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Volume 2 • Issue 2 • September 2013

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Cool Cars For Christ W H AT ’ S I N S I D E : E x p l o r i n g P e a c h t r e e : G o d a t Wo r k D u r i n g a N e w S t a g e o f L i f e • M i s s i o n

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Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 1

Senior Pastor Vic Pentz was recently interviewed by the InterVaristy Christian Fellowship website for their series on alums who are doing world-changing work. Here are portions of the interview. Read the entire story at InterVarsity: How did you come to faith? Vic: I grew up in a Christian home in Southern California and remember my mother praying with me as a small child to receive Jesus. My grandfather was an early spiritual mentor and used to lay hands on me and pray for God to use me when I was in my youth. All this gave me a tremendous sense of God’s presence in my life at an early age. InterVarsity: What role did InterVarsity play in your faith? Vic: IV played the critical role of giving me an intellectual basis for my faith. My background had been very pietistic, but lacked a foundation in the life of the mind. There was a profound distrust of “pipe smoking professors in tweed jackets” who undermined the faith of Christian students. After considering a number of Christian colleges, I attended a secular one, Pomona, one of the Claremont Colleges, amidst the upheavals of the 1960s, and I didn’t know what hit me. I could have gone either way, but in IV, at last I discovered a God who was a match for Philosophy 101. I devoured the writings of John Stott, Oz Guiness, Michael Green and others. A pivotal moment was the midnight prayer service at Urbana ’67 when I dedicated myself to full time Christian service. Best of all, I found a community of Christian students to study and pray with through the tumultuous craziness of 60s campus life. As IV president for the Claremont Colleges I once debated a “death of God” theologian who happened to be the campus chaplain. It was quite a circus with protesters attending with placards saying “Will I go to hell?” Most of our witness, though, was through quiet Bible studies and prayer meetings. In the spirit of the times, we called ourselves “New Underground” to distance ourselves from the established church. We saw hundreds of classmates consider Christ and many come to him, including the philosophy major who is now my wife of 43 years.

Vic Pentz: InterVarsity Alumni Interview

InterVarsity: How and when did you sense God calling you into ministry? Vic: There’s a nifty saying that, to find joy in your vocation, find something you love to do so much that you would pay to do it, and then find someone to pay you to do it. Through InterVarsity I discovered that I loved leading Bible studies. That led to a dawning awareness that God was indeed calling me toward pastoral ministry where that would be essentially what I do for a living. 2 Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013

I wasn’t fully convinced that I was cut out to be a pastor, so after one year of seminary at Princeton, I took a internship working as an evangelistic beach minister among the surfers in San Diego. My job description at the La Jolla Presbyterian Church was very brief: “To relate creatively to the beach culture.” That was it. Everything has been downhill since! From there I went back and finished seminary. I returned to Southern California in 1974 as a youth pastor in Palos Verdes and then as pastor of a new congregation in La Verne. Later I served as senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Yakima, Washington, then First Presbyterian Church of Houston, Texas, and now here at Peachtree in Atlanta. InterVarsity: How long have you been at Peachtree Presbyterian Church? What are a few highlights of the work you have seen— and are seeing—God do there? Vic: I’m in my 14th year at Peachtree. We are the largest congregation in the Presbyterian Church USA denomination. We’re deeply involved in the Atlanta community and see ourselves as missional believers who go out to join God in the work he is doing in the world. One of the most creative things we’ve done to love Atlanta in Christ’s name is to provide a $100,000 life insurance policy for every one of Atlanta’s 1700 police officers. This brings us close to the city leaders and the police and their families in many ways. I’m also excited that we’re a multi-generational “megachurch” with grandparents, parents and grandchildren worshipping together, which remains strong even though we’re a hundred years old. As we’re growing older we’re growing younger. Our median age is 37. InterVarsity: What are your dreams for God’s church in America? Vic: My dream is for the American church to rebound from its recent loss of status and embrace the new possibilities of today’s Post Christendom culture. We’re back in the Book of Acts. We do better as outsiders. Somehow we need to retool our theological education, buildings, spiritual formation and evangelism for this new emerging world. For example, is the IV campus model meant to be part of the new paradigm for neighborhoods of the 21st century?

September 2013


F al l Pro g rams

M is s io n

R ed D o t

P eachtre e Trust


InterVarsity Interview Featuring Vic Pentz

Cool Cars

For Christ

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The Mailbox Oven A Red Dot Story


Cool Cars for Christ Our Second Annual Car Show for the Community


Exploring Peachtree A Story of Getting Connected

8 Page 4


Mission Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

10 Handmade Hotel


Peachtree Trust & Missions Build Housing for Students

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13 Childen & Family Ministry Check Out Our Sunday Morning Programming

14 Upcoming Events Get Involved!


Handmade Hotel Page 10

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Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 3

The Mailbox Oven A Red Dot Story By: Len Wilson

join us red dot small groups

We are excited to offer group studies in our red dot communities. This fall, we will be studying Reggie McNeal’s book, Get Off Your Donkey! Help Somebody and Help Yourself. Groups begin the week of Sept. 22 and continue through Nov. 11.

Join us!

fter a period of anonymity in worship, Bob and Peggy Lang decided to make the leap.

house, placed the cake in their mailbox, and closed the lid. Several hours passed.

One recent Sunday morning they showed up at Exploring Peachtree to learn about getting involved. The Langs live in Sandy Springs, so Connections staff leader Rebecca Madden forwarded their contact information to Kathy Ray and the Red Dot Sandy Springs/Lake Forrest leadership team. Red Dot is a neighborhood-based way to meet other Peachtree people, form friendships, and do life together. Kathy reached out to the Langs via email, welcomed them to Peachtree, and invited them to join a short term Sunday night Bible study group that met over the spring. In the email, Kathy also mentioned there would be a “treat” in their mailbox later that day. Then, Kathy picked up a banana chocolate chip breakfast cake at the supermarket, drove by their

4 Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013

Later that day, as the Langs retrieved their mail, they discovered that their mailbox had turned into oven, full of warmed bread and soft chocolate chips! It was as if God had personally prepared a welcome treat. With such a memorable first impression, the Langs couldn’t help but join the Red Dot Sunday night group. At the gathering, they met another couple who lived one street over from the Langs, and an instant bond formed. Red Dot has done its job again! To learn more about Red Dot, Exploring Peachtree and how to get connected with other Peachtree people right in your neighborhood, contact Rebecca Madden at:

Coming September 8

A life that can stand up to anything.

Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 5

Cool Cars For Christ Car Show In Buckhead

Coming September 14th!

By: Len Wilson

Watch a CNN feature story of last year’s Cool Cars for Christ show on our new Story section at While you’re there view a variety of moving stories of God at work through the ministry of Peachtree.

oin us for the second annual Cool Cars for Christ in Buckhead auto show! We are excited to build on the success of last year’s inaugural event and look forward to your treasured collectible joining the fun.

Register anytime, including the day of the event, at

The car show is a prime way to increase Peachtree’s exposure in the community, highlight our ministry to APD, and invite people to visit our campus.

Contribution: $20 (or $25 the day of the event). Proceeds benefit Atlanta Police Department supplemental life insurance policy. Click here to learn more.

Your children will love this event! View a variety of beautiful, vintage automobiles. Last year’s cars included a pink ’58 Cadillac Sedan Deville, a ’60 Corvette, a ’56 Chevy Bel Air coupe, a ’41 Packard, a Triumph TR6 supercharged, a ’63 Chevy Corvair convertible, a Ford Model A, a ’65 Ford Falcon Futura convertible, a ’65 Buick Skylark sport coupe and more.

Car show t-shirts and dash plaques go to the first 100 vehicle entries.

Activities include period music from the 1960s, special activities for the kids, concessions, and a 50/50 Raffle.

Car show t-shirts are available for purchase.

Classes: International, Domestic Stock, Modified Stock, Street Rods

The show opens at 9am. Awards are at 2pm. Top 10 awards will be given in 4 classes: domestic stock, international, modified and street rods. There’s also a People’s Choice award.

For more info, please visit: 6 Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013

God at Work During a New Stage of Life An Exploring Peachtree Story Across the room, Elizabeth Warden saw another woman who looked just as pregnant as she was. She thought, would it be awkward to just walk up to a stranger and say, can we be friends? lizabeth didn’t have other close friends in the city, or at the church. What did she have to lose? So she summoned courage. In the Exploring Peachtree class that day, Elizabeth exchanged emails and phone numbers with Lindsay Capobianco. Little did she know that Lindsay was living a parallel life. Lindsay and her husband Rob had been attending Peachtree for two years. They didn’t know anyone at the church, really, and had put off Exploring Peachtree and the larger question of getting connected. It just seemed like one more thing to do. But with her pregnancy advancing, the Capobiancos decided to attend. All the while, Lindsay had been praying. With the impending birth of her first child, she was in transition from the corporate world to the mom world and was nervous. What would her day look like? Who could she talk to and share this new stage of life with? Lindsay and Elizabeth kept in touch through the end of their respective pregnancies. When their babies were a couple of months old, they decided

to get together for a playdate. They began to meet at church functions such as Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) events. One day, at the follow up dinner for the Exploring Peachtree class, Lindsay struck up a conversation with another young mom, Emily Simpson. They talked for hours - they were, like Lindsay and Elizabeth, on the same page of life. Soon after the dinner, Lindsay introduced Emily and Elizabeth. All three bonded. They introduced their husbands to one another, saying, you have to be friends, because we are! A great friendship ensued. As Emily says, “Not only did God give me one friend, he gave me two, and these women have become the biggest blessing. The Wardens and Capobiancos have filled a part of our lives that was missing, and we’ve been happier ever since.” Friendships are a foundation for life in the community of Christ. What does God want to do in your life at Peachtree this fall? Consider one of our fall Exploring Peachtree classes, right.

Exploring Peachtree Exploring Peachtree is an exciting, interactive class designed for those who are interested in learning more about Peachtree and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

DATES September 15 October 13 November 3 December 1

Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 7


The team will embark on a journey of solidarity with focused time spent with our partners, the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Matanzas and the Presbyterian church in Jaguey Grande.


Our high school and college mission team served with our church partners in Brasilito and Fraijanes where they painted the church, repaired and built greenhouses, hosted VBS, and more!

Peachtree's family trip will work alongside our partner, The Salvation Army’s School for the Blind.


For the seventh year, a team of IRONMEN served with our partner, Hogar de Cristo (Homes for Christ). The team built nine prefabricated bamboo homes for impoverished families in Guayaquil.








Join us in Kolkata as Peachtree's team serves alongside International Justice Mission and the Mahima aftercare home that bring rescue and restoration to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.


The Malawi team served in Chitipa, the northernmost district of the country, by leading VBS, a youth camp for sponsored students, computer workshops, and healthcare trainings.

Peachtree mission experiences not only impact the lives of people in our partner countries, they impact our faith as we serve. These trips are designed to invest in the ongoing work of our partners and to support their efforts to transform their communities. A Peachtree mission trip will change your life and inspire you to continue serving others at home in Atlanta. For more details about how to donate or get involved, and to track 2014 trips , visit

Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 9

Handmade Hotel Girls’ Hostel Is Joint Achievement of Mission and Peachtree Trust By: Len Wilson

t was so new at the dedication, the floors were still wet. On their trip to Malawi this summer, a Peachtree mission team witnessed the dedication of a new hostel for girls at the regional Chinunkha secondary school. Mission trip participants understood the importance of the building to the community when they arrived and saw handmade dirt bricks spread around village, drying in the sun. The building required more bricks than the villagers could make in time to finish the project during Peachtree’s visit. Stella Kasirye, Peachtree’s special guest in

worship on Mother’s Day, arranged with the village chief to use a reserve stock of bricks for the hostel. As mission team member Gaylen Baxter recalls, it is an amazing facility, and, for the place in which it is built, looks more like a college than a secondary school. The hostel is a joint achievement of Peachtree’s mission ministry and funding from the Peachtree Trust. Maximum Impact The Peachtree Trust has a fixed amount to give away each year. Some funds are restricted, meaning the donor has specified

10 Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013

its use. For unrestricted funds, the Trust’s Grant Committee vets opportunities, looking for one local and one international opportunity to distribute funds, and makes recommendations to the board. In 2012, in a search for how to allocate limited resources for maximum impact, the committee met with Peachtree Mission Pastor Jay Madden. Jay told them about the congregation’s partnership with Tubepoka Development Initiative (TDI), a development initiative of almost 400 churches that operates a variety of society-building initiatives in education, health care, and more, and the need for hostels. Peachtree members sponsor 200

secondary school students in communities like Chinunkha. The resulting Trust grant of $15,000 funded the building’s materials, with the exception of the bricks, which the town’s villagers agreed to supply. Peachtree member Gaylen Baxter was a member of the committee that authorized the hostel’s funds in 2012. A year later, she found herself witnessing the fruit of their decision - not because she was there representing the Trust, but because she was interested in mission. Her presence was a serendipitous moment and a witness to God’s provision.

A Home For An Education The hostel helps solve a serious problem for education in the northern regions of Malawi. The Malawi government only provides free primary school education. Secondary schools are scarce and access is a challenge, with some students having to walk miles daily to attend. As a result, the student population is mostly male, as the daily walk from home makes females very vulnerable. In Chinunkha, many of the girls

who attend secondary school have been sleeping in their classroom. Chinunkha is a remote village in the northwest corner of Malawi. To reach the site, the Peachtree team took a 15 hour nonstop flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, a two hour flight from Johannesburg to Lilongwe, a 12 hour bus ride to Chitipa, the region’s only (small) city, and finally a 45 minute drive over rough terrain to the village of Chinunkha. CONTINUED ON PAGE 12

Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 11

The village’s chief elder had not been reluctant to ask for a hostel from TDI. Years prior, he had been a student in a secondary school in Chitipa. He spoke fluent English, believed in education, and understood the value of partnering with TDI to foster education and development.

Handmade Hotel continued

At the dedication ceremony, Gaylen and Jay Madden planted trees - Jay’s an avocado, Gaylen’s a mahogany. An emcee led, the village chief and school headmaster spoke, a student spoke, and there was music and dancing. As Gaylen recalled the experience, she was reminded of words from Peachtree’s spring guest Henry Blackaby: “God’s at work in the world. Our goal is to find out where and join him.” Gaylen said, “God is at work in Malawi. It’s a maximum opportunity for us to help God. We have to have a better understanding of the rest of the world. The degrees may be different, but we all have the same issues, a commonality, and a shared fellowship.”

2014 Mission Trips

India: March (Women) Jamaica: March (Adults) Jamaica: Spring Break (Families) Cuba: April (Young Adults) Ecuador: June (Ironmen) Malawi: July (Adults)

P E A C H T R E E T RUST “Rockabye BAby ”

Thanks to a generous gift from the estate of Dave and Shirley Warner, the nursery has purchased a set of high quality gliders to improve the experience of our youngest members and their caretakers. To learn more about what the Trust can do, visit:

12 Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013

Children and Family Ministry We partner with parents to help kids develop a faith in Jesus Christ that lasts a lifetime. Worshipping with Your Child Sept 15, 10:00am – 11:00am | Nov 17, 10:00am – 11:00am Explore strategies for engaging your children in worship and ensuring a meaningful experience for your family. Volunteer Information Session Sept 29, 11:15am and 12:15pm | Nov 24, 11:15am and 12:15pm Help impact the next generation by serving on Sunday mornings.

God’s Little Garden

For infants to 2 years old | 8:30 am thru the close of the last service

Introduce your children to God’s love with Bible stories, songs, fun activities in a safe and welcoming place.

The Pond

Age 2 - Kindergarten | 8:45 am, 10:00 am, and 11:15 am

The Bible will come alive for your preschooler with stories from the Pond Pals and application in small groups.


1st - 4th graders | 8:45 am and 10:00 am

Experience worship and small group interaction as your children learn to trust God and make wise choices.

Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 13

This Fall at Peachtree EVENTS Saturday, Sept 14, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Cool Cars for Christ Join us on September 14th, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm for the second annual Cool Cars for Christ in Buckhead auto show. Register and bring your classic automobile or come and visit the incredible collection on display. Bring your family. Tuesday, Sept 24, 7:15 - 8:30 am Word Before Work Fall Kick-Off R Presenter is Mark Tidwell, author of Leave a Mark ( Every single day in the life of a believer is precious....what are you doing to leave a mark on the world around you? Part of our mission should be to impact, influence, and be intentional with those in our lives. A $5 fee is required for the event. The Lodge, Canyon Room. community/Women_WordBeforeWork.aspx Tuesday, Sept 24, 7:30 pm Atlanta Harp Ensemble Concert The Atlanta Harp Center Harp Ensemble presents Cafe Society: A concert of music from the era when the social classes mixed and musical styles converged. Kellett Chapel. MusicConcertsEvents.aspx Thursday, Oct 17, 6:00 - 8:30 pm Champions for Change Dinner This second annual event features keynote speaker Coach Bill Curry.

CLASSES / STUDIES / SMALL GROUPS Wednesdays, starting Sept 4, 6:00 - 7:00 pm Screwtape Letters Bible Study C.S. Lewis was a scholar who made a slow pilgrimage toward Christian faith as a young adult, helped along the way by his friend J. R. R. Tolkein. This fall in midweek we will be connecting biblical content with Lewis’ work, seeking to better understand how our adversary (Satan) seeks to undermine and weaken our faith. Led by Dr. Mark Crumpler. Room 2202.

Mondays, starting Sept 9, 10:30-11:30 am Women’s Bible Study Bring your favorite Bible for prayer, fellowship and study of the book of Genesis. Room 2202. Mondays, starting Sept 9, 7:00 - 8:30 pm GriefShare GriefShare is a faith-based support group featuring biblical teaching on grief and recovery topics for people grieving the loss of someone close. Harrington Library. Tuesdays, starting Sept 10, 7:00 - 8:00 am IRONMEN Ironmen exists to encourage and equip men to become a positive impact for Jesus Christ. Come for a short presentation and roundtable discussion. The Lodge, Room 4211. Sunday, Sept 15, 10:00 am - 12:15 pm Exploring Peachtree R Exploring Peachtree is an exciting, interactive class designed for those who are interested in learning more about Peachtree Presbyterian Church, their relationship with Jesus Christ, specific ways to get more involved at Peachtree, and membership. Led by Exec Pastor Marnie Crumpler. Room 2315. Sundays, starting Sept 15, 9:00 - 9:45 am Sola Scriptura Bible Study Every one of us has problems – some small, some not so small. Sadly for many Christians, the problems tend to dwarf the God they believe in. Our God seems small . . . and every problem towers like a Mt. Everest on the horizon of life. Perhaps what we need is a bigger sense of who God is. This Fall we’ll be keeping company with Elijah, Haggai, and Habakkuk, Hebrew prophets who faced difficult times with a large vision of God. Led by Dr. Mark Crumpler. Room 4303. Mondays, starting Sept 16, 7:30 - 8:30 pm Ken Boa Bible Study A Bible Study meeting weekly, examining the Bible and making application to the lives of men today. This fall’s study will examine life principles from the book of James. Kellett Chapel.

14 Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013

Mondays, starting Sept 16, 6:30 - 9:00 pm Disciple 1 Bible Study A 34-week program designed to introduce people to the Bible. This introductory level study will cover 80% of the Bible – 17 weeks in the Old Testament and 17 weeks in the New Testament. If you’ve never really had the opportunity to read the Bible, this class is designed for you. There are no pre-requisites for this class and enrollment is open to everyone. Room 2202.

Wednesdays, starting Sept 18, 6:30-8:00 pm Financial Peace University R Peachtree hosts Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a biblically-based, videodriven, small group program that teaches you how to make the right decisions with your money to achieve your financial goals and experience true financial peace. Many married participants find that financial peace leads to a stronger marriage. The Lodge, Room 4108.

Sundays, starting Sept 22 Red Dot Small Groups New, short term small groups meet bi-weekly for 8 weeks and study Get Off Your Donkey by Reggie McNeal. Days and times are different for each group. Join the group in the community nearest you.

Sunday, Sept 22, 12:30 - 2:00 pm Young Adults Small Groups R Are you looking for a place to get connected in authentic community and grow in your faith? New young adult small groups are forming for men, women and married couples. Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly at a variety of locations/times to study scripture, pray and share life together. The Lodge, Room 4204.

Wednesdays, starting Sept 25, 9:00 - 11:30 am Women’s Community Bible Study R Join author and Bible teacher Nancy McGuirk as she walks through her new curriculum, To Live is Christ, based on the book of Philippians.

R = Registration Required

Sunday, Oct 6, 10:00am – 11:00am Peachtree Parenting Series “Raising Financially Fit Kids” - Learn how to equip your children with lifelong financial skills.

Friday, Sept 20 Fifty6 Friday Fun: Laser Tag 5th and 6th graders are going to play laser tag!

Sunday, Oct 13, 10:00 am - 12:15 pm Exploring Peachtree R Exploring Peachtree is an exciting, interactive class designed for those who are interested in learning more about Peachtree Presbyterian Church, their relationship with Jesus Christ, specific ways to get more involved at Peachtree, and membership. Led by Exec Pastor Marnie Crumpler. Room 2315. imnew/join.aspx

Friday, Sept 27 Havoc: A Middle School Lock-In Join us for the middle school overnight lock in at the Lodge!

Sunday, Nov 3, 10:00am – 11:00am Peachtree Parenting Series “Raising Intuitive Eaters” - Join us as we learn the crucial factors for raising children to eat intuitively. Sunday, Nov 3, 10:00 am - 12:15 pm Exploring Peachtree R Exploring Peachtree is an exciting, interactive class designed for those who are interested in learning more about Peachtree Presbyterian Church, their relationship with Jesus Christ, specific ways to get more involved at Peachtree, and membership. Led by Exec Pastor Marnie Crumpler. Room 2315.

STUDENT MINISTRY Sunday, Sept 8 Student Confirmation Begins 8th- 12th grade students are invited to participate in Confirmation, an opportunity to deepen and confirm their faith in Jesus Christ, learn the basic theology of the Christian faith, and learn what it means to identify with the Presbyterian Church family. Sundays, starting Sept 15, 6:00 - 7:30 pm Middle and High School Small Group Kick Off Small groups are designed to help our middle and high school students build intentional community centered around their faith. Join the group for worship, dinner, and time to connect with friends.

Sunday, Oct 6 Student Ministry AMP: Area Mission Project R Parents and students are invited to serve at our seed packing event, Sprout. Saturday, Nov 2 Student Ministry AMP: Area Mission Project R Come be the hands and feet of Jesus as we serve at Our House, a childcare and support center for homeless families.

Friday, Oct 4 - Sunday, Oct 6 Sprout Seed Packing Event Join us to help families create nourishing meals, sustainable farms, and a future filled with hope. Together with Global Aid Network (GAiN) we will pack enough seeds to plant more than 250,000 family and community gardens in Liberia and Malawi! Peachtree Gym. news/Sprout_Seed_Packing_Event Saturdays, starting Oct 5 Habitat for Humanity House Peachtree has built more habitat houses in the United States than any other local congregation. Join the team constructing the 149th house build. Sunday, Nov 17 Justice Sunday Join us in worship as we celebrate Justice Sunday with a special guest speaker in Kellett Chapel and fair trade market in Fellowship Hall.

Thursday, Nov 8 Middle School Corn Maze R The 7th and 8th graders are going to North Georgia for a night of navigating through a corn maze and shooting a corn cannon. Friday, Nov 15 Fifty6 Friday Fun Let’s start the weekend with some serious fun! 5th and 6th graders will go rock climbing, have a movie night, or jump around at Sky Zone. For details and registration, go to:

MISSION / CAUSES Sunday, Sept 1 through Oct 7 Covenant House Personal Care Drive Donate new personal care and toiletry items for homeless youth ages 12 - 21. Donation bins located in the Welcome Center, The Lodge, The Gym, and Rear Elevator Entrance. Sponsored by Presbyterian Women. news/CovenantHouseToiletryDrive

Whether you want to lose weight, get healthier, feel more energetic and flexible or relieve stress, the staff at The Gym At Peachtree is committed to helping you get started or continue an exercise program! Come by this week to try some of our group fitness classes, walk or run the indoor track or work out in our newly remodeled cardio weight room. We’ll give you a week pass and a complimentary visit with a personal trainer when you mention reading about the gym in this newsletter. We offer discounted membership rates for PPC members! Call Jan at 404-842-2189 or email her at to start your complimentary week.

Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 15

PEACHTREE POST Periodicals Postage Paid in Atlanta, GA Published semimonthly by Peachtree Presbyterian Church 3434 Roswell Road, NW, Atlanta, GA 30305 (U.S.P.S. 601600) April 1, 2002

Periodicals Rate US Postage Paid Atlanta, GA

Postmaster: Send address change to Peachtree Presbyterian Church 3434 Roswell Road, NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

OC TOBER 4- 6 , 2013 A seed creates hope. This year we will join together to provide seeds for 250,000 family and community gardens. Each garden will feed six to eight people for an entire year, plus give seeds for the next planting season. A single garden has the power to transform a community from starvation to sustainability in a single growing season. Be the hands and feet of Jesus, and grow the kingdom of God through Peachtree.

Register Online Now: Shifts Friday: 4-6pm, 7-9pm Saturday: 8:30-10:30am, 11am-1pm, 1:30-3:30pm, 4-6pm* Sunday: 11:15am-1:15pm, 1:30-4:00pm 16 Peachtree POST | VOLUME 2 • NUMBER 2 • 2013 *Adult Singles Social following this shift.

Ptreepost2013 lr