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Why are we required to take CS 195?

Is there anyone we could ask for help in cs 195?

Will there be any openings for internship?

How is cs 195 being conducted?

OTHER Info ON CS 195

Why do exams/Project Deadlines have to fall on the same week?

Why do we need to answer set? How does it affect the instructors?

How if we could not absorb the lessons because of the teaching style?

Do we have to pay miscellaneous fees? Why?

Can profs help 3rd year students in looking for clients for cs192?

Could you ensure consistency on different sections of the same subject?

Why do some profs lock doors during class?

Why does it seem like the new subjects under the new curriculum lacks preparation?

Why can’t we take more than two cs 197 as elective?

How could we assure the dept is doing something about faculties who are not doing their job?

Why do profs still need to check attendance? Can’t we just pass the exams?

Why is computer science in college of engineering?

Why don’t we have a cafeteria?

Is it possible to put up a pingpong table for recreation?

Why is BS CS only a 4-year course?

To sir august, what do you think about the new curriculum?

To sir august, can you inspire us to be a summa graduate? Study habits?

Can there be a lab fee refund if in the entire sem, the lab time for classes are not used?

DCS Student Teacher Dialogue 2  
DCS Student Teacher Dialogue 2  

Questions and Answers in the UP DCS 2nd Student Teacher Dialogue