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Currently TV Advertised (Sping/Summer 2014)

Limited Run (500) Automatic

Rotary Revelation Brief: Re-engineer rotating mechanism & style the collection. I personally designed both the aesthetics and technical aspects of the watches while in close communication with Hong Kong & Swiss engineers, who advised me over a period of 5 months. I oversaw the project from conception right through to costing, mass manufacture and later producing marketing renderings for the Swiss Basel World Fair. Current Status: Launched at Basel 2013 - In production / on sale worldwide. Retail: ÂŁ495 - 695 Units: 4,000+

Quartz Dual Time-Zone

Cara Delevingne modelling Matthew Williamson (source:

Project/D LDN Bracelet RRP: £79

MW Watch RRP: £269

MW for Matthew Williamson Brief: I was asked to design a watch for the MW brand. My colleague and I liased with Matthew Williamson at his Mayfair studio, producing 4 timepiece designs. The watch above is my addition to the collection. Current Status: In production / on sale nationwide. Units: 350+ Launched October 1st 2013


Silicone rubber

with femtosecond laser structuring

ARPRO 120 g/l


Cast and clear anodised

Biomimetic Bone Chair Brief: Designed as a result of a study into biomimetics & biomorphism. The chair’s form is based upon bone and tendons, the surface utlises self drying lotus effect technology. Current Status: Concept Selected for New Designers ‘09 & to represent CSAD to local MPs


Saitek - Casual Gaming Controller Brief: My brief was to create an adjustable games controller which promotes casual gaming to encourage more female gamers. This was a collaborative project with international brand Saitek, where I personally designed a multifunctional wireless games controller focused on the female niche market. Current Status: Concept

Silicone insert Clip

Steel insert

Screw The Trolley Top Toys onto the clip, using the threaded knob.

Commissioned by Innovate Design Trolley Top Toys Brief: Trolley Top Toys was designed as a system to fit to the handlebars of a trolly, in front of the child seat area. A range of toys may be fitted to the clip mechanisms, which are kept in the supermarket stores for use by their customers. Current Status: Concept.

A steel insert provides the flex needed to fasten the clip securely to the trolley handlebars. A silicone grip stops the clip from slipping.

Commissioned by Innovate Design Self Service Valet System Brief: Butt Kicker Cradle holds a subwoofer speaker, or bass pump, between the stand and seat of a drum stool. This provides kit-playing drummers with haptic feedback, allowing them to feel sound vibrations more efficiently. Current Status: Concept commissioned by Paul Buckler of the Jam - moving forward to production


Silicone neck tag for Wolf Blass wine, a design in response to the client’s demand for more stand out on shelf.

Bakery Design briefed by Cuisine De France for Tesco Extra Ireland. I designed the furniture, shelving units and layout of the shop in shop.

2012 Marketing campaign pitch for Raleigh cycles. Bicycle parts were modelled and rendered in SolidWorks and artworked in Photohop.

Gadget Show NEC Birmingham stand design for Sony Playstation, via Shoreditch based agency, Amplify. I custom designed the gaming furniture and the architecture of the stand.

A temporary freestanding unit for Lindt chocolate, designed for national use in Tesco stores in 2011

Sky TV shop-in-shop‘kiosk’ redesign, due across Southern Ireland before Christmas 2011


Joel Williams  

Product Design