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Vitaminwater is a leading brand in the vitamin-infused beverage category. With competition from drinks such as SoBe Lifewater, Gatorade and sodas, there is a great need for a strong brand positioning. Vitaminwater targets a large demographic of people (mostly women ages 23-28) and as a result, vitaminwater has a far stretching marketing campaign to keep the current target consumers happy with the brand, give them information on new events, as well as draw in consumers from different target markets. A high quality brand positioning will allow a product to stand out above all other competition. Vitaminwater is currently positioned well, aside from a few things. Currently, vitaminwater has a great advertising campaign running in the mass media. However, there seems to be some confusion about which demographic is specifically being targeted. In print ads, vitaminwater uses celebrities as well as “average Joes� to highlight the fact that vitaminwater works for everyone. These ads tend to focus more on the male demographic. Television commercials, on the other hand, focus more on females, causing confusion among consumers. Labels on the bottles as well as the colors of the beverages themselves also tend to be driven more towards females because of the various shades of pinks, oranges and yellows. Vitaminwater has a line of zero-calorie beverages as well as the regular vitamin-enhanced beverage, and not many people are aware of the line. Marketing strategies need to include more ways to inform consumers of the no-calorie beverage. Currently, there are a few holes that need to be fixed in vitaminwater’s brand positioning.





{ the company }

Based in Whitestone, New

itaminwater is a great-tasting, healthy




known as Energy Brands, is

enhanced water that is packed with

owned by Coca-Cola. The


company, which was started




vitaminwater has had a fair market share of flavored

in 1996 by J. Darius Bikoff, started out with the desire to

water, going up against competitors like Propel and

create a better alternative to

Gatorade. The drink contains vitamins such as C, B3,

water other than juice or soda.

B5, B6, B12 and E, as well as electrolytes and citric acid. Over the years, vitaminwater has had more than 15 flavors, each containing a set of well-executed vitamins

Smartwater was introduced the same year and contained electrolytes


the water. Their popularity soon grew and introduced

to apply to a specific need. For instance, the flavor


“Essential” focuses on vitamin C intake and also serves


as source of calcium. A study done in 2006 by Miami Research Associates found that the drink, Power-C, was actually absorbed quicker and contained more vitamins




1998 in


and 2000. states

the company is “a fresh new approach to bottled water that is inspired by nature and enhanced by science”

than a meal of ground beef, potatoes and an orange. The

(Glacéau). The company now

focus of vitaminwater is to be the alternative to soda and

manufactures four different

sport drinks that tastes better, has lower calories and is better for you.





products recently

introduced vitaminenergy.





From our research, the target market for vitaminwater is a young, professional woman. Fresh out of college, she works in a big city and does not have time to be as healthy as she could be. She’s busy, she works out sometimes, but her diet is not especially healthy. To her, vitaminwater is the perfect alternative to that orange in the middle of the day or the correct serving of vegetables with dinner. The bottle design, the colors and the names also appeal to the young, professional woman. From our survey, the amount of females who participated greatly outnumber the amount of males.


Over the years, brands similar to vitaminwater have hit the market, including Propel fitness water and SoBe Life Water. In 2006, Glacéau filed a lawsuit against PepsiCo, the owners of SoBe Life Water, claiming that their packaging was too similar to that of vitaminwater. Propel claims that it not only has vitamins, but also antioxidants that help protect the immune system and contains a minimal amount of calories. SoBe Life Water also includes vitamins and minerals and contains about the same amount of calories as vitaminwater. We’ve learned through survey research that more people are inclined to choose Gatorade or regular water over choices like vitaminwater, Life Water or soda.

STRENGTHS • Celebrity endorsements • The interactive nature of the brand • Label design • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) • Good market share of beneficial/ flavored water • Accessibility

WEAKNESSES • Drink content called into question • Website is currently down • Lawsuits • Price • Lack of diversity within celebrity endorsements (mostly athletes)

• Expand their target market to “average” people rather than those who are athletically inclined • New flavors • Develop website • Downplay bad press with new studies promoting benefits

• Competitors (Soda, Gatorade, Propel, SoBe Life Water, etc.) • Bad press surrounding the current lawsuit • Weaker brand essence

• More ad placement in magazines and on television







Vitaminwater is the trendy, convenient alternative.

What comes to mind when you think of vitaminwater? If you were to give the product three tags to describe it as a whole, which words would you pick? While there are a tremendous amount of words that could adequately describe vitaminwater, we at Adrenaline do not settle for adequate. We found three words that truly bring our product’s brand essence into perspective. These words will allow you to picture the product in your head exactly as we describe them. 8 ADRENALINE



The first word is light. When you drink a bottle of vitaminwater, you will feel refreshed, hydrated and best of all, you will not have that full, bloated feeling that you might after drinking a carbonated drink like soda. Not only do regular vitaminwater flavors leave you feeling light , but vitaminwater recently came out with vitaminwater Zero, which is “packed with vitamins, not calories.” Available in seven flavors, vitaminwater Zero is a healthy alternative to other more sugar-loaded beverages. You will only find natural fruit sugars in this drink. So what are you waiting for? Grab a vitaminwater and float away with it’s light, refreshing taste!














the consumer and the brand very well.

vitaminwater perfectly. When you take the

Vitaminwater is currently the front-runner

first sip of a brand new bottle of vitaminwater,

in the vitamin-infused beverage category,

your taste buds will explode with freshness.

and with its ingredients, allows consumers

The taste is crisp, delicious and refreshing.

to travel away from those sugary beverages.

Vitaminwater combines the fresh taste of

Vitaminwater became popular primarily

many different kinds of fruits, with water

because of several celebrities endorsing

and vitamins in order to keep your immune



system healthy and strong. Survey results

celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker drinking

show that many vitaminwater consumers

vitaminwater and the spark ignited to the

believe that the fresh taste is what keeps

rest of the world. The man who created

them coming back for more. Not only are

vitaminwater is a local New York resident,

the tastes of vitaminwater fresh, but also the

and as a result wanted to create a trendy

brand itself is constantly refreshing. Certain

brand. Witty anecdotes are displayed on

flavors are discontinued and replaced by

the side of each bottle of the beverage and

newer, fresher flavors that will draw in more

provide a bit of humor for consumers. People

consumers. You never know the direction

who consume vitaminwater are perceived as

vitaminwater will head in with their flavors,

“hipsters,� and the product is being released

which keeps things exciting and fresh!




in foreign countries that are wildly known for their trendy fashion and lifestyle.

light, trendy, fresh.


TARGETIN-DEPTH Currently, vitaminwater is targeted toward women,

them with artificial sugars and the carbonation that

ages 23-28. These women are chic, trendy, driven

makes them feel very bloated. In this new movement

and content with their lives. These women are active

the world has taken towardhealth and wellness

and energetic and seek to be fit. Still young, these

advancements, vitaminwater is the clear choice for

women love to go out on the town with their best

women aged 23-28 to keep them moving forward

girlfriends after a hard day’s work and meet for drinks

with their goals.

or dinner. Women who drink vitaminwater tend to be very sharp, and enjoy watching an intellectually

Psychographics of the consumers of vitaminwater

stimulating television show before bed, but on

reflect the brand very well. Typically, vitaminwater

occasion they can still enjoy a reality television

consumers are concerned with keeping fit and

show just like the rest of the world. These women

being healthy. They are chic, well-educated, driven,

are empowered and are driven by the thought of

lighthearted and of course have a great sense of

success and happiness in their lives. Vitaminwater is

humor. These consumers see the fun in life, but at

a beverage that they can count on throughout the

the same time they are driven to succeed and keep

day that will keep them hydrated, focused and stop

up with its ever-changing ways. Vitaminwater is the


them from indulging in a can of soda, which will fill

perfect alternative for them to other drinks.

Competition in the beverage industry is fierce. Each year, more and more beverages are being created, so how does a company stay at the top of the list? In today’s world, people are becoming very concerned with their health and wellness, and at the end of the day the company that does the best job of creating and marketing a beverage that will quench the thirst of the globe as well as keep them in good shape will see the most growth and success. Vitaminwater has several large competitors that they should keep an eye on. Products such as Gatorade, Propel, SoBe Lifewater, regular bottled water brands and several others on the top of the beverage line. Additionally, vitaminwater is still in large competition with all of the different soda brands because people crave delicious flavors in drinks. However, vitaminwater has been successful because of their ability to create interesting, fun and light-hearted packaging and is advertised in simlar ways. These tactics caught the attention of consumers who are looking for the same elements in their lives and share the same values and interests as the brand. There are several opportunities for vitaminwater to grow and expand their already successful advertising tactics.


A DAY IN THE LIFE OF amy goodman

Her alarm clock goes off at 5:00am every morning but it’s a struggle pulling herself out of bed. She’s trying to get to the gym in the morning because she’s started this new workout plan for the hundredth time, but she thinks she can stick to this one if she can ever get out of bed. After hitting the snooze button three times, she finally drags herself out of bed and drudges to the bathroom. After getting dressed and applying her favorite eye shadow and lip gloss, she looks at the clock. It’s 6:15am. Too late to head to the gym or to take a run. She grabs a banana, muffin and a vitaminwater Revive and heads out the door. Chicago traffic is killer and after taking the Metra and the CTA, she arrives at Chase bank in the knick of time. It’s now 7:58am–just enough time to clock in without being late. The job is okay, it’s an entry level position as a client service administrator. The job is pretty nice for a new college graduate and she gets to work closely with customers, so she doesn’t mind it too much. Around lunch she grab a burger and heads to the vending machine. She wants to eat better, but it’s so difficult. To make herself feel a little bit better about her unhealthy habits, she grabs another vitaminwater and tries the new flavor, Connect. She’s impressed as it certainly beats the sugary drinks she is used to. After work, she decides to take a walk down Michigan Avenue and ends up at Water Tower Place where she spends more money than she should. She grabs something from one of the fast food places and instead of buying a Snapple, she drinks the vitaminwater from the vending machine. After shopping, she takes the CTA to meet friends for drinks and finally catches the Metra back home. It’s about 10pm so she snuggles up on the couch, watches Grey’s Anatomy and heads to bed around 11pm just to wake up and hit that snooze button for as long as she can.



The vitaminwater brand is light, trendy

and fresh. Their use of creative campaigns is one that is visible and out there for their target audience and consumers. They are doing well with the large amount of competition of different sport and energy drinks because of their ability to create innovate, new, fresh and interesting media and ad campaigns.

The creative of the product itself communicates to the consumer exactly what vitaminwater wants

him or her to know. The packaging of the product includes colorful labels and information that is enjoyable for the consumer to read. The product has interesting flavors and each flavor differs in their vitamins, source of energy, etc. This type of communication with the consumer, one that is directly on the product and in the hands of the consumer, clearly communicates the message they want to send.

Each flavor of vitaminwater is persuasive because the information on the product label is meaningful

to each individual flavor. For example, vitaminwater RockOn Water, used when in need of energy, says, “be the go-to person in your late-day status meetings.” Another example is vitaminwater Morningbell, which says, “beat sunrise to the punch.” That flavor is ‘essential.’ The flavor that is used to revive, Epicnightwater, says “for the days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, minus the bed.” Other flavors, Power-c, XXX and Connect each have similarly interesting taglines and descriptions that are compelling to the consumer and innovative in their concept.

Their 2010 media campaign, titled “Amusement” was something that interests the target. The use of

popular, mainstream music that is with the target, Kid Cudi, interests them and is something that is new and fresh. This campaign also included a popular interactive website, which is currently not accessible.


The use of celebrity endorsements in the advertisements was something that was memorable and probably persuasive to some consumers.

Vitaminwater is confronted with the problem of

competition by many other major brands of similar product. Their campaign is different, but there could potentially be a problem with the brand being remembered and having the creatives break through and stand up over the competition. The use of celebrities, music, humor and innovative tactics are all used to probably step up over the competition and be the memorable brand. Consumers who are looking for the elements that this product offers, such as energy, vitamin c and revival, are interested in the brand and the elements of the creatives attract their attention.

Despite the competition, vitaminwater

needs to stay consistent and strong in their motives in order to stay at the top of the list. In a world with people concerned about their health and wellness, vitaminwater markets a brand that is focused on quenching thirst as well as keeping people healthy and in good shape. When marketing a brand, it is important to stay consistent, and vitaminwater does that with their marketing strategies. Their media campaigns, print campaigns, labels on the product, online interactive campaigns and even their Facebook and Twitter pages are all cohesive and are executed with the same motivation and idea behind the brand. The brand involves the consumer in many ways


from reaching out with social media to designing the new label and picking the new flavors. This is also a way to stay consistent with the brand essence, stay visible to consumers and stay memorable.

Vitaminwater offers something that the competition

does not. It is not the same drink as Gatorade, SoBe Life Water or other drinks. Vitaminwater does a great job demonstrating its core values of a lighter alternative to other beverages with a spin of freshness. From the colors of the labels to the interactivity in their innovative websites and Facebook pages, this brand is trendy, fresh and light. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement as far as cohesion goes.

Considering the target that we are working with,

vitaminwater is present in their lives. It is accessible to them and based on age and other demographics, vitaminwater’s creative campaigns speak to the target. Vitaminwater is placed in vending machines in offices, gyms, stores, etc. and for someone who is busy working, staying healthy and on the-go, vitaminwater can intersect easily in a consumer’s dayto-day existence. This is why Adrenaline is marketing the product as one that is a better alternative to other beverages.



Our strategy is to produce creative that has a better focus on the target audience. The current vitaminwater creative consists of a wide variety of ads and the target is not clear by looking at some of their ads. We want to appeal to young professional women by emphasizing that choosing vitaminwater is no longer a question because it is the alternative to sodas and juices. All you have to choose is the flavor. Let’s face it, one less decision to make sounds pretty nice.




The vitaminwater brand currently has a good mix of positive and negative attributes associated with

the company. The first thing we recognized as a positive attribute is the accessibility and variety vitaminwater offers to their consumers. They have provided a wide variety of flavors of the product so the consumer has a lot to choose from. However, with this arises the brand’s major weakness. Their efforts in trying to broaden their marketing tactics left vitaminwater unfocused. Vitaminwater should consolidate some of their products and focus on the ones that are most popular. There are a lot of varieties that are not sold in every store and have a small amount of popularity among consumers. Reevaluating which flavors appeal directly to the target would be a good first step for vitaminwater.

Another important feature of their advertising is the amount of celebrity endorsements they have. Most

of their commercials involve a celebrity that helps consumers remember the brand because they associate it with that person. But there is a strong lack of diversity within the celebrities they use. Vitaminwater promotes a product which is not necessarily designed for just athletes like Gatorade does. However, they use many athletes to promote specific flavors. They have some musicians in their commercials, but that is about as far as their celebrity base goes beyond athletes. The brand should consider branching out to other areas like film actors. Using popular characters from television shows and movies would help change up their advertising and also promote the idea that their product is for everyone.

The last positive attribute vitaminwater has is their strong social media connection. Their web

relations are run mainly through Facebook and Twitter. This helps tremendously today when most of their consumer base is using these sites. Posting videos and starting campaigns from their Facebook page has been quite effective. It creates a strong bond with the consumer and also gives them a chance to interact with vitaminwater. However, a downfall to this is that the company does not have an official website. This is extremely unprofessional. Running directly through Facebook is acceptable for a good portion of the consumers, but not for everyone. It is very disappointing to search vitaminwater on Google and find that only links for Facebook come up. Other products under the GlacĂŠau brand have websites, so vitaminwater should work on reinstating theirs. Integrating ideas from Facebook like keeping it interactive for the consumer would be a key attribute that should be looked into.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Charles, G. (2010, August). M&S’ Vitamin Water comes under fire. Marketing,3. Retrieved December 5, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Global. Glaceau. (2008, March). Glaceau’s boring history. Retrieved from http://www. Miami Research Associates, Initials. (2006, September 26). Clinical study proves vitaminwater works. Retrieved from Clinical-Study-Proves-vitaminwater-Works.aspx PepsiCo’s SoBe Life Water: A Marketing 50 Case Study - Advertising Age - Print Edition. (n.d.). Advertising Age - Ad & Marketing Industry News. Retrieved November 15, 2010, from Robbins, J. (2010, August 5). John Robbins: The Dark Side of Vitaminwater. Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. Retrieved November 5, 2010, from vitaminw_b_669716.html


Vitamin Water Campaign Book  

ADPR 1400 campaign book.

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