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Summer Dates and Plans June 6-12 –

College Ministry Mission Week (Details to follow shortly)

June 20-26 High School Domestic “Workcamp” Mission to China Grove, NC $475/Student (This cost includes building materials for our mission) For a Registration Form and Payment Coupons go to What is a workcamp? Workcamps are week-long home-repair projects involving volunteers from church youth groups recruited by Group Workcamps Foundation. At each Workcamp, hundreds of teenagers and adult sponsors come to a community like yours for a full week, and spend five days repairing homes for elderly, low-income, and disabled residents. At an average Workcamp, about 400 participants commit more than 12,000 hours of free labor to the community–time that is worth more than $65,000. Participants come from churches of many denominations across the country to work. The volunteers do not come to evangelize; rather, they come to grow in their faith through meaningful service to others. March 1st - Initial Deposit Due= $117.00 March 29th - 2nd Payment Due= $117.00 May 3rd - 3rd Payment Due= $117.00 June 1st - Final Payment Due= $114.00 Cost includes: Travel, Lodging, 16 meals for the week, and Special Wednesday night dinner Mission Description: Looking for a small town experience? Wanting to return to Mayberry? China Grove, NC would love to have you visit and is excited to host this camp! This town was built on agriculture over a century ago and kept growing through textiles. The residents of the community are in need of your help to repair their aging homes. Many have lived here their entire lives and have lost jobs over the last 10 years due to textile mill closings. It saddens them to see their loved homes deteriorating. You will, no doubt, lift their spirits by repainting exteriors, building handicap ramps, and doing

small home repairs. After your week of service, the smiling faces (and great Southern hospitality!) won’t easily leave your memory. July 13-16 – Purpose Driven Student Leadership Conference @ Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA. Last year, we realized that we were asking students to be involved in short-term ministry opportunities but that we were not training them how to participate and own “life-term” ministry. It is our conviction that a week long domestic or international mission trip doesn’t fully train students how to do ministry on their own. A week-long mission mindset as the ability to teach students that all God requires of them is to participate in one intentional week of ministry to another state or another country. We all know that in actually, God wants to use our life as a mission to reveal His presence, purpose, power, and plan to other people. I am not suggesting that short-term missions are harmful. However, I am suggesting that a person who uses short-term missions to “calm their conscience” about a Christian’s duty to live a life that points to God is sin. Short-term missions can not be our only opportunity for students to participate in missions at Crestwood. Before we charge students to live their life to the glory of God, we have to show them how. Therefore, in September 2009, the Crestwood Youth Ministry (CYMin) launched a student leadership institute called “C-Wood University” of which we had an overwhelming response. Twenty students enrolled and agreed to the following: 1. Attend seven of the nine C-Wood University monthly sessions 2. Become actively involved in the monthly Theophany program 3. Commit to attending weekly worship 4. Complete a four-week CYMin course held on Wednesday Kirk Nights 5. Commit to performing 30 service hours in support of Crestwood Church ministries 6. Participate in fundraising or sponsorship events related to C-Wood University 7. Maintain frequent communications with C-Wood U Mentor CYMin agreed that students who meet these requirements should be sent to the student leadership conference in California listed above. However, this conference is not the goal of C-Wood University. The goal of C-Wood University is to provide students with the tools for “life-term” ministry. After students return from this conference in July, each participant of C-Wood University, whether they participated in the student leadership conference in California or not, have two weeks to begin working at their own “life-term” ministry. July 25-30- Middle School Domestic Mission to Charleston, WV $275/Student For a Registration Form and Payment Coupons go to March 1st - Initial Deposit = 75.00 March 29th - 2nd payment = 100.00 May 3rd - 3rd payment = 50.00 June 1st - Final payment = 50.00 Mission in Charleston is unique in that our goal for the week is to build relationships with the community. There is an 80% chance that we will provide mission by building relationships with children through non-profit community organizations in the area.

There is a 20% chance that we will work with a local organization to provide resources to the community (for example: a food pantry) or that we will work with a local organization which provides support for nursing homes in the community. During our stay, we will lodge at Canaan United Methodist Church in Charleston, WV. A Typical Day: 7:15am – breakfast 9-3pm – Mission Focus for the Week 3-5pm – Student Showers at a local community* center and free time 6-8pm – Evening Activity** 8:15pm – Snack and Large-Group Time 9pm – Church Group Time 10:30pm – Lights Out *There are communal showers at the community center, so please bring a swim suit. **Evening Activities include: Monday: Traveling to Kanawha State Park Tuesday: Appalachian Culture Night hosted by Canaan UMC Wednesday: Gathering at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church Thursday: Community Cook Out

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