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Review of Ewen Chia's Working From Home “This information is brought to you by Ewen Chia's Work From Home�

Ewen Chia's latest project, Working From Home consists of three funnels, starting from the $9.97 Report (Front End Offer), $67 Money Making System (Upsell) and $147 Home Study Course (Back End). In this launch, Chia's approach to Working From Home orchestrated pre-selling count downs very much similar to those of the recent launches such as Product Launch Formula 2, Mass Control or Butterfly Report. Starting on April 15th, Chia first exhibited the pre-launch content video without requiring opt-ins, which helped the JV partners to get their list subscribers excited about the upcoming launch. Then the second video, which was posted on the 18th of April showcased "over the shoulder" Camtasia video footage of Chia making $150,000 with Internet Marketing. By this time, much of the Internet Marketing community, such as Warrior Forum began talking about the launch date, April 21st -- while only being initially exposed to the front end $9.97 report. $9.97 report is sold through a lengthy sales letter, consisting of 17 page worth of reading with videos, fancy cars, earning proofs, and money back guarantee to entice the audience deeper in the offer. However, because Chia used systematic pre-selling strategies to generate the buzz (very much like Product Launch Formula) from the beginning, with the help of his JV partners, the audience who expected high priced ticket item prior to the launch adapted well to such low priced ($9.97) item, almost feeling "Too good to pass up" on the low priced item. One element that Ewen Chia teaches through this launch is the correct application of systematic and strategic positioning of Working From Home. Chia, being credited as the "World's Number One Affiliate", his brand allow the JV partners to easily promote the product. $9.97 report pre-sells for the full-blown $147 Home Study Course (is the miniversion of Chia's normal $1997 seminar), but immediately after purchasing the $9.97 report, the buyer is exposed to the One Time Offer of $67 Money Making System.

$9.97 and the prior pre-launch material focuses on helping the new and intermediate Internet Marketers to quickly start earning affiliate commission with the use of Working From Home. This strategy was also implemented with the promotion of his famous Autopilot Profits, which immediately educated its readers the basic tactics of Internet Marketing. Upon the receipt of Chia's product, the educated readers were able to immediately start promoting the product that they just acquired. This tactic is very brilliant (and calculated) because obviously the people who just purchased the product naturally make the best promoters, and Chia explicitly articulates in his in almost all of his products to focus on the benefits of becoming his affiliates, recruiting everyone who purchase his products. With Chia's credibility, the Internet Marketing community buzz on Chia and the solid sales letter, all come together to facilitate for even the beginner Internet Marketers to start experiencing affiliate sales. The One Time Offer $67 product consists of four reports, mostly focusing on the traffic generating methods. With these reports, the those who were initially exposed to the concepts Chia introduced now are able to begin generating consistent traffic. This is where Chia really educates his readers to start experiencing marketing tactics. While the readers are hungry for more information from Chia and profit more from some of his strategies. Then the $147 Home Study Course comes into play. Instead of hitting audience with $147 product, Chia systematically pre-sells each and every step possible for the full blown Home Study Course. It's possible to purchase $147 without first having to acquire the $67 One Time Offer and each product, starting from the $9.97 serves its value and completes the content without having to rely on the rest of its product line to offer value, all come with Money Back Guarantees (since they are Clickbank products). Chia understands that by the time his audience takes on this $147 Home Study Course, his brand is recognized and his customers are most thoroughly funneled. Ewen Chia's Working From Home is both an instruction manual and affiliate recruiting tool, one whose material each reader should model when building a proper sales funnel system in his/her marketing.

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Review of Ewen Chia's Working From Home  
Review of Ewen Chia's Working From Home  

Review of Ewen Chia's Working From Home- Ewen Chia's latest project, Working From Home consists of three funnels, starting from the $9.97 Re...