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VictorianVICTORIAN Regional Final 2011

Maths Engineering

Maths Engineering This Challenge must be read in conjunction with the 2011 Instruction Manual.


INTRODUCTION An unexpected change in climate has meant that the last pocket of rainforest that is home to the giant species, the Wairness, is under threat. One of the last of these giant species has fallen and a rescue needs to be mounted. Your team has been asked to raise this giant species and, in keeping with the International Year of Forests you are going to use only plant materials to build a device that will raise it.


CHALLENGE Your team must create a crane made only from paper and a plant starch-based glue, such as Clag paste. The total mass of the crane must be no more than 100g and it must be able to support as large a weight as possible from a part of the crane that extends 15cm beyond the edge of its base.


PRESENTATION During your presentation your team must: x Present the crane to the judges to confirm that it is less than 100g x Inform the judges and audience of the weight of each new load prior to hanging it from the crane x Explain the importance of the Wairness x Explain how your actions will help the sustainable management of the world’s forests. During your demonstration x The crane must support the load you provide when it is hung at least 15 cm out from the table (see diagram on last page of this Challenge). Any number of attempts using the same or different loads can be made within the ten minutes, provided each load is announced before testing. Before you commence your presentation you must present the following written information to the judges: x One copy of your script x Your completed copies of the Cost Form, Outside Assistance Form and Presentation Skills Form. x A diagram explaining the design elements of your crane and giving the weights of the crane and all loads.

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VictorianVICTORIAN Regional Final 2011


Maths Engineering

LIMITATIONS Refer also to those listed in the 2011 Instruction Manual.



The total time for setting up, performing the Challenge solution and clearing away is ten minutes.


The judges or room monitor will indicate when your performance time is to begin and when nine minutes have elapsed. At ten minutes your performance will be stopped.


A minimum of four team members must be within the performance area at all times.


The team members who are performing must be visibly inside the 3m x 3m performance area.


Only items listed under ‘Allowable Materials’ may be used for costumes and props.


Overall costs are limited to $75.00 in accordance with the 2011 Instruction Manual


The crane must only be made out of 80gsm A4 photocopy paper (of any brand or colour) and a plant starch-based glue such as Clag paste. (The paper may be cut to shape.)


The team must also make the loads and means of attachment to the crane out of (any) plant materials. (The attachment materials e.g. cotton thread, can be included as part of the load.)


The crane must not be touched or supported, except while a new load is attached, when it is being demonstrated that the crane can support a particular load.


The weight of the load may be counter-balanced by placing wooden blocks on any part of the crane provided the blocks do not extend over the edge of the table, do not rest directly on the table and are not part of the crane structure.


The crane must not be attached or glued to the table or held down in any way except by the wooden blocks.


Use of materials other than those allowed (or outside the cost limit), or other failure to meet all the requirements, will mean that the maximum load suspended will be zero.


If you present digital images you must provide your own computer, projector and screen.

SCORING You will be awarded points according to the following criteria. 1.

The creativity and originality of the explanation of the importance of the Wairness......... 20 points


The creativity and originality of the explanation of how your actions will help the sustainable management of the world’s forests............................................ 20 points


The maximum load suspended as a fraction of 1kg times 60........................................... 60 points


Ingenuity, creativity and elegance of the construction, including the loads and means of attachment, particularly as set out in your explanatory diagram................ 50 points


In addition, the teams with the cranes which carried the 1st, 2nd & 3rd heaviest loads at each Tournament (in each Division) will receive 20, 10 & 5 additional points.............. 20 points Maximum possible ......................170 points

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VictorianVICTORIAN Regional Final 2011


Maths Engineering

PRESENTATION SKILLS & OVERALL DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE Your team must select two presentation skills and, on the Presentation Skills Form provided, explain why you have chosen this dramatic technique, and how this technique enhances the communication of the solution to the audience. It is the responsibility of the team to ensure that the Presentation Skills Form is written so that it directs the judges’ attention to the nominated categories including: x x x

How the nominated presentation skill is used How the nominated aspect emphasises the quality of the solution How the nominated aspect is relevant to the solution.

Neither of the two summaries should be more than fifty words in length. Each of the two categories will be worth 0 to 20 points. The judges will also allocate up to 10 points for the overall dramatic performance of the team. Overall Dramatic Performance is defined as the extent to which the performance had excitement, flair, creativity, or impact that was related to and added value to the challenge solution. Maximum possible ........................50 points


BONUS POINTS In each of the following no partial points will be awarded. 1. 2.

3. 4. 5.

All props and costumes made by team members from the list of Allowable Materials..... 15 points All paperwork completed and supplied to judges: a. Outside Assistance / Media Permission form b. Cost Form c. Presentation Skills Form d. Required written materials (script) .......................................................................... 10 points All team members played a meaningful part/role in the Challenge solution and presentation....................................................................................................................... 10 points Minimum of four team members in the performance area at all times.............................. 10 points Presentation area cleared to the satisfaction of the judges. ............................................... 5 points Maximum possible ........................50 points


PENALTY POINTS Violation of the spirit of the Tournament ....................................................................... 0 to – 50 points

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VictorianVICTORIAN Regional Final 2011


Maths Engineering

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR WILL PROVIDE: At the presentation site: 1.

A minimum of two judges.


A timing device for the judges.


Score sheets and pens or pencils for the judges.


A defined stage or floor performance area of approximately 3m x 3m.


Two chairs that may be used in the performance and a table on which the crane must be placed during the demonstration(s).


An electrical outlet that will accept a three-prong plug for use in the performance. Any electrical items must be tagged with a current safety tag.


A ruler and a weighing device for loads of 100g to many kilograms.

Teams must bring any power boards and extension cords needed.


CHALLENGE CLARIFICATION RAISING A WAIRNESS All Challenge Clarifications are to be made by team members via the TOM Web Portal ‘Challenge Clarification’ facility. Telephone, fax or email clarifications will not be answered. Any team member can access the ‘Challenge Clarification’ area on the TOM Portal at to ask a question. They do not need to log in. However, we ask that before a team member does this, that they do two things: (1) carefully check this Challenge document and the 2011 Schools’ Instruction Manual, as most often the answer is included in one or both of these documents; and (2) consult the Team Facilitator, who should also refer to the Challenge, the 2011 Schools’ Instruction Manual and log in to the TOM Portal to check the responses to other general clarifications that have already been answered. Challenge Clarifications will not be considered from Monday 16th August 2011. No telephone, fax or email clarifications will be accepted.

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VictorianVICTORIAN Regional Final 2011


Maths Engineering

ALLOWABLE MATERIALS FOR COSTUMES AND PROPS (Any of these must appear on Cost Form if used for costumes or props) Aluminium foil


Plasticine, play dough




Balls – ping pong, foam, polystyrene, plastic

Goggle eyes



Recycled material*



Make-up and hair products


Nails, screws, bolts


Paddle pop sticks

String, twine

Paints, textas

Swimming caps


Tape – adhesive, masking, duct

Blu-tack Buttons Cardboard Cellophane Cling Wrap Cotton Wool Crayons Dried Peas, beans

Paper – butchers, plain, coloured, crepe, tissue

Drinking straws

Paper clips – glider, bulldog


Dye – fabric, food

Paper plates, paper cups





Elastic bands

Pencils, pens



Pins – safety, split, hair

Fabric – any type including fur

Pipe cleaners

Yarn – cotton, woollen, synthetic

Fishing line

Papier Mache - eg Mix It

Foam rubber

Plastic – piping, tubing, bags, sheeting

Torch (in working order)

Please note: Dye may be used in your preparation but must NOT be brought in liquid form to Tournament of Minds venues. * Recycled material is specifically any material that you would normally throw out in your garbage or recycling bin each week. For example: newspaper, cardboard, foam boxes, cotton reels, margarine containers, drink bottles, tops, egg cartons, garden refuse etc. It does not include second-hand items like Grandma’s old shawl, Mum’s old evening dress or shoes, an old cane, umbrella, fan, toys or sports equipment. Goods and materials purchased from secondhand shops or opportunity shops are NOT recycled and so are not permitted. Your team must cost the proportion of each item that they use. Your team may use standard equipment to construct props, costumes and apparatus, e.g. scissors, hammers, screwdrivers, sewing machines, paintbrushes etc. These items need NOT appear on the Cost Form. © Copyright 2011 Tournament of Minds Inc


VictorianVICTORIAN Regional Final 2011


Maths Engineering

ALLOWABLE PRESENTATION DEVICES Any of these electrical items may be used during the presentation of your challenge solution Laptop computer, data projector, slide projector, film strip projector, movie projector, overhead projector, television, video, DVD player, CD-player, tape recorder, MP3 players or any other audio visual or Information Technology device which benefits your team’s presentation. Read Section 3.4.2 (Challenge Presentations) of your 2011 Instruction Manual for guidelines on setting up and use of equipment during the 10 minutes challenge solution presentation. Preparation of audio visual materials for use during the presentation must also comply with 'Outside Assistance Guidelines’ N.B. All electrical devices including power boards and extension leads are the responsibility of the team but do not need to be included in cost forms. They will also need to be tagged with a current safety tag on. Screened images must be projected to appear within or directly behind, the 3m square. Adjustments to the lighting will be at the Director’s discretion. Teams are, however, not to rely on lighting adjustments in their performance.

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VictorianVICTORIAN Regional Final 2011

Maths Engineering

Layout of example presentation. (Your crane and load do not have to look like these ones.)

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Maths Engineering Challenge

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