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FREE VOL. 8 ISSUE 116 May 15, 2008

School's out for Summer!

Hybrids - Bikes - Trains - Buses - Skateboards

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Things to drink out of 1. '70s diner brown coffee mug 2. Ball canning jar 3. 12 oz. bottle 4. Belgian beer tulip glass 5. Milk carton 6. CamelBak 7. Flask Songs about restaurants

Favorite Lost characters 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Hurley John Locke Sun Sayid Charlie Jin Sawyer

Tools to write with 1. Pilot G2-07 pen 2. Chisled-tip dry erase marker 3. Fine Sharpie 4. Bic mechanical pencil 5. Mr. Sketch scented markers 6. Lipstick 7. Calligraphy pen Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

1. Alice's Restaurant (Arlo Guthrie) 2. Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega) 3. The Waitress (Tori Amos) 4. Sugar Shack (Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs) 5. Waffle House Homecoming (The Josh Joplin Group) 6. Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Belle & Sebastian) 7. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town (Pearl Jam)

Photo Editor: Kelly Morrison


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When Pigs Fly

WHAT: Syttende Mai Festival WHERE: City of Westby. WHEN: Friday, May 16 - Sunday, May 18 May 17 marks the day the Constitution of Norway was signed. Wondering how to honor Norway's 1194th year of independence? Truck it on down to the Syttende Mai festival in Westby, "a little city with a big Velkommen"! At Westby's 39th annual festival, you'll find a way to celebrate your Norwegian heritage with pride, or just have a good time... even if you aren't even part Norwegian. Visit the heritage tent to see demonstrations of Norwegian arts including rosemaling, wood carving, weaving, needlework, fiddlemaking, and baking. Purchase Norwegian goodies at the arts and crafts fair, quilt auction, flea market, or bake sale. Don't need anymore quilts? Then just get your fix at the smorgasbord: a steak fry, pancakes, and lefse, oh my! Burn it all off with the run/walk or bike tour. Put on your dancing shoes and check out a performance of Scandinavian classics with ten different bands (yes, dancing and singalong is very much welcomed!). The three-day festival also features an auto and truck show, kiddie tractor pull, early Wisconsin exhibits, a lip synching contest, and even go kart races. Don't already have plans for the weekend? Westby's calling your name. Sk책l!


MEAN BOYS USE BEAN SHOOTERS TO ANNOY CITIZENS Saturday, October 28, 1871 La Crosse Democrat Of all the mean things in creation, an ugly, mean, cowardly boy with a "bean shooter" is the meanest. A decent, respectable boy is careful when he shoots and only uses beans or other harmless items, but your mean boy, the one who will end up in State Prison if he is not hung before arriving at maturity, uses shot in his bean shooter and he shoots where he can do the most damage. An unruly horse is what suits him for target, and no sooner is the back of the driver turned when the boy steps out from behind a corner and does his best, with a shot from his bean shooter, to cause a runaway. He is often successful, and no one knows what frightened the horse. Some of these little devils, whose names we shall mention if they don't stop shooting, are in the habit of breaking windows and shooting at ladies who happen to be out in their yards. A shot from one of those shooters striking a person in the eye will put the eye out as readily as though coming from a gun. In many towns boys with these contrivances are arrested by the police, and the suggestion is made that the La Crosse police be authorized to lock up the boys who use them here. It is hoped that something of the kind may be done.

True Tales of La Crosse: Unusual Stories from Old Newspapers of La Crosse, Wisconsin Compiled and edited by Douglas Connell (La Crosse, Wis. : D. Connell), 1994.

May 15, 2008

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Second Supper’s back on the social networking bandwagon this week, with an all-new chain of townies to answer our deliciously revealing questions. Each week, the interviewee will know the person from the week before, and so it shall continue.You see? We really are all connected. If anyone knows Kevin Bacon, drop us a line... NAME & AGE: Libby Hembd, 27

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2008 Commencement Speech L

adies and gentlemen, distinguished faculty members and fellow graduates. Well, we did it. We’ve survived countless number of nights cramming for our exams, putting those finishing touches on the papers due in the morning, fueling ourselves with cheap coffee and pizza. And now, this afternoon, we celebrate the culmination of all of these years of sweat, tears and determination to get to the finish line. It is with great responsibility and pride when I tell you that with your new degree…you’re going to be doing jack squat in the real world. Congratulations, you now have a $20,000 piece of paper. Take pride, my fellow graduates, that if this was the 18th century, your double major of English and Philosophy would have ensured a life filled with riches and pleasure. Now, after all these years of hard work, you will be finally free to espouse the philosophies of Kant and Nietzsche to your hard-working co-workers at McDonalds. Believe me, they’ll be listening more readily when you explain the philosophy of nihilism between bagging Big Macs and McNuggets than any eager student you could have hoped to have. Take solace, Recreational Management graduates, that your future is looking very bright. Indeed, you’re going to need sunglasses where you’re going, because driving the beverage carts on golf courses is sunny work indeed. Remember that if you stick with your respected careers long enough, you will soon be head assistant manager at Bob’s Discount Nine Hole! Remember, my fellow graduates, no dream is too big…unless you were expecting some type of high-paying career with some semblance of the major you just spent the last four plus years of your life slaving for. Take joy, science graduates, that your future in research will be very promising…in other countries.With the funding towards scientific research reaching new heights in Europe and other lands, a short hop over the lake and the minimal task of learning a new language will ensure you a very promising future. Remember, when a German asks you if you want to “shtup meine Kombüse,” respond with “nein, danke.” Remember these few simple tips and your life will be prosperous and plentiful. Just don’t forget your Liederhosen! We are about to embark into a whole new world. One unfamiliar with our customs of “beer bongs” and “flip cups” and “it’s not really date rape if I asked her to blink once for yes and twice for no and she blinked once when she threw up all over my Xbox.” No, my fellow graduates, we are about to enter the real world; a world with deadlines, responsibility and the exact same assholes you encountered in college, except now they’re your boss. What an exciting time to be alive! Imagine all the places you’ll go, like the head janitor at the elementary school, or to be the envy of every blue-collar worker at the box factory when you, after 23 long years, finally become assistant head co-manager. From this point on, when the assistant head manager asks you to grab some coffee, you’ll finally be able to look him in the eyes when asking “cream or sugar?” So, to the class of 2008, I offer up my sincerest congratulations on this grand achievement. The old saying “today is the first day of the rest of your life” is sure to hold a special meaning for each and every one of you, especially when you realize this means the first day you start working at your dead-end 9-to-5 job for the next 30 years in order to afford to send your bastard children to this same shitty university as the cycle continues in its vicious downward...cycle. So, to the graduating class of 2008, I will leave you with this piece of advice: Aim for the brain stem, as this ensures you will be killed instantly and painlessly.


May 15, 2008

Oh, the Nowheres You'll Go! Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to drudge! You're off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes You can pour yourself any flavor of booze. You're on your own. And you know what they know. And your TV is the guy who'll decide where to go. You'll look up and down streets. Look 'em over with care. About some you will say, "Screw it! I’m going there!" With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you're too bored not to go down any not-so-good street. And you may not find any you'll want to go down. In that case, of course, you'll never get out of town. It's safer there in the stale, musty air. Out there bad things happen and frequently do to people as nosy and mouthy as you. And when things start to happen, don't worry. Don't stew. Just act like a schlong. You'll start happening too. OH! THE NOWHERES YOU'LL GO! You'll be on your way down! You'll be seeing great sights! You'll TiVo the high fliers who soar to high heights. You won't lag behind, because you've taken some speed. You'll piss off the whole gang and they’ll beat you, indeed. Wherever you fly, you'll see the best of the best. Wherever you go, you’ll get dropped by the rest. Except when you don' t Because, sometimes, you won't. I'm sorry to say so but, sadly, it's true and sexual Hang-ups can happen to you. You can get all hung up in a prickle-ly perch. And your gang will fly on. You'll be left dating Lurch. You'll get down with the Lurch with an unpleasant bump. And the chances are, then, that he’ll give you a Slump. And when you've got a Slump, you'll have Free Clinic fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done. You will come to a place where the streets are not marked. Some streets are lighted. But mostly they're darked. A place you could sprain both your knees and your chin!

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

By Brett Emerson

Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? How much can you lose? How much can’t you win? And IF you go in, should you vote left or right... or right-and-three-quarters? Or, maybe, not quite? Or find a third party and sneak in from behind? Simple it is, I'm afraid you will find, for a mind-maker-upper to make up your mind. You can get so confused that you'll start in to race down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace and grind on for miles across pop culture space, headed, I fear, toward a most useless place. MySpace... ...for people just waiting. Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go or the mail to come, or the rain to go or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow or waiting around for a Yes or a No or waiting for their hair to grow. Everyone is just waiting. Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for wind to fly a kite or waiting around for Friday night or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake or a pot to boil, or a Better Break or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants or a wig with curls, or Another Chance. Everyone is just waiting. YEAH! That's just for you! You'll never escape all that waiting and staying. You'll find the dark places where Emo Bands are playing.

On you will go though your enemies prowl On you will go though the Häagen-Dazs howl Onward up many a frightening shit creek, though your arms may get sore and your weiner may leak. On and on you will hike and I know you'll hike far and hide from your problems whatever they are. You'll get mixed up, of course, as you already know. You'll get mixed up with many bastards as you go. So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact and remember that Life's a Great Bullshitting Act. Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And never mix up your right nut with your left. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (Minus the 98 and 3 / 4 percent service fee.) KID,YOU'LL MOVE MOLEHILLS! So... be your name Belding or Bow-Tie or Bray or Samuel Powers Gary Coleman O'Shea, you're off to Same Places! Today is your day! Your molehill is waiting. So...get on your way!

With banner flip-flapping, once more you'll get high! Ready to eat anything under the sky. Ready because you're that kind of a guy! Oh, the nowheres you'll go! There’s no fun to be done! There are times to get bored. there are games never won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est porn star of all. Fame! You'll be famous as famous can be, with the whole wide world watching you break down on TV. Except when they don't. Because, sometimes, they won't. I'm afraid that some times you'll play lonely games too. Games you can't win 'cause you'll play against you. All Alone! Whether you like it or not, Alone will be something you'll be quite a lot. And when you're alone, there's a very good chance you'll meet things that tear you right out of your pants. There are some, down the dumpster between hither and yon, that can scare you so much you won't want to go on. But on you will go though the weather be foul

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Q&A with Bjorn Bergman, UW-L Student Senate Vice Prez. By Maria Pint

SS: How about naming a daughter Maria?

Bjorn Bergman is a senior at UW-La Crosse and was this year’s Student Senate Vice President. I’m mildly obsessed with Bjorn and wrote about him in my College Sucks column a few times this year so this interview was a real treat for me.

BB: (Laughs) Maybe Maria. SS:Alright, I got a maybe! So after three years at UW-L, what is the one thing you would change about UW-L? What would you like to see different about the campus?


BB: My big thing is making college campuses more green and one of the things I’ve been working towards all year is getting more renewable energy on campus. I guess my biggest thing about La Crosse is just trying to make it an example of how society needs to be run; our campus needs to consume less energy and produce more of its own. I could talk about that for hours but that’s my big thing about higher education and I think La Crosse is starting to take the right steps.

Second Supper: Thank you for coming today, Bjorn. I’d just like to say, I’m a big fan! So why did you get involved with the student senate? Bjorn Bergman: Well, I was a transfer student to La Crosse my sophomore year, and I went to Winona State before this and there were some kids on my floor that were involved in the student government there and I thought, “Oh that would be a cool thing to do.” So my sophomore year, second semester, there was someone that told me about a lot of open seats on the senate and told me I should email the vice president. So she put me on as the College of Science and Allied Health senator. I don’t know, I thought it would be cool to get more involved in the campus government and see if I could make change somehow.

SS: Did you have any impact in this respect on the new academic building?

SS: So you’ve got no future plans in politics?

BB: Yeah I actually did. I was one of the student members of the steering committee and I was there all the time advocating for green design. At one point in the process we got the committee to stop and completely change the design for the building. It’s a starting point for our campus.

BB: Right now I’m taking a break.

SS: When is it supposed to be up?

SS: OK, taking a step down from the spotlight. What is your major then?

BB: They’re supposed to be tearing stuff down June 2009 and it should be ready, I think, fall of 2011. We’re pretty much done with the whole design of the building except the small details.

BB: My major is in biology with an environmental science concentration and I have a chemistry minor. So my major and minor have nothing to do with politics but one of the main reasons why I wanted to get involved in politics is because I feel there is a huge disconnect between science and politics. I think it’s good to get the two mixed together a little bit. I don’t know, I’m a big science nerd. SS: That’s OK. Are you planning on going to grad school or getting a job…hopefully? BB: I’m getting a job but it’s not your average job. One of my big passions is agriculture and working on farms, like local sustainable agriculture. Two summers ago I worked on an organic farm an hour north of Milwaukee for three and a half months and I’ve been in contact with a (similar) farm in northwestern Wisconsin. There was a couple running the farm and the woman decided to move to Vermont so the man needed someone to help him manage the farm and he asked me to do that for the entire summer. SS: Are you looking forward to it? BB: Yes, a lot because I really like local agriculture where people can know where their food is coming from, that’s one of my big passions. I’m excited for it, because I just get to sit out in the woods in this really cool sustainable community. SS: Speaking of graduation and future plans, I saw that you are one of the top graduating stu-


dents of UW-L. How does one even do that?

SS: Are you tight with Joe Gow?

BB: I was nominated for that award; you have to get nominated by the department and it’s for the top graduating senior in the sciences. I was really blown away when I got the award because it turns out my advisor and the chair of the Biology Department nominated me for the award. There was some pretty tough competition but they decided to give it to me; I was kind of surprised.

BB: We talk. Fred and I have meetings with him; he’s a really nice guy.

SS:Wow, well congrats! So if you could give one piece of advice to underclassmen on how to succeed like Bjorn, what would it be? BB: Wow, you think I’m a role model?! SS: Oh yeah! People see you biking around campus… BB: Eating green vegetables? Ha ha [In reference to one of my columns regarding Bjorn riding his bike while eating an unidentified green leafy vegetable] SS: What was that by the way? BB: It was kale. It’s in the broccoli family; it’s like eating the leaves off of the broccoli plant. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense green vegetables you can eat; it’s one of my favorite vegetables. Ask Joe Gow about it, he and his wife eat it a lot too.

SS: I know! I went to his inauguration. So how did you and Fred decide who was going to be pres and VP.? BB: It was November of my junior year, right around election time, and we were down at the Bodega. It was around one in the morning and Fred pulled me outside and was like, “Bjorn, do you want to run with me?” SS: How do you feel about the elected officials for next year? BB: I think they’ll do a good job. It was nice though because this year, all of the candidates would have done a really good job regardless of who got elected. SS: So why did you parents name you Bjorn? BB: It was my dad, he liked the name Bjorn. No family ties or anything like that, my parents just decided that the next son they had would be named Bjorn. So I was born and I was Bjorn. SS: Would you ever consider naming a son Bjorn Jr.? BB: No.

SS: Do you have any other messages you want to get out to the greater La Crosse, La Crescent area? BB: I guess to students, going back to the question about what should students do to be more “Bjorn-like,” as you put it. Personally, I’ve learned more from organizations on campus than in the classroom and I would recommend everyone to do as much as they can to get involved because the learning experiences there are priceless. Being vice president of the student government has taught me so much and I feel like I can get a job any where I want right now… SS: That’s because you’re Bjorn. BB: Ha, well it’s because I’m so involved. I probably spend over half my time on my organizations. I realize that higher education needs to be there and I think it’s a great thing but going outside the books and not just being a bookworm is important to get you outside your bubble. Like writing for a newspaper! SS: Exactly!

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May 15, 2008


Bjorn! I normally have so many random obsessions in my life that it’s hard to keep track of them all. I recently rediscovered my love for sloths through YouTube; check out “Sloth Swimming Remix”…it won’t disappoint. Another lost obsession of mine resurfaced this weekend while I was busy doing some odd jobs for Second Supper. I’m normally just a columnist for this fine publication, essentially because I have only mediocre writing skills when you make me write about something besides myself. But at the meeting this past week, my editor suggested that I interview Bjorn Bergman, the vice president of the student senate at UW-La Crosse. I automatically accepted because I love Bjorn and figured it would at least be an easy interview to do since I had so many questions for him. Now you may be wondering how I just happened to become obsessed with Bjorn, well earlier in the year my editor also had the awesome idea to make me sit in on the student senate meetings to stay current on campus events. For the record, they normally lasted three hours. So during those exceedingly long and boring meetings, I would keep myself busy by drawing pictures of Bjorn. Now that I put that in print, it does sound a little creepy, but come on, three hours?! I had to do something to keep myself awake. Instead of writing about the happenings of the student senate which was technically my assignment however, I generally just wrote all about Bjorn and my drawings made it in print occasionally too. One time I was even biking home and I saw Bjorn biking towards me, riding with no hands, while he was just casually munching on an unidentified green leafy vegetable. It really brightened my day and I proceeded to go home and write about it right away. This whole time though, I never actually knew if Bjorn was reading my columns. I was always hopeful that he did and maybe even hung them up on his wall at home, but I was fairly realistic about the chances; slim to none. Well in my interview, which you can find in this issue too by the way, I got confirmation on my hopes and dreams: Bjorn had been reading my columns! I was blown away to say the least; not

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

only did Bjorn tell me he had read them but he actually seemed honored to be mentioned! Wow, Bjorn really is a cool guy. Probably better than finding out he read my weird little stories about him, though, was the fact that I actually got to sit down and talk to him for like 20 minutes. I found out what the unidentified green leafy vegetable was, kale apparently, and all about his future plan and whatnot; it was very interesting. My favorite quote from the interview was when we were talking about his name and all about how his parents just decided their next son would be named Bjorn when he said, “So I was born and I was Bjorn.” Say it out loud, trust me. The best thing I found out from Bjorn however, was the fact that Joe Gow has been reading my columns when I talk about him too! O-M-G! Apparently, there’s someone on staff in the chancellor's office that reads through all of the campus publications and flags all of them that even mention the words “Joe” and “Gow.” Then can you guess what happens? Joe Gow himself reads them! Score! Oh man I just hope all the times I referred to him as Joe Go still counted and he read them too. I love that Joe Go. Now you won’t find this in the official write up of the interview because it was just too hard to explain, but somewhere near the end of our 15 minutes, Bjorn and I had this exact conversation:

Intimate Treasures Downtown Book & Video Downtown Book & Video 310 4th St. Downtown 220 SW First Ave 72 E Third St. 608-782-3287 507-252-1997 507-453-9031

bar & grill

By Maria Pint

Me:You should be our mascot! Bjorn: Thank you! Me: I’m just saying… Bjorn: Do I have to wear the suit? Me: NO! Just be yourself, Bjorn! Bjorn: I think I scare some people… Me: Well I’ve yet to meet those people, Bjorn. I know, right?! I was listening to the recording of the interview later and laughed out loud when I got to that part. Why in the world would I even suggest he be our mascot?! I don’t know, but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I get starstruck easily and no one knows what’s going to come out of my mouth when that happens. Bjorn is for sure a star in my eyes and I’m just glad I didn’t say anything weirder than that. Good luck in life, Bjorn!


clothing provided by Vintage Vogue 115 S 5th Avenue Downtown La Crosse 60's Lace Formal - $25 60's Floral Shift - $12 LamĂŠt Oriental Style Top - $8 Photographer: Peter Boysen Environs: around town Models: Jamie Lynn Buehner & Alyson Norgaard


May 15, 2008

Q&A with Alex Botwin of Pnuma Trio So we went on the road immediately, and we pretty much had to if we were going to make the shit work.

term — but after starting in the late ‘90s it seemed like it kind of played itself out a bit. Now do you think you can incorporate some new elements into it?

SS: When was that? AB: We started the band Dec. 22 three years ago and then our first show was Feb. 12, three years ago. SS: Quite the three years, huh?

By Adam Bissen Pnuma Trio emerged three years ago as young darlings of the “livetronica” scene. Consisting of three musicians still below the legal drinking age, Pnuma barnstormed the country and won over improvisation-oriented fans who found their music fun, if just a bit formulaic. “As far as our old stuff goes, I think it’s just super-indicative of what we were at the time: immature,” bassist Alex Botwin told Second Supper. “We were just trying to make songs so we could tour and be in big.” Playing 200-pus concerts per year did help Pnuma Trio make it big — big enough to headline the Bella Sol festival this Memorial Day weekend — but a funny thing happened on the road to jamband stardom: Botwin rediscovered his love of DJing. Juggling a production career, electronic side projects and the trio that made him famous fills Botwin’s schedule, but as he repeatedly stresses in a 40-minute telephone interview, he just loves this opportunity to make music. Second Supper: How you doing? Alex Botwin: I’m doing good. I’m working on something super dope right now. It’s pretty tight. SS: Oh yeah? What are you working on? AB: Just some tracks. Here, just a second — let me play some for you. [plays 45 seconds of drum ‘n bass] Just some new music. What’s going down? SS: Not much. Got some time to talk? AB:Yeah, definitely. SS: Sweet. It’s nice to meet you now instead of on the Lowdown [A Sound Tribe Sector 9 message board where Botwin occasionally posts.] AB: Yeah, it’s all good. It’s funny because I used to read that shit before. You know, I used to see Sound Tribe a long, long time ago. We were doing southeast tours and it was me and like seven other kids were the only kids on Sound

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

Tribe tour. So I used to check that shit, and once I started doing this shit I like had to stop because there’s so much shit-talking it’s a shame. SS: I suppose you’d have to grow some thick skin to read all that. AB:Yeah. But anyway, yeah. SS: So where are you at right now? AB: In Boulder [Colorado, his home]. Just got off the road doing a northeast tour which was cool. And it’s starting to be festival season, which is pretty full up.

AB: Oh, yeah. We were forced into touring and for the first two years we did over 200 shows per year. We did 226 shows in 2006, so it’s like literally we made these songs and now we’re going to tour super hard just to get our name out. But in reality, it’s like I had all this computer shit going on also before. We didn’t really have time to get incorporated because as soon as we got our booking agent [he] just worked us so fucking hard that when we were off the road we weren’t working on shit because we would have like two days off at the most. SS: But the music you made when you first started in 2005 — you said you were doing Sector 9 tour before that, and the New Deal kind of had the model set for what a threepiece livetronica trio sounds like. When you were starting, were you just trying to follow these models that had been set or did you have this other perception in your mind of the kind of music that you wanted to make? AB: Like I said before, I clearly wanted to integrate all of my computer stuff. So in the time when we met, we heard all this — like we were

AB: Um, yeah. The livetronica thing, I don’t even know. Like even with the PA set thing I’m trying to do some real electronic shows with some real people that I really look up to. Elliot Lipp [a Brooklyn DJ] and Lane and I are doing a project together. I talk to Elliot almost everyday and we talk about all kinds of shit. Obviously I appreciate the jamband fans and I even came from that shit, I definitely went on tour with Phish, went on tour with Sound Tribe so I know what’s going on with that — I don’t really listen to much of that stuff anymore. I still like some Sound Tribe shows, and the Biscuits have been really good people with us — and the same with Sound Tribe — so I have a lot of respect for them and I like seeing those shows. But other than that I’m not really listening to much of that shit anymore.Where I want to be is playing with the electronic people that is the shit I want to get down to, like Flying Lotus and Prefuse [73] and those dudes, all that shit. Even hip-hop stuff, too. SS: It almost sounds like you sound conflicted because the jamband scene is what you came from and what made you famous and where a lot of your fans hail from, but now that you’re doing the electronica thing do you still feel obligated to go with the band, or do you want to follow what you’re feeling right now on the laptop? AB: I don’t feel obligated to stick with the band

SS: That song you just dropped — are you working on new material right now or is this a time to rest up before you guys hit the road? AB: No, I mean I produce full-time when I’m not on the road with Pnuma. I’ve been doing a bunch of work with Count Bass D. And actually I just got 8-Ball from [Memphis rappers] 8Ball and MJG on a track. I’m just doing a bunch of shit like that. I’ve been doing some solo gigs with just Lane, my drummer, and a PA system, which is basically all my music that I’m producing. It’s just basically an outlet for me to play all that. SS: I know you guys rose to fame by doing the organic sound with the drums and the keys and the bass. Have you been doing the DJ thing all along, or is this just something that you started to do recently? AB: Oh, no. I went to college for music production. It was like when we started Pnuma we wanted to incorporate the computers. It’s so hard because we met and then like three weeks later all quit what we were doing and were like “Let’s just do this.” It’s sort of a rushed scenario because once we quit what we were doing our parents were like “Well, you’re not getting any money for anything.” We were forced into starting to tour really fast because we were like “Alright, for this to work we have to do it.” We met and just every day for three months for like 10 hours a day or more and [wrote] like 15 songs, super quick. It was like three songs a day.

listening to all that stuff and all kinds of other music. Before that I was doing Phish tour, or whatever. So as far as New Deal, [Disco] Biscuits, Sound Tribe if that’s what we’re talking about, I definitely listened to Sound Tribe, I definitely listened to the Biscuits and I definitely listened to New Deal for a time — and even Lotus and Signal Path, like I watched GrooveTV videos of Signal Path back in the day, you know what I’m saying?

at all, but Lane [Shaw, drummer] is one of my best friends and Ben [Hazlegrove, keyboards] is like an important part of my life. I’m going keep making my shit regardless because that’s what I do all the time and that’s what I love and that’s what I’m going to be doing either way, but I feel like right now there’s a lot of growth potential for Pnuma as far as musically. SS: So three years ago when you started this, is this the place that you thought you’d be?

SS: Oh, yeah! AB: It’s like we heard all these things and it’s like “Let’s do something that’s our own,” but of course it’s going to take keys from there because that was like what was going on — like for our lives! SS: I guess I have to commend you for trying to do something new. Because it seemed for a while — and “livetronica” is kind of a sticky

AB: Ha! I mean for me personally I have my studio in my house and I wake up everyday and I produce beats all day everyday and then I get to go on the road with my band and I get to see my homies from all over the place in every state that I go to. For me it’s the best part. SS: So what’s your summer looking like?

see Pnuma, page 15 10

Reviews - your guide to consumption Blonde Doppelbock Capital Brewing Company Madison, Wisconsin Blondes have made me do plenty of surprising things in my life, but this is the first time one has tricked me into buying a strong lager. I just couldn’t help myself. It could have been all of those fond memories I have of the Red Hook Blonde Ale, or perhaps it was the hot new labels the Capital Brewing Company has been wrapping around its beers, but when I saw the word “blonde” splayed out in capital letters over the capitol dome I knew this beer would be coming home with me. Unfortunately, as has happened other times I popped off the top, I was a little disappointed by what I found inside. Here, Capital didn’t brew up a blonde ale, a peach from the American craft movement, it instead invents a blonde doppelbock, which is damn near an oxymoron and tastes just as confused. First of all, although it’s labeled as a “platinum blonde,” the beer pours closer to a strawberry blonde, practically a redhead. There’s a Ratings: lacey head that disappears within moments and a sweet, malty aroma 5 of 10 that pervades the nostrils. This is also the first hint of the 6.9 percent alcohol content that coats everything from the smell to the taste to 6 of 10 the writing of this review. Taking a sip, I was surprised by the amount of malt Capital could cram into this beer. That’s a testament to the 5.5 of 10 doppelbock style, but it’s not something I’d like to sip in the spring7 of 10 time — no matter the color of the beer. To its credit, this blonde has a thick mouthfeel, much richer than other lagers, and it offers a 6.5 of 10 clean finish for something so malty. Still, it tastes like a wimpy miscast Marzen, surprisingly unbalanced for a Capital beer. This is what hapTotal: pens when you take a risk and try to make a doppelbock something it’s not. Like a pretty flaxen-haired woman embarrassed when her 30 of 50 roots show, sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.

— Adam Bissen


$12.00 / lbs. at the Briar Patch

reless i W e Fre et! Intern ig Ten NFL, B rk! Netwo

Great Study Environment right across from Onalaska High! 426 2nd Ave South Onalaska, WI 608.781.9999 -

Streudeldoodle. No, we're not reviewing some designer, mini-dog this week -- Streudeldoodle is, however, a rare breed.With a luxurious (pronounced lugzuurius) aroma of deep chocolate hues laced with spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla, this flavored brew was looking to be a sweet treat...maybe even too sweet. But no! A deep gulp followed by a noisy slurp negates my assumptions and I'm swept into a vicious world of nutty spice. The best way to describe this delicious coffee is as a spritely, youthful Santa Clause, tarred in molasses and feathered in cinnamon and sugar. It's a got a great, hearty Colombian base that will assuage any fears of a bad roast and the flavoring is extremely well done, light and distinct yet not overpowering. This is a great example of a perfectly flavored coffee. Well-balanced and exotic without ruining or covering up any of that fabulous coffee flavor. This brew is a perfect dessert coffee and is delicious on ice as well. — Joel Kuennen

(southwestern) 11

(soups & sandwiches) May 15, 2008

Film Reviews THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES (2008)

Director:Vadim Perelman Cast: Uma Thurman, Evan Rachel Wood, Eva Amurri Writer: Emil Stern, based on the book by Laura Kasischke By Nicholas Cabreza The Life Before Her Eyes holds you, the audience, in contempt. Insulting your intelligence at every corner, the sadistic Eyes baits you with good performances and a dangerously taboo premise, only to plant a stink bomb where once there stood promises of originality and artistic achievement. Just when you think it couldn’t possibly aim any lower or sink any deeper, it does exactly that. Nine years after the fact, Eyes capitalizes on two unrelated 1999 events: The Columbine High School massacre, and the release of The Sixth Sense. Five minutes into the film, best friends Diana (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maureen (Eva Amurri) find themselves in the girls’ bathroom in their small town high school when gunshots ring out in the hallway. Seconds later, the gunman bursts in and eyes them with his rifle. Then, because we need a twist ending, the

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990) Directed By: Renny Harlin Starring: Andrew Dice Clay,Wayne Newton, Priscilla Presley Written By: Sven Davison, David Dobkin Ahh, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. One of my favorite movies since high school, and let me tell hasn't aged a bit! The movie follows Ford "Mr. Rock n' Roll Detective" Fairlane, hot on another case involving the death of a the lead singer of The Black Plague. And let me tell you, when somebody calls Fairlane a dick, they ain't just talking about his failing private eye career. After getting into one of the hottest clubs in LA, Fairlane rubs elbows with Julian Grendel, a head record company executive played by the always awesome Wayne Newton, who is saddened to hear about the death of Bobby Plague. Following their light hearted conversation, Fairlane runs into a character that he's been hired to find, and just before

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

Bibliophile film skips ahead 15 years to find the adult Diana (Uma Thurman) still struggling with that experience as the massacre’s anniversary approaches. Eyes skips back and forth between the teenage Diana, wrestling with identity in the days leading up to the massacre, and the adult Diana, an overprotective mother who, for some morbid reason, teaches art history at the high school where the massacre occurred. Borrowing from a wide-range of influences—from Atonement to “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”—Eyes aspires to be nothing more than a Sixth Sense knockoff. Even the school shooting is placed in the background, used as a ploy to warrant a twist ending, even though director Vadim Perelman finds time to linger aimlessly around the bloody, bullet-riddled bodies of students and teachers. With a thin plot and thinner ambition, Eyes takes the audience for complete idiots, flooding the final five minutes with recaps and flashbacks because we, since we’re so dumb, couldn’t possibly assemble the pieces ourselves. I'm getting mad just writing about it; I have to stop. he throws him across the bar, utters the best one liner in the history of movies ever: "You're ten seconds away from the most embarrassing moment of your life. OHHH!" Needless to say, Fairlane dispatches of the pesky little prick quite effortlessly. Fairlane then gets a call from radio shock jock Johnny Crunch, asking him to find his long lost daughter. When Crunch is mysteriously killed in his studio following their meeting, the case goes to shit. Bad guys are trying to kill Fairlane left and right, and needless to say, the koala bear that INXS sent to Fairlane in lieu of payment doesn't fare out too well. Only after a confrontation with Grendel at the top floor of his record company does the case finally draw to a close. Grendel was behind it all along! Even though Fairlane had to part with his "1962 Fender Stratocaster with original pickups and strummed backwards for a left-handed genius" guitar, all the good guys win in the end. The genius behind The Adventures of Ford Fairlane is the fact that the movie is nothing but Fairlane saying the best one-liners in the history of cinema, along with being the most badassiest private eye LA has ever seen. For example, Fairlane smokes like a chimney throughout the whole movie, but never actually finishes a whole cigarette. He will, and I emphasize this point, take two puffs of his newest cig, throw it away, and immediately grab another one.Armed only with his misogynistic views and Samuel L. Jackson levels of Bad Assness, the movie simply flows from hilarious scene to hilarious scene, with Fairlane puffing away at his newly lit cigarette and wearing his bad pseudo-cow leather jacket. If you get a chance to see this movie, even if it means stabbing your own parents, by all means, go see it. — Ben Clark

Up from Slavery (1901) By Booker T. Washington Being somebody who feels that slavery is not only still alive but bigger than ever (see: fast food worker, telemarketer), I jumped at the opportunity to take in the perspectives of a man who suffered under the formal institution, saw its end and grew past it to become a central advocate for the black race. Booker T. Washington’s autobiography ought to be required reading, as much for its uncomfortable points as for its message of unity for all. Up from Slavery is not a book I imagine sits universally well with whites or blacks. Though Washington’s goal may be praised, his details are at times bitter pills to be wrestled with. In the current modes of our demographically sanitized discourse, Professor Washington seems doomed to the same pariah status as Mark Twain – still distantly revered, yet dismissed by modern audiences as being “not quite like us.” This attitude is ridiculous and cowardly.The challenges presented in this book are a benefit to any who read it, no matter the era, and no matter the opinion. The main theme that underlies all of Washington’s philosophies – and later would drive him to death – is industriousness. From his birth until his end, this man spent his life working: in coal mines, scraping for an education, ultimately pushing himself to his very limits in the founding and promotion of his Tuskegee Institute, which was and still is a beacon for black progress. His words reflect this complete dedication for labor for the benefit of others. While in no way advocating slavery, he does note that slaves, when freed, benefited from knowing trades while their former masters fell from their ivory towers and had difficulty recovering.Thereby from the fruits of labor, slavery’s hardships strengthened blacks and cheated whites. Although I get his meaning, this point feels like hindsight rationalizing, as though those who lived entire lives in bondage were better off. Washington moves on to narrate his struggles as both student and headmaster, and never fails to tout the importance of dauntless labor to his ultimate success.The future of the black race, he proclaims, will lie in the quality of its contributions to all society. In all this, he maintains a conciliatory approach to whites, particularly his southern neighbors. At times his fixated optimism for the state of race relations feels forcibly naïve, leaving readers wondering exactly how far Washington’s true intentions differed from his public face. (He did secretly fund anti-discrimination cases.) I don’t believe that Washington’s optimism has completely paid off, especially in light of media fiascos like the Jena 6 case which tend merely to reinforce racism, if only to hunt it down and feel hunky-dory afterward. Still, there’s a lot in here that is valid and does warrant consideration. To Washington, true, honest peace isn’t inflicted, but evolved. We’d do well to pay attention, whether or not we agree. — Brett Emerson

Pink Taco 1/2 X Rated 1/2 Tequila


I'm Jonesin' for a crossword "Two of a kind" -- like sibling like sibling By Matt Jones Across 1 Several 5 Russell parodied on “South Park” with the show “Fightin’ Around the World” 10 “Choose ___ Own Adventure” 14 “The kissing disease” 15 Word after speed or term 16 ___ occasion (never) 17 ___ d’Ivoire (African nation) 18 Advice columnist whose twin sister Abigail was also an advice columnist 20 Giovanni of “Lost in Translation” 22 Little giggle 23 Kick-ass 25 Ornamental flowers


27 SeaWorld star attraction 28 Wolf foot 29 Stat in an airport terminal 30 “Equus” playwright whose twin brother

Anthony was also a playwright 34 Porker’s abode 35 Stephen King title word 36 Sort 39 “7th Heaven” actor whose twin

brother Jason is also an actor 41 “Blue Guitars” s i n g e r- s o n g w r i t e r Chris 43 Ocala’s st. 44 Affliction FDR was diagnosed with

45 Remedy 47 Class warm-up 49 Martin, Short or Chase, in a 1986 comedy 50 Plastic 51 Comedian/former ESPN host whose twin brother Randy is also a comedian/former ESPN host 54 James of “Brian’s Song” 57 Rapper whose “Smack That” earned a Grammy nomination 58 Dutch treat? 59 Muppet who speaks in third person 60 Female octopi 61 Wrap a bow around 62 Brake hard Down 1 Pacer maker 2 ___ Fighters 3 Plea 4 “Life sucks!” 5 Prospector’s piece of land 6 Shampoo step 7 Former Atlanta sta-

dium 8 “Star Trek: TNG” alum and celebrity blogger Wheaton 9 Greek vowel 10 Singer heard in the Cliff Hangers game on “The Price Is Right” 11 ___ wonders 12 Like new e-mails 13 They’re often bought in twelves 19 “___ Degree” (Morningwood song) 21 Ludlum protagonist 23 Nile wrigglers 24 Stimulate (the appetite) 25 Duck Dodgers, really 26 Deplorable 28 “Top Chef” host Lakshmi 31 For them, resistance was feudal 32 Difficult shoes to walk in 33 Got away to get together 36 Chit-chat 37 Hi’s comic strip wife 38 Shoelace snarl 39 Techies’ languages 40 Bulletin board

Answers to Issue 115's "When in Rome"

posts 41 “Ocean’s Eleven” or “Psycho,” e.g. 42 His first patent was for an “Electrographic Vote Recorder” 45 Indian prince 46 Long time period 47 Museum that once held Picasso’s “Guernica” 48 Showed a second time 50 Miss Scarlet’s game

52 Slaughter’s rank: abbr. 53 Japanese pond fish 55 “___ the only one?” 56 Doze (off) ©2008 Jonesin’ Crosswords ( For answers to this puzzle, call: 1-900-226-2800, 99 cents per minute. Must be 18+. Or to bill to your credit card, call: 1-800-655-6548. Reference puzzle #0357.

May 15, 2008

Happenings Art galleries BLUFFLAND BLOOM & BREW 119 S. 4th St., La Crosse (608) 782-BREW Monthly Culture Shock show, featuring live art as well as drawings, paintings, photography, and prints by local artists.

Art galleries, cont. ODIN WHITE MOTH GALLERY AND TEA ROOM 715 Logan St., La Crosse 608-769-3963 Hours are Tues: 12-3 pm, Thurs: 4-7 pm, Fri: 12-3, Sat: 10-2. Call for an appointment or more info. Enjoy some tea, art and vintage stuff.

HEIDER CENTER FOR THE ARTS 405 East Hamlin St. West Salem, WI 608-786-1220 x 4 Heider.html PUMP HOUSE REGIONAL CENTER FOR THE ARTS Open noon-5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and noon-4 p.m. Saturday. No admission charge, donations accepted. Features exhibits of local artists and performances. 119 King St., La Crosse 608-785-1434 SATORI ARTS Unique hand crafted jewelry, Mississippi River pearls, ancient Chinese artifacts, Custom-made jewelry, original art works, and a variety of unique gifts. 201 Pearl Street, La Crosse 608-785-2779 STORY PEOPLE 110 Winnebago St, Decorah, IA 563-382-8060 UW-L ART GALLERY The gallery displays works by students, faculty, regional and nationally-known artists in all areas of art. The gallery is on the first floor of the Center for the Arts located at the corner of 16th and Pine on the UW-L campus.

Farmers' Markets

GREEN BAY STREET STUDIO 1500 Green Bay St., La Crosse Hours currently by appointment only. Look for workshops this summer and opportunity for full-time and part-time membership!

COMMONWEAL THEATRE 208 Parkway Avenue North Lanesboro, MN 55949 800-657-7025 LA CROSSE COMMUNITY THEATRE 118 5th Ave N La Crosse



Every Friday, May - October 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. Downtown La Crosse Fresh produce, pasture-raised buffalo and beef, honey, maple syrup, plants, artists, handmade jewelry, paintings, beeswax candles, live performances and more! BRIDGEVIEW PLAZA

Every Wednesday, June - Oct. 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Bridgeview Plaza parking lot Northside of La Crosse LA CROSSE COUNTY

Every Saturday, June - Oct. 6 a.m. - 1 p.m. County parking lot

LA CROSSE COMMUNITY THEATRE: What: The Sound of Music. Music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse Date: April 25-27, May 1-4, and 8-10 at 7:30 p.m. May 11 at 1:00 p.m. What: The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood A frantically funny, Monty Pythonesque retelling of the classic. Date: June 13-15 and 20-21at 7:30 p.m. June 14, 15, 21, and 22 at 1:00 p.m. (Auditions are on May 5 and 6.)

Art Exhibits

Downtown La Crosse



Every Sunday, June - Oct. 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Festival Foods parking lot


ongoing Milwaukee Art Museum 414-224-3200 European and American art, including Stanley Landsman’s Infinity Chamber, which has not been on view for nearly twenty years. Also featured is Erwin Redl’s Matrix, a 25 x 50 foot LED installation.


May 4 through May 31 Pump House (La Crosse) Kader Room & Front Gallery La Crosse students will display their art, showcasing a variety of media.


ONE WEEK ONLY, May 28 through May 31 at 7:30 p.m. and June 1 at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Call 608-785-1434 for tickets. Advance pricing is $15. Day-of-show pricing $18. Students (with valid ID in hand) $10. Matinee performances $10 Share a witty, offbeat evening with the cast of delightfully-eclectic characters enjoying a riotous cocktail party which runs from May 28 through June 1.

ongoing Frederick R. Weisman Museum (University of Minnesota)

Onalaska WINONA

Every Saturday, 7:30 a.m. - noon Every Wednesday, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. May - October Downtown Winona

VISIONS OF LIGHT Stained Glass 129 4th St S, La Crosse 608-793-1032


Art Exhibits, cont.

Offering in-season fruits & veggies, plants, hanging baskets, eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, elk & buffalo meat. Fresh bakery items. Homemade jams, jellies & pickles, along with beautiful fresh-cut flowers, honey & other bee products, decorative gourds, bittersweet, dried wreaths & Indian corn are sold. Our herbalists bring tinctures, salves, teas, potpourri, vinegar & even catnip toys.

The first in a year-long series of exhibitions and programs examining the role of art and artists in a democracy. Featuring 30 works from various artists. PAINTING, POTTERY, PHOTOS, JEWELRY

ongoing Edland Art Gallery (La Crosse) 608-785-2787 HAND-WROUGHT IRON, ALUMINUM, AND PEWTER JEWELRY

ongoing State Street Gallery (La Crosse) 608-782-0101


June 6 through June 30

Upcoming Events OPEN STAGE/MIC

May 15 Bluffland Bloom & Brew La Crosse 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. Free and open to all ages SYTTENDE MAI NORWEGIAN FOLK FESTIVAL

May 16 - 18 Westby, Wis. 608-634-4011 Norwegian festival celebrates the "17th of May". Arts and crafts fair, flea market, norwegian smorgasbord and music. Quilt auction, baking, stage show, auto and truck show, garden tractor pull, early WI demos & exhibits. BLUES BASH

May 17 Trempealeau Hotel 608-534-6898 Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 day of the show. Blues at its best on the banks of the Mississippi River. Held rain or shine. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the Stars under the Stars! 2-5 p.m: Alex Wilson Band 5-8 p.m: Pat Macdonald featuring melaniejane 8-11 p.m: Bryan Lee and the Blues Power Band CRANBERRY WINE TASTING

May 17 - 18 Cranberry Discovery Center 204 Main Street, Warrens, Wis. 608-378-4878 1-3 p.m. Sample cranberry wine from five different Wisconsin wineries.

Pump House, Kader Room


Variety of Media. Workshop is June 30, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Every Friday


Riverside Park 5 p.m. Pickup game. All skill levels welcome!

First Saturday of June - Sept. 7203 N. Shore Drive, County Z Brice Prairie, on Lake Onalaska. (Look for the white barn) Enjoy extraordinary shopping at an outdoor art fair. This FREE event is sponsored by the La Crosse Society of Arts & Crafts. Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


May 21 Bluffland Bloom & Brew La Crosse 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. cost is $3

Trying to get the word out about your event? Place a free listing in Happenings and make it easy on yourself. 1 Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

14 April 24, 2008

PNUMA, from page 10 AB: It’s a lot of festivals, and we’re going to practice a few days with Elliot. He’s coming to town and I’m going to work on some stuff with him. I’m pretty excited about that. Right now we’re just going to play all of Elliot’s music just because I want to try to do something different. I’m always running all the loops and all the computer stuff on my laptop for Pnuma, so for this Elliot thing I’m just going to be playing bass and bass-computer, like no trigger, and Elliot’s going to be on the computer and keys. We’re going to start doing shows for that, but mainly festivals with Pnuma and we actually are going to announce some news about the record in the next couple weeks, I think. So we have some pretty cool stuff going on with that, I just can’t talk about it for two weeks. SS: I should have called later. AB:Yeah, I’ll let you know. SS: That’s cool. How’d you get involved with Elliot Lipp? AB: We met him at Gem and Jam and just like hit it off really well.We get along really well and he’s a super-nice guy and he’s just really fun to be around. We were just like in a hotel room super late like all still drinking with a bunch of people and we were talking to him and I was just like “If you ever want to play some of your music with the band, just give me a shout.” He was kind of like “Hey, cool, whatever.” But I played him some of my beats that I made and he freaked out. He sat me down and he made me send him all my shit while he was watching. Apparently after that his promoters starting hitting him up saying “Can you do this with a live band?” SS: I’m calling you because I live a half-hour away from Bella Sol. Have you ever been out to Harmony Park before? AB: Oh yeah, definitely. Every time we come there we have a really good time. SS: So any words for the good people of Wisconsin/Minnesota? AB: I would say we’re excited to come back because every time we’re in that area we have a really good time. People are pretty supportive around there. We definitely appreciate it, and we’re going to come up there and tear it up I think, so hopefully people will get stoked. SS: Do you know what time slot you have yet? AB: We’re doing a night-time spot. SS: Is that your favorite time to play? AB: It’s nice. It’s depending. I like playing in the sun, too, because we play outdoor festivals a lot, but as long as it’s outdoors it’s pretty much straight. I’m down with whatever. I’m down to play.


May 15, 2008

COMMUNITY SERVICE [ Area LA CROSSE All Star Lanes 4735 Mormon Coulee

Alpine Inn W5715 Bliss rd.


620 Gillette st.

Barrel Inn 2005 West ave.

Beef & Etc.

1203 La Crosse st.

Big Al’s

115 S 3rd st.

Brothers 306 Pearl st.



3 games for $5 starts at 8 p.m.

3 games for $5 starts at 8 p.m.

bucket special

Bud Night 6 - CL: $1.75 bottles $5 pitchers

Beer Pong $7.00 4 Cans 8-close


1101 La Crosse st.

Coconut Joe’s 223 Pearl st.




Buck Night starts at 6 p.m.

Import night starts at 7 p.m.

Cosmic Bowl & Karaoke starts at 9 p.m.

Cosmic Bowl starts at 9 p.m.

3 games for $5 starts at 7 p.m. 6 - CL $2.50 Sparks

$1 softshell tacos $1 shots of doctor, cherry doctor

$5 bbq ribs and fries

AUCE wings $5.00 free crazy bingo buy one cherry bomb get one for $1

$6.00 AUCD

3 p.m. - midnight 25 cent hot wings $1 shots of Dr.

Italian beef w/dog meal: $6.69 Pizza Puff meal: $4.49

meatball sandwich sandwich meatball meal: $6.15 $6.69 meal: Chicago dogs meal: 22 dogs meal: $ 5.25 $5.89

Italian beef meal: $6.15 $6.69 Chicago chili dog: $3.45 $3.89

grilled chicken sandwich meal: $5.29 Polish sausage meal: $3.99 $4.49

hamburger meal: or cheeseburger meal: $3.69 $3.89 cheeseburger meal: Italian Beef w/dog $3.89 meal: $7.89

free pitcher of beer or soda with large pizza

meat or marinara spaghetti: $3.45 Italian sausage: $4.95

$1.25 make your own tacos, $4.75 taco salad $2.25 margaritas, $2 off large taco pizza

$2.25 burgers, $2.60 cheeseburgers, $2 off large pizza, $1 fries with any pizza

soup or salad bar FREE with entree or sandwich until 3 p.m. ($3.95 by itself)


$2.50 Blatz vs. Old Style pitchers

HAPPY HOUR 3 PM - 8 PM 10 cent wings (9 - CL) $1 High LifeLife bottles $1.25 High bottles $1.50 rail mixers $2 Guinness pints

Thirsty Tuesday

3-7 happy hour

$2 Silos

bucket night 6 for $9

Wristband Night

batterfried cod, fries, beans, and garlic bread $5.50

$4.50 domestic pitchers barrel parties at cost pepper & egg sandwich meal: $4.50, $5.00 fish sandwich meal:meal: $4.99, Italian sausage Italian $6.69 sausage meal: $6.15

Italian beef meal: $6.15 $6.69 2 Chicago dog meal: $3.45 $5.89

$6.75 shrimp dinner

$1.50 bloody marys 11 a.m. - 4 p.m

$3.00 Captain mixers/ mojitos $2 Cherry Bombs $1 Bazooka Joes


Martini Madness $2 off all martinis


$1 Dr. shots $3 Jager Bombs

2 for 1 taps

7 - CL $1 domestic 12 oz $2 Stoli mixers

7 - CL Tequila’s chips & salsa, $2 Coronas, $2.50 Mike’s, Mike-arita

7 - midnight Ladies: 2 for 1 Guys: $1.50 Coors and Kul Light bottles

7 - midnight $1 rail mixers $2 Bacardi mixers

7 - midnight $2 Malibu madness $2 pineapple upsidedown cake

$3.00 Domestic Pitchers, $2.00 Shots of Cuervo, Rumpleminz, Goldschlager

Mexican Monday $2.00 Corona, Corona Light, Cuervo

114 5th ave.

318 Pearl st.

Tuesday Wednesday

1/4 barrel giveaway 8-11 $1 burgers

2 for 1 cans & bottles during Packer games

The Cavalier CheapShots

16oz top sirloin $7 22oz tbone 9.75 sutffed sirloin 8 jack daniels tips 8 $1 shots of Doctor, cherry doctor - 8-cl Happy hour 4-6 $1.75 cans, $2 mix drinks

food & drink specials ]

50 cent taps 4 - 7 (increases 50 cents per hour) $1 rails

All day, everyday: $1.00 Shots of Doctor, $2.00 Cherry Bombs, $1.75 Silos of Busch Light/Coors



$.50 domestic taps, $1 microbrews, $3 domestic pitchers, $6 microbrew pitchers

$2.00 Cruzan Rum Mixers, $2.50 Jameson Shots, $3.00 Mixers

$3.00 Patron Shots

$2 Tuesdays, including $2 bottles, import taps, beer pong, apps, single shot mixers, featured shots, and 50 cent taps


$2.00 Captain Mixers

Wristband Night $5 COLLEGE I.D. $9 general public

$1 Kul Light cans

Topless Tuesday

Ladies Night buy one, get one free wear a bikini, drink free

Karaoke $1 shot specials

live DJ $1 shot specials

chicken & veggie fajitas for two

football night dollar domestic beer: $1.50 burgers Mexican beer: $2.00

chicken dollar primavera burgers

shrimp Great food and burrito drinks

chili Happy Hour 4-6 verde $1.75 domestics

Ask server Fish for details

chicken & own veggie Build your fajitas Bloody Mary N3287 CountyCoulee OA 5200 Mormon for two 16oz Mug - $4.00

Homemade Pizza domestic beer: $1.50 & PItcher of $2.00 Beer Mexican beer: $9.00

football night

chicken $1.25 primavera BURGERS

Homemade Pizza & PItcher of Beer $9.00 $5.99

beer pong 6 p.m. $8.95$1.25 16 oz steak

411 3rd st.

Fiesta Mexicana The Elite 5200 Mormon 412 Main st. Coulee

Fox Hollow Fiesta Mexicana Goal Post Fox Hollow 1904 Campbell rd.

N3287 County OA

Gracie’s Goal Post 1908 Campbell rd.

Build your own Bloody Mary 16oz Mug - $4.00

1904 Campbell rd.

Gracie’s Huck Finn’s 1908Marina Campbell 127 dr. rd.

Bloody Mary specials 10 - 2

Bloody Mary domestic Huck Finn’s $1.75 JB’s Speakeasy specials

127 Rose Marinast.dr. 717


10 - 2116 Second Supper vol. 8, issue 3


HAPPY HOUR 6HOUR AM - 9 AMEVERYDAY HAPPY free wingsof6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Bucket Domestic

gyro fries & soda

BURGERS Cans 5 for $9.00 Buy one gyro free baklava, ice HAPPY HOUR 6 AM - 9 AM get one cream or sundae beer pong 6 p.m. free wings - 9 p.m. half price with6 p.m. meal $8.95 16 oz steak

$5.99 gyro fries & soda

EVERYDAY BuyHAPPY one gyroHOURfree baklava, ice3 get one cream or sundae half price with meal

$1.75 domestic bottles

chili 25 Cent Wings verde

Bucket of Domestic burrito Cans 5 for $9.00

$1.75 domestic HAPPY HOUR bottles

3-6 HAPPY HOUR 25 Cent Wings 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

$1.25 domestic taps buy one burger HAPPY HOUR get one half price 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

-7 $1.25 and 9domestic - 11 taps buy one burger get one half price

$2.00 Malibu, $2.50 Jaeger, $3.00 Jaeger Bombs


$4 full pint Irish Car Bomb

Dan’s Place

$3.00 Bacardi mixers/ mojitos $2 Cherry Bombs $1 Bazooka Joes



reservations available

Ask server for details HAPPY HOUR 3 - 8 $8.95 16 oz. steak $8.95 1/2 lb. fish platter

buy oneHOUR appetizer HAPPY 3-8

GREEK ALL DAY appetizer half price with meal

buy one appetizer get one half price

GREEK ALL DAY appetizer half price with meal

$8.95 oz. steak get one16half price $8.95 1/2 lb. fish platter

HAPPY HOUR 5 - 7 EVERYDAY 3 -7 and 9 - 11 16 April 24, 2008

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday LA CROSSE Sunday Area food & drink specials HAPPY HOUR 5-7 $1.75 domestic JB’s Speakeasy $1.75 domestic $1.75 domestic bottles bottles bottles 717 Rose st. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday LA CROSSE HAPPYSunday HOUR EVERYDAY 4 - 8, $2 domestic beer and rail drinks $2 Love Stories The Joint HAPPY HOUR EVERYDAY 4 - 8,of $2 ALL DAY, EVERYDAY $1 shots Dr.domestic beer and rail drinks $2 Wu LoveTang Stories The $5 Teas ALL DAY, EVERYDAY $1 shots of Dr. 324 Jay Joint st.



$5 Wu Tang $1 shots of Teas the DOC! $1 shots of NIGHT the DOC! WING

324 Jay st.

Legend’s Legend’s 223 Pearl st.

closed closed

223 Pearl st.

The Library The 123 3rdLibrary st. 123 3rd st.

Loons Loons 1128 La Crosse st.

come in and find come in and out ... you’ll befind glad out ... you you’lldidbe glad you did

1128 La Crosse st.

Nutbush Nutbush 3264 George st. 3264 George st.

Ralph's In John's Bar Ringside 109 Pearl 3rd 223

Ringside Schmidty’s 223 Pearl st. Schmidty’s Shooter’s 3119 State rd.

breakfast buffet $9.95 $1 cans 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hamm’s

Shooter’s Tailgators 120 S 3rd st. 1019 S 10th st.

Tailgators TopS 10th Shots 1019 st. 137 S 4th st.

Top Shots Yesterdays 137 S 4th st. 317 Pearl st.


317 Pearl st. LA CRESCENT

Crescent Inn LA CRESCENT 444 Chestnut st.

Crescent Inn 444 Chestnut st. Speedy Taco 301 Kistler dr.

WINONA WINONA Betty Jo Betty Jo Byoloski’s Byoloski’s 66 Center st. 66 Center st.

Brothers Brothers 129 W 3rd st. 129 W 3rd st.

Godfather’s Godfather’s 30 Walnut st.

$1 all cans happy hour day Packer games: $1.50 Hamm’s Coors Light Silver, $1 Dr. shots, free brats Fiestahappy Night hour 7 - 12 all shots day $2 tequila

hamburger $1.25 hamburger $1.25 cheeseburger $150 cheeseburger $150

bacon cheeseburger, baconmug cheeseburger, fries, of beer: $4.50 fries, mug offries, beer: $4.50 drummies, mug of drummies, beer: $5 fries, mug of beer: $5


parmesan $2chicken mixers, taps, bottles sub $6 $1.00 OFF YOUR CHOICE OF FOOD

HAPPY HOUR 4 PM - 7Southwest PM Italian sandwich $1.00 OFF CHICKEN HOOP DAY!! MAKE chicken pita w/banana peppers PHILLY, $1.00 OFF YOUR SHOT AND $5 and parmesan &6 CHEESE CURDS



$1 cans PBR

$1 cansLUNCH SPECIALS $1 cans CHANGE DAILY $1 cans Busch Light Busch Light Old Style

$1 cans

$1 cans HAPPY Busch Light $2 Bacardi

PBR $4 domestic pitchers

cans- 12, 4 PM - 6$1 HOUR 10$1AM PMcans


$2 Busch SpottedLight Cow & DT Brown pints

Old Style Bucket Night

Night $10, Bucket $2 Bacardi mixers, 5 for $9mixers $1.50 rail vodka 10 -1 5 domestic bottles for $10, $2$1.75 Bacardirails mixers, $1.50$1 railPBR vodka mixers mugs 10 -1

$1.25 Litedomestic taps all day $1.75 $1.50bottles rails 10 - 1

$1.75 domestic $2.25 Pearl st. pints bottles $1.50 PBR bottles 7 - 12

$1 Point special bottles

$2.50 pints Bass & Guinness

$1.75 domestic bottles

$2.25 Pearl st. pints $1.50 PBR bottles


$2 Rolling Family pack:Rocks $2 domestic beer 10 tacos & 4 sodas for $14.99

8 - CL $1.50 rails $1.75 Bud cans 8 - CL burritos onrails the go: $1.50 buy a bigBud onecans and $1.75 get a free soda

Sunday Sunday

Monday Monday

2 for 1 burgers 2 for burgers& $1 off 1Bloodys $1Screwdrivers off Bloodys & Screwdrivers

half price appetizers, Import Club Night: half price appetizers, discounts on Night: all Import Club micros & imports discounts on all micros & imports

closed closed


$1 martinis $2 $1 mojitos martinis $3 $2 margaritas mojitos & Michelob Golden pitchers $3 margaritas & Michelob Golden pitchers

family buffet 5 -8 kids familyunder buffet105 pay -8 .45 cents per year of age kids under 10 pay .45 cents per year of age

5 for $9

HAPPY HOUR 10 AM - 12, 4 PM - 6 PM 5 domestic bottles for

$2.50 margaritas Fiesta Night 7 - 12 Pointshots special $2$1 tequila bottles $2.50 margaritas


$5.00 for $5.00 25 wings for 25 wings

BUCKhot WED burger, dog burger, hot dog or brat or brat

domestic $2$1.75 Spotted Cow & bottlespints DT Brown 7 - 12

$2 Rolling Rocks $2 domestic beer



HAPPY $1 tacos, Ladies $1 tacos, Ladies Night 2 for 1, Night for 1, 9 -2CL 9 - CL

Bacardi $1.25$2 Lite taps all day $1.50mixers rails 10 - 1



KARAOKE FLAVORS $1.25 domestic pints KARAOKE Wristband Night $2 double rails pints $1.25 domestic $3 Wristband Night $2 double calls rails $2 bottles $3 ALL double calls $2 ALLfilet, bottles chicken fries, pop: $4.75 cheeseburger, fries, pop: $4 cheeseburger, fries, beer: $4.25 pop: $4 filet, fries, pop: beer:$4.75 $5 chicken filet, Philly or Reuben, fries, pop: cheeseburger, fries, beer: $4.25 mushroom/swiss, chicken filet, fries,fries, beer:pop: $5 Philly or Reuben, fries, Philly or Reuben, fries, pop: $4.25, mushroom/swiss, fries, $5.75, mushroom/swiss, fries, pop: $5.75,$6 Philly or Reuben, fries, beer: $4.25,$4.50 mushroom/swiss, fries, beer: beer: $6 beer: $4.50

$1.50 PBR bottles $4 domestic $1.50 Dr. shots pitchers after 7 p.m. $1.50 PBR bottles $2.50Dr.pints $1.50 shots Bassafter & Guinness 7 p.m.

Second Supper vol. 8, issue 113 30 Walnut st. 17

closed closed

Pizza & Pizza pitcher & pitcher Chef specials daily Mighty Meatball closed closed sub $6

3119 State rd.

closed closed $1 taps $1 $1 taps rails rails 1/2 $1 price Tequila

25 wings: $5 25 wings: bucket of $5 beer: $12 bucket Packers of beer:games $12 during during Packers games

breakfast closedbuffet $9.95 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

120 S 3rd st.

closed closed


Tuesday Wednesday

$1.75 rails $1 PBR mugs


$2 SHOTS OF GOLDSLAGER $2 SHOTS OF GOLDSLAGER $5 DOUBLE VODKA ENERGY DRINK $5 DOUBLE VODKA ENERGY DRINK $3 Captain mixers $3 Bacardi Mixers CaptainLong mixers BacardiLong Mixers $3 jumbo Islands $3 jumbo $3 jumbo Long $3 jumbo Long Islands Islands Islands fish sandwich, fries, mug fishbeer: sandwich, of $5 fries, mug of beer: $5 fries, pop: fish sandwich, fish sandwich, fries, pop: $4.75 $4.75

AUCE fish fry AUCE DJ 9 fish - CLfry DJ 9 - CL

$1.25 pints pintsgames during$1.25 Badgers duringDJ Badgers 9 - CLgames DJ 9 - CL


Chicken salad on rye w/ lettuce, tomato, onion $5

happy hour all day long! $1.00 OFF WILD WINGS, $1.00 PHILLY STEAK AND CHEESE. happy hour


all day long! $1.00 OFF WILD WINGS, $1.00 PHILLY STEAK AND CHEESE.

$1 cans Miller High Life Light $1 cans High Life $1Miller Dr. shots Light $3 16 oz Captain mixers $1 shotsIslands, $2Dr. Long $3 PBR 16 ozbottles, Captain mixers

Captain mixers $2 Long Islands, PBR bottles, Captain mixers


$1 cans PBR $1 cans

$1 Dr. shots PBR $3 16 oz Captain mixers $1$2.75 Dr. shots deluxe $3 16 oz Captain Bloodys ‘til 7, $4.50 mixers

lite pitchers 7 - 12 $2.75 deluxe Bloodys ‘til 7, $4.50 lite pitchers 7 - 12


$1 shots of Dr. $2.50 Polish

$1 domestic taps $3 Jager Bombs

Tuesday Wednesday

$2 u-call-it (except top shelf)



$1 shots of Dr. Speedy tacos $2.50 Polish $1.50

$1 domestic taps gyro, chips, soda $3 Jager Bombs $5.99

$2 u-call-it 3 chicken (except top fry shelf) taquitos $3.99

Fiesta burrito $6.99

$2.50 Captain $2.50 Jager Bombs & Polish $2.50 Captain $2.50 Jager Nachos Supreme Bombs & Polish $5.49

Thursday Thursday

Friday Friday

Saturday Saturday

Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday

HAPPY HOUR 3:15 - 6:15 HAPPY HOUR 3:15 - 6:15 free pitcher of pop or all day: tenderloin tips,

all-u-can-eat spaghetti all day $5.45 all-u-can-eat 25 cent hot spaghetti all wings day $5.45 425- cent 10 hot wings 4 - 10

shrooms, fries tips, or potenderloin tato, salad,fries roll or $9.95 shrooms, po50 cents offroll top$9.95 shelf tato, salad, 50 centsliquor off top shelf HAPPY HOUR 3 PM - 8 PM liquor

cent wings, $3 filled HAPPY 3 PM -10 8 PM 2 forHOUR 1 mug ($1wings, tap refills, $2 10 cent $3 filled anything 2 for 1 rail $1refills, High $2 Life mugrefills) ($1 tap 9 p.m. - close anything bottles/kamikaze rail refills) $1 Highshots Life 9 p.m. - close bottles/kamikaze any jumbo, large, or large 1 toppingshots pizza

medium pizza up or to 5 large 1 topping $9.99 pizza any jumbo, large, toppings: $11.99 large for $5) medium pizza up to 5 (get 2nd$9.99 toppings: $11.99 (get 2nd large for $5)

domestic withor free pitcherbeer of pop large beer pizza with domestic discounts on all large pizza domestic on beer discounts all domestic beer $1 O-Bombs/ Bazooka Joes, $1 O-Bombs/ Wristband Night Bazooka Joes, Wristband Night

all-u-can-eat fish $8.95 all day: lunch: fish sandwich & all-u-can-eat fish $8.95 fries lunch:$5.45 fish sandwich & fries $5.45


Prime Rib specials, one child free Prime Ribeats specials, with one adult one child eats free entree with one adult 4entree - 10: house wines $2.50 4 - 10: house wines $2.50

$2.50 Captain Mixers $1.00 Root Beer Barrels $2.50 Captain Mixers $6.00 “Buck-its” beers $1.00 Root Beer (6 Barrels for $6.00) $6.00 “Buck-its” (6 beers

$2.50 Bacardi Mixers $5.00 Fishbowls $2.50 Bacardi Mixers $1.00 Fishbowls O-bombs & Bazooka $5.00 Joes $1.00 O-bombs & Bazooka

for $6.00)



May 15, 2008


Entertainment Directory 5/15 4/24-5/1 - 5/21 Sunday, April 27 May 18

La Crosse

Popcorn PopcornTavern Tavern Something Jazz The New Blend

Thursday, Thursday, April May 15 24 Dan’s Place Place Dan’s Live DJ Live DJ

9:00 9:00

The Recovery Recovery Room Room The Live DJ 9:00 Live DJ 9:00 Nutbush Nutbush Live DJ DJ 10:00 Live 10:00 Popcorn Tavern Tavern Popcorn New Grass Revue 10:00 The Moon 10:00 Nighthawks The Dave Warehouse Orr's Damn Jam 10:00 Mayday Parade, My American Heart, The Graduate, Verona 6:00 Friday,Grove May 16 Friday, April 25 All Star Lanes Karaoke All Star Lanes Karaoke My Second Home Karaoke My Second Home Karaoke Player’s Live DJ Player’s Live DJ Nutbush Live DJ Nutbush Live DJ Tavern Popcorn Space Gator Popcorn Tavern Shoeless Revolution with Comosapien Saturday, May 17

9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00

The Warehouse Loons on La Crosse The Second String Dinosaurs,Union Flashback 9:00 Pulse, Cardiac Radio, Tony Zobeck 6:00 All Star Lanes Karaoke 9:00 Saturday, April 26 Popcorn Tavern Popcorn Tavern Burnt Brownies Sterus

10:00 10:00

Players All Live Star DJ Lanes 10:00 Karaoke 9:00 Nutbush Players Live DJ 10:00 Live DJ 10:00 Nighthawks Nutbush Baron Von Volume w/ Live 10:00 SquidDJ and the Grapplers 10:00 5 Second Supper vol. 8, issue 116

Just A Roadie Away... 10:00 10:00

Monday, April 28 Monday, May 19


George George St. St. Pub Pub Adam Palm’s Open Adam Palm’s Open Jam Jam Popcorn Popcorn Tavern Tavern Shawn's Open Shawn's Open Jam Jam


10:00 10:00

10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00

Wednesday, May 21 Wednesday, April 30 Nighthawks Loon’s Irene Keenan Jr. Comedy Night Loon’s Comedy LibraryNight Karaoke Library Karaoke Coconut’s Live DJ Coconut’s Live DJ Longhorn Karaoke Longhorn Karaoke Player’s Karaoke Player’s Karaoke Popcorn Tavern Brownie’s Open Jam Popcorn Tavern Brownie’s Open Jam The Joint Wu-Tang Wednesday The Joint Wu-Tang Wednesday


9:00 9:00

Tuesday, May 20 Tuesday, April 29 Nutbush Nutbush Live DJ Live DJ Popcorn Tavern Popcorn Tavern Paulie Paulie


8:00 8:30 8:30 9:00 9:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00

Rilo The Kiley Phenomenauts, The AKA's First Avenue Triple Rock Social Club Kid Rock, Peter Wolf, Young Jeezy Myth Nightclub Reverend Run Target Center

Thurs., 5/22 Thur., 4/24 Fri., 4/25 Sat., 5/24

CloudatCult, Mason Proper First Avenue Panic the Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, Maya Angelou The O'Shaughnessy Phantom Planet Myth Nightclub

Sat., 4/26

Madison population

Got a show? Got a show? Let us know! Let us put know! We'll it in, yo. We'll put it in, yo.


KT Tunstall Barrymore Theatre Future Rock, Dark Party (featuring Eliot Lipp & Leo123) Blind Melon Majestic Theatre High Noon Saloon Fareed Haque Memorial Union Terrace Cartel, Ten Second Epic Majestic Theatre Buckethead, That 1 Guy Barrymore Theatre Tegan & Sara Barrymore Theatre Sheryl Crow Alliant Energy Center The Avett Brothers High Noon Saloon Stephen Marley Barrymore Theatre

Thurs., 5/15 Fri., 5/16 Sat., 4/26 Sat., 5/17 Tues., 4/29 Sun., 6/1 Tues., 5/6 Wed., 6/4 Fri., 5/9 Wed., 6/11

Menomonie population population

14,937 14,937

Charlie Parr The Waterfront Bar & Grill Sat., 4/26 Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Reverend Eddie Danger The Waterfront Bar & Grill Sat., 5/17 Polydypsia The Waterfront Bar & Grill Thur., 5/01 Shoeless Revolution Kinetix

The TheWaterfront Waterfront Bar Bar && Grill Grill

Thurs., 8/7 Tues., 5/06

Little Marsh Overflow U-Melt

The Waterfront Bar & Grill

Tues., 9/2

The Waterfront Bar & Grill Thur., 5/08

Milwaukee Milwaukee



Sun., 4/27 Tues., 5/27




Pelican, The Hives

The Rave/Eagles Ballroom

Sun., 5/18

Rilo Theater TechKiley N9ne, Paul Wall, Ill Bill Pabst The Rave/Eagles Ballroom

Fri., 5/23 Wed., 4/30

Brooks & Dunn Lila Downs

Fri., 5/30 Thur., 5/30

Marcus Amphitheater Latino Arts Auditorium

Buckethead Festival Fri., 5/30 The Presidents of the UnitedRiversplash States of America The Rave/Eagles Ballroom Mon., 5/05 Indigo Girls Maier Festival Park Sun., 6/8 18 April 24, 2008

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May 15, 2008

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Second Supper, Issue 116  


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