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2/9/2011 JoeSchultz Postmortem

Overall I though this project was really fun. It wasn’t hard writing the script becauseI had an idea right off the bat. The hardest part was figuring out how to format the script and putting everything together. I guessI also had trouble deciding on what story plot I wanted to use becauseI had about six plots before this. It was also kind of hard writing a script as if it was a real person talking. The assignment #3 really helped me write the script, becauseit gave me a example of how to write the way people speak. When you were taught to write formal your whole life, it sounds funny to type the way you speak. I also had issuesfiguring out how to explain the power Tim contains in reading the future. I didn’t know if I wanted him to have the natural powers to see the future or if I wanted a special object like the bracelet in the story.


it is a project