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Your “Marketing Plan” just got Super Easy!

Typical Broker Challenges • Little to no ROI in cutting edge/expensive technology • Agents don’t want to, or make the time to, learn a new platform/program • Agents don’t log into their back office • Utilization stays low at 5 to 10% • Low producing agents struggle to grow • Producing agents struggle for balance

The Power of One Solution with EasyEdge • One Cutting Edge System that replaces all others • Nothing for agents to learn • No back office needed for agents • Utilization is 100% • Low producing agents produce • High producing agents grow a stronger business

• Trained Photographers • Photos Edited and Processed • High Resolution Images for Print Media • Web Large Images for MLS & Web Use

This is How EasyEdge Can Work for You!

Personalized Listing Presentations

As part of Obeo EasyEdge, we are going to create a powerful listing presentation video that is branded specifically to your company. This fast-paced professionally produced video will explain the See You There Suite to the seller and promote your brand at the same time.

It’s the perfect tool to help your agent “close” the deal and open the door to a new listing!

Automated Marketing Engine All the Exposure You Want!

Your listing exposure with Obeo EasyEdge can’t be beat! Our distribution engine adds your listing to and then syndicates your listing to all of the top real estate portals on the web‌

Just Set It and Forget It!

Your agents won’t have to do a thing! It’s simply the most comprehensive and easy to use automated marketing system available. You choose the products and services you want included, and we’ll do the rest. It’s easy!

The Payoff Be a hero in your agent’s eyes. With EasyEdge, not only will your agents have ONE back office for all their marketing needs, but you will be giving them ease of automation, confidence that they’re using the best marketing technology available, and the success that comes when Obeo’s interactive tools accelerate the buying decision. 1. The Agent captures the sale 2. Success attracts more top talent 3. The broker receives the commission split!

Thank you for your time.

Joe Gaeta VP OBEO SOUTHEAST 727-347-2506

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