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Want to Be a Physician? Attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders The importance of the scientist has changed in today’s society. In the past, becoming a doctor or engineer or wanting to cure cancer were all pursuits that were lauded and praised; however, the focus of our young people has changed. Keeping up with the latest reality star is more pressing than reading school books and becoming the next NBA or NFL star trumps classwork for many. Science and math are considered nerd-like activities and their importance to human existence and advancement is overlooked by the youth of today. Organizations like the National Academy of Future Medical Physicians and Medical Leaders hope to change this mind set. What Do Scientists Do? There are few things that we do each day that do not involve some form of science. Scientists study things in nature and try to figure out how they work; this knowledge affects our everyday life. Chemists develop health and beauty aids to keep your skin clear and healthy. Doctors discover new treatments and surgeries for diseases. Agricultural scientists improve our vegetables and fruit. Automotive engineers make our cars safer. Sound engineers make our movies and music sound better. Science is everywhere. Some Famous Scientists and their Discoveries To shift perceptions about science, it is important to highlight some famous scientists and the important work they are doing.

Sir Isaac Newton first defined the laws of gravity and motion. Louis Pasteur discovered important facts about the immune system that helps keep us from getting infections. Dr. Charles Drew pioneered research in the area of blood storage which led to the development of blood banks. Dr. Thomas A. Steitz received the 2009 Nobel Prize for studies about the ribosome of the cell. Dr. Susan Lindquist won the 2010 President’s National Medal of Science for research that may help patients with Alzheimer’s disease someday. All of these discoveries have and will play a role in someone’s life every day. How to Become a Scientist Every scientist is not going to win medals and accolades but caring for patients as a physician or doing medical research has a vital impact on society too. Do you enjoy learning about science? If so, you might be a future researcher, engineer, or doctor. Taking science classes in high school are a good start to becoming a science leader but more steps will be needed. The path to life as an engineer, researcher, or medical doctor can be a little confusing for many people. The Congress of Future Medical Leaders can help expose students to the possibilities of science as well as offer encourage and guidance to stay the scientific course. To learn more about the great scholarship opportunities for medical students visit us at or check out our Facebook page

Want to Be a Physician? Attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders