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Slowly fade from black

WS (wide shot of old tape recorder Garry: it was on the 13 of October 2010, I was having one of my worst days ever, a lot of thing happened that day, which made it a day I'll never forget.

WS (establishing shot) Garry: I walked into the ... Very angry and ended up mashing the bottle of water I had on me.

Garry: I noticed two guys sitting in front of my. The guy nearest to me had a bag by his side

MS ( Mid shot) Garry: and look a little absent minded

MS Garry: the one sitting further away, gave me a funny look and I think I irritated him a bit (as I smashed the bottle of water on the floor)

MS (a little laugh) Garry: but I really couldn’t be bothered, I mean I had problems of my own.

Pause Fade to black / fade in Garry: A few minutes later the guy with the bag left

WS Garry: leaving me, the irritated guy and surprisingly the bag. I stood there staring at the bag

MS Garry: and my mind was flooded with thoughts as I look at the bag. (pause a bit) It was a big bag, look like it had good stuffs in it, but could also be dangerous. I was curious WS Garry: I walked towards the bag

Garry: knelt close to it and was about to open it.

Dave: I could stand watching him, I had to jump in and I asked. Your not gonna open that right

MS Garry: (Turns round) I was a bit surprise, I thought he didn’t care about the bag. I might have been a little rude, I said, (Pause a bit) yes I am, any reason why I shouldn’t?

Dave: I couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth, any reason? But I tried to keep my cool and be a little nice as I said to him, someone walks in, keeps a bag on the chair, leaves the bag and walks off. Isn’t that a good reason not to open it? It could be a bomb for all I know.

(Garry looks at camera for a while then stand up) Dave: the look in his face told me he wasn’t convinced and he slowly got up.

(Irritated sigh) Garry: I couldn't stand the guy any more, A bomb, I asked, why would some keep a boom in the mist of two guys, what would he gain? That's just ridiculous

MS Dave: he had a point but I wasn’t ready to back down just yet. I got up

MS Dave: ridiculous lemme tell you what’s ridiculous, it’s you trying to open a bag without thinking how your actions will affect your life and the lives of others around you

MS Garry: now he was irritating me even more, I was really boiled up, I started lecturing him about my life and how I didn’t care if I died trying to open a freaken bag that might change my life

MS Garry: and he started lecturing me on how bad his life was but he wouldn’t do anything to endanger his life because of that

MS Garry: this argument went on for quit a while

EX CU Dave: After a few minutes of heated argument we got exhausted, I kept thinking of how bad his life and mine was but he was always positive and hoping for the best, unlike me who was always negative and wouldn’t take any risk. That when I decided to say it, even though it will hurt my pride, I still decided to go on with it WS Garry: I later on heard some one say, ‘you can open it. I felt like I didn’t hear him right and i asked ‘what’ and he said it again you can open it

Garry: I was surprise, I didn’t expected to hear that from him. he slowly got up

MS Garry: and walked towards me as I turned around to take a look at the bag

WS Dave: He didn’t look scared at all as he tried to position the bag, which gave me courage as I stood there to watch him. Something still didn’t feel right it felt like something stupid was going to happen, not bad but stupid. Yet, I still decided to stand and watch CU of Gray’s hands Gray: I slowly unziped the bag ...

Gray: I felt like I could hear my heart beat and my hand felt really heavy.

I opened the bag and i could believe what i saw, it was a letter. At this moment Dave didn’t say anything.

WS Gray: I took the letter, opened it

WS Gray: and read it. It said: (Reads the letter)

WS Gary: both I an Dave didn’t know what to make of the situation. I felt like and idiot, but can’t really say what Dave was thinking at the moment. The Dave said, My name is Dave nice to meet you, and I said my name is Gary ice to meet you too.

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