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Google page rank is an important number to be aware of when you are creating content on the Internet. This content can be a web page or any other web presence you have that you are trying to drive traffic to. There are several things you can do to increase page rank so that the search engines display your website at the highest position possible. Everyone that has a website should strive to have to highest page rank possible on their site. This scale is rated from 0-10 (0 being no ranking, 10 having the highest possible rank with Google). Below, I will point out some of the easier things that can be done to increase page rank. Page rank is a dynamic number given to your website that determines its importance and relevance to the search engine for a given topic. The importance and relevance of your website is decided by all the other sites on the Internet that link to it and their respective page rank. In other words, the more links your website has from high ranking web pages on the Internet, the higher the page rank your site will have. So logically, to increase page rank on your site, you need to have as many sites linking back to your site as possible. These links are referred to as back links. So why is this important? Having a high page rank means that Google will index your site more frequently than it will other sites with lower or no Google page rank. When Google indexes your site it means that it becomes easier to find when people are searching for the content your site provides. That is the goal correct? We want to have people find our site by searching for the keywords our site represents and ultimately click on our site when they see it at the top of their Google search page. When we have a high page rank, Google thinks our site is important and relevant to display and have readily available when someone searches for related keywords. Then, because we have a high ranking, our reputation is higher, making other websites wanting to link with ours. Now when we create sub sites that are affiliated with our high ranking site, they automatically can increase page rank on their own by having back links from the original site. So how do you accomplish this on your site? There are several simple tools you can use that effectively increase page rank of your site over time. Everyone uses Twitter and Facebook it seems like today. So why not use that to your advantage. You can update your Facebook status with relevant topics and insert a link back to your main site. Twitter has this capability as well. You are limited on Twitter in terms of characters but you can put the title to a new article that is relevant, or a blog post with a link back to your main site. Writing articles and publishing them on the Internet is an easy way to increase page rank because you can display your sites link on the article you publish. When you have compelling information in your article, many times other sites will pick it up and publish your article on their site - with your credits and links intact. Another great tool are forums. There are a lot of forums on the Internet full of people asking questions about related content. When you post an answer to a question on a forum or comment on someone's blog or article, you can add your link in that post. You will also need to have links from other related websites. Finding "link partners" can be a complicated process, but it can ultimately help

you increase Google page rank. All of these things will increase the rank on your site over time, but the most important thing you can do to is to keep the content on your main website dynamic, current and fresh. You want to change the content on your site as frequently as possible so that it will not seem stale to Google. If Google finds that your site is no longer relevant because of old information, it will slow its indexing. There is one caveat to all this however. In order to increase page rank using these methods, the sites with links to your website need to be related to your site in some fashion. So just obtaining random back links from whomever you can easily grab a link back from, will not increase you page rank. Ultimately this is not the only thing you need to focus on when designing a website and marketing it to your target audience, but it makes drawing traffic to your site easier and is important to understand. You want to have the highest reputation possible on the Internet.

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==== ==== Google in 60 seconds,PR 1,A MUST if interested check out: ==== ====

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