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Basic Thoughts Of Logo Designing


Graphic mark adopted by an organization

Public Recognition

Need Of Logo Shorthand way of referring

Easy to understand

Anchors a Brand

Provide essential information

Type Of Logo

2. Symbolic

1. Emblem

3.Letter Form

4. Type Text

5. Mixed

Examples of these types

1. Self Contained

2. Symbols Only

3. Fun With Letters

4. Fun with Words

5. Combination Of All

With Logos


Think about Future

Hand Sketches


Separate from Brand

Settle a Cheap logo

it p le e Ke imp s

Make it Versatile

Ke Un ep iq it ue

Engage your Audience

Think Ahead

Logo Designing Tips

Choose colors wisely

Keep it Relevant

Ve Ef cto fe c r ts


it le e ab k a or M m e M

Influence of Logos

World's Best

Logo Designer

The “Apple Logo” Designer Rob Janoff

Renowned For

Offset Printing

Apple Logo

Web Designing

Graphic Designs

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Best Logos  

Few logos inspire as much brand loyalty and emotion as the Apple logo. Created in 1976 by Worlds Best Logo Designer Rob Janoff, the logo mar...

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