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Adelphi University, Garden City ​hi guys welcome back to a child thank you so much watching today's video is gonna be a winter capsule wardrobe winter essentials that kind of thing basically all of the things I'm going to be completely rinsing throughout winter and I love these videos so much I've made an August one and I think I did one in the summer or maybe in the spring I mean you get in it I'm going through the seasons here and but is now winter it is very very cold in the UK and wearing this top which is completely inappropriate and I'm definitely going to have to wear all the layers over the top because in case you're not getting what I'm saying it is extremely extremely cold right now pink it's like - free at the moment which is absolutely horrendous so here is everything that I'm gonna be wearing to try and combat that cold and probably foul because I feel like with all the best intentions in the world I am always cold okay let's just go straight in with the coats if you know me whore whore or have followed me for a while then you will know that I'm just obsessed with coats have far too many and just no matter how many times I'm not right I have every color I need I will always find another one the first coat that I am going to talk about is this one from Maj is slightly annoying to mention for you because I actually like this mist the village when I went on like a press day press trip thing with them press day it wasn't a trip it was one day and I had like a really nice discount and obviously with mister it's kind of like sells and seasonal once one thing goes they don't really tend to restock it too much so I'm not sure if this is actually available anymore but there will be very similar ones this is actually from Mars it was my first Maj purchase and I had one of those moments where I nearly clung my debit card back off the guy because I was like I just can't spend that much money but I did and it was just the best investment I've ever made it's one of those like really furry not real fair it's both teddy bear kind of coats and honestly I've never received so many compliments on an item apart from another one I couldn't talk to you about in a second is so wrong like ridiculously warm so cozy every time I wear it my nan bless her will always isn't it soft and like strokes me and everybody does that is obviously the softest thing in the entire world and I just love this so much it's so comfortable I'm saying the same things over and over again but it really is lovely and I love the color it's kind of that like stony camel color so it goes with absolutely everything so a teddy bear I'm not saying go to knowledge and buy like a stupidly expensive color understand like those teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear really warm really cozy really soft and like feels like a column from like Hagrid or somebody I don't know where I'm going with that they are the ones that you need to invest in other coats that I love I haven't got them all with me because I feel like I can just talk about them and put a photo or and move in image video then over the top because otherwise I will have all of the things I recently mentioned a puffer jacket from Primark and that is the other item that gets so many freaking compliments okay everywhere I go people who stop me honestly the other day six people stops me to tell me that they love my jacket six billion people that never ever happens and it's just a really beautiful color and it's so warm and it's so cozy so I love that and then I also feel like everybody needs a parka like a good quality thick room practical Parker my all-time favorites I have I actually have like free and they all come from fat-faced they are just the absolute ultimate for Parker coats and those like really practical but also quite chic and just lovely coats so those are my free coats of choice then my next essential would be chunkiness nice Rolex long knits like knitting dresses basically all of the knees no matter how many times I say that I will always like to scratch my head and think of the worst things possible I'm talking about these other things this is one I mentioned in my last video or a very recent video it is from Stradivarius Stradivarius one of my all-time favorites it's such a like nice batwing kind of style god I can't talk and I love the color to the camel just goes with everything looks amazing with like black and denim as well so I of these so so much and honestly just stock up on those knits like keep warm guys keep warm people the thing I love about the role next to is that you can wear anything underneath and you won't see it like I love jumpers at v-neck jumpers but I hate that you can't wear thermals yes fur balls because I'm 84 years old I'd love that you I don't love rather that you can't wear like lots and layers underneath because you see it and it just looks a bit busy maybe or not so like a cool together and chic so I love the wrong nets for the fact that you can just wear 20 billion layers underneath them and it doesn't have to be neutral I love making like a little bit of a statement with my jumpers I don't like what even is that sentence I like making a statement with the jumpers I wear but I have this

jumper from pulling bare actually got it from ASOS I mentioned it a while ago I feel like quite a few bloggers not got it since but you know maybe had it around the same time I'm sure they didn't watch my video I was like I need that because she's wearing it but I've seen quite a few people with it now it gets compliments everywhere I describe this as my West Ham leopard print because that is pretty much exactly what the colors are and it does what it says on the tin but I love this and it just I feel like I can wear the most boring basic outfit alongside it and this does all the talking and it stands out and it's comfortable and yeah you get in my vibe looks good and it's comfortable and also it's a little bit oversized so you can have like all the hot chocolates and all the warm cozy comfort in food and winning the next thing that I have is kind of a last-minute idea when I was like can walking it down in my notebook because I'm old and that's exactly what I do I kind of had like a list of things and then as I was going through my wardrobe I found this juillet and I remembered that these are just the best things ever in winter because even when it's cold you don't want to be wearing your coats inside like you want to whack it off but sometimes it's just not warm in places like I still don't understand in this day and age why some restaurants and just shopping centers and places in general and offices as well especially when I go for meetings they're just not warm so I love as you lay there keeping on inside but also keeping really warm this one is actually from Tesco I think like a year ago and honestly a war it's a death last year I don't even know if I've worn it this year yet but I've got it out and I'm leaving it at the front of my wardrobe now so that I will remember to but is so warm this is real suede on the outside and this is obviously faux fur but they're just so comfortable and they look really chic as well I think anything like this always like pulls an outfit together nicely so I would say as you late for shal the other thing that I would say is something that I'm wearing I always do this and as I do it every time I'm like I'll never do that again and I always end up like trying to show you my trousers and completely looking like the least graceful person that's ever walked the planet but these are my they're actually from River Island they're like the leather look trousers I kind of I've been trying to like I've been trying to invest in more expensive like luxurious pieces that's a lie I bought with Gucci bag comes like I know I need everything designer which obviously will never ever happen because I'm a tie and B don't want to leave on beans on toast for the rest of my life but I've always been obsessed with the Helmut Lang leather trousers they're just too expensive for me so I found carbon copies from River Island but I wear them to death they are the one piece that just looks so sophisticated and so chic no matter what you wear with it in fact my like favorite out there ever at the moment is just a plain white v-neck tee and these leather trousers I just think it's very like Parisian chic and mimic Miller Lula minimalistic and laidback and I love them so much also they're amazing because when it rains which it does in the UK all the got downtime rather than like be wearing jeans and it also sin and you just feel like you're wet and damp and cold for the rest of eternity they just bounce off these trousers so why wouldn't you wear them I also think they're quite flattering as well they always make me feel a little bit slimmer than they are which is really really handy my name's essential is a little bit of a strange one or not the most obvious choice but it's a layering dress and the one that I have with me today is this from H&M and it looks quite dressy on camera and I guess it can be quite dressy I wore this to like the Clarence Christmas dinner which is always a really lovely event so it definitely can be dressed up I wore it obviously bare legs with some heels I'll pop a photo over but what I love about this and why I'm including it for this video is that it also looks amazing with tights and like your ankle boots or heeled boots or whatever because it just has that style where it like flows really nicely and it also looks great with loafers and tights and I just feel like you can make this really casual but also feel like quiet chic and put together this is like the same thing that I'm saying all the time are you getting the vibe that I go for like make no effort but still look chic this is one of my favorites for that because I also feel like you can shove on like a big chunky jumper over the top and because it has this like really beautiful I don't even know how you describe this detail it has like some material that's sort of sewn on worse description ever but with a jumper over the top it just kind of looks like a dressy really pretty skirt so I feel like they're really versatile you can layer them up so you're still warm but you can also then get indoors and if it's actually warm inside you can just take off all the layers and you look beautiful the other thing that I would say is definitely not a practical or good option so of course I'm recommending it to you but I would say like pretty blouses so I have this one on today which I love so much I think I definitely just like groped my boob as I tried to show you this and I had it in a whole video recently it's from Primark super ridiculously cheap love the color and the reason why I would say that this is an essential in winter is because if I go to a nice event I don't always want to wear a dress even with tights I just sometimes it's nice to wear the leather look trousers and a really pretty blouse and then some heels and I feel like that's the epitome of like smart casual but still feeling really good about yourself so I would say some nice pretty blouses this isn't the best option if I'm being honest because when I think of that I'm thinking of like long-sleeve practical but still beautiful and this is just completely impractical because that is my life but I have some really love the options I do have one that I have to mention from fashion Union but this is the one from fashion Union I think is so so beautiful it's like polka dot it is quite

sure even with the vest underneath but I think with like a pretty brawler or just you know like a regular bra it would look really beautiful love they like Peter power and Connor and I just think things like this with some nice leather look trousers or even some jeans and some nice shoes just make you feel can you get a little bit chic a little bit put together always that's really smart and pretty and like you've made an effort and you know what effort is it just whacking on this top so I love this one it's from fashion Union that they have amazing pieces at the moment I also have a really beautiful coat from there which I'll also pop a picture over because I'm obsessed with here and I wore it to Harry Potter world which was pretty much at the best day of my life if you haven't been in you're a Harry Potter fan girl like I am you definitely need to go shoe wise I mean obviously there are all the options in the world and I feel like it's quite a specific thing shoes and boots like you're gonna go from what suits you for me personally I have these boots which again get all the compliments in the world and if you know me or follow me on Instagram or just generally had seen me maybe even twice then I'm probably wearing these because I have worn them non-stop since I got them there from ASOS I think they might oh no they're not that's a lie they're from River Island and they were in the south and there was only one pair left in a size up from what I usually go for and they fit perfectly so I feel like the fates gods just brought us together I love these so much they are a really really nice height they're ridiculously comfortable and they're big enough for me because I sized up to where like all of the socks and cozy socks and chunky knitted socks underneath basically they look amazing and they're comfortable and they're also warm so perfect for winter secondly I have a pair of boots which I have worn to death and I love them so much and they are from one of my favorite other brands which is EMU Australia and what I love about EMU Australia is they do have like the UGG kind of boots which oh not my favorite and they're definitely a bit love or hate but they also have the most incredible styles ever these are I for the life of me I can't remember what they're called I will link them up below but these are from EMU Australia they are an amazing like very dark maroon burgundy color and they have the most stunning sheepskin sheepskin wool I have no idea what the actual material is but I'll link them up below and you can read the description all about them and and they're just the most comfortable warm cozy things ever honestly I know this is mega sad and I do not even care I have no regrets in telling you this I look forward to putting these on because they're just so bought and I feel like when I've got them all I'm like yeah I'm ready to go but I love these and I think they're just a nice twist on the classic Chelsea boot I love a Chelsea boot anyway but the fact that they've got this really gorgeous sheepskin coming out at the top as well and they're so warm and cozy is just amazing and they're so amazingly well-made like beautifully beautifully well-made they will actually last you forever because I've worn Lisa's death and they don't look like it whatsoever you would never be able to tell and I just feel like you could wear them every day and really bash them around and then still look great and yet I just love them so much if you haven't checked out in your shown you definitely do because they're one of my all-time favorites I just love these I feel like that's going to be a blue part because that literally hit me in the face finally I think I said finally for the boots and then I think I'm gonna give you some accessory options as well obviously a hat and scarf go without saying and you're gonna have your own favorites but a couple of rounds that I love for hats and scarfs at the moment I accessorized which is obviously just a classic this is one of my all-time favorite ones I'll put a photo on because if I try and put it on now like I usually do my hair will be even more directed for a hedge backwards than it usually is so I won't do that this one I love so much just the plain gray and the bobble love that so much and then one of my all-time favorite brands for warm cozy but lovely accessories this fat face again I just love them so much I will put the photograph in the top because I don't have four happen with me but I have a really beautiful like the kind of stony color with like a grey stone and pink bubble and it's just so pretty and it always gets so many compliments and then I have this stuff I am such a scarf girl usually I go to Zara and just like stock up on all of the stars because they are beautiful they're massive they're the big blanket stars and they're really well made and they last forever but this is my all-time favorite at the moment it's from fat-faced and it is a really beautiful like yellowy gold Brown all of the Browns and like those earthy tones it's very all tumble but obviously it work all times of year it's just so beautiful it's got some pinks and obviously the white in there and it is huge as well and I just feel like every time I go out oh god this is not going well I actually look forward to bundling myself up in the scarf and just having the time of my life why even say and so it's basically everything that I have with these videos I always edit them and I'm like why didn't I mention this why didn't I mention that that's so annoying but you know these are the things that I'm loving specifically through winter but I'm sure there are other essentials that I've probably forgot because that does song me up but that is the end of the video I really really hope you enjoyed it I'd love to know what your winter ascent essentials your winter essentials are or what your like apps your winter wardrobe is so do let me know in the comments below if you did like 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