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JAMES LITERTERLAND lays sleeping on the bed in his bed room. His eyes move behind his eyelids, almost as if he was having an adventure in his mind. The alarm clock rings and wakes him up. JAMES: It’s always the fucking alarm. (He pauses and hits the snooze) Always, the bloody alarm. James drags himself out of bed and he sits straight up. Looking around the room he gets out of his bed and walks to the bathroom. 2



In the bath room James examines his teeth. He spreads his mouth wide to reveil a perfect, white set of teeth. He brushes, flosses and rinses only to start inspecting his face. He then lathers up and steps into the shower. JAMES: (Singing) Martha my dear though… The hot shower that he is taking downs his singing out. The shower shuts off and out steps James. He then makes his way back into the bedroom 3 .



In the bedroom James, already having put a dress shirt on, is looking in the mirror putting his tie on. JAMES: Over, under, through the hole and.. (He pauses as he finishes) Done! (He exclaims to himself) James walks over to the fish bowl and drops a few pieces of fish food into the bowl. JAMES: There you go. Where would I be without you?

It’s apparent on James’s face lonely. He starts to choke up fish. Looking at the clock he and begins to finish the rest 4

that he is incredibly as he stares at the notices that he is late of his morning routine.



James begins putting the toast in the toaster and pouring himself some tea that he had the machine in his kitchen pre-brew. He then sits down and turns the television on, then the phone rings. It’s his mother Mother: (Through the phone) James! How are you this morning? I was so glad I could catch you before you left. JAMES: Yeah Mum. I’m fine. Just work today. Did you need something? MOTHER: Yes actually, I’m going to three way your Auntie Margret. It’s her birthday and I knew you’d forget to say something. JAMES: Jesus, Mum. I’m 28. MOTHER: Shhh! It’s ringing. (A ring is heard) MARGRET: Hello? MOTHER: Margret! Happy Birthday! (She pauses) Well? MARGRET: Well What? JAMES: Happy Birthday Aunt Margret. MARGRET: James! Thank you!

MOTHER: You can go now James. Thank you. JAMES: Thanks Mum. The television becomes back ground noise as James skims over the paper looking for something that he clearly knows isn’t there. He get’s up, puts his dishes away and pours the rest of his tea into his to go mug. He spills some on his pants. JAMES: Fuck, fuck! Fuck Tuesdays. He grabs a napkin and begins to wipe the liquid off his pants, realizing what time it is, 7:24, he throws the napkin away. JAMES: Shit. James quickly dashes from the kitchen to his garage where his car is kept. 5



James is in his car. On the road he listens to talk radio. James would never listen to music; he has the volume so low it’s almost silent. As James drives through the countryside the radio talks about nonsensical news reports, and James begins to talk to himself. JAMES: This is it James. Don’t fuck it. You’ve only wanted one thing this past quarter and it’s to nail that sale. Just please try not to act…(He pauses) normal.

A Cup of Coffee  

This is a three page script I made for my Telcom class!