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How To Stop Resisting Your Own Financial Freedom By Joe Beaven This article will enable you to begin spotting and releasing the resistance that comes up in you towards financial freedom. Resistance of financial freedom is just another emotion that it’s possible for you to let go of with the use of your favorite way of emotional releasing, whether it’s EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), The Sedona Method, Release Technique or whatever your personal preference may be. Sometimes we may begin a business project with the potential to allow us financial freedom with motivation and passion but then abandon it somewhere in the middle? What happened? You ran into resistance. Resistance is usually the major limitation that prevents people from having, doing and being that which they desire in business and in their lives. People don’t only resist what they don’t like, they also resist those things that they want and care about. From time to time you may even find that you avoid a visit to your favorite restaurant because your resistance was activated by something. If someone, even when it’s yourself, says that you must do some work in the direction of your financial freedom, that's a guaranteed way to induce resistance, whether it’s something that you would like to do or not. As a child it’s likely that it annoyed you if your mother instructed you to do something that you wanted to do anyway, because it stopped you wanting to do it. When you’re ordered that you should or must perform a task, what emotions does that produce in you? You think: "No way! Don't you tell me what to do!" This can even occur when you tell yourself what you have to do e.g. if you think to yourself: "You have to stop eating junk food" what happens? It makes you want it even more. That just appears to be the nature of the human mind. It abhors being told what to do.

As we exist in a world awash with "shoulds", "have to's" and "must do's", resistance is being triggered around the clock. Any time at which you get an instruction like that, wherever it comes from, it activates resistance. The ways in which resistance can pop up are often subtle; when you forget something that’s important to you, for example. You could find yourself gradually drifting away from activities that help your quest for financial freedom such as a new money-making blog you’ve begun. You could find that you’re really enjoying writing your blog and the money’s beginning to flow in, but then three months later you're hardly posting anymore. What happened? Again, you ran into resistance. Resistance doesn't only become active when you’re working on your financial freedom of course. It can pop up in your life at any time. In severe cases you could find it difficult just to get out of bed in the morning. Whenever you don’t want to do something or you’re feeling that you should do something, you're encountering resistance. The "should" generates an opposite force to the one you’ve created when you’re trying to get yourself to do something which can often outweigh it. The answer is to stop all the "shoulding" on yourself and other people. Start noticing where resistance shows up in your life. As you notice it, allow yourself to welcome it. Don’t just welcome the resistance to financial freedom itself, but also the feeling that you wish it wasn’t there and the feeling that the resistance is part of you and who you are. Then allow it all to dissolve as best you can. This is the Sedona Method’s technique for releasing resistance. There are others such as EFT which can also work. Experiment and find which works best for you. You’ll find that even when you feel totally lost in resistance to your financial freedom, you can still observe the flow or openness that is also there. It may feel tiny, but if you focus your awareness on it, you’ll find it swiftly growing allowing you to let go of your resistance to financial freedom far easier. For the easiest and most enjoyable method I’ve found of achieving financial freedom, take a look at this free video now: Empower Badass

How To Stop Resisting Your Own Financial Freedom  

This article shows you how to stop resisting financial freedom in your life and your business and allow wealth and abundance to flow to you.