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August 2012

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 Questions and answers by


 What are important things in life?

by Mirai

What I learned in business class by Katsuki

 Class photos.

 CSLI’s Olympics

 My Canadian Life by Rika

 Brazilian night.


 Goodbye CSLI by David

Article: What I learned in business class I was looking forward to taking the business class. I thought it was going to be really challenging for me, because even in my language. I had never studied about business like economics, stocks or marketing etc. However studying with my classmates who are experienced and have vast knowledge helped me to find something new effectively. They have already worked in society or are working now. We had advanced ideas about our future jobs, so we stimulated each other. I learned stock market, writing cover letters and resumes, having/giving interviews, running our own company, etc. To be honest, this was hard stuff for me, but I cooperated with the classmates and Eddie, this class’s teacher, and obtained a standard understanding. What the most absorbing thing for me

was running my own company with Andrea. We ran a rental bicycle company called EHFEC Bikes. EHFEC stands for Environment, Health, Fun, Enjoyable and Canadian. If you rent a bicycle in downtown, you need to pay about 10 dollars per hour. That is a bit expensive and 1 hour is too short time to go around the city. However, our company has many parking lots in various places in down town. Our customers have out membership cards. They just swipe the card to a machine and can get a bicycle at any spot. Bicycles do not have to be returned to the same place. This system helps you protect the environment, save time and exercise. We made this company, and also gave interviews and hired employees. Of course, this class was good for my English skills but I also experienced variety things in fun ways. By Katsuki Kida from Japan

Article: My Canadian Life Hi, everyone. I’m Rika Fukuda. I am chosen to write an article in this newspaper for this month. First of all, I’m going to introduce myself. I’m from Kagoshima, Japan. Kagoshima is very famous for sweet potato shochu (clear distilled liquor). I came to Canada on February 5th. I attended CSLI for 6 months as a student. Now I’m volunteering as a volunteer student. I like to play musical instruments, listen to music, and watch horror movies. In the middle of September, I’m going to work on a farm which I always want to try in Canada. I’d like to share a little of my life here and I hope you enjoy reading it. The main reason why I came to Canada is that I wanted to be able to speak fluent English. So far, I am doing well speaking English every minute of my life. The next reason is that I wanted to make friends from all over the world. Now, I have many friends from France, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and South Korea. Many of my friends do not stay here as long as I do, but I hope our friendships last forever. I believe friendship should be like that. As I decided to live overseas, I could not imagine what life would be like since I had never lived anywhere besides my hometown. My first impression of Canada was pretty good overall. I thought living alone would be more difficult, but it was not as bad as I thought. The most challenging thing was that I had to adjust myself to an all-English environment since I could not speak any English at first. Also, trying not to speak Japanese was challenging for me too because I always had Japanese speak-

ing friends around. However, I realized that it’s not good for my English improvement, so I decided to stay in the lounge as much as I could. At first, I could not go to the lounge by myself because I was shy, so I went along with a couple of my friends, but as time went by, I was able to go there by myself and talk to students from other countries. As I got used to the life and school in Canada, many things became easier. From my exercises, I would like to give some advice. If you want to make friends from all over the world, you should speak up. Without your voice, there is no way to communicate, so I definitely recommend speaking up. I understand that English is not your first language, and it is difficult to speak English, but you should try to make sentences when you speak. Speaking words is a good start, but you cannot keep speaking only words. As you try to make sentences, you should not be shy or afraid of making mistakes. We all make mistakes. Making mistakes is very good practice for you. In the end, you should not stay in classrooms and should stay in student lounge at break time instead. It will help your English ability and your social life. Mostly, have fun and stay in Canada because I am doing it. I would appreciate your feedback on this article. By Rika Fukuda from Japan

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By Jono Hall

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Brazilian Night

Rio Brazilian Steakhouse 

689 Denman Street

Vancouver, British Columbia V6G2L3 Phone: (604) 568-7722

Article: Goodbye CSLI Hi my fellow classmates! I’m David Caniego, from Madrid (the capital of Spain). What can I say about CSLI that you don’t already know? Well not too many things, firstly let me do a special mention to two of my favorites teachers, Cynthia and Alex (congratulations Alex for the wedding by the way), whose energy and willingness to teach is contagious! And I can’t forget to acknowledge the efficient team of volunteers at the school, I think of them all as students and good friends of mine, I really enjoyed our talks at lunchtime whilst everybody shared food and told of their most recent adventures in Canada. If somebody asked me which day is my favorite at CSLI, I’d say without any doubt Monday, yes Monday and not Friday (even though we have plenty of nice activities to do on Fridays). Can you guess why? There are two main reasons, free donuts to eat and new people to meet during the break time, and also have a good time playing table tennis, foosball or if you don’t feel like playing you always have the option to go and check the internet on the laptops around the corridors (I reckon you’ll take a look on Facebook, believe me, we all have).

Coffee or tea? I rather water. Yeah, I’m talking about the famous CSLI mugs’ system, which was quite surprising for me at first, but I must say it’s very funny and effective when it comes to meet new people while you are looking for yours and see another student in the same odd situation. I had such a great experience at CSLI and my English skills have improved remarkably not without effort and hard work of course. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to learn a new language, you need to find your own style and enjoy it, never back down. I’ve been in Vancouver for two and a half months, now it’s time to go back. Taking the best moments with me, leaving the bad ones behind and moving on. Thank you all By David Caniego from Spain

Article: What are important things in life? I think that my family and my friends are important for me and also I think that the most important thing is to be curious because if I don’t do anything, I will be bored and tired of my life and won’t be able to grow up anymore so I think that I should try to do something new. I came here to study English. This is kind of challenging for me because actually I didn’t like English when I was a high school student. English was too difficult for me because grammar is completely different from Japanese but I started to study English when I decided to be a flight attendant. I couldn’t understand at all at this time so I felt it might be impossible for me but I couldn’t give it up. I started to study basic English like “be verb” and “article”. I’m here now and I

can speak English a little bit. I couldn’t have imagined like this situation when I was a high school student. I didn’t like English but now I can have conversations with other country people. It is interesting . I think that I can change my life to be fun or not. It depends on me. I want to enjoy my life because my life is just once. I cant experience the same life again so I will keep on trying something new for myself. I don’t want to regret when I die. “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try. ”We shouldn’t regret in own life. By Mirai Sokei from Japan

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CSLI’S Olympics




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By Daniela Neiva from Brazil

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