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Organic by John Patrick A project by Joe Leadbeater

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Logo Design

Fig 1.

The Variations There are three variations of John Patrick’s logo for Organic. Fig 1 appears on his clothing tags, where it is important to mention his name. Fig 2 appears on all products where consumers will already know the range; his delievery receipts and letterheads. Fig 3 appears on everything branded, but never printed with ink. It can be used at any angle when embossed, due to easy of use, also giving each embossed material a unique aesthetic. Inspiration The custom logotype, with it’s extreme changes in thickness, gives off a high end, sophisticated look that John Patrick’s fashion range matches. The use of his name in a strong and angular san serif emphasizes his male input to an industry where he designs mainly for women.

Fig 2.

The logo itself is inspired by ambiguous organic form. It could be seen as land contours, the rings in a tree, etc.

Fig 3.

Collateral Design

As part of the collateral design, hangers and a box were lasercut. The production involves absolutely no ink and very little power, resulting in a variety of products that leave very little impact on the environment. The hangers are cheap in their production. meaning they could be given to a customer with each purchase. This will allow the user to be reminded of John Patrick’s high fashion line, even in the comfort of their own home. The box can be used either as a point of display within a shop, or even as part of an online purchase.

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Collateral Design

John Patrick prides himself on being highly ethical in his practice, and so his brand has been constructed in the same way. Very little ink is used, whilst an embossing seal leaves a mark but no mis-use of ink. The labels are printed on Lokta paper, from a Nepalese Lokta tree, which grows from the roots up after being cut. This allows John Patrick to be just as sustainable with his promotion as he is with his own fashion practice. With each sheet bought, 25% of the profit goes to a Nepalase charity.

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Brand Identity Design

Just like the clothes hangers, stock has been taken as a huge consideration when constructing the brand. The colours chosen are muted, earthy and neutral, mimicking organic tones found in nature.

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Brand Identity Design

A letterhead & delivery receipt.

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Brand Identity Design

A custom embossing plate allows the logo to leave it’s mark different each time, without the wasteful use of ink. The business card contains information convering different aspects of the business; John Patrick himself, as well as a sales and press department.

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Brand Identity Design

A string bound envelope allows John Patrick’s brand to hold it’s formality even before the receiver knows who the letter is from.

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Brand Identity Design

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Organic Final Boards  
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