GUIDE TO FESTIVALS - GUIDE TO FESTIVA Festi Di Bella Sol May 23-25 Geneva, Minn. Hear: Buckethead, North Mississippi Allstars, Pnuma Trio, Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band, Cornmeal, Pert Near Sandstone, Shoeless Revolution See: The beautiful oaks and rolling fields of Harmony Park, one of the most serene venues in the U.S. Pay*: $110 *All tickets calculated as of May 23 and includes camping where available. Ticket prices generally rise as the event nears.

Bandit County Fair

Summer Camp

June 13-15 Romance, Wis.

May 23-25 Chillicothe, Ill.

Hear: Smokin' Bandits, Fat Maw Rooney, Houses in Motion, Joe and Vicky Price, Shoeless Revolution, Stealin' Strings, T.U.G.G. Chuff, Ginger Presley, Paulie

Hear: moe., Umphrey's McGee, The Flaming Lips, STS9, The Roots, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, The New Pornographers, Girl Talk, The Avett Brothers See: The late-night barn set by aspirng supergroup the North Indiana Allstars

See: The Bandits celebrate their annual Fair's growth into a camping weekend with a Saturday-night set scheduled until ??????

Pay: $170

Pay: $25

The Campout Roots Festival and Gathering June 5-8 Black River Falls, Wis. Hear: Pert Near Sandstone, Smokin Bandits, Down Lo, Soul Logic, Charlie Parr, Stealin Strings, NorthWoods Band, The Hill Climbers, Shoeless Revolution, T.U.G.G. See: Camp NCN: former site of the Big Wu Family Reunion, present site of swingers weekends Pay: $30


Log Jam

June 5-8 Lawrence, Kan.

June 19-21 Isle, Minn.

Hear: Emmylou Harris, CAKE, Zappa Plays Zappa, Leftover Salmon, Blackalicious, Ozric Tentacles, Galactic, Tea Leaf Green, Dr. Dog, Del The Funkyhomosapien

Hear: White Iron Band,Trampled by Turtles,The Schwag, God Johnson, Down Lo, Smokin' Bandits, Fat Maw Rooney, Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank

See: An eclectic bill of music, traditionally scheduled until at least sunrise, at one of the Midwest's most established festys

See: Loons on Lake Mille Lacs. (Bring Minnesota quarters and Canadian dollars for reference.)

Pay: $169

Pay: $60


ALS - GUIDE TO FESTIVALS - GUIDE TO FESTIVALS - GUIDE TO FESTIVALS - GUIDE Effit Fest 2008 July 10-13 Osseo, Wis. Hear: Eff'd Up, Eyedea & Abilities, Fat Maw Rooney, Heiruspecs, God Johnson, Down Lo & Deploi, The Crest, Heatbox, Stealin' Strings, Dred I Dread, Ill Chemistry See: A suprisingly equal amount of hip-hop groups and jambands. How ... Osseo? Pay: $50

Rothbury Culture Shock

July 3-6 Rothbury, Mich.

July 10-13 Romance, Wis.

Hear: Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, John Mayer, Primus, Thievery Corporation, Snoop Dogg, Modest Mouse, The Disco Biscuits, Of Montreal See: The Rothbury Thinktank, a panel discussion on "green" living featuring renowned activists like Winona LaDuke.

Hear: The Histronic, Ill legit, Sol Spectre, Shoeless Revolution, T.U.G.G., Moon Boot Posse, Dumate, STEEZ, Reverend Eddie Danger, Hives Inquiry Squad, Soapbox Project SPONS


See: From a comfy couch, a celebration of live art and music in the beautiful Romance Valley.

Pay: $245

Pay: $15

Pitchfork Music Festival July 18-20 Chicago, Ill. Hear: Public Enemy, Animal Collective, !!!,Vampire Weekend, Dizzee Rascal, No Age, Atlas Sound, Fleet Foxes, Spiritualized, M. Ward, Boris, El Guincho See: Public Enemy perform its landmark album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back ... in its entirety! Pay: $65

80/35 Festival

10,000 Lakes Festival

July 4-5 Des Moines, Iowa

July 23-26 Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Hear: The Flaming Lips, The Roots, Andrew Bird, Jakob Dylan, Cracker, Yonder Mountain String Band, Girl Talk, Drive-By Truckers, Black Francis

Hear: Phil Lesh & Friends, The Flaming Lips, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, Dark Star Orchestra, The Bad Plus, Leftover Salmon, EOTO

See: Likely the first music festival named after an Interstate crossroads

See: Lots of Grateful Dead covers and 3/5 of the recently disbanded String Cheese Incident.

Pay: $50

Pay: $140


What will you do with your stimulus package? Bryant Hall, 20

Tristan Neumann, 26

"New tattoos. My bills are all paid off. I might invest in a real barbershop in La Crosse, so I can get my hair cut."

"I'm paying the security deposit off on my new apartment."

Brian Bailey, 42

Kristin Stoneberg, 26

"Bills â&#x20AC;&#x201D; all to bills."

"I still have some of it left. I might buy a gas card â&#x20AC;&#x201D; so I know it'll go towards something I know I'll use, but so far it's all gone towards bills."

Jessica Thorson, 23 (left)

Billy Zakrzewski, 22

"Baby. I was going to get something for myself, but..."

"I got $300 and it went towards catching up on bills."

Melanie Manske, 23 (right) ""House repairs.That's it."

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116


Reviews - your guide to consumption Oberon Ale Bell’s Brewing Company Kalamazoo, Michigan I know some people whose summers can’t start until they sip their first Oberon.There are worse ways to mark the passing of seasons, I suppose (and it’s reinforced every time I watch the Milwaukee Brewers wilt away like a September geranium). Seeing that iconic orange label on grocers’ shelves always reminds me that there will be good times up around the bend. No matter that I actually dislike summer beers — and summer wheats in particular — I’m never disappointed when someone passes me an Oberon. The beer pours Ratings: a rich straw color, and enticing par8.5 of 10 ticles of wheat and 7 of 10 yeast float in the brew, rare from 7 of 10 an American mass brewer but always 7 of 10 appreciated. It’s a 8 of 10 highly carbonated beer with a thick, Total: foamy head— and if you want it to stick 37.5 of 50 around for a while keep your lemon

Jamaican Spiced Rum $12.00 / lbs. at the Briar Patch

wedges out; this beer’s so good it doesn’t need anything else mucking up the taste. Seeing all the bubbles rise up the glass, I’m struck by how much it resembles ginger ale. Like most Witbiers, Oberon has a citrus-y odor, but it doesn’t taste excessively fruity.This is an American pale wheat ale, which is the Americanized version of the lauded Hefe Weizen. Thankfully Bell’s doesn’t succumb to typical Yankee excess. It’s not exceedingly sweet like Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat or “lite” like its Summer Shandy.The Oberon spreads across the tongue evenly and warms the mouth with a nice malt balance, while the generous yeast content makes this a much more flavorful beer than other summer wheats. As if to accentuate its differences from other warm-weather beers, the Oberon has a vaguely grassy aftertaste, reminiscent of a Pilsner, but it finishes clean and doesn’t cloy to the mouth. Enjoy a few bottles with your Memorial Day grill out. I could also recommend it every time you finish mowing the grass. — Adam Bissen

Ahoy wenches & scallywaggers! Prepare yourselves for the ambrosia o'even ye scum o'the sea. Arg... That's all the pirate I got, but this Jamaican Rum Spice, a fullbodied peaberry, with a semidark complexion can shiver my timbers any morning. Jamaican Spiced Rum is always a treat, weather it be in a truffle, ice cream or on the rocks. Rum is a liquor derived from the fermentation of sugar cane and most importantly, boiled down sugar cane, or molasses. Spiced Rum is made when cinnamon and more molasses (sometimes caramel) are added to the fermentation process. This mimicry of the Caribbean classic provides a good opportunity to distinguish the flavors. At once, it's a rich, full-bodied cup with a darkly-sweet molasses prominence, yet to add some levity, tinges of cinnamon float about your senses. The aroma of this coffee reminds me of crimson wood from the tropics, that hint of cinnamon car-

rying the "tropical" aspect a long way. The gulp is luxurious, refreshing and rewarding, coating your throat in a dark molasses-like drink. This brew is also highly drinkable for long periods of time. This is often the test for a good cup, "How many cups until you can't stand it anymore?" This brew passes the test plus more. So go ahead, start your day with a cup of Spiced Jamaican Rum coffee , after your first drink, you'll see palm fronds spread over your head, your shoes will dissolve into thin air and your body will slowly sink into sun-warmed sand. A fantastic hallucination to have, especially in these quasitropical months. — Joel Kuennen


Bibliophile Ric Flair: To Be the Man by Ric Flair, Keith Elliot Greenberg, and Mark Madden Ah, summertime, a time to relax with some light reading while soaking up some sun. Enough with all those deep novels that make you ponder the existence of human nature, summer reading is all about moot points concerning small affairs of the ever shrinking flesh that require little brainpower. Or even better, escapism, with the chance to live vicariously through a character far more glamorous than yourself. And as far as I am concerned, nothing could make your mind work less than reading the stories of one of professional wrestling’s greatest showmen ever. I originally grabbed this book off the library shelf for the irony factor, but little did I suspect I would be sucked in by the man dramas that exist behind the scenes in the world of wrestling. It's got it all; drinking, drugs, womanizing, ass kicking, getting paid, getting laid and all while styling and profiling. It’s pure macho emotions, unfiltered by the intellect, and bolstered by unnaturally high levels of testosterone. If Bukowski were to loose about 50 IQ points and get all hopped up on 'roids, this is the book he’d have written. For those not in the know, Nature Boy Ric Flair is a feathered helmet of platinum blonde hair with a face that resembles a donkey. In the ring, he thrilled audiences for years and was involved in headliner matches on the biggest tickets, holding the title more than anybody else. He wrestled all the big names and constantly gave the crowd their money’s worth. When he gives interviews on wrestling shows, it is long-winded shouting boasts full of his personal catch phrases that leave his face a shade of crimson with eyes bulging out of his head and veins throbbing in his neck. Such intensity! And Mr. Flair effectively captures that intensity in the pages of his book. This book is also a gossipy tell all of a who’s who in professional wrestling over the past 30 plus years. Bring on some trash talking! If you need a book to read at the beach that will be the perfect antidote to the obnoxious sight of overly muscled future gym teachers flinging balls around, then enter the macho mind of Ric Flair, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Woooo!!!

5.24 | Saturday | 8:30PM

The Roddys

Rockin’ Hillbilly Blues

5.31 | Saturday | 9:30PM

The Wonder Creek Band Blues/Rock/Funk/Soul


— Shuggypop Jackson


May 15, 2008

Film Reviews THE COUNTERFEITERS (FÄLSCHER, DIE) Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky Cast: Karl Markovics, August Diehl, Devid Striesow Writer: Stefan Ruzowitzky, based on the book by Adolf Burger By Nicholas Cabreza Ah, The Counterfeiters, an otherwise mediocre movie staking its claim to immortality by picking up the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Presumably, the Academy awarded The Counterfeiters an Oscar because it's set during the Holocaust, but just because a film takes place during one of the most horrid times in human history, that doesn't make it any more powerful, emotional, tragic or any other adjective that should describe a film about the Holocaust. Despite its setting, a movie still has to work to earn its keep, and watching The Counterfeiters is the kind of numbing experience that leaves you feeling no more entertained than you were when you entered the theater. Telling the story of Operation Bernhard, the largest counterfeiting scheme in history, The Counterfeiters slides by on cruise control, hoping the audience's interest will escalate simply

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

because the heroes are Jews and the villains are Nazis. The film revolves around Salomon "Sally" Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics), an introvert and expert counterfeiter. He's captured, however, and winds up in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where he and dozens of other trade-skilled Jews, under Nazi command, work on replicating British bank notes, the influx of which would ruin the British economy. Sally's lethargic demeanor and unwillingness to work with fellow inmate Adolf Burger (upon whose memoir the film is based) in sabotaging the operation make it impossible to empathize with him. I wonder why the film didn't revolve around Burger, an expert counterfeiter himself, whose family was killed in Auschwitz, and who, still alive to this day, has lived with knowing that his family was killed while he was rewarded with warm food, a soft bed, and showers for cooperating with the Nazis. The Counterfeiters is less about redemption and survival and more about manipulation and cowardice. The final scene offers something for the audience to dwell on, but the film never feels anything more than average because, unlike Oskar Schindler, for example, protagonist Sally is someone who isn't willing to stand up and fight.

Cabin Boy (1993) Directed By: Adam Resnick Starring: Chris Elliott, Ritch Brinkley, Brian DoyleMurray, Andy Richter Written By: Adam Resnick Odds are that if a person knows who Chris Elliott is, it’s because of one of two things. The person may be an aging Generation X hipster who used to watch Elliott’s thirtysomething paperboy antics in the delightful Get a Life. But like most people, this person was probably just grossed out by Elliot’s little nub hand in the less delightful Scary Movie 2. I present here a third option, a triumph of buffoonery which easily trumps the latter and at the very least matches the former. With thinning hair and a full beard, Elliott plays an insipid, spoiled “Fancy Lad”, on his way home from the Fancy Lad

Academy. His Nathanial Mayweather begins as a schoolboy dick in a powdered wig who winds up on the wrong boat. It’s a piece of flotsam named The Filthy Whore, occupied by four salty old bastards and their gleefully moronic cabin boy (Andy Richter). Upon discovering the stowaway, the sailors set to debasing him, which only gets worse once he accidentally gets the cabin boy killed and lands The Filthy Whore in Hell’s Bucket. In this magical place, the crew encounters a glacial monster, a tobacco spitting flying cupcake, a Hindu virgin killer, and the most gentlemanly half-man, half-shark of all time – CHOCKIE! While evading the abuse of his crewmates (and making them fish stick kitties), the new cabin boy also develops a one-sided infatuation with a woman swimming around the world whom he pulled aboard against her will. At first Nathanial is all thumbs, boxing the air in frustration. But soon enough, he becomes a Cabin Man, and she gets all doeeyed and stupid. It’s a little hard to watch. The stylistic influence of Tim Burton slips through from time to time – which makes sense, as he was one of the producers. The comedy, however, is entirely unique. Andy Richter is hilarious here, and has the best line of the movie. “Your captain is in dire need of a holiday,” Nathaniel notes, to which Richter’s dimwit responds, “You mean like Halloween?” PRICELESS. The grimy old sailors are weird and glorious in their bleary-eyed mistreatment of the bratty cabin boy. And Elliott himself is perfectly miscast in the lead. This movie is true buried treasure. Where did Chris Elliott go?


Happenings classifieds Having a rummage sale? Want to get rid of your couch? Looking to sell your car? Place your ad in Second Supper for only $10. Send a brief description to: If you have a question or are interested in an item, send an email to the above address, and we'll get you in contact with the owner. 1998 Mazda Protege LX Manual 5-speed, in good condtion. Only 101,000 miles. Gets 30 mpg. Asking $2800 or best offer. Papasan chair From World Market. Dark wood frame, cushion has dark blue/white print. Asking $30 or best offer

upcoming events BERT DALTON TRIO

May 23 City Brewery Hospitality Cemter La Crosse 608-791-1190 Jazz band Bert Dalton Trio will perform starting at 7:30 p.m. '50s and '60s DANCE

May 24 American Legion 711 S 6th st. 608-782-3232 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Dr. Rock will be the featured entertainer. Dance only. No food will be served. NASCAR RACING

May 24

Desk length: 41" width: 22" Has cubby underneath on right side. Basic wood with dark finish. Big enough for a computer monitor. Chair not included. Asking $20 or best offer

La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway West Salem, Wis. 608-786-1525 Late Models, Sportsmen, Thunderstox, Plus: Novelty Event. Qualifying at 5:45 p.m. First Race at 7:30 p.m. for weekly races. Check our website for details about tonight`s race!

upcoming events



Every Thursday Bluffland Bloom & Brew La Crosse 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. Free and open to all ages ULTIMATE FRISBEE

Every Friday Riverside Park 5 p.m. Pickup game. All skill levels welcome! FIGURE DRAWING

Every Wednesday Bluffland Bloom & Brew La Crosse 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. cost is $3 SUNFISH DAYS

May 22 - May 25 Omni Center Onalaska 608-781-5930 Community festival includes a parade, carnival, softball and volleybal tournament,kids fishing derby,kids activity day, beer garden, clowns, petting zoo, refreshments and entertainment.

May 29 American Marine La Crosse 608-788-1909 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $15. Annual fundraiser with cruise-style buffet, silent auction and fun! Sponsored by a group of business women who raise money for educational scholarships for girls and women in the Seven Rivers Region. LA CROSSE LOGGERS GAME

May 30 Copeland Park 608-796-9553 Loggers vs. Eau Claire 7:05 p.m. OPENING NIGHT with big event inflatables! Pre-game performance by the Phat Daddies. . JUNE DAIRY DAYS

art galleries BLUFFLAND BLOOM & BREW 119 S. 4th St., La Crosse (608) 782-BREW Monthly Culture Shock show, featuring live art as well as drawings, paintings, photography, and prints by local artists. HEIDER CENTER FOR THE ARTS 405 East Hamlin St. West Salem, WI 608-786-1220 x 4 Heider.html PUMP HOUSE REGIONAL CENTER FOR THE ARTS Open noon-5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and noon-4 p.m. Saturday. No admission charge, donations accepted. Features exhibits of local artists and performances. 119 King St., La Crosse 608-785-1434 SATORI ARTS Unique hand crafted jewelry, Mississippi River pearls, ancient Chinese artifacts, Custom-made jewelry, original art works, and a variety of unique gifts. 201 Pearl Street, La Crosse 608-785-2779 UW-L ART GALLERY The gallery displays works by students, faculty, regional and nationally-known artists in all areas of art. The gallery is on the first floor of the Center for the Arts located at the corner of 16th and Pine on the UW-L campus. VISIONS OF LIGHT Stained Glass 129 4th St S, La Crosse 608-793-1032


Every Friday, May - October 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. Downtown La Crosse Fresh produce, pasture-raised buffalo and beef, honey, maple syrup, plants, artists, handmade jewelry, paintings, beeswax candles, live performances and more! BRIDGEVIEW PLAZA

Every Wednesday, June - Oct. 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Bridgeview Plaza parking lot


ongoing Frederick R. Weisman Museum (University of Minnesota) The first in a year-long series of exhibitions and programs examining the role of art and artists in a democracy. Featuring 30 works from various artists. PAINTING, POTTERY, PHOTOS, JEWELRY

Northside of La Crosse



Edland Art Gallery (La Crosse) 608-785-2787

Every Saturday, June - Oct. 6 a.m. - 1 p.m. County parking lot Downtown La Crosse CROSSING MEADOWS

Every Sunday, June - Oct. 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Festival Foods parking lot Onalaska WINONA

Every Saturday, 7:30 a.m. - noon Every Wednesday, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. May - October Downtown Winona Featuring fresh produce, plants, hanging baskets, eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, elk & buffalo meat. Fresh bakery items. homemade jams, jellies & pickles, honey, decorative gourds, dried wreaths & Indian corn. Our herbalists bring tinctures, salves, teas, potpourri, vinegar & even catnip toys.


La Crosse Community Theatre

GREEN BAY STREET STUDIO 1500 Green Bay St., La Crosse Hours currently by appointment only.Various workshops, including painting and printmaking, coming this summer, as well as opportunity for full and part-time membership.

118 5th Ave N 608-784-9292 A frantically funny, Monty Pythonesque retelling of the classic. June 13-15 and 20-21at 7:30 p.m. June 14, 15, 21, and 22 at 1:00 p.m.

ODIN WHITE MOTH GALLERY AND TEA ROOM 715 Logan St., La Crosse 608-769-3963 Hours are Tues: 12-3 pm, Thurs: 4-7 pm, Fri: 12-3, Sat: 10-2. Call for an appointment or more info. Enjoy some tea, art and vintage stuff.

Commonweal Theatre

May 30 - June 1 West Salem 608-786-2289 Featuring a parade, fun run/walk, softball, big wheel races, music, chicken Q, food, bingo, tractor pull, clowns, soccer tournament, sawdust pile, speedway races and more.

farmers' markets

HARVEY 208 Parkway Avenue North Lanesboro, MN 800-657-7025 Dreams and dreamers figure prominently in this 1940s comedy. Running from May 31-October 25.


ongoing State Street Gallery (La Crosse) 608-782-0101 SENSORY OVERLOAD: LIGHT, MOTION, SOUND, AND THE OPTICAL IN ART SINCE 1945

ongoing Milwaukee Art Museum 414-224-3200 European and American art, including Stanley Landsman’s Infinity Chamber, which has not been on view for nearly twenty years. Also featured is Erwin Redl’s Matrix, a 25 x 50 foot LED installation. LA CROSSE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT ART SHOW

May 4 through May 31 Pump House (La Crosse) Kader Room & Front Gallery WRAP (WISCONSIN REGIONAL ARTISTS PROGRAM) EVENT

June 6 through June 30 Pump House, Kader Room Variety of Media. Workshop is June 30, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. A SEASON OF ART

First Saturday of June - Sept. 7203 N. Shore Drive, County Z Brice Prairie, on Lake Onalaska. (Look for the white barn) Enjoy extraordinary shopping at an outdoor art fair. This FREE event is sponsored by the La Crosse Society of Arts & Crafts. Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Trying to get the word out about your event? It's simple! 115

Email and receive a free listing.

April May24, 15, 2008 2008

COMMUNITY SERVICE [ Area LA CROSSE All Star Lanes 4735 Mormon Coulee

Alpine Inn W5715 Bliss rd.


620 Gillette st.

Barrel Inn 2005 West ave.

Beef & Etc.

1203 La Crosse st.

Big Al’s

115 S 3rd st.

Brothers 306 Pearl st.



3 games for $5 starts at 8 p.m.

3 games for $5 starts at 8 p.m.

bucket special

Bud Night 6 - CL: $1.75 bottles $5 pitchers

Beer Pong $7.00 4 Cans 8-close


1101 La Crosse st.

Coconut Joe’s 223 Pearl st.




Buck Night starts at 6 p.m.

Import night starts at 7 p.m.

Cosmic Bowl & Karaoke starts at 9 p.m.

Cosmic Bowl starts at 9 p.m.

3 games for $5 starts at 7 p.m. 6 - CL $2.50 Sparks

$1 softshell tacos $1 shots of doctor, cherry doctor

$5 bbq ribs and fries

AUCE wings $5.00 free crazy bingo buy one cherry bomb get one for $1

$6.00 AUCD

3 p.m. - midnight 25 cent hot wings $1 shots of Dr.

Italian beef w/dog meal: $6.69 Pizza Puff meal: $4.49

meatball sandwich sandwich meatball meal: $6.15 $6.69 meal: Chicago dogs meal: 22 dogs meal: $ 5.25 $5.89

Italian beef meal: $6.15 $6.69 Chicago chili dog: $3.45 $3.89

grilled chicken sandwich meal: $5.29 Polish sausage meal: $3.99 $4.49

hamburger meal: or cheeseburger meal: $3.69 $3.89 cheeseburger meal: Italian Beef w/dog $3.89 meal: $7.89

free pitcher of beer or soda with large pizza

meat or marinara spaghetti: $3.45 Italian sausage: $4.95

$1.25 make your own tacos, $4.75 taco salad $2.25 margaritas, $2 off large taco pizza

$2.25 burgers, $2.60 cheeseburgers, $2 off large pizza, $1 fries with any pizza

soup or salad bar FREE with entree or sandwich until 3 p.m. ($3.95 by itself)


$2.50 Blatz vs. Old Style pitchers

HAPPY HOUR 3 PM - 8 PM 10 cent wings (9 - CL) $1 High LifeLife bottles $1.25 High bottles $1.50 rail mixers $2 Guinness pints

Thirsty Tuesday

3-7 happy hour

$2 Silos

bucket night 6 for $9

Wristband Night

batterfried cod, fries, beans, and garlic bread $5.50

$4.50 domestic pitchers barrel parties at cost pepper & egg sandwich meal: $4.50, $5.00 fish sandwich meal:meal: $4.99, Italian sausage Italian $6.69 sausage meal: $6.15

Italian beef meal: $6.15 $6.69 2 Chicago dog meal: $3.45 $5.89

$6.75 shrimp dinner

$1.50 bloody marys 11 a.m. - 4 p.m

Captain mixers/ $3.00 Three Olives mixers/ mojitos $2 Cherry Bombs $1 Bazooka Joes


Martini Madness $2 off all martinis


$1 Dr. shots $3 Jager Bombs

2 for 1 taps

7 - CL $1 domestic 12 oz $2 Stoli mixers

7 - CL Tequila’s chips & salsa, $2 Coronas, $2.50 Mike’s, Mike-arita

7 - midnight Ladies: 2 for 1 Guys: $1.50 Coors and Kul Light bottles

7 - midnight $1 rail mixers $2 Bacardi mixers

7 - midnight $2 Malibu madness $2 pineapple upsidedown cake

$3.00 Domestic Pitchers, $2.00 Shots of Cuervo, Rumpleminz, Goldschlager

Mexican Monday $2.00 Corona, Corona Light, Cuervo

114 5th ave.

318 Pearl st.

Tuesday Wednesday

1/4 barrel giveaway 8-11 $1 burgers

2 for 1 cans & bottles during Packer games

The Cavalier CheapShots

16oz top sirloin $7 22oz tbone 9.75 sutffed sirloin 8 jack daniels tips 8 $1 shots of Doctor, cherry doctor - 8-cl Happy hour 4-6 $1.75 cans, $2 mix drinks

food & drink specials ]

50 cent taps 4 - 7 (increases 50 cents per hour) $1 rails

All day, everyday: $1.00 Shots of Doctor, $2.00 Cherry Bombs, $1.75 Silos of Busch Light/Coors



$.50 domestic taps, $1 microbrews, $3 domestic pitchers, $6 microbrew pitchers

$2.00 Cruzan Rum Mixers, $2.50 Jameson Shots, $3.00 Mixers

$3.00 Patron Shots

$2 Tuesdays, including $2 bottles, import taps, beer pong, apps, single shot mixers, featured shots, and 50 cent taps


$2.00 Captain Mixers

Wristband Night $5 COLLEGE I.D. $9 general public

$1 Kul Light cans

Topless Tuesday

Ladies Night buy one, get one free wear a bikini, drink free

Karaoke $1 shot specials

live DJ $1 shot specials

chicken & veggie fajitas for two

football night dollar domestic beer: $1.50 burgers Mexican beer: $2.00

chicken dollar primavera burgers

shrimp Great food and burrito drinks

chili Happy Hour 4-6 verde $1.75 domestics

Ask server Fish for details

chicken & own veggie Build your fajitas Bloody Mary N3287 CountyCoulee OA 5200 Mormon for two 16oz Mug - $4.00

Homemade Pizza domestic beer: $1.50 & PItcher of $2.00 Beer Mexican beer: $9.00

football night

chicken $1.25 primavera BURGERS

Homemade Pizza & PItcher of Beer $9.00 $5.99

beer pong 6 p.m. $8.95$1.25 16 oz steak

411 3rd st.

Fiesta Mexicana The Elite 5200 Mormon 412 Main st. Coulee

Fox Hollow Fiesta Mexicana Goal Post Fox Hollow 1904 Campbell rd.

N3287 County OA

Gracie’s Goal Post 1908 Campbell rd.

Build your own Bloody Mary 16oz Mug - $4.00

1904 Campbell rd.

Gracie’s Huck Finn’s 1908Marina Campbell 127 dr. rd.

Bloody Mary specials 10 - 2

Bloody Mary domestic Huck Finn’s $1.75 JB’s Speakeasy specials

127 Rose Marinast.dr. 717


10 - 2116 Second Supper vol. 8, issue 3


HAPPY HOUR 6HOUR AM - 9 AMEVERYDAY HAPPY free wingsof6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Bucket Domestic

gyro fries & soda

BURGERS Cans 5 for $9.00 Buy one gyro free baklava, ice HAPPY HOUR 6 AM - 9 AM get one cream or sundae beer pong 6 p.m. free wings - 9 p.m. half price with6 p.m. meal $8.95 16 oz steak

$5.99 gyro fries & soda

EVERYDAY BuyHAPPY one gyroHOURfree baklava, ice3 get one cream or sundae half price with meal

$1.75 domestic bottles

chili 25 Cent Wings verde

Bucket of Domestic burrito Cans 5 for $9.00

$1.75 domestic HAPPY HOUR bottles

3-6 HAPPY HOUR 25 Cent Wings 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

$1.25 domestic taps buy one burger HAPPY HOUR get one half price 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

-7 $1.25 and 9domestic - 11 taps buy one burger get one half price

$2.00 Malibu, $2.50 Jaeger, $3.00 Jaeger Bombs


$4 full pint Irish Car Bomb

Dan’s Place

$3.00 Bacardi mixers/ mojitos $2 Cherry Bombs $1 Bazooka Joes



reservations available

Ask server for details HAPPY HOUR 3 - 8 $8.95 16 oz. steak $8.95 1/2 lb. fish platter

buy oneHOUR appetizer HAPPY 3-8

GREEK ALL DAY appetizer half price with meal

buy one appetizer get one half price

GREEK ALL DAY appetizer half price with meal

$8.95 oz. steak get one16half price $8.95 1/2 lb. fish platter

HAPPY HOUR 5 - 7 EVERYDAY 3 -7 and 9 - 11 16 April 24, 2008

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday LA CROSSE Sunday Area & drink specials HAPPY HOUR 5 food -7 $1.75 domestic JB’s Speakeasy $1.75 domestic $1.75 domestic bottles bottles bottles 717 Rose st. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday LA CROSSE HAPPYSunday HOUR EVERYDAY 4 - 8, $2 domestic beer and rail drinks $2 Love Stories The Joint HAPPY HOUR EVERYDAY 4 - 8,of $2 ALL DAY, EVERYDAY $1 shots Dr.domestic beer and rail drinks $2 Wu LoveTang Stories The $5 Teas ALL DAY, EVERYDAY $1 shots of Dr. 324 Jay Joint st.


$5 Wu Tang $1 shots of Teas the DOC! $1 shots of NIGHT the DOC! WING

324 Jay st.

Legend’s Legend’s 223 Pearl st.

closed closed

223 Pearl st.

The Library The 123 3rdLibrary st. 123 3rd st.

Loons Loons 1128 La Crosse st.

come in and find come in and nd out ... you’ll befiglad out ... you you’lldidbe glad you did

1128 La Crosse st.

Nutbush Nutbush 3264 George st. 3264 George st.

Ralph's In John's Bar Ringside 109 Pearl 3rd 223

Ringside Schmidty’s 223 Pearl st. Schmidty’s Shooter’s 3119 State rd.

breakfast buffet $9.95 $1 cans 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hamm’s

Shooter’s Tailgators 120 S 3rd st. 1019 S 10th st.

Tailgators TopS 10th Shots 1019 st. 137 S 4th st.

Top Shots Yesterdays 137 S 4th st. 317 Pearl st.


317 Pearl st. LA CRESCENT

Crescent Inn LA CRESCENT 444 Chestnut st.

Crescent Inn 444 Chestnut st. Speedy Taco 301 Kistler dr.

WINONA WINONA Betty Jo Betty Jo Byoloski’s Byoloski’s 66 Center st. 66 Center st.

Brothers Brothers 129 W 3rd st. 129 W 3rd st.

Godfather’s Godfather’s 30 Walnut st.

$1 all cans happy hour day Packer games: $1.50 Hamm’s Coors Light Silver, $1 Dr. shots, free brats Fiestahappy Night hour 7 - 12 all shots day $2 tequila

hamburger $1.25 hamburger $1.25 cheeseburger $150 cheeseburger $150

bacon cheeseburger, baconmug cheeseburger, fries, of beer: $4.50 fries, mug offries, beer: $4.50 drummies, mug of drummies, beer: $5 fries, mug of beer: $5


parmesan $2chicken mixers, taps, bottles sub $6 $1.00 OFF YOUR CHOICE OF FOOD

HAPPY HOUR 4 PM - 7Southwest PM Italian sandwich $1.00 OFF CHICKEN HOOP DAY!! MAKE chicken pita w/banana peppers PHILLY, $1.00 OFF YOUR SHOT AND $5 and parmesan &6 CHEESE CURDS



$1 cans PBR

$1 cansLUNCH SPECIALS $1 cans CHANGE DAILY $1 cans Busch Light Busch Light Old Style

$1 cans

$1 cans HAPPY Busch Light $2 Bacardi

PBR $4 domestic pitchers

cans- 12, 4 PM - 6$1 HOUR 10$1AM PMcans


$2 Busch SpottedLight Cow & DT Brown pints

Old Style Bucket Night

Night $10, Bucket $2 Bacardi mixers, 5 for $9mixers $1.50 rail vodka 10 -1 5 domestic bottles for $10, $2$1.75 Bacardirails mixers, $1.50$1 railPBR vodka mixers mugs 10 -1

$1.25 Litedomestic taps all day $1.75 $1.50bottles rails 10 - 1

$1.75 domestic $2.25 Pearl st. pints bottles $1.50 PBR bottles 7 - 12

$1 Point special bottles

$2.50 pints Bass & Guinness

$1.75 domestic bottles

$2.25 Pearl st. pints $1.50 PBR bottles


$2 Rolling Family pack:Rocks $2 domestic beer 10 tacos & 4 sodas for $14.99

8 - CL $1.50 rails $1.75 Bud cans 8 - CL burritos onrails the go: $1.50 buy a bigBud onecans and $1.75 get a free soda

Sunday Sunday

Monday Monday

2 for 1 burgers 2 for burgers& $1 off 1Bloodys $1Screwdrivers off Bloodys & Screwdrivers

half price appetizers, Import Club Night: half price appetizers, discounts on Night: all Import Club micros & imports discounts on all micros & imports

closed closed


$1 martinis $2 $1 mojitos martinis $3 $2 margaritas mojitos & Michelob Golden pitchers $3 margaritas & Michelob Golden pitchers

family buffet 5 -8 kids familyunder buffet105 pay -8 .45 cents per year of age kids under 10 pay .45 cents per year of age

5 for $9

HAPPY HOUR 10 AM - 12, 4 PM - 6 PM 5 domestic bottles for

$2.50 margaritas Fiesta Night 7 - 12 Pointshots special $2$1 tequila bottles $2.50 margaritas


$5.00 for $5.00 25 wings for 25 wings

BUCKhot WED burger, dog burger, hot dog or brat or brat

domestic $2$1.75 Spotted Cow & bottlespints DT Brown 7 - 12

$2 Rolling Rocks $2 domestic beer



HAPPY $1 tacos, Ladies $1 tacos, Ladies Night 2 for 1, Night for 1, 9 -2CL 9 - CL

Bacardi $1.25$2 Lite taps all day $1.50mixers rails 10 - 1



KARAOKE FLAVORS $1.25 domestic pints KARAOKE Wristband Night $2 double rails pints $1.25 domestic $3 Wristband Night $2 double calls rails $2 bottles $3 ALL double calls $2 ALLfilet, bottles chicken fries, pop: $4.75 cheeseburger, fries, pop: $4 cheeseburger, fries, beer: $4.25 pop: $4 beer:$4.75 $5 chicken fifilet, let, fries, pop: Philly or Reuben, fries, pop: cheeseburger, fries, beer: $4.25 mushroom/swiss, chicken filet, fries,fries, beer:pop: $5 Philly or Reuben, fries, Philly or Reuben, fries, pop: $4.25, mushroom/swiss, fries, $5.75, mushroom/swiss, fries, pop: $5.75,$6 Philly or Reuben, fries, beer: $4.25,$4.50 mushroom/swiss, fries, beer: beer: $6 beer: $4.50

$1.50 PBR bottles $4 domestic $1.50 Dr. shots pitchers after 7 p.m. $1.50 PBR bottles $2.50Dr.pints $1.50 shots Bassafter & Guinness 7 p.m.

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 113 30 Walnut st. 17

closed closed

closed closed

Pizza & Pizza pitcher & pitcher Chef specials daily Mighty Meatball closed closed sub $6

3119 State rd.


$1 taps $1 $1 taps rails rails 1/2 $1 price Tequila

25 wings: $5 25 wings: bucket of $5 beer: $12 bucket Packers of beer:games $12 during during Packers games

breakfast closedbuffet $9.95 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

120 S 3rd st.

closed closed


$1.00 off all Irish shots $2.50 pints of Guinness $3.00 imperial pints

Tuesday Wednesday

$1.75 rails $1 PBR mugs


$2 SHOTS OF GOLDSCHLAGER $2 SHOTS OF GOLDSLAGER $5 DOUBLE VODKA ENERGY DRINK $5 DOUBLE VODKA ENERGY DRINK $3 Bacardi Mixers $3 Bacardi Mixers jumbo Long Islands $3 jumbo Long Islands fish sandwich, fries, mug fishbeer: sandwich, of $5 fries, mug of beer: $5 fries, pop: fish sandwich, fish sandwich, fries, pop: $4.75 $4.75

AUCE fish fry AUCE DJ 9 fi- sh CLfry DJ 9 - CL

$3 Three Olives mixers $3 Captain mixers $3 $3 jumbo jumboLong Long Islands


$1.25 pints pintsgames during$1.25 Badgers duringDJ Badgers 9 - CLgames DJ 9 - CL


Chicken salad on rye w/ lettuce, tomato, onion $5

happy hour all day long! $1.00 OFF WILD WINGS, $1.00 PHILLY STEAK AND CHEESE. happy hour


all day long! $1.00 OFF WILD WINGS, $1.00 PHILLY STEAK AND CHEESE.

$1 cans Miller High Life Light $1 cans High Life $1Miller Dr. shots Light $3 16 oz Captain mixers $1 shotsIslands, $2Dr. Long $3 PBR 16 ozbottles, Captain mixers

Captain mixers $2 Long Islands, PBR bottles, Captain mixers


$1 cans PBR $1 cans

$1 Dr. shots PBR $3 16 oz Captain mixers $1$2.75 Dr. shots deluxe $3 16 oz Captain Bloodys ‘til 7, $4.50 mixers

lite pitchers 7 - 12 $2.75 deluxe Bloodys ‘til 7, $4.50 lite pitchers 7 - 12


$1 shots of Dr. $2.50 Polish

$1 domestic taps $3 Jager Bombs

Tuesday Wednesday

$2 u-call-it (except top shelf)



$1 shots of Dr. Speedy tacos $2.50 Polish $1.50

$1 domestic taps gyro, chips, soda $3 Jager Bombs $5.99

$2 u-call-it 3 chicken (except top fry shelf) taquitos $3.99

Fiesta burrito $6.99

$2.50 Captain $2.50 Jager Bombs & Polish $2.50 Captain $2.50 Jager Nachos Supreme Bombs & Polish $5.49

Thursday Thursday

Friday Friday

Saturday Saturday

Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday

HAPPY HOUR 3:15 - 6:15 HAPPY HOUR 3:15 - 6:15 free pitcher of pop or all day: tenderloin tips,

all-u-can-eat spaghetti all day $5.45 all-u-can-eat 25 cent hot spaghetti all wings day $5.45 425- cent 10 hot wings 4 - 10

shrooms, fries tips, or potenderloin tato, salad,fries roll or $9.95 shrooms, po50 cents offroll top$9.95 shelf tato, salad, 50 centsliquor off top shelf HAPPY HOUR 3 PM - 8 PM liquor

cent wings, $3 filled HAPPY 3 PM -10 8 PM 2 forHOUR 1 mug ($1wings, tap refills, 10 cent $3 fi$2 lled anything 2 for 1 rail $1refi High Life mugrefills) ($1 tap lls, $2 9 p.m. - close anything bottles/kamikaze rail refills) $1 Highshots Life 9 p.m. - close bottles/kamikaze any jumbo, large, or large 1 toppingshots pizza

medium pizza up or to 5 large 1 topping $9.99 pizza any jumbo, large, toppings: $11.99 large for $5) medium pizza up to 5 (get 2nd$9.99 toppings: $11.99 (get 2nd large for $5)

domestic withor free pitcherbeer of pop large beer pizza with domestic discounts on all large pizza domestic on beer discounts all domestic beer $1 O-Bombs/ Bazooka Joes, $1 O-Bombs/ Wristband Night Bazooka Joes, Wristband Night

all-u-can-eat fish $8.95 all day: lunch: fish sandwich & all-u-can-eat fish $8.95 fries lunch:$5.45 fish sandwich & fries $5.45


Prime Rib specials, one child free Prime Ribeats specials, with one adult one child eats free entree with one adult 4entree - 10: house wines $2.50 4 - 10: house wines $2.50

$2.50 Three Olives mixers $1.00 Root Beer Barrels $2.50 Captain Mixers $6.00 “Buck-its” beers $1.00 Root Beer (6 Barrels for $6.00) $6.00 “Buck-its” (6 beers

$2.50 Bacardi Mixers $5.00 Fishbowls $2.50 Bacardi Mixers $1.00 Fishbowls O-bombs & Bazooka $5.00 Joes $1.00 O-bombs & Bazooka

for $6.00)



May 15, 2008


Entertainment Directory 5/22 4/24-5/1 - 5/28 Sunday, April 27 May 25

La Crosse

Popcorn PopcornTavern Tavern Something SomethingJazz Jazz

Thursday, Thursday, April May 22 24 Bluffland Bloom & Brew Dan’s Place open mic, Michelle Lynn, Live DJ 9:00 Joshua Franke, Nick Shattuck, Chris Koza 7:00 The Recovery Room Live DJ Place 9:00 Dan’s Live DJ 9:00 Nutbush Live TheDJRecovery Room 10:00 Live DJ 9:00 Popcorn Tavern Nutbush The Moon 10:00 Live DJ 10:00 The Warehouse Popcorn Tavern Mayday TBA Parade, My American 10:00 Heart, The Graduate, Verona Grove 6:00 Nighthawks Dave Orr's Damn Jam 10:00 Friday, April 25 Friday, May 23 All Star Lanes Karaoke 9:00 All Star Lanes Karaoke 9:00 My Second Home Karaoke 9:00 My Second Home Karaoke 9:00 Player’s Live DJ 10:00 Player’s Live DJ 10:00 Nutbush Live DJ 10:00 Nutbush Live DJ 10:00 Popcorn Tavern Shoeless Revolution with Popcorn Tavern Comosapien 10:00 Bottom of the Barrel String Band 10:00 The Warehouse The Second String Dinosaurs,Union Saturday, Pulse, CardiacMay Radio,24 Tony Zobeck 6:00 All Star Lanes Saturday, April 26 Karaoke 9:00 Popcorn Tavern Smokin' Bandits Sterus


Players All Star Lanes Live DJ Karaoke

10:00 9:00

Nutbush Players Live DJ DJ Live

10:00 10:00

Nighthawks Nutbush Baron Von Volume Live DJ 10:00 5 Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116


Just A Roadie Away... 10:00 10:00

Monday, April 28 Monday, May 26


George St. Pub Adam Palm’s Open Jam Jam



9:00 Coheed The Phenomenauts, and CambriaThe AKA's First Avenue Triple Rock Social Club Death Cab for Cutie, Young Jeezy Myth Nightclub Rogue Wave Orpheum Theatre

Wed., 5/28 Thur., 4/24 Fri., 4/25 Mon., 6/2

Tuesday, May 27 Tuesday, April 29

Cloud Plays Cult, Zappa Mason Proper First First Avenue Avenue Zappa

Sat.,6/6 4/26 Fri.,

Nutbush Live DJ Nutbush

Stone Maya Angelou Temple Pilots

Fri., Sun.,6/6 4/27

Popcorn Tavern Shawn's Open Jam Jam



Live DJ Popcorn Tavern Paulie Popcorn Tavern





Wednesday, May 28 Wednesday, April 30 Nighthawks The M.O.B. (Men of Blues) Loon’s feat. Howard Luedtke and Comedy Night Dave Rodgers

8:30 8:00

Library Loon’s Karaoke Comedy Night

9:00 8:30

Coconut’s Library Live DJ Karaoke

10:00 9:00

Madison population


Player’s Longhorn Karaoke Karaoke


Popcorn Tavern Player’s Brownie’s Open Jam Karaoke

10:00 10:00

Got a show? Let know! Got us a show? We'll it in, yo. Let us put know! We'll put it in, yo.

Wed., 6/4 Sat., 4/26 Wed., 6/11 Tues., 4/29 Tues., 5/6 Thurs., 7/10 Fri., 5/9 Fri., 7/11

14,937 14,937

Charlie Parr Elf Lettuce

TheWaterfront Waterfront Bar Bar && Grill Grill Thurs., Sat., 4/26 The 5/29

Polydypsia Irie Sol

TheWaterfront Waterfront Bar Bar && Grill Grill Tues., Thur.,6/3 5/01 The

Kinetix The Dewayn Brothers

TheWaterfront Waterfront Bar Bar && Grill Grill The

Tues.,6/8 5/06 Sun.,

Little Marsh Overflow Heavy J and the Fantastics

The Waterfront Bar & Grill

Thurs., 6/12

The Waterfront Bar & Grill Thur., 5/08

Milwaukee Milwaukee



Sun., 6/1



The Joint Wu-Tang Wednesday


Buckethead, That 1 Guy Barrymore Theatre Future Rock, Dark Party (featuring Eliot Lipp & Leo123) Sheryl Crow Alliant Energy Center High Noon Saloon Stephen Marley Barrymore Theatre Cartel, Ten Second Epic Majestic Theatre Umphrey's McGee, STS9 Tegan & Sara Barrymore Theatre (Sound Tribe Sector 9) Alliant Energy Center The Avett Brothers High Noon Saloon Cornmeal Memorial Union Terrace

population population

Longhorn Coconut’s Karaoke Live DJ

The JointTavern Popcorn Wu-Tang Wednesday Brownie’s Open Jam

Roy TheWilkins O'Shaughnessy Auditorium


Rilo Kiley


Pabst Theater

Fri., 5/23

Brooks & Dunn Amphitheater Tech N9ne, Paul Wall, Ill Bill Marcus The Rave/Eagles Ballroom

Fri., 5/30 Wed., 4/30

Buckethead Lila Downs

Fri., 5/30 Thur., 5/30

Riversplash Latino Arts Festival Auditorium

Indigo Girls Park Sun., 6/8 The Presidents of the UnitedMaier StatesFestival of America The Rave/Eagles Ballroom Mon., 5/05 B.B. King Potawatami Casino Mon., 6/9 18 April 24, 2008

I'm Jonesin' for a crossword "A Greet Addition" -- don't just say hello By Matt Jones Across 1 Leading 4 Michael of “Juno” 8 Like some registries 14 Prefix for terrorism 15 “I hear ya, brother!” 16 Lunar craft 17 ___ Lingus (Irish airline) 18 “Hi, here are some TV knobs,” in Spanish? 20 One of the five Beijing Olympics mascots 22 Pocket watch attachment 23 They may veer from the main melody 24 Chicago-style hot dog option 26 “Deserving Design” host Vern 28 Record, in a way 29 Neckwear organizer 31 “Pride and

Prejudice” author 33 Singer Bareilles 34 Trail followers 37 Letter signoff, for short 38 “Hello, here’s some wheat protein,”

in German? 41 Org. that sets law school standards 44 More than enough 45 “Friends” friend 49 Insect in a plague 51 Seek 53 Rudiments

54 Stick in the microwave 57 Like some sherpas 58 Transparent, as hose 60 “Help!” 62 Photo finish, so to speak?

63 “Greetings, I’m a happy dog,” in Japanese? 66 Bill the Cat outburst 67 College credit source 68 Trig ratio 69 “___ need to explain?” 70 Empty-___ (one whose kids have left the house) 71 “Oh, my!” 72 Hill critter Down 1 Short, stout vessels 2 Island group that sometimes includes New Zealand 3 More X-rated 4 Structure by the swimming pool 5 Aussie bird 6 Hazard for a hull 7 Bug the hell out of 8 Stool samples, for short 9 Handguns 10 Numskulls 11 Good and evil, e.g. 12 Pervasive 13 Word after chess or tennis 19 ___-Wan Kenobi

21 Item banned under players’ helmets by the NFL in 2001 25 Longtime Starbucks chairman Howard 27 “Wayne’s World” encouragement 30 “Being for the Benefit of Mr. ___!” (“Sgt. Pepper’s” song) 32 “Psych” network 35 “Letters from Iwo Jima” actor Watanabe 36 Docs who check out head colds 39 Turntablist’s collection 40 Complaint 41 From Fairbanks 42 Burbank’s airport is named for him 43 Southern, French and Cockney, for three 46 It’s played before many NHL games 47 Element #14 48 2006 comedy about gymnastics 50 Web newsgroup collective 52 Three-___ race 55 Baseball bat wood 56 Cool quality 59 Get up

Answers to Issue 116's "Two of a Kind"

61 Drink out of a paper bag, perhaps 64 Midpoint: abbr. 65 Santa ___, Calif. ©2008 Jonesin’ Crosswords ( For answers to this puzzle, call: 1-900-226-2800, 99 cents per minute. Must be 18+. Or to bill to your credit card, call: 1-800-655-6548. Reference puzzle #0358.

Downtown La crosse, above fayze’s - 782-6622

Weekly 9 Ball Tournament on 9' Tables Every Saturday @ 3:00 $10 Entry Fee, 100% Payback


May 15, 2008

La Crosse’s Largest Sports Bar

223 Pearl St - Downtown La Crosse - 608-782-9192 CHECK OUT ALL OUR SPECIALS IN COMM MMUNITY SERV R RVICE

Second Supper, Issue 117  
Second Supper, Issue 117  

Consume! Checks are in the mail, idiocy is in the oval office.