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Mens Smoking Jacket–Breaking the stereotype! Modern-day men are conscious about their looks and clothing that they wear. Long gone are the times when fashion was synonymous with women only. Today, men pay equal attention their attire and the way they carry themselves. There is no dearth of clothing options available in the market. However, the one which has suddenly caught the attention of men from all walks of life is the smoking jacket. To begin with, it is important for you to understand what exactly a smoking jacket is. It is an over garment which men wore after having dinner to enjoy smoking. It helps in protecting clothes from falling ashes and the strong smell of tobacco. Many men prefer slipping into a smoking jacket after a tiring and hectic day at work while reading a magazine or book and enjoying cigar or pipe in the comfort of home.

Mens smoking jacket needs no introduction. These jackets have been a popular choice among those who smoke for a long time. However, after the 1950s, the popularity of these jackets witnessed steep decline. For a long time, these garments were to be found nowhere in the market. However come the 1990s, and soon these jackets hit the market. And, gradually their popularity rose to an extent that modern-day designers transformed them completely. Today, these jackets are worn to depict style in a way like never before. Until a few years ago, mens smoking jacket have a stereotype of only being worn in confines and comfort of a smoking club or home. While being wrapped in a cozy, stylish and warm jacket and sitting in a lounge chair reading a magazine sounds astounding for a cozy night indoors, saying that does not mean you cannot wear these jackets outside your home or smoking club. Such garments make for a stylish outfit that you can wear to a casual-formal event. And, these are as good as an outfit for any formal dinner party, social gathering, wedding and business party. Also, smokers jacket make for a great option for groomsmen at a wedding or uniforms for the business team. At Duke and Digham, we make sure that you have a wide range of jackets to choose from for any occasion. You can also get mens smoking jacket customized as per your individual style and preference. So, get smoking jackets tailored and get set ready to stand apart from others.

Mens smoking jacket