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A Promising Future The Prep is off to another solid start and is proving again to be one of the fastest high school programs in the country. We have captured another Catholic League Championship in decisive fashion. The coming weeks will bring more medal races, our boys in Crimson and Grey are well positioned to take their rightful position on the medal stand. The competition is stiff with crews from Washington DC (Gonzaga), Pittsburgh (Central Catholic), Chicago (New Tier) and, of course, Philadelphia (Holy Spirit and LaSalle). We have the traditional home court advantage with Cities and Stotesbury. This year’s Scholastic Nationals are at Mercer Lake in Princeton NJ. A schedule of the medal races are listed later in this edition of The Crimson Blade. On May 5, the annual Prep Crew social will be held at the Prep boathouse. This is the main fund raising event for Prep crew. Please see if your schedule allows for you to attend – all alumni and friends of Prep crew are invited. Our senior class will be on hand and it will be great opportunity to engage them and hear first hand stories from a current Prep oarsman and if they have any plans of continuing the Prep rowing tradition in college.

"Your loyal support is one of the reasons our boys go fast"

Our alumni and parents support and involvement of Prep rowing continues to be strong. Our Prep parents continue to be the source of event planning with organizing the weekly tent on the Schuylkill and a away race and they are the arms, legs and brains behind the Annual Prep Crew Social. The FSJPR continues to fulfill its mission of reconnecting Prep Crew alumni through social media (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin) and alumni events and gatherings, such as the young alumni summer rowing program and alumni entries for the head of the Schuylkill. FSJPR continues to be the sources of information for The Crimson Blade and our social media platforms. A special thanks to all alumni and parents that contributed to Prep rowing throughout the year. Your loyal support is one of the reasons our boys go fast. The recent boathouse brick campaign raised over $10,000 to help fund new equipment for our boys. Upon request, we are preparing a second order of bricks. If you would like to donate a custom engraved brick ($350 per brick), please check for details later in this edition of The Crimson Blade. All donations are fully tax deductable. A special thanks for our chief editors, Chris McElroy ’84 and Shawn Duffy ’04, for another fine edition of The Crimson Blade. Also, thanks for Harrison Kieffer ’11 for the twitter feeds for results throughout the season and maintaining the Prep Crew Facebook page. Finally, thank you to Matt Glaeser‘02 for leading the efforts for our Linkedin page and maintaining our alumni email distribution list. Please consider renewing or becoming a member of FSJPR. Your membership dues are the sole sources of funds to fuel the FSJPR efforts listed above and allow FSJPR to continue in support the current Prep crew team and preserve our legacy. If you are interested in becoming involved in FSJPR governance, please contact Joe Kieffer ’84 at 267-228-1341 / Joe Kieffer ‘84 President – Friends of St. Joseph Prep Rowing


Inside The Issue The Newsletter for Alumni & Friends of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing Published 3 times a year President Joe Kieffer '84 Vice President Tony Horvat '75 Treasurer Rick Wegryn '82 Secretary Matthew Glaeser '02 Crimson Blade Chief Editors Chris McElroy '84 Shawn Duff '04 FSJPR Governance Board Ray Antonini '71 Joe Backe '82 Bill Barker Shawn Duff '04 Bill Gennaro Sr '79 Larry Hennigan '81 Kevin Kelly '72 Harrison Kieffer '11 Dan Kilpartrick '94 Al Lawn Chris Markam JeanMarie Markam Chris McElroy '84 Kevin McGowan '91 Joe McHale Nick Morinigo '82 Mike Murphy '99 Don Powers '04 Kerry Quinn '06 George Schaefer '73

04 Captain Reports

I look into the season from our team Captains. Their goals, expectations and determination for a successful season.

10 Spring Results The results are in! A look back at this Springs results. Some great races with the excitment of getting faster each day.

16 Let's Get Involved The program is always looking for help to keep this great Program running smoothly and to its highest potential. If interested in giving back to the program that means so much to all of us, there are plenty of ways to lend a hand.



Matthew Canal ‘14 Cherry Hill, NJ 6’2’’ 185 lbs This year has been very successful in regard to the strength and conditioning of the team. Our average 2K for the Varsity 8 is about 10 seconds lower than last year's, with the other boats right on our heels. Everyone worked very hard every single day this winter and I believe that this dedication will continue to make us faster as we hone our technique on the water this spring. The cold winter this year kept us off on the water for quite some time, either because the river was frozen or it was just too cold to row. This led to some shaky racing early in the season, but as we get more time on the water we are getting better and refining our technique, which will allow us to convert all that power we obtained over the winter on the erg, into the boat. This year, almost all of our competitors have improved as well. It will be a fun season, full of close races and I am looking forward to it.


As a team, everyone’s goal is to push themselves to be the best they can be, embrace the magis, and become better and better. We have worked very hard all year to build a strong foundation and as a team we all just want to make Prep Crew proud and race our best. However, as a captain my goal is to lead the guys with me as best I can. A boat, as well as a team, is only as good as our weakest link and as a captain, I take it upon myself to make sure everyone is keeping their heads up and focusing on getting better no matter how rough practice may be. This year it has been very easy to do this because everyone is so committed to their team and boat mates. No matter how bad a day might go, everyone just comes back the next day ready to do it ten times better. Overall, I look forward to making this season one of the most successful years Prep Crew has had in a long time and I am really looking forward to the upcoming races.



Joseph McCarrie ‘14 Moorestown, NJ 6’2” 190 lbs Of my four years at Gillin Boathouse, this year has to be the most exciting. The feeling in the boathouse all winter and now into the spring has been electric. After a long winter of training, I can see all the effort physically manifesting itself. The guys are the strongest we’ve had, overall, in my four years. It’s also important to note that the V8 is half juniors and half seniors. The juniors have really pulled their weight this year, and then some. As captain, I try to lead by example; going out of my way to make sure everyone knows they’re a part of the team. Whether you pull a 7:32 or a 6:10, if you are working your hardest, you still get the respect, no matter what. I believe that the underclassmen see this spirit and understand it, hopefully leading them to truly be a man for and with others, on their team and throughout their life.


The coaches have been great influences this year. They have instilled discipline around good technique, along with the necessary power training. I believe that they are seeing the accumulation of all the technical and powerful exercises being put to good use on the water. The coaches’ expectations, and ours, are to strive for greatness every race. The mindset around here is about giving it 100%. When we have our guys going down the race course giving it everything they got, it’s going to be an exciting season for Prep crew. I’m so incredibly proud to be captain this year and I believe we are on track to do something special.



Kevin Kiernan ’14 Hatfield, PA 6’5’’ 195 lbs The whole team, from the freshmen to the varsity, and everyone in between, put in a lot of good hard work in over the past couple months. We are starting to see the strength and conditioning training translate into boat speed as we continue to hone our technique on the water. We've had a lot of good competition in the Flicks this year, and we always have a lot of good boats come out for the championship races, so it will definitely be a fun and competitive year of racing for Prep Crew. As always, the team’s goal for this spring racing season is to achieve excellence. The legacy of the program has always been one of great success, so we are hoping to be the next in the long line of elite high school boats coming out of St. Joe's Prep. All of the rowers are committed to making technical changes as well as fitness gains, and we have a lot of invaluable advice and experience available to us from our


coaches. The commitment to excellence I see from the current group of guys we have is just as great, if not greater, than anything I have seen over my past four years here. We have the potential to make a lot of big statements this spring, and now the challenge falls to us to capitalize on this opportunity. There is no doubt in my mind that we will do this and make 2014 an historic year for St. Joe's Prep rowing.


Early Spring Results

Jesuit Invitational Camden, NJ Saturday, March 15th

Second Manny Flick Philadelphia, PA Sunday, March 23rd

Varsity 8+ Novice 8+: Fourth and Fifth 1st Gonzaga 6:05.6 Freshman 8+: Second and Fourth 2nd St. Joseph’s Prep 6:14.5 Freshman 8+: Fourth 3rd Canisius 6:23.4 Junior 8+: Second 4th Fordham 6:36.4 Junior 8+: Second and Third 5th St. Peters 6:37.7 Lightweight 8+: FIRST 6th McQuaid 7:06.7 Varsity 2x: Third Varsity 4x: FIRST 2nd Varsity 8+ Varsity 4x: Fourth 1st Gonzaga 6:15.0 Varsity 8+: FIRST 2nd St. Joseph’s Prep 6:25.1 3rd Canisius 6:29.3 Fourth Manny Flick 4th Fordham 7:02.3 Philadelphia, PA 5th McQuaid 7:16.4 6th St. Peters 7:18.4 Sunday, April 6th Lightweight 8+ Novice 8+: Sixth 1st St. Joseph’s Prep 6:14.0 Novice 8+: Fourth 2nd Gonzaga 6:32.4 Freshman 8+: Second and Third 3rd Canisius 6:38.9 Freshman 8+: Fifth 4th Fordham 7:05.6 Junior 4+: Second 5th St. Peters 7:07.9 Junior 8+: Fourth Junior 8+: FIRST Lightweight 4+: Second First Manny Flick Lightweight 8+: FIRST Philadelphia, PA Varsity 4+: Second Sunday, March 16th Varsity 4x: Fourth Varsity 4x: Second Varsity 8+: FIRST Freshman 8+ A Second Freshman 8+ B Second SPRING 2014

Noxontown Regatta St. Andrew’s School, DE Saturday, April 12th

Varsity 8+: 1st Gonzaga 4:22.5 2nd St. Joseph’s Prep 4:26.3 3rd Dallas Jesuit 4:31.8 4th St. Andrews 4:34.8 5th Bonner 5:06.8 Varsity 4+: 1st St. Joseph’s Prep 2nd Gonzaga 3rd St. Albans

5:09.6 5:16.6 5:40.7

Lightweight 8+ 1st St. Joseph’s Prep 2nd Gonzaga 3rd St. Joseph’s Prep 4X A 4th St. Joseph’s Prep 4X B

4:34.1 4:41.4 4:56.2 5:15.5

Junior 8+ 1st St. Joseph’s Prep A 2nd St. Joseph’s Prep B 3rd Gonzaga 4th St. Andrews

4:45.5 5:01.7 5:06.6 5:09.3

Junior 4+ 1st St. Joseph’s Prep A 2nd Gonzaga 3rd Dallas Jesuit 4th St. Joseph’s Prep B

5:19.9 5:22.4 5:25.3 5:25.8

Freshman 8+ 1st Gonzaga 2nd Dallas Jesuit 3rd St. Albans 4th St. Joseph’s Prep 5th St. Andrews

4:58.3 5:00.5 5:01.9 5:07.8 5:17.7

Novice 8+/5th 8+ 1st Gonzaga A 2nd Gonzaga B 3rd St. Joseph’s Prep 4th St Andrews 5th Bonner

5:11.1 5:12.4 5:16.3 5:40.0 5:43.8

2nd Novice/Freshman 8+ 1st Gonzaga 2nd St. Joseph’s Prep A 3rd St. Joseph’s Prep B 4th St. Andrews 5th St. Joseph’s Prep C

5:24.9 5:27.5 5:46.2 6:08.7 6:39.4


Early Spring Results continued

5th Manny Flick Philadelphia, PA Sunday, April 13th

Philadelphia Catholic League Championship Philadelphia, PA April 26th, 2014

Head Races Novice 8+ FIRST, Ninth, Sixteenth Point Trophy & PCL Title: FIRST Freshman 8+ Fourth, and Seventeenth Varsity 8+: FIRST Junior 4+ Second Varsity 4x: Second Junior 8+ Third and Ninth Varsity 4+: FIRST Varsity 2x: Third, Fourth Sprint Racing Varsity 1x: Second Lightweight 4+ Fourth Lightweight 8+: FIRST Lightweight 8+ FIRST Lightweight 4+: Second Varsity 2x Fourth Junior 8+: Second, Third Varsity 2x Second Junior 4+: FIRST Varsity 4+ Fourth Freshman 8+: Second, Fifth Varsity 4x Second Freshman 4+: Second Varsity 8+ FIRST Novice 8+: FIRST, Fifth Novice 4+: Second

Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association Point Trophies. Based off results for Flicks 1-5

Manny Flick Point Trophy: Mens Sweep St. Joseph’s Prep 426 La Salle 363 Radnor 188 Harriton 185 Mainland 180


Horvat Series Trophy: Mens Sculling Roman Catholic 273 Malvern Prep 212 Conestoga 166 Haddon Twp. 94 St. Joseph’s Prep 78

Summer Program Friends of St. Joseph’s Prep Rowing (FSJPR) is again sponsoring a competitive rowing program for collegeaged alumni. Building off of last summer’s program success, coached practice from the Prep boathouse will be held several times a week either in the early morning or early evening. The program will run from early June to early August. Planned regattas include the Schuylkill Navy Regatta (June 14) and Independence Day (July 4 – 6). Depending upon the interest and competitiveness, away regatta (USRowing Nationals and Canadian Henley) will be considered. The summer fee (a few hundred dollars) will be determined on the turn out and will compensate the coaching staff. If you want to keep in shape and build your competitive edge this summer, join the team and keep your Prep Spirit alive by representing FSJPR. If there are any questions or interested in joining the program, please contact Harrison Kieffer ‘11 at or 215-264-2109.


FSJPR will be submitting an entries for the alumni eight categories for the Head of the Charles (October 18) and the Head of the Schuylkill (October 25). Time to get in shape! If you are interested in competing and representing FSJPR, please contact Joe Kieffer ‘84 at or 267-228-1341.

Assistant Summer Director Needed! Questions or if Interested? Please Contact: Harrison Kieffer, Summer Director


St. Joseph’s Prep Rowing 2014 Racing Schedule

Sunday, March 16 Sunday, March 23 Sunday, March 30 Sunday, April 6 Saturday, April 12 Sunday, April 13 Saturday, April 26 Friday & Saturday, May 16-17 Sunday, May 18 Friday & Saturday, May 23-24 Saturday June 7


Flick - Horvat Regatta #1 Philadelphia, PA Flick - Horvat Regatta #2 Philadelphia, PA Flick - Horvat Regatta #3 Philadelphia, PA Flick - Horvat Regatta #4 Philadelphia, PA St.Andrews Middletown, DE Flick - Horvat Regatta #5 Philadelphia, PA Catholic League Champs Philadelphia, PA Stotesbury Cup Philadelphia, PA City Champs Philadelphia, PA SRAA Nationals Camden, NJ National School Regatta Saratoga, NY


Bow: 36 & 38

Possible final: 1:30

Freshman 4+: 8:26

Bow: 51

Possible final: 1:42

Novice 8+: 8:48

Bow: 78 & 85

Possible final: 1:54

Freshman 8+: 9:16

Bow: 138 & 149

Possible final: 2:30

Junior 4+: 10:02

Bow: 222

Possible final: 3:35

Junior 8+: 10:30

Bow: 312 & 360

Possible final: 4:03

Lightweight 4+: 10:58

Bow: 360

Possible final: 4:31

Lightweight 8+: 11:04

Bow: 372

Possible final: 4:59

Varsity 1x: 11:28

Bow: 416 & 419

Possible final: 5:20

Varsity 2x: 11:40

Bow: 443

Possible final: 5:41

Varsity 4+: 11:56

Bow: 484

Possible final: 6:02

Varsity 4x: 12:06

Bow: 507

Possible final: 6:16

Varsity 8+: 12:18

Bow: 526

Possible final: 6:30



LET'S GET INVOLVED. Event Planner – FSJPR has several events

Database Administration – One of the big-

Class Captain – FSJPR is looking for class cap-

The Crimson Blade Editors / Writers

Membership Chair – FSJPR annual spring

Assistant Treasurer – Assist in the adminis-

Alumni Racing Coordinator – Identify,

FSJPR Governance – Need a few executive

throughout the year and we need someone with strong organization and party planning skills. This includes annual alumni class day event, Summer Social and Regatta events.

tains for their respective class years and maintain alumni information, coordinate reunions, fund raising etc.

membership drive and bookkeeping of receipts. Creativity and persistent personality is needed.

field and entry various alumni race events – in regattas such as Head of the Schuylkill, Head of the Charles, Masters Henley (Canada and UK), Catholic League, etc. Organize practice, uniforms, entrance fees, etc.


gest challenges that FSJPR has is maintaining current contact information of its 2,000 alumni. We need someone with strong social media, IT skills and techniques to improve alumni contact information integrity.

– We need beat reporters to write about the team, our coaches and alumni and FSJPR happenings. The Crimson Blade is published a few times a year.

trative financial function of FSJPR . Work directly with the Prep finance office.

board members to set direction, vision and prioritized initiatives for FSJPR. Need hands and active leadership in the above efforts.

FSJPR Career Connections – We are look-

Prep Crew Historian – Finds, gathers, cata-

Prep Alumni Rowing Gear Coordinator – Coordinate bi-annual FSJPR

Senior Gifts – As a thank you for four years of

Communications / Social Media – We

Boathouse Projects – We need more orga-

ing for someone to create and lead the effort to connect graduating seniors and students looking for full time and summer internships. FSJPR volunteer will work with coaching staff on gathering resumes and identifying alumni with firms that have positions. Explore option of broadening to all alumni in the career transition.

Rowing gear offering to alumni and parents. Select vendor, items and promote through the web, social media etc

need additional resources on the social media team to coordinate race broadcasts, website, Face book, Linked-in, Twitter, blog etc. IT skills and social media geeks are a plus.

logs, documents and preserves artifacts of Prep rowing for public display or achieves. Oversee the writing of a book on the history of Prep rowing – founded in 1926

rowing and a welcome to FSJPR, we organize a gift / recognition to the graduating seniors each year. Gifts are presented at awards banquet in May.

nized and lead boathouse beatification projects. This might include hanging pictures, plaques, banners, etc. Past projects include the honor board. Projects typically require creativity, draftsmanship and possibly work working skills.

Fund Raising – Need committed individual to

help organize alumni fundraising targeted campaign. This is includes the brick campaign. Organizational skills, persistence, and the ability to ask for money are needed.

Questions or if Interested? Please Contact: Joe Kieffer, FSJPR President, 267-228-1341


Personalized Brick At Robert Gillin Boathouse As part of the fund raising program to purchase new racing shells, Friends of St. Joseph’s Prep (FSJPR) is providing the opportunity for alumni, current rowers, family and friends of Prep crew to be memorialized at the Robert Gillin Boathouse with a personalize brick. We have identified a small area of land adjacent to the Prep side boat slip that can accommodate a couple of hundred bricks. This is a limited opportunity to forever recognize a Prep rower, coach, regatta victory or loved one. Each personal brick has up to 3 lines of text with 18 characters on each line. Brick are being offered for a donation of $350 / brick. Donations are tax deductible. If there are any questions, please contact Joe Kieffer ‘84, FSJPR President, at FSJPR1926@ or 267-228-1341.

Name: _____________________________________________ Email / Phone: ___________________/___________________ Inscription: _____________________________ (18 characters / line) _____________________________ _____________________________ Makes Check Payable to: St. Joseph’s Prep - memo: FSJPR Brick mail form and check to 1733 West Girard Ave Philadelphia PA 19130





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