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local organic food, fresh coffee, select tea, natural wine, craft beer We serve casual American-style food made with local organic produce and quality meat from the Aichi area. We brew our coffee by hand and serve high-quality tea. Wine at Shanties is all natural, real stuff made in small quantity by impassioned winemakers. Our beer is from a variety of great Oregon breweries. With an everchanging wine and beer selection, there s always something new to drink! Friends of ours that help us serve great natural & local products . . . Yaotomi (Organic Vegtables) ・ Hayashi-pan (bread) ・ Kaneichi Farm (Tomatoes) Ota-Shouten (free-range eggs)・ Meat Akai(locally-raised chicken, pork & beef) Common Coffee ・ Tea Mode ・ Saoul Rails (Natural Wine)

*All prices on our menu include tax.

Opening Hours 11:30 ∼ 23:30

Lunch Time 11:30 ∼ 15:00

Closed on Tuesdays Please check out our website or facebook for details about special events and reserved parties. Free WiFi! → Password: 0527347106

Late-night Menu 22:00∼ Shanties is a non-smoking restaurant. We don t serve alcohol to drivers. Thank you for your cooperation!

Salads . . .

. . . 800

Choose from our 4 salads made organic veggies.

・Root Veggie Salad

With lotus and burdock root, and carrot vinaigrette.

・Homemade Ham Salad

With ham made in-house. Topped with honey-mustard dressing.

・Bacon & Anchovy Salad

A great salad to go with a beer or glass of wine.

・Smoked Chicken Salad

With farm-raised chicken and topped with tartar sauce.

Veggies . . .

・Today s Pickles

. . . 350

・Vegetable Sauté Platter

. . . 700

A seasonal sample of sauteed organic vegetables. Simply seasoned with sea salt and olive oil.

・Tomatoes with Olive Tapenade

. . . 500

Amazing tomatoes, grown by Kaneichi Farm. Tossed with tapenade sauce, made with olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil.

・Not-so-French Fries

. . . 600

・Beer-Battered Onions

. . . 600

Made with aturally-grown seasonal potato varieties.

Onion rings taste great when made with great onions!

Choose your Dip!

Homemade Sour Cream Homemade Tartar Sauce Organic Ketchup

Appetizers . . .

・The Sampler

. . . 1200

A sampling of appetizers typically not on the menu. Ask our staff for details.

・Italian Prosciutto ・Homemade Ham Plate

. . . 500 . . . 600

Sliced pork shoulder ham made with local Mikawa Pork. Served with whole-grain mustard.

・Cheesy Black Pepper Cookies & Salami

. . . 500

A curious creation. Perfect for those looking for a little snack to go with that beer or wine.

・Cheese Plate

. . . starting at 800

A sampling of 3 to 4 cheeses. Starting at 800 yen for a single serving.

・Real Chicken Nuggets

. . . 800

・Chili Cheese Fries

. . . 800

・Red Wine Braised Pork

. . . 600

・Shanties Egg Slut

. . . 900

We re proud of our version of this fast food classic. Made with local free range chicken.

Organic potatoes, homemade chili, cheddar cheese with a bit of sour cream on top!

Pork loin stewed with veggies and red wine with tomato sauce as a finishing touch. Served with toasted whole wheat bread.

Born in La, and now all the craze in Japan. A coddled egg on top of mashed potatoes, poached in a glass jar with a topping of grana padano cheese. Served with toasted baguette. Made with great local eggs from down the road in Okazaki.

Sandwiches . . .

Made with natural yeast bread, local meat, and local organic veggies. Served with seasonal fries and pickles. Ask our staff for details about our daily sandwich selection.

・Prosciutto and Mozzarella Panini

. . . 700

・Panini of the day

. . . 800

・Whole wheat Sandwich of the day

. . . 800

・Ciabatta Sandwich of the day

. . . 800

A hot pressed sandwich made with prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, and truly tasty tomatoes from Kaneichi Farm. Cooked to order in our panini press.

Served on lightly toasted whole wheat bread.

A hot sandwich served on our hearty ciabatta bread.

Pizza . . .

A perfect snack to go with wine or beer. Choose from our 4 crispy pizzas below.

. . . 800

・Pizza of the day(ask our staff) ・4-Cheese ・Meat Sauce and Mozzeralla ・Veggie, Salami & Tomato Sauce

The Shanty Burger

Check out our burger menu! Our burgers are made with 100% locally-raised beef and served on a natural yeast bun with seasonal french fries and pickles.

Choose from our list of signiture burgers, or mix and match your own!


Our recommendation for a hearty dinner. Local meat with seasonal vegetables.

Add rice or bread for 300 yen!

・Homemade Sausage

. . . 1200

・Chicken Sauté

. . . 1100

・Pork Loin Sauté

. . . 1400

・Salisbury Steak

. . . 1200

Made in house with local pork. served with whole grain mustard and a side salad. Free-range chicken thigh with a semi-dried tomato tapenade sauce. Served with sautéed seasonal vegetables. Seasoned simply and served with goronzola mashed potatoes.

Made with Aichi pork and beef. Served with an onion sauce and a side salad.

Sweets . . .

・French Toast & Ice Cream

. . . 600

・Crema Catalana

. . . 350

・Brownie & Ice Cream

. . . 500

Made with great bread, free-range eggs and honey. Served with ice cream and caramel sauce. Our take on the Catalonian version of crème brulée. Served with caramel sauce.

An American Classic. Chocolate & almond Brownie served with ice cream.

・Dessert of the day

We may have something else up our sleeve. Ask our staff for details.

Late-Night Menu ・Today s Pickles

10PM → 11PM

. . . 350

・Italian Prosciutto

. . . 600

・Today s Bruschetta

. . . 500

・Appetizer Sampler

. . . 1200

・Cheese Plate

. . . starting at 800

・Prosciutto and Mozzarella Panini

. . . 700

・Braised Pork with Red Wine and Tomato Sauce

. . . 600

・Sweets(from the menu above) Last order for the late-night menu is 11PM. Shanties closing time is 11:30PM.

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Shanties Food (English)  

Our grand menu in English!

Shanties Food (English)  

Our grand menu in English!

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