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Can You Really Build Your Own Solar Panel at Home? “To learn more about building solar panels go to Earth 4 Energy” There has been a lot of talk going around lately about whether it is really possible to build your own solar panel right in your own home. This is an attention grabbing idea because it seems so far beyond the capabilities of any ordinary person, right? You think of yourself trying to put together a complicated piece of solar powered equipment and immediately think "I'm not a scientist! Are you nuts?" Well, to be brief: no we are not nuts! You really can build your own solar panel right from your own home, and it will actually work! Even further, it will save you tons of money. The more solar panels you build and put up on your home, the more money you will save on your electric bill. One panel may not seem like a big deal as it might not make a huge impact if you consume a lot of energy, but you can build more than one and reduce your dependence on the electric company to a huge degree. You can even build your own solar panel or a series of panels and put them on smaller buildings or sheds on your property so you don't have to run electricity out to them. You may even be able to make your own solar panel for use in a greenhouse, allowing you to grow your own flowers and vegetables year round. So, this brings us to the big question: how do you build your own solar panel? And another question you are likely wondering: is it expensive to build your own solar power? There are also some other kits which just give you directions on how to collect supplies from a local hardware store in order to build your own solar panel, but it is much easier to purchase a kit that already has everything ready for you to assemble right out of the box. If you are still thinking "I'm not a scientist" rest assured that these kits can be put together by literally anyone who knows how to read or follow directions from DVD instruction. You don't have to understand exactly how the panels collect sunlight and turn it into real energy for your home or any other type of science behind the panels. You simply have to know how to follow directions and you can make your own solar power right at home. As for the expense that goes into building your own panels, they are not as expensive as you may think. They are surprisingly affordable, especially when you compare them to the expense of having someone come out to your house

and install ready made panels for you. That will cost you thousands of dollars just to have a couple panels installed, but you can build your own for way less. If you want to build your own solar panel it's time to step away from the self doubt and trust yourself a little. You are closer to becoming a scientist than you may realize!

“To learn more about building solar panels go to Earth 4 Energy� Derrek Buttron Follow along as I continue to compile what I'm learning about how to build your own solar panel. I'm no expert, but I'm learning a lot about using the sun to save money on my electric bill. Article Source:

Can You Really Build Your Own Solar Panel at Home?