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SOVEREIGN COUNCILS of the HAWAIIAN HOMELANDS ASSEMBLY ENDORSES JOE KUHIO LEWIS FOR OHA TRUSTEE AT LARGE The Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homelands Assembly (SCHHA) at its 23rd annual convention which was held at the Ala Moana Hotel on August 20 – 22, 2010, unanimously voted to endorse Joe Kuhio Lewis for OHA Trustee at Large, citing his continuing efforts to better the conditions of the beneficiaries of the Hawaiian Homelands Trust and the interests of all indigenous peoples of our nation. Joe Kuhio Lewis stated, “I will dedicate my time as your trustee to ensure those who need OHA’s resources can access them.” The SCHHA is a statewide organization consisting of 29 homestead associations which represent over 30,000 beneficiaries living on Hawaiian Homestead lands. Established in 1987, SCHHA provides lessees with a unified way in which to (1) advocate for the protection of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1921 as amended and the land trust that the act established and (2) to provide for a voice for the beneficiaries of said Trust when decisions that are being made by federal, state, and county government’s impact upon our lives. Kamaki Kanahele, SCHHA Chairman, stated, "the SCHHA shall press forward in full support of Joe Kuhio Lewis knowing full well that his election will restore trust in OHA by making the agency more transparent and improving communication between OHA and our community.” Running against incumbents is a daunting task for any candidate, especially one new to the political scene like Joe. Lewis, however, is forging ahead undeterred and unintimidated. ”My message is simple. The disconnection between OHA and the community it serves has resulted in OHA’s programs and dollars consistently missing the mark. The most basic needs among Native Hawaiians are unaddressed.” He goes on to explain that “even in the current economy, OHA is sitting on millions and spending millions. I want to make sure we’re achieving the biggest bang for our highly valued buck.” Clearly, a vote for Joe Lewis is a vote for a better-served Hawaiian community and when good things happen for Native Hawaiians, all of Hawaii benefits. If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to call our office at (808) 529.1627 or email us at Media Contact: Richard Soo Executive Director (808) 529.1627 #####

SCHHA Endorsement  

Letter of endorsement for Joseph Kuhio Lewis for OHA.

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