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Mens Smoking Jackets – Then and Now! The concept of mens smoking jackets is not new. A smoking jacket refers to an over garment which is designed to be worn at the time of smoking pipe or cigar. In other words, while smoking tobacco, men wore this jacket to protect their underlying clothes from ashes and the pungent smell of smoke. Elite and royal men of the bygone era wore this jacket after dinner while enjoying pipe or igar. Their popularity dates a k to 85 ’s. Ho e er, gradually ith the change in time and fashion trends, demand for such jackets almost ceased. As a matter of fact, these jackets were to be found nowhere for a long period of time. The classic Smokers jacket is mid-thigh length garment which was made from with silk, velvet or both. It was designed taking into consideration the taste and preference of that particular era. It has button or toggle fastenings, turnup cuffs and a shawl collar, or it might be just closed with a tie belt. These jackets were a symbol of style, elegance and comfort. The Ge tle a ’s Magazi e of Lo do i the 85 ’s defi ed mens smoking jackets as a type of short robe de chamber which is made of cashmere, printed flannel or merino, velvet or plush. Lined with olive or large buttons, bright and

vibrant colors and ornamented with branded burgs, these jackets became a huge hit within the short span.

Get a sneak-peak into history of smoking jackets It was in the 17th century that goods started flowing into Europe from the Americas, Asia and India, thus bringing in silks, tobacco, spices and coffee. Withi o ti e, it e a e a fashio a le a d tre dy to e portrayed i o e’s portrait donning a dressing gown or silk robe de chamber. As far as earliest mentionof this type of garment is considered, it comes from Samuel Pepys, who wanted to be showed in his portrait in a gown made of silk however as he could not afford to buy one, he rented it. It did not take much time for these jackets to gain popularity among men. As a matter of fact, it emerged as a style symbol to wear a smoking jacket while smoking pipe or cigar in the company of women. Soon, the short smoking jacket evolved from these silk garments. During the Crimean War in the 1850s, Turkish tobacco became highly popular in England. Consequently, smoking gained immense popularity within no time. After having dinner, a gentleman might wear a smoker jacket and retreat to a smoking room or den. The main purpose of this jacket was to absorb the smoke emanating from his pipe or cigar for protecting his clothes from strong smell and falling ashes. It was until the 20th century that the smoking jacket remained popular among men. As per an editorially published in the Washington Post in 1902, a smoking jacket was synonymous with style and comfort. Many experts and fashion enthusiast at that point of the time believed that these jackets were a reason for elation to many men. The popularity of mens smoking jackets started to decline since 1950s and soon ceased. There are many reasons for this steep decline in the popularity of these jackets. Although many believed that smoking jackets have completely vanished from the market, a minority of wearers still preferred donning them. In the year 1999, these jackets made a comeback in the market. However, the only difference was that this time, the term smoking jackets indicated a tuxedo.

Modern day designers realized the importance of giving mens smoking jackets a new shape and design. These jackets that you will be finding in the market today are designed as per the taste and preference of contemporary men. Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose the one which best defines your personality and style statement. If you want to spruceup your wardrobe with smoking jacket then all you need to do is visit the website of Duke and Digham, the leading manufacturer of these jackets. You will come across an exclusive range of jackets from which you can order one as per your preference or get one customized for you.

Mens smoking jackets  

The concept of mens smoking jackets is not new. A smoking jacket refers to an over garment which is designed to be worn at the time of smoki...