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BM 19b

On the answer sheet, in your own words, explain what is happening in this dream

Think of a better answer for Sheri’s question – write your answer on the last page

Could that type of treatment happen in Australia? Answer on answer page

What company makes your favourite cereal, biscuit? Answer on answer page

What does Sheri mean? Answer on answer page

Answer Sheet 1. What is happening in Sheri’s dream?

2. If the Filipinos already grow their own food, why do they need industry, jobs and money before they can eat it?

3. Why did Ona’s grandfather allow himself to be treated in such a manner?

4. What company makes your favourite cereal? . . .Biscuit?

5. What does Sheri mean when she says, “Why should a few people get to own the earth when we all have to live on it?”

6. Offer a solution to world hunger.

Offer a solution on the answer page.


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