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BM 9 Imagine you were on a spaceship, hurtling through space at almost the speed of light. It is big enough to take millions of people and you have everything that you need for the journey. Would you look after things like the water and air quality? Would you waste food? Would you take more than your share? Would you claim ownership of part of the space ship? We are actually on that ship and on that journey and no one has a right to all the resources, we need to share all that we have. The ship you are on is Spaceship Earth. The Earth is unique in the known universe for supporting life. The earth is like a living organism, the rivers are its veins, the trees are its lungs, the water is its blood, the land is its muscles, we are a part of the earth. We were not given this Earth from our fathers to use it as we please; we were given it to look after for our children... This is an actual photograph of Earth as seen from Space.


BM 10

Video Worksheet The Day after Tomorrow As you watch the video answer the questions on the worksheet. 1. Identify 6 major weather related events that have occurred recently (in the last year or so) Tsunami in Indian Ocean Largest hurricanes on record in the USA Severe winter in Europe with record cold temperatures Hottest year on record in Australia – bushfires Flooding in China Giant Hailstones in Australia 2. In your own words, explain how global warming can trigger an ice age. Melting ice can change the North Atlantic current which is responsible for our warm weather. 3. During the scene in the United Nations, what reasons are given for NOT taking steps to prevent global warming? Lack of evidence Cost of changes 4. List 5 examples from the movie that the weather is changing.    

Largest Hurricane on record Giant Hail Rains and Floods Tsunami

Severe winter in Europe, coldest temperatures

Video Worksheet The Day after Tomorrow (cont’d)

BM 10b

5. Give three reasons for and against the decision to remain in the library. For


6. If you were the Mexican president, would you let the refugees into your country? Why or why not?

7. If we had to flee Australia, what country (ies) would you expect to accept large numbers of us as refugees?

7b. What could we do if they wouldn’t accept us?

8. How can we convince others to take steps to prevent global warming?


Day After Tomorrow Activity  
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