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Souvenirs: Post Cards Pillows or T-Shirts it’s All Up to You. In the tradition of DIY I am giving you the opportunity to DIFM [do it for me]. Well not really.

On the following pages you will find a selection of “Post cards” images I have made that use the silhouette I have given the name “Mud Flap Boy”. This is the standard competitive muscle man “front double biceps” pose. This work came about after my first trip up the Alaska Highway in 1999; since I was being driven rather than driving I had time to look out the window and see a landscape that was both stunning and amusing. Amusing in a number of ways, thrilling sometimes such as when we had to slow or stop occasionally while animals came to the road side. Seeing a deer or moose which are part of the Ontario landscape is not the same as seeing mountain sheep, a mother bear and her cubs or a buffalo calf in the middle of nowhere. Amusing because road signs lost their meaning since I didn’t need them to direct or inform me,. Road signs became hieroglyphics allowing me to imagine whatever I wanted. An “accommodation ahead” sign turned upside down and became a frog’s face winking at me- a ‘trickster” challenging me to let my imagination take flight. It did, and now so can yours!

Now that you have downloaded the PDF Booklet it is yours to do with as you want, printout the images onto what ever weight of paper you like. The artwork images are suitable for printing and framing or if on a heavy card stock could be trimmed and sent as a post card. If you do make a post card you might want to turn it into mail art by embellishing it and sending it to me. You might want to print it on Thermal transfer paper and iron it onto a T-Shirt or piece of cloth and make a pillow. The possibilities are endless!

Red Too Belt, 2003 jacquard weaving, cotton warp, cotton and metallic weft, 27” X 40” Copyright © 2012 by Joe Lewis

Published by Velvet Highway ink 283 Danforth Avenue, PO Box 637, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4K 1N2 Telephone 416-594-0987 Email Website Copyright © 2012 by Joe Lewis

‘Simulation of a Sailor in Satin of 8 ‘Copyright © 2012 by Joe Lewis

100% Gluten Free Souvenir Joe Lewis Postcards from the Velvet Highway

Souvenir Post cards from the Velvet Highway by Joe Lewis  

This is not a DIY booklet it is a DIFM (Do It For Me) booklet, it is a souvenir of my recent "White Work; Wallhangings by Joe Lewis exhibiti...