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NU NEWS Issue 2

editor’s note


ello all, it’s been a busy few months for the NU News team, and we’ve been working extremely hard to bring you the best student magazine

around! Inside this issue, you’ll find a whole plethora of incredible articles, ranging from the latest Cancer Research hash-tag craze, to an exclusive interview with the up-and-coming band Little Comets. We’ve also got a great culture section, including an interview with Tony Revolori from blockbuster sensation ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, and all of the usual fashion tips and tricks, and a recipe on how to make your own delicious Oreo McFlurry! Of course, we also have news from both campuses, and a feature on UoN’s fantastic performances at Varsity 2014 in the back!

Joe Frost Editor ba journalism

J Frost

contents 5 news feed Society awards and the Summer Ball € 6 spotlight “Let me take a selfie!” Cancer awareness hashtag fever 8 The Lounge Little Comets and the latest album reviews! 10 cultura The Grand Budapest Hotel, Film Lab, and a bit of Madness 13 the loop Pearls, Robots, and homemade ice cream 14 game. set. match. Go Stallions! The low-down on Varsity 2014

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news feed the latest news from both campuses

Jenn studies BA Multimedia Journalism

jenn stowell

Controversy during the students’ union elections


his year saw a record number of people casting their votes in the student elections at the university. Current President of the Student Union, Haviour Chen said “The Students’ Union Elections have gone from strength to strength, year on year and this year has been no different. More and more students want to ensure that they are getting the best possible experience from their time at University and the Students’ Union Elections is just an example of how this is being demonstrated.” Yet this triumph didn’t come without its controversy. Complaints were made against one particular campaigning group, the Nameless Slate, during the election process. This lead to an investigation being carried out about not all of the results being revealed on the same day, as well as changes being made to the votes. Candidates from the Nameless Slate were excluded from the elections after Returning Officer Emma Powell from the National Union of Students imposed a sanction on them. The candidates were given 48 hours to appeal against the decision made by Emma Powell. All the results from the election process have now been revealed, with many of the results staying unchanged after the sanction was brought into action. A full list of the results can be found on the Student Union website at

by Jenn rose stowell

Sanctions brought in after controversial society polling

End of academic year summer ball end of year summer ball ends exam proceedings with the evening’s stunning performances

by Jenn rose stowell


very year the university hosts a graduation ball at the end of the year. However, this year was a bit different. No longer exclusively for graduates, the ‘Summer Ball’ was open to all students from every year. This comes after feedback from previous students saying that they wanted to celebrate graduation with their friends in other years as well. Ticket prices had also been changed after comments from previous students, who have attended the end of year ball, in order to make it more affordable. There were different types of tickets depending on what you want. They are; Standard (grants you entrance to the ball), Gold (entrance, queue jump, VIP access and access to reserved booths inside)

and Platinum (everything you get with Standard and Gold as well as a three course dinner and exclusive VIP entertainments only available with this ticket). Those ucky enough to be there before the theatre opened to Standard tickets were amazed by television-famous magician Dynamo. The ball took place at the Royal and Derngate on May 24, this year’s theme being Moulin Rouge with the promises of all the extravagances you would possibly need to be transported to Paris and the world of Harry Zidler given in all the details. The evening overall was deemed an overwhelming success, with guests said to have had ‘spectacular’ night to end their year of studied at our university.

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spotlight a focus on : Cancer Awareness selfies

Casey studies BA Journalism

Casey Goodman

#NoMakeUpSelfie for cancer by Casey Goodman


he ‘selfie’. In just a few months, it has taken the world by storm. With everyone from Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler at the Wimbledon Final, to THAT amazing picture by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars, the selfie has now been able to raise over £8 million in just a couple of weeks. The #NoMakeUpSelfie trend became the latest social media phenomenon and saw millions of women – and now men too – posting a picture of themselves without wearing makeup, and then donating to Cancer Research UK. The idea works by someone first being nominated online, most commonly via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they then take a picture of themselves and upload it with the hashtag #NoMakeUpSelfie, along with donation details. The uploader then nominates someone else, and so on. What started out as just a campaign to

generate awareness of the charity has now raised millions of pounds, with men taking part as well. As the ladies go without makeup, the men are putting it on and snapping a selfie before texting the word BEAT to 70099. However, the campaign hit the headlines earlier in the week because of people accidentally sending the word ‘DONATE’ instead. As this is an easy mistake to make, many have actually ended up donating to Unicef and adopting a polar bear. It’s still a good and worthy cause, but not the one intended. Hundreds of celebrities have also gotten involved, with big names including Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole, all doing their bit for charity. In comparison to the detrimental NekNominations viral trend a few months ago, a dangerous idea where people would also

nominate online to try and drink a disgusting and outrageous cocktail usually containing alcohol to try and ‘out do’ each other, the selfie trend has many benefits. Whereas the NekNominations caused arrests, injuries, hospitalisations and actually saw fatalities in the UK as a result, this selfie campaign not only encourages people to donate to charity, but also encourages people to have confidence in their natural looks, proving that sometimes there’s no need for all that make-up. You don’t have to be nominated to join in. If you’d like to take part, or just donate, you can either upload a picture of yourself to your social media page of choice, and text the word ‘BEAT’ (not ‘DONATE’!) to 70099, or if you’re camera shy but still want to contribute, you can just text this number without taking a selfie to donate to Cancer Research UK.

male researchers for the c.R. Manchester Institute show support with their own selfies.

6 NU NEWS ISSUE 2.indd 6

16/06/2014 05:53:33 PM


The ÂŁ8 million raised by the campaign up until March 25th has been used to fund ten new clinical trials. inset above: kym marsh is one of many celebrities to take part in the campaign. inset left: a cancer research staff member tweets their appreciation.


The idea started when American crime author Laura Lippman tweeted a picture of herself without makeup in support of Kim Novak, the 81-year-old actor whose looks had been criticised at the Oscars.

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The Lounge the latest music news, reviews and features

Amber studies Joint Honours Journalism/Film & TV Studies Ben studies BA Multimedia Journalism

Amber matu

ben gray

little comets: in the search of the gentle kind “W

e just put our heads down, write music, play music, work hard and see what happens.” Robert Coles, lead singer of indie rockers Little Comets, seems to be level headed about the band’s current state. They kicked off their career to a wild start five years ago, putting out debut smash ‘One Night in October’ back in 2009. Ever since, they’ve gone between record labels, and fired out their electric first two records In Search of Elusive Little Comets and Life is Elsewhere in a couple of years. Since then, things have slowed down. “Personally, we are pretty settled as well so it’s actually been a harmonious couple of years,” Rob says, “We’ve really had a lot of autonomy over everything from production to artwork so we’ve felt able just to concentrate on getting on with being in a band.” Little Comets’ material is fiery and animated, with riffs and claps that provide a cruising texture to underlie lyrics that showcase a true knack for song-writing. Rob describes the lyrics on their latest release, The Gentle EP, as “a crafted dilution of what I think”. It hints at their most personal song-writing to date. “I don’t think it has been intentional, it just happened,” he says of how they

came to explore their own experiences for songwriting, “However, I think now three albums in we are happy with our motivation as songwriters - we know songs are our own only source of communication for our viewpoints and we have enough confidence to be able to put more of ourselves into songs on a lyrical level.” The band announced big plans for 2014 back in December – they plan to release three EPs and their third studio album in the space of a year. Rob explains that this is the first

by Ben Gray

structured approach to releases they’ve done. “I think when the album finally arrives it should have had a coherent build up - we’re releasing it all on our own so people really need to be aware that it exists.” Bands like Little Comets that spend so much time writing, recording and touring together are bound to have bumps in the road. Rob lists some of the band’s best experiences, such as memorable gigs “from pubs in Sheffield, to the Roundhouse and even a couple of trips to New York” – the last of which he describes as “a truly special moment, for a band from Newcastle w h o just l i ke

8 NU NEWS ISSUE 2.indd 8

16/06/2014 05:53:36 PM

some point it has to be about the music.” However, they do cite some of their favourite bands, such as Inner Oceans and Bwani Junction. Little Comets will be back on the road touring in October, and will also play several festivals across the summer. They finish the interview with some parting advice for budding songwriters. “We’ve learned from the mistakes we’ve made as opposed to anything,” Rob suggests coyly, “concentrating on developing as a songwriter is of total importance but any skills that you can develop along the way can only help. They are all part of the process of presenting the idea of a song that appears in your head.” Little Comets’ “The Gentle EP” is out now. Their third album will be out later this year.

making music together”. Darker moments include the early days when they were signed to Columbia Records – vividly described as “grinding our heads against a dense mass”. The departure of former bandmate Mark also took its toll. It’s clear that they’re in the business for the love of the craft and not for, well, the business itself. In a recent post on the band’s blog, they describe much of today’s music as not being gentle (hence “The Gentle EP”). In their words, it’s “brash, bold and desperate for your attention”. Are some of today’s artists trying too hard to be in the limelight? “Everything just seems so aggressive either in mix, lyric, song structure or key. It’s all amped,” Rob explains, “I think it tends to be the same with gigs - the amounts of lights, bluster and manufactured emotional moments. It’s so sanitised for many people - at

by Amber Matu

all about the ladies: PHARRELL WILLIAMS - ‘G I R L’





ollowing how lucky he got singing on Daft Punk’s single last year, Pharrell has returned with his second studio album, G I R L. It features guest vocals from acts like Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus, and has already peaked in the charts. A stringed orchestra opens up the album, which is slightly misleading in the way it makes you feel as though you’re about to listen to something a little more edgy and adventurous, like some of N.E.R.D’s earlier releases. Instead, skittery drum


e’s released a handful of EPs in the last few years and also bagged himself a number of Grammys – finally, Skrillex is debuting Recess, his first fulllength studio album. Talk about rocket power! The intro track, ‘All Is Fair In Love and Brostep’, builds up an atmosphere that’s fast paced and energetic, succinctly setting the tone for the remainder of Recess. The album is filled with lurid bass drops throughout and they’re consistently executed with confidence and style. With this album Skrillex has reinforced

his distinctive sound, while proving his diversity as an artist by incorporating elements of different genres into his songs. ‘Coast is Clear’ takes on a clear-cut drum and bass tempo, while ‘Dirty Vibe’, which comes straight after, transitions into an unsettling, inyour-face electro beat. There are glimpses of other styles in there too, like dance, hip hop, house, rap, and of course, dubstep. Recess sounds as though it would serve well as the soundtrack for an epic action scene, whether that might be in a videogame or a movie. In fact, this album

beats and strum patterns provide a soulful yet funky sound for G I R L, as it delivers a definitive summer vibe. Although track #5 ‘Happy’ was written for the kids film, Despicable Me 2, it undoubtedly remains the best song on the album, as few others have choruses that catchy. Last year, Pharrell featured on Robin Thicke’s single, ‘Blurred Lines’. After the controversy surrounding its lyrics and music video, Pharrell has since claimed that G I R L is intended to shed

a light on his attitude towards women… Listen to the song ‘Gush’ and it will all become clear, through a set of lyrics that are almost painful to listen to. His duet with Keys on ‘Know Who You Are’ then serves as an uplifting contrast, although there are parts of the album that make you question whether the pitch he sings at is best suited for his vocal ability. Just like his infamous Vivienne Westwood hat, this album is not for everyone, but G I R L will serve as a safe listen for R&B fans.

was initially leaked on the game Alien Ride, which involves the player blasting through bits of space debris – a well-suited visual accompaniment. With special guest vocals from acts like Fatman Scoop, Mishka and Ragga Twins, Recess uses fresh and original samples to remain exciting and loud throughout, which is nothing short of what you’d expect to hear from Skrillex. Saying that, we all know the drill with his music by now; if you’re into a bit of aggressive electro, then this album is going to sound like nothing but a good time.

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everything from the world of culture

Neil studies Joint Honours Journalism/Film & TV Studies Jack studies Joint Honours Drama & English

neil tillbrook

jack lawrence kenny englefield Kenny studies BA Journalism

‘the grand budapest hotel’: tony revolori talks about his breakout role as zero mustafa by neil tillbrook


o mark last month’s release of The Grand Budapest Hotel, we had the chance to briefly chat with the film’s protégé lobby boy, Tony Revolori, on his breakout starring role. Directed by Wes Anderson, the film sees concierge Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes) ally himself with young lobby boy Zero Mustafa (Revolori) as they attempt to prove Gustave’s innocence after he is framed for murder. The film, unsurprisingly, was an instant hit with audiences all over the world.

NU news rating: 8/10 Tony reflects on how he felt when he found out he had landed the role: “I was driving to an audition from a different audition, and while in the car I opened my phone and there was an email from Wes. We had been talking a lot at the time so I thought nothing off [sic] it, then I read it and it was him [Anderson] offering me the part. I was so grateful, happy, excited and nervous.” Of the entire stellar supporting cast that the film had to offer, Tony was most excited to be working alongside the iconic Jeff Goldblum, specifically for his role in Jurassic Park – and who wouldn’t be? Nervous about his first kissing scene – naturally – Tony sought advice from the acting powerhouse that is Ralph Fiennes to help ease the tension. “He [Fiennes] looked at me and said, ‘tell her this: sorry if I get aroused and sorry if I don’t.’” That’s some advice we could all do with remembering. If he were to step into the

pages of a comic book through a future Marvel franchise, Tony would love to play Nightcrawler, he says, “I would absolutely take them up on the offer, so long as I thought the script was good.” You can next see Tony acting alongside Life of Pi’s Suraj Sharma in the Hindi film, Umrika.

‘supernova’: uon designer’s exhibition


esigners at The University of Northampton have been working hard to prepare for their degree show, ‘Supernova’. The exhibition, starting 12 June at Avenue Campus, will run for three weeks, featuring work from final year Graphic Communication and Illustration students. Thanks to Supernova’s growing online presence, the designers have already had enough donations to surpass their fundraising target of £1000. The exhibition will showcase three years of solid work to friends and family, as well as potential employers. Alex Taylor, course leader, said: “Both Illustration and Graphic Communication students are collaborating closely this year to make their degree show a diverse and engaging event. I am confident that their hard work will produce something really exciting.”

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& TV



suggs brings madness and humour to NORTHAMPTON T

he much-loved frontman of Madness, Suggs, came to Northampton as part of his national tour. My Life Story saw him sing and narrate his lifetime on stage at the Derngate Theatre at the end of April. As he turned 50, a loud crash in the singer’s bathroom heralded the sudden death of his beloved cat. This tragedy propelled him on a reflective journey through his own highs and lows, which triggered a personal quest to discover what happened to the father he never knew. Accompanied by a lone pianist, he told the stories of his youth: from growing up in the tough streets of Soho, to becoming the frontman of Madness at the age of 18, as well as coping with the demise of his band only a few years

To find out what else is on at the royal & derngate theatre, go to: w w w. r o ya l a n d d e r n g at e . c o . u k

by kenny englefield after they started out. Littered with funny anecdotes and some of the best and much loved music from the vast back catalogue of Madness, the audience were able to get an insight for the numerous ways he tried to provide for his family, and how he stayed determined to rebuild his career through music production, solo albums, television, theatre, film and radio – despite numerous, hilarious, setbacks. Suggs: My Life Story beguiled critics and capacity audiences, up and down the country, and the show was held at The Royal & Derngate Theatre on Sunday 27 April. To get in touch with the Box Office, call: 01604 624811.



oming to ‘The Film Lab’ in Northampton’s Picturedrome (at the end of Kettering Road) is a truly delightful evening for any young artist. Filmmakers, scriptwriters, actors, camera operators, lighting men, directors, and many more, all come here to showcase the projects they’ve been working on. It is a mutually beneficial system for the Picturedrome, the audience, and

ISSUE 2.indd 11

the artists. Russell Hayworth, the organiser of The Film Lab, says that it is the only place in Northampton where young artists can show off their stuff and that it’s a one of a kind event. I couldn’t argue with him there, being that this opportunity is scarcely presented to any artists unless it’s a competition or a film festival. Russell Hayworth has been single-handedly promoting The Film Lab for the past six years and

he urges any young filmmakers to get involved as soon as they can; all genres of filmmaking are welcome, except for the obvious naughty films that none of us have ever seen, ever. I would urge anyone to come and spend their Thursday nights at this event to enjoy the Picturedrome’s general vibe and witness some weird and wonderful films. Tonight, I particularly enjoyed a film where two people chased each other with

a watermelon; I’m unsure of what metaphor that holds, but perhaps the point was to encourage people to search for a metaphor in a film absent of a metaphor. Or perhaps I should stop being like a stereotypical arts student, just enjoy the entertainment and not be so deep. Definitely come along to support filmmakers in Northampton, and maybe get some of your own work shown.

NU NEWS 11 16/06/2014 05:53:39 PM

the loop student tips, tricks and opinions

tips and tricks: • Chunky jewellery and statement pieces are in right now

conor letham

malgorzata ewa fietko

Bradley Alsop

‘the prison’ the hottest new trends: by Bradley Alsop


sychology is my food, politics my work, and philosophy my rest. Art and music are my leisure, and literature my guide. History is my teacher, sociology my friend, and physics my play. Knowledge is power, but it’s also everything else. Turn off Jeremy Kyle and see the interweaving threads of knowledge that make the beautiful tapestry in front of you, the ebb and flow of the tides of life, the lofty heights of Aquinas and the murky depths of Freud. See a world where it’s not what grades you get or how much money you earn that matters, but your intrigue, your searching, your yearning. How many of us really search for the answers to the questions that burn in our hearts? A system that doesn’t leave time for that, a system that doesn’t nourish the soul and release the intellect isn’t a system at all - it’s a prison. Let’s bring this curiosity and exploration to our campus - let’s throw ourselves into all the variety that our societies and sports offer us at the Students’ Union - from archery and Doctor Who, to rock climbing and cheese appreciation, there’s so much already there. As a student body, let’s pack the SU each night, let’s continue to grow and nourish the great flourishing societies and sports we have, and let’s become more involved and aware of the politics of our campus. Let’s pack out student council meetings, see a larger turn out in SU elections, and let’s pour all of our talents and passions into continuing to make our campus’ thrive.

chains, pearls and pops of by malgorzata ewa fietko colour


n outfit is nothing without its accessories, particularly jewellery. Not only does it help you to personalise your style, but also to make you look more glamorous. Jewellery for the Spring/Summer ‘14 season is characterised by original patterns, bold colours and untypical sizes.

• Add a pop of colour to accessories, or stick to a classic silver/ gold pallette • Express yourself with either standout jewellery or clothing items - not both! You don’t want to over-do it

1) The first trend is the chain. The chunky chain choker, which comes from 90s hip-hop style, made a strong return in the Autumn ’13 season, and it will still be trendy in Spring/ Summer ’14. 2) Colourful necklaces, bracelets and earrings are next on the list. Whether these are

Bohemian or Aztec-style pieces of jewellery, they have to be colourful. You can choose from this season’s most fashionable pastels, particularly pink and blue, also yellow, white, sea-green and electric-blue. 3) Silver and Gold jewellery will always be fashionable. Some people say that they should not be worn together, however if you are brave enough, you can do so! 4) Pearls – worn by well-known women like Coco Chanel, Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly – have always been a symbol of elegance and good style. For a cheap alternative, fake pearls are available to buy at almost every high street clothing store. Jewellery for the Spring/Summer ’14 season is big and chunky. Its size, colour, shape and pattern have to draw people’s attention. It can liven up every outfit, and show that you know how to play with fashion and your own personal style.

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‘titanfall’ rises to the challenge by conor letham

NU news rating: 9/10


e all expected a lot from Titanfall (as did Microsoft for that matter), yet we didn’t expect it to do as well as it did. Now it has become a pivotal change in the game industry. See, here’s something that nagged me a little about the common first-person shooter. It was between two factions: Call of Duty or Battlefield. CoD has been known for its fast pace and linear objective, whereas Battlefield spreads itself over wide maps in sparse battles. While both cover some level of verticality (i.e. going up stairs in buildings, aircrafts, etc.), doing this usually takes a certain amount of time. In Titanfall, however, this isn’t the case. Verticality plays a huge part in the dynamic this XBOX One game has to offer, and it does this extremely well. To begin with, you try your hand at scaling buildings and obstacles, fot it then to become almost second nature. By a small wealth of experience under your belt, you’re stringing combinations of wall-runs until you reach across the expanse of a map after some effortless acrobatics, shooting and throwing ordnance as you see fit through a montage of shrapnel and explosions. It’s quite beautiful, and that isn’t the only reason why it does so well. Respawn have clearly spent time fine-tuning everything to make it feel balanced, resulting in online-only warfare that leaves you blaming yourself for any repeated deaths. For those who find deaths all too common, then Grunts and Spectres help to boost your confidence as well as counting as ammo fodder for you to be able to get your Titan as quickly as anyone else. The best players will strategize using both AI and players to ramp up scores as quickly as possible and win objectives. Trust me though - when I say that Titan combat brings another dimension to FPSs with its large scale fights alongside the ant-like skirmishes below, mingling at times for glorious chaos, you’ll forget those go-to shooters – this one makes the One bundle console a must buy.

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game. set. match.

Matt studies BA Multimedia Journalism

matt derrig

Incredible week for the Stallions as double title winning victory is secured by Matthew derrig A

pril has been a great success for the University of Northampton after a double victory in the Varsity and Cheerleading ICC Championship. Starting with Varsity, in a dramatic day at Derby University, Northampton Stallions came home victorious after beating their rivals 10-9. The Stallions kicked off the first duel with a win, with the cricket team smashing Derby for six to put Northampton 1-0 up after a convincing 124-99 win. Unfortunately the women’s hockey team could not put daylight between the two teams as they lost out in a close game to allow Derby to draw back level to 1-1. However, this inspired the Stallions to go on a winning streak, and back to back wins from the Netball team, who won 59-43, and a 24-20 win for the Rugby League side saw Northampton take control in the tie. Derby University, who were determined to win this

year, rallied back into contention after drubbing the University of Northampton’s women football team 4-1 in a one sided affair. This wasn’t enough to inspire the other Derby teams though, as Northampton’s Women’s Lacrosse team delivered a crushing 20-1 win against their opposition in the most dominant display of the day. Another win followed this time in the table tennis thanks to a 10-7 victory. Derby however were determined to not go down without a fight, and roared back into contention with an impressive 7-3 win in the rowing. Although Stallions kept cool under the pressure and hit back with a 5-3 victory in the Men’s Football, despite being 2-1 down. This turnaround would be key to the final Varsity result. The goods again were delivered in the next duel, as the Men’s Rugby Union side won a tight game 12-6. As the afternoon went on so

the Men’s football team crucial 5-3 win after coming back from 2-1 down

above: The Rugby Union side get ready for a scrum as they’re up 12-6

The Women’s hockey team were unfortunate to miss out, going down 1-0

14 NU NEWS ISSUE 2.indd 14

16/06/2014 05:53:43 PM

inset top-left: bottom right: Stallions’ Cheerleading Squad hold aloft the ICC trophy, inset right: the final scoring Late into the afternoon with dusk setting in and the floodlights lit, Stallions’ own Chris was triumphant over his Derby counterpart to put the score at 10-9 and ensure that the University of Northampton were coming back victorious and with the trophy held aloft. Well done to everyone who took part in both the winning and losing Stallion Varsity teams, and another well done to Chris for securing the victory. Following on from this Varsity victory, the Stallions’ Cheerleading team were also in the trophies after being crowned National champions at the Nottingham Capital FM arena. I spoke to one of the cheerleading team Helen Davies, who couldn’t hide her delight at the news.

“The other teams were so good, as always,” she said when referring to the quality of opposition they were up against. “We’re Level Two and used to coming last, so it was such a shock coming first! We got told we were in first place from the first performance we did on Saturday night, definitely didn’t expect to win on the second day. We had a 3.5 point lead from the Saturday night so we knew we had to keep it up on the Sunday!” The rest of the team were just as delighted, and this is what their Facebook page had to say about the victory. “Northampton Stallions are officially National Champions of ICC!! It’s the biggest win for our team ever, and we couldn’t have worked harder for it if we tried! Massive congratulations, ending the year on a fantastic high.”

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NU News Issue 2  

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